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30 November 2010

Health effects of Electromagnetic Fields

For those who couldn't attend the Commonwealth Club event organized by Camilla Rees on "Health effects of Electromagnetic Fields", here is the video of the presentations and the Q&A. 


Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, PhD,


Letter: Smart meters compound health problems

Nov 29, 2010

I am one of many concerned citizens against wireless smart meters. I have had my sensitivity to electromagnetic frequency/radiation proved. In addition to the culmination of existing wireless technology, we are now forced with even greater amounts from wireless meters on every home, school and business in the state that Central Maine Power Co. services. They admittedly did not survey their customers prior to blanketing Maine.

Anyone in the industry doing their due diligence would quickly learn of the health concern that has already erupted in many cities, entire states and foreign countries.

My symptoms are real: bone/joint pain, nausea, disrupted sleep patterns, pain in temples into my neck around the carotid artery, memory lapse. It has grown worse since the installation of my neighbors' meters that now stream through my house. For me it compromises my immune system. When the immune system is weakened disease takes advantage.

Information from the meters to hubs travel the most direct and shortest path possible (as stated by a CMP spokesman, who also refused to admit – by walking away speechless when confronted with the reality – that the EMF/radiation travels through structures to get to the hubs).

Call CMP. Request removal of your wireless smart meter. The most vulnerable groups to microwave radiation from wireless technologies are women, children and at-risk adults with an existing health condition.

Julie Tupper
South Portland


Electrosensitivity: Is your mobile really a threat to your health?

Why are campaigners branding mobiles and Wi-Fi the invisible health threats of the 21st century? Metro probes the electrosmog for answers.

Vicki-Marie Cossar - 28th November, 2010

Do you use a mobile phone? Work with a computer? Have Wi-Fi or a cordless phone at home? Then beware – all of these could be an invisible threat to your health.

'In the last 20 to 30 years we have been exposed to an unprecedented number of electromagnetic stresses,' says natural practitioner Philip Weeks, who specialises in working with environmental factors affecting people's health.

'It's an amount we've never experienced before as a species. Some people can adapt to it but others suffer from electrosensitivy [ES] – the negative effect that some technology can have on our overall well-being.'

Michael Cohen, of Bioenergy Healing in London, suffered major intolerances in his body for 16 years. 'It meant I couldn't be close to electrical cables as I could feel the current in my body if I went too near,' he explains.

'When I used a mobile phone I would get a pressure in my ear, and I couldn't go to London as it would make me ill for weeks. I would feel drained, my energy would be zapped, my sleep would be affected and I'd have headaches and pains in my body.'

The effects of ES can range from physical symptoms – tiredness and dizziness – to cognitive symptoms such as memory loss and lack of concentration, and emotional problems including depression, stress and anxiety.

'Someone suffering from electrosensitivity can experience a number of symptoms,' says Sarah Dacre of ElectroSensitivity UK, a charity set up in 2003 to help all those sensitised to electromagnetic radiation.

'Doctors in the UK aren't trained to recognise the symptoms, which is why the illness is often overlooked.'

However, Dr Michael Clark from the Health Protection Agency says there's no hard evidence that radio waves cause ill health. 'That's what science says,' he states. 'There are people who claim electrosensitivity and they get real symptoms but in scientific tests on volunteers in laboratory-controlled conditions, scientists have not been able to show cause and effect.'

Campaigners argue that as the research on links between health and mobile phones is commissioned by the very companies selling them, we are being kept away from the truth.

'Some studies in this country have been funded jointly by the government and the industry,' says Clark. 'But there has always been a scientific committee of independent academics to control the funding and act as a firewall.'

We've all affected the sound or picture of an analogue radio or TV when we've gone too close. 'Those are just effects we can see and hear,' explains Cohen. 'The body is electrical, products are electrical and when there's a crossover it creates a disorder on a cellular level.'

Most things that are plugged in produce an electromagnetic field (EMF) and mobile phones, cordless phones and microwaves are the biggest producers of EMFs in the home. 'The worst candidate has to be mobile phones and the demand for them, linked to the number of phone masts needed to service them, closely followed by cordless phones.' says Dacre. 'If phone data can penetrate walls, ceilings and floors, what must it be doing to our bodies?'

Deep down, many of us have questioned the safety of mobile phones but how many of us really know how to use them safely? 'People should check their user manuals,' says Dacre. 'The Apple iPhone tells you that you shouldn't be using it within 15mm of any part of your body and with a BlackBerry it's 25mm. We have millions of these mobiles in use and no one is using them in compliance with manufacturers' regulations. We at ES-UK are calling for health warnings on all packaging to make people more aware.'

According to Clark, however, that bit of advice is purely about compliance with established EU and international guidelines. 'It's nothing to do with cancer.' he says. 'When you put something to your ear it provides a buffer so the phone can't get too close to your brain. If you have it in a pocket or on a belt it can actually be closer to your body than when you have it to your ear. So it's a physical requirement. It only applies when you are making a call and the phone is transmitting, not if you are just carrying the phone.'

Insomnia is one of the biggest effects of ES and Weeks says this lack of sleep affects our immune systems and our ability to repair and fight infections. 'A study by scientists in America categorically showed that having your mobile phone by your bed at night affects your ability to go into a deep sleep,' he says. 'This is sufficient evidence to show that mobile phones don't allow us to go into a deep REM [Rapid Eye Movement] sleep, thus preventing us from repairing properly. If we don't repair when we sleep it affects everything to do with our health and can mean we don't produce melatonin, which puts us more at risk of getting different types of cancers. EMFs can also increase something called oxidants. We're so conscious about antioxidants such as blueberries to help prevent cancers and heart disease so any kind of increase in oxidants is going to increase premature ageing and disease.'

If you think you could be suffering from ES, experts suggest restricting your access to electromagnetic radiation to see if you feel any better. If you notice a difference, perhaps you should think about decreasing your exposure to electromagnetic fields.


Government Considers Disabling Cell Phones in Cars

Discovery News

... by the car and transmitted via Bluetooth or by the speed of the cell phone itself as measured by cell phone towers, the phone is automatically disabled. ...

Robert R


November 2010 - Powerwatch Science Update

The following is a quick summary of another fifteen papers that have come out over the last few months related to effects of electromagnetic radiation. Some of the papers are notable papers that have been published very recently, others are papers that were published a few months ago that have not yet made it to one of the Science Updates

Click here for the full news story


Put down that cellphone and back away

Seattle Times

In "Disconnect," scientist Devra Davis focuses on cellphone radiation and what ... pointing out that potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are ...



November 26, 2010

par Michael Heiming–-motorola-research/

A highly interesting overview about the well-established phenomenon of microwave hearing, even though many medicinal doctors will tell you it is all in your brain. Simply point them to the research conclusions of Motorola (download PDF below). From the paper:


Human perception of pulses of RF radiation is a well-established phenomenon that is not an adverse effect. RF-induced sounds are similar to other common sounds such as a click, buzz, hiss, knock or chirp. Furthermore, the phenomenon can be characterized as the perception of subtle sounds because, in general, a quiet environment is required for the sounds to be heard."

So if you are in a quite environment such as a bedroom, while you want to sleep and now you are hearing one or another microwave sound (EMF-Sounds) constantly, this sounds to me in the lines of well known Chinese torture (Wikipedia)? Impudence to call this "not an adverse effect".

I did luckily mention this microwave hearing only a very few times, I walked down a street and heard the terrible UMTS (EMF-Sounds) noise in my head, though just at a spot of about 2-3 meters! I went back and the sound came back at the same position.

Accidentally I had a meter (HF meter comparison) with me and to my surprise it screamed exactly in the same 2-3 meters this UMTS sound! Before and after also, though with much lower readings, thus not so extreme in the meters speaker.

Download the complete paper (PDF)


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