Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dundee, Scotland Installs WiMAX / DUNDEE rocked by eighth suicide in just three months / EMR Radiation Bioeffects / Proposal dropped / Reject CL&P's Smart Meter Plan / O2 / Children As Victims

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15 February 2011


Dundee, Scotland replaces wired lease lines with WiMAX network

The city of Dundee, Scotland has replaced 100 wired leased lines to public buldings with a point to multipoint WiMAX (wireless) network. These buildings include libraries, public schools, sports centers and council buildings.


Is there a link between these two stories?
Is the microwave radiation harming these young persons?
Trends in Nonionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Bioeffects ... (1977)

electromagnetic (EM) fields was selectively reviewed. It was concluded that the mechanisms by which EM fields exert their biological effects are becoming belter .... programs in radiation health and safety. DODGE, GLASEB. EXPOSURE STAI ...
Lots more good scientific evidence here - http://www.jmpee.org/

Controversial cell tower proposal dropped; debate continues

Wisconsin State Journal
The American Cancer Society says "most scientists agree that cell phone antennas or towers are unlikely to cause cancer," though it acknowledges that ...

Connecticut Attorney General Urges Regulators to Reject CL&P's Smart Meter Plan

Transmission and Distribution World
s plan to replace existing electric meters with advanced technology would be expensive and would not save enough electricity for its 1.2 million customers ...

"The pilot results showed no beneficial impact on total energy usage," Jepsen said. "And, the savings that were seen in the pilot were limited to certain types of customers and would be far outweighed by the cost of installing the new meter systems," he said.
Communications giant O2 ventures into UK smart meter market

Energy Efficiency News
Communications giant O2, part of Telefónica Europe, has announced its first venture into the UK smart meter market with a multi-million pound contract with ...
Children As Victims Inquiry

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