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Electromagnetic Signals from HIV / Sick from Smart Meters / Uses of modern wireless / Expanding wireless networks / Shocking mobile phone mast / Towering trouble / Student WiFi under study

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18 November 2010

Electromagnetic Signals from HIV

For the first time, electromagnetic signals specific to HIV can easily be detected in patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy that has no virus detectable in the bloodstream.

Montagnier and his team have demonstrated that highly reproducible electromagnetic signals can be detected from biological samples, and that the signals are responsible for a biological function, i.e., bacterial and viral infection [1, 2]. They have tracked down the source of the signals to specific pathogenic sequences in the genomes of the bacteria and viruses concerned.

Furthermore, these signals (and associated biological function) appear to survive in "nanostructures" even after the DNA solutions are highly diluted, possibly to the point where no molecule of the original DNA is present.

Note - This story seems to indicate just how much our entire bodies are controlled and affected by our own internal 'electric system'.  Martin


Sick from Smart Meters


Some examples of strange uses of modern wireless technology -


Team receives $1 million grant to study expanding wireless networks
November 16, 2010
By Shane Dunau

A team of Cornell engineering faculty have received a $1 million grant from Intel Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., and Verizon Communications Inc. to research possible solutions to counteract an expected 65-fold increase in wireless communication within the next five years.


Mother-of-three from Bushey slams 'shocking' plans for O2 and ...

Watford Observer

"We have seen no evidence mobile phone masts devalue property prices and it was not something we

considered when looking at this location. ...


Towering trouble

NEW DELHI, Nov 16, 2010 (Hindustan Times - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- On a hot May afternoon two years ago, Babla Saikia's body was found hanging from a leather belt tied to the terrace railing in a third-floor rented apartment in congested west Delhi. At 21, the young martial arts-practising student had decided to take his own life. 

His father, an engineer, had much to say: "Always healthy and cheerful, my son started having mental problems after shifting to this house. He said whenever he stepped inside, he felt extremely chaotic. He wanted to shift out." On the terrace loomed a huge mobile phone tower.


Student WiFi under study


Victoria parents worried about the negative health of wireless services on children in schools will soon have a place to voice those concerns.

The Victoria School Board is setting up a committee to study wifi services in classrooms and District buildings.

Chairman Tom Ferris says they want to know if there are health effects and if so how to prevent them. He says banning WiFi in schools likely isn't desirable but he doesn't rule out that possibility.

A citizens group says possible negative health effects include headaches, heart rythym issues and links to cancer.

The public will have a chance to address the committee.


Debate over safety of Wi-Fi in schools grows

She was the chair of the parent council there, but quit and pulled her daughter out after researching the effects of Wi-Fi. Klein lists "damage to the ...

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