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Fencing Out the Smartmeters / Southern Union's "wi-fi" on steroids / Oncor employees / High Risk School Buses / Strom v. Boeing / Informed Consent / Space Weather

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19 February 2011

Fencing Out the Smartmeters

He is so against smart meters that he did something drastic. He put up 32 cages over their existing gas and electric meters so that PG&E can't get access to ...
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"Students don't have to be in a building to find a wifi hot-spot. Now they can be outside, in their car," said Interim Dean of Southern Union Dr. Amelia ...

Radiating an entire neighbourhood!  How stupid can these people get?
Killeen Daily Herald
By Philip Jankowski BELTON — Cynthia Johnson, the last person in Bell County without a Smart Meter, was dealt a blow Friday when electricity delivery giant ...
High Risk School Buses
Strom v. Boeing / Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation

Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation. 
From the early- to mid-1980s, hundreds of employees were continually exposed to high doses of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) radiation while working for the Boeing Corporation.  In 1985, one employee was diagnosed with a rare leukemia.  After filing a workers' compensation claim, the man uncovered documents showing that Boeing had been using its workers to test the effects of EMP for the Defense Department.  In June 1988, he filed a $7 million class action suit against Boeing and other companies.  In August 1990, Boeing settled, paying over $500,000 to the man and his family (who established a foundation dedicated to funding EMP education and litigation), as well as funding medical exams and monitoring for workers.  After the suit, Boeing minimized employee EMP radiation exposure, implemented an employee health-monitoring program and warned employees of possible dangers during medical examinations.  "Safeguarding Employee Health," Trial Lawyers Doing Public Justice (August 1991), citing Strom v. Boeing, No. 88-2-10752-1 (King County Super. Ct., Wash., settlement August 15, 1990); Conklin, Ellis, "His Last Ounce Of Courage," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 6, 1990; Greenwald, Judy, "Boeing settles radiation experiment suit," Business Insurance, August 27, 1990.



Informed Consent

Consider this . . .

Dr Magda Havas

Space Weather
Some more info on how to check for  space weather updates and to avoid human-made magnetic storms in the bedroom.

You can track x-ray solar activity in real time here: or

The solar flares from the 13 and 15 February 2011 certainly show their repercussions on Earth. The magnetic storm yesterday morning (17 Feb) (PST) was still classified as "stormy," which translates into fluctuations between 100 nT and 300 nT. The storm started to wane already in the afternoon, we are down to active now, that is, below 100 nT. Today it is still active. Quiet times return when we will reach 30 nT again.

Mind you, most people in Western countries tend to sleep on major magnetic storms each night, anywhere between 1,000 nT to 100,000 nT (this is in addition to the natural background geomagnetic field just like the natural fluctuations mentioned above), in the form of heavily magnetized box spring mattresses.
If you do not believe me, take an oil-filled compass and check whether it shows due north across your entire bed or whether the needle dances around. A deviation of about 
10° translates into roughly 5,000 nT.

With best wishes for magnetically quiet times,

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