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Smart meters / Microwaves damage / Dear Senators / Leixlip mast / Body scanners petition / Do You Have Microwave Sickness?

Smart Meter Information

For those who want to learn more about smart meters.  Here is an excellent site:



Microwave electromagnetic field damage

Health and Healing Wisdom Journal Article
microwave electromagnetic field damage done to their brain tissues. ... reported that cancer clusters and other serious illnesses have been discovered ...


Dear Senators, Dear Representatives,

I am writing to you as a citizen of the world and as an EHS (Electromagnetic hyper sensitive) person.

For years now I am suffering from Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity (EHS), which means that I am very sensitive to radiation that is being emitted from electric appliances and electronics communication devices such as cell phones. I became EHS after I was exposed to electromagnetic radiation from products that did not have any warning on them. At the time I was not aware of the health risk I am taking while using these devices or being near them while they operate.

Today I can't be close to, or use an EMR emitting devices. I suffer from daily pain, headaches, fatigue, heat sensation, concentration problems, tingling sensations, memory problems and many more symptoms of radiation sickness, whenever I get exposed. Finding a job and keeping it is very hard, and every aspect of my life is affected by being EHS and from my exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

There are millions like me all over the world right now and the numbers are expected to rise as the use of wireless and cell phone technology exceeds. The common thing about most EHS persons around the world is that before becoming EHS they did not know anything about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation and the danger of using the cell phones. Millions more are not EHS but do suffer from the long term effect of radiation exposure and cell phone use, people are sick, and more and more are becoming sick every day.

Cell phone is one of the worst for me and other EHS persons, since most people have it and since it emits high levels of electromagnetic radiation when in use. When other people use it near me I have to move away, since the radiation it emits affects me even from a few meters away.

Cell phones were created to allow people to communicate easily while being out of reach of a wired land line phone. The cell phone was intended for short and important conversation. People today abuse cell phones by using it for long hours; some people don't have a wired phone any more. The cell phone industry advertises and promotes the use of cell technology very heavily, while rejecting every claim and evidence for any health effect of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cell phones, and educates and pushes the public to excessive use of cell phones and mobile technology.

Long term studies show a link between cell phone use and exposure to electromagnetic radiation to adverse health effects. It will take more than 20 years for the matter to become a consensus and until everyone will know that electromagnetic radiation have a heavy cost over the human health.

The public must be allowed to make a conscious decision about his use of cell phone and mobile technology.

Cell phones and mobile devices should be sold with a warning, people must know.

Now you have a chance to help, you have a chance to make history and to vote for the public right to know.

Please help in making the world a better place, please do the right thing!

Please Vote "Yes" pro warning on cell phones on the "Children's Wireless Protection Act", the bill calling for a brain cancer warning label on all cell phones in the state of Maine.

If the bill will pass in Maine, many lives will be saved not only in Maine but hopefully in other states and countries in the world that will pass similar laws.

Thanks and best regards.

No Rad.

Electromagnetic radiation hypersensitive person and activist.



Hello all,
Desmond Guinness is is proving true to his word. His mast will be coming down at the end of the contract as described in the following article from this week's Liffey Champion newspaper.

Kind regards,
John Weigel
Alliance for Irish Radiation Protection

27 February 2010 Liffey Champion

Desmond Guinness standing firm on mast's removal
by Peter Kelley

A Telecommunications mast that has stood on land owned by the Hon. Desmond Guinness for the past five years will definitely be coming down when is contract with the respective mobile service provider
expires next month.

Mr. Guinness took the decision not to renew his contract with the service provider for the Parsonstown, Leixlip site following a public meeting on the possible health risks masts pose to humans in St. Mary's GAA Club last March.

Asked this week if there had been any change of mind, Mr. Guinness said he had already written to the company concerned to inform them of his decision and would be sending a reminder once the contract is up.

"I don't want to have it there anymore because of the potential dangers," he said. "Some people think they are perfectly harmless but there are so many other places they can put the mast."


Body scanners petition
Closes 06 March 2010

This petition is an effort to block the nationwide implementation of full body scanners that represent a total violation of privacy, a health risk, and tyranny. Forcing people to pose for naked photos is a crime. If the government does this it will be a criminal government. If the body scanners are allowed to be implemented travelers will be forced to do worse things under the threat of being treated as a terrorist if they refuse the violation of their dignity and freedom.

Professors of Molecular and Cell Biology maintain that there is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. In addition to these issues, full body scanners would not even have stopped the Christmas Day bomber from boarding Flight 253, according to a British MP who helped design the machines. I must advise the Prime Minister ­ and the British public ­ that the scanners are not a silver bullet, said Ben Wallace, who worked on the scanners at defense research organization QinetiQ. You would be mistaken to think that they would counter the new threat.


Do You Have Microwave Sickness?

By Paul Raymond Doyon, MAT (TESOL), MA Advanced Japanese Studies, BA Psychology
Omega News

(This is an older item that has been re-printed, but there are some interesting comments after the article!)

Link to the article:

KUDA 1610 AM Radio

Comments from readers -

Posted on February 24, 2010 at 8:12 pm

This blows my mind!! I was just thinking about this very subject for the last few days. I have 80% of the symptoms.

I am getting massive muscle pain and tightness in waves, along with headaches, and other symptoms. The reason I even thought it might be electronic is because my pets behave strangely when I feel the "waves" of pain and ears ringing. They jump up from dead sleep and lick, chew and scratch at their backs, both cats at the same relative time. They shake their heads and run around like their crazy.

I began watching this, at it is DEFINITELY a pattern. I hear the ringing in my ears, and start hurting, within -/+ 30 seconds the cats are both showing signs.

help, i can't be alone on this!


Posted on February 24, 2010 at 10:13 pm

We've been having strange things here too. Muscle aches and head aches, comes on within a few minutes after the wireless phone interference begins. 2.4ghz phones.

Where are you? We're in the lower SRV.


Posted on February 25, 2010 at 12:09 am

I haven't noticed it, but my gf works in a doctors office and she was reading this with me nodding her head like she knew exactly what you're talking about. She says lots of ppl coming in complaining of muscle and joint pain, lots of unexplained symptoms and undiagnosed patients.

Yeah, go ahead and tell your family doc that it's satellites cooking you. You'll get a visit from the guys with one of those fancy jackets with the long wrap around arms