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6 February 2011

Use cellphones for less than 6 minutes a day

Chittaranjan Tembhekar, TNN, Feb 4, 2011

MUMBAI: Do not talk for more than six minutes a day on your cell phone to avoid radiation, IIT-Bombay and telecom sector experts said on Friday. The options are to put the phone on speaker mode and hold it at least a foot away from your body or use a headset. They suggested putting up a wire mesh or water curtains, or growing plants to prevent radiation from cell, TV or FM towers in the vicinity of 500 metres to one km. You can complain to the authorities against the towers.

These facts were recently brought to the fore by an inter-ministerial committee of experts formed by the ministry of communications and information technology to study hazards posed by cell phones and towers.

Experts warned that many anti-radiation chips in the market are fake and said radiation from cell phones and towers posed serious health risks, including loss of memory, lack of concentration, disturbances in your digestive system and sleep disorders.

IIT-Bombay professor Girish Kumar warned against cell phone usage for more than six minutes a day as handsets have a specific absorption rate (capacity to absorb radiation) of 1.6 watts per kg and thus can absorb radiation only for six minutes a dayand later can harm the body. "After formally speaking on the cell phone, one should switch to a landline phone," he added, pointing out that the brain had a high risk of getting affected by radiation.

He said the antennas of repeaters near residential areas or working stations should not give a radiation frequency of more than 0.1 watts. Similarly, Kumar said, the ideal wattage for cell towers should be two watts in densely populated urban areas.

"Towers give off radiation of up to 400 watts as more carriers are fitted on the antennas. A microwave is of 500-watt capacity so imagine the effect towers can leave on your body," he added. According to Kumar, wi-fi, of not more than 100 mw, should also be switched off when not in use.

Consumer activist Achintya Mukherjee said telecom companies should connect base stations and subsidiary stations with optic fibre cables and create low radiation wireless-like inbuilt solutions to disseminate signals of low wattage.

Anil Prakash, president, Telecom Users Groups of India, demanded that the government should force telecom companies to do a self-certification of towers and experts must conduct random tests. There should also be a warning in a cell tower area that no one should come within nine metres of its periphery.

Don't use for more than six minutes a day as they (all up to 1.6 watts capacity) maintain absorption rate of radiation only for six minutes in 24 hours.

Later the radiation which are not getting absorbed can cause harm, especially to the brain.

Using speaker phone or headset by keeping the cell phone a foot away from the body is a better option. Anti-radiation chips available in the market are fake.
Similarly repeater antenna fitted inside the residential apartment or an office should not have radiation frequency of more than 0.1 watt.

Ideal watt for a cell tower antenna in densely populated urban area is 2 watts. Shockingly most of the towers have multiple carriers taking the watts up to dangerously high 400 watts, close to 500 watt power used by microwaves.

Wi-fi be switched off when not in use and should not have radiation more than 100 milliwatts.

People in highrises within 1 km of TV tower and 500 meter of FM tower can put metallic wire mesh, plants, trees, water curtains to absorb radiations.



Risk of mobile radiation - All India News

By Malvika Sampat

Health is more important than sophisticated life. The user must understand the effects of scientific improvement and restrict to limited use. Indian Government is taking steps to give better development to the citizens.


Dr K K Aggarwal » Blog Archive » eMedinewS Editorial

By Dr K K

Mobile phones radiations and towers poses serious health risks, including loss of memory, lack of concentration, disturbance in the digestive system and sleep disturbances.

Well-known Delhi-based Cardiologist and Physician



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