Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"The Truth About Smart Meters" - Video / Organic New Zealand article about Wi Fi in Schools.

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10 November 2010

Note - This is another very important video about the dangers of Smart Meters.

"The Truth About Smart Meters"


Jazz-elle Lasiuk


From New Zealand - Wi Fi in Schools

Hi All,

If you can find one pick up a copy of this months "Organic NZ" we have contributed to what we think is a very good article on "Wifi in schools" on page 32./33. I'm sure the editor would love comments on this Pandora's box. 

Hopefully this is a step forward for us, after so many steps backwards.

On the plus side, our child's school is now fully hard wired, an agreement we came to with the principal, I have supplied the labour free of charge and the materials at cost price.

Sophie has not had a repeat of the sores under her lips, she was experiencing at her previous school.

A very big thank you to Anne Gastinger for having the dedication to write the article the ODT should have had the courage to do in the first place, my hat goes off to her.

Thanks you all very much for your kind support.

Dave and Julia Hunter.

P.S. the article is attached for those of you living outside New Zealand.

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