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Important German Wi Fi translations / An aggressive brain tumour / Wind farms affecting weather / Wi-Fi a health risk / Cell tower on church

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12 November 2010

Translations of Important Wi Fi Warnings

Important German and Swiss Government WIFI warnings have been translated.

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An aggressive brain tumour

See on  the Australian _Today Tonight_  TV investigative program the story of 27 year old Anna Tarent (sp?) with an aggressive brain tumour which she and her neurosurgeon Charley Teo have put down as likely a result of her heavy mobile phone use. Now Anna faces major brain surgery to remove the tumour which is the size of a lemon and is positioned right behind where she held the phone. She wants to warn others on the dangers of mobile phones. 

The on line video includes comments from Charley Teo and Australian Interphone head Bruce Armstrong.

There is a growing possibility (perhaps inevitable) that we will soon see a class action in Australia against the industry. Will such action also include industry scientists and organizations who have consistently denied that there is any risk with mobile phone use?

See the video on the Today Tonight website at:


Wind farms affecting weather



Wi-Fi a health risk, says advocacy group

Posted on 11. Nov, 2010 by Michael Raine in News

Sarah Savage
News Reporter
Humber Et Cetera

A parliamentary standing committee held a private meeting to discuss the safety of wireless network internet connections in schools but no decisions have been made on the topic.

Wi-Fi, which is available at all of Humber's campuses, has recently been reported to cause illness by advocacy groups.

"College Students are at great risk, a very serious risk, and the final results of that risk might not be known for several years and that's the real danger of this," said Martin Weatherall, co-director of the Canadian Initiative to Stop Wireless, Electric, and Electromagnetic Pollution.

Weatherall said he has never seen a document that said Wi-fi is safe, and that Health Canada's safety code is not protecting anyone.

"Wi-fi works at 2.4 GHz," said Humber wireless telecommunications professor Kevin Ramdas. "That's the same frequency that you use to heat your food in a microwave. It's possible people are thinking since it's the same frequency, it's possible to heat yourself."

But according to the school's health and safety department, Humber monitors the reports in case they need to ratify any of their policies.

"We keep an eye on the studies and the data to see if we need to review and revise anything but basically we're in compliance with Health Canada guidelines," said Margaret Fung, Humber health and safety manager.

Ashley Lemire, a spokesperson for Health Canada, directed all questions to a media release last updated Aug. 31.

According to the Health Canada release there is no evidence to suggest that Wi-Fi is dangerous.

"Based on scientific evidence, Health Canada has determined that exposure to low-level radiofrequency energy, such as that from Wi-Fi equipment, is not dangerous to the public," the release said.

Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor at Trent University whose research looks at the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, said she receives phone calls from students around the country who are electrically sensitive and want to know what they can do so that they can continue their studies without being exposed.

"Unfortunately the answer is very little right now because so few people believe this is harmful," said Havas.

The committee will report their proposed recommendations by Nov. 12, according to the minutes of the standing committee on health.


Mountain View approves cell tower on church

Palo Alto Online

Despite outcry about radiation exposure at an adjacent preschool, the city's zoning administrator approved a cell phone tower to go on top of Mountain ...

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