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European Court of Human Rights / Biotoxins increased more than 600 fold / Byng Junior High / Virgin / Delays decision / Startling Health Effects

- Irradiation of the public by EMFs generated by artificial HF microwaves

- Preliminary application filed at the European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg

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The biotoxins increased more than 600 fold
3. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
This EMF can affect the fetus while in utero according to the latest research done in a Swiss laboratory. This research is fascinating and may hold a very important key.

Researchers covered a culture of mold in the laboratory. When they uncovered it and left it exposed to the ambient electromagnetic radiation in the laboratory (and just outside it) like the lights, computers, cell phones, and the cell phone tower located in close proximity to the lab, they discovered that the production of biotoxins in this culture increased more than 600 fold. It not only increased but it increased to a more virulent potent form of biotoxin.

Researchers, along with Dr. Klinghardt, have postulated that a pregnant mother who has low-grade infections in her body (non-symptomatic), and is exposed to significant electromagnetic radiation – such as in the Swiss laboratory – will have an increased and more potent form of biotoxin being produced in her body.

This radiation and consequent increased toxic insult has been shown to alter the DNA structure of the fetus, creating certain genetic alterations that can lead to the avalanche of neurodevelopmental problems we are seeing in births in the last 15 or 20 years.

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Byng Junior High students proceed with caution in the phone zone     

February 12, 2010

Four Byng Junior High ninth grade students are educating their peers and the community about potential health risks of cell phone radiation.

Lindsey Fox, Raygn Geiger, Devyn Harrison, and Sarah Sanford formed the Phone Zone team to address the issue relevant to four billion people worldwide, and almost everyone they know. Their project will be submitted later this month to the U.S. Army E-CYBERMISSION competition.

Using science, mathematics, and technology, the students conducted extensive background research and gathered data from online student surveys and experiments measuring radiation from cell phones.

Team Phone Zone is currently focused on sharing what they have learned. They made formal presentations to all BJHS students, and also helped individual students and teachers obtain specific emission information about personal cell phones.
The purpose of their educational efforts is to encourage cautious use of cell phones in ways that result in minimal exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

"The research these students have done is eye-opening. The presentations they prepared for our students and faculty really had an impact in our school. As a result of their findings, I have altered the way I use my cell phone, opting to use the speaker more often instead of holding it to my ear. I commend these students for their hard work and dedication," said Kevin Wilson, BJHS Principal.
Additional Phone Zone project information is available at  
Electromagnetic Radiation Workshop to be Held on Feb. 15

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In the Virgin Islands, some residents have been expressing concerns as to the effects of such electromagnetic radiation, in particular as it relates to ...

In reply -
Hi Virgin Islanders
You have picked the wrong group if you want to know about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation.  The ICNIRP represents the industries which emit EMR.  Their safety limits are based on simple heating principles.  They do not have any safety recommendations for biological effects on the body and ignore serious harm that has been known for many years.

If you want to know about the real health effects of EMR, visit -  where over 2000 scientific documents are referred.  Otherwise you can do a simple internet search for 'the health effects of microwave radiation'.

Electro magnetic radiation may be the most significant environmental threat today.  This is a subject that you must research and take seriously now, to protect yourselves in the future.

Martin Weatherall
February 11, 2010    

City Council delays decision on Wi-Fi

Feb 11, 2010 (The Santa Fe New Mexican - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) -- The Santa Fe City Council, after a contentious meeting Wednesday, agreed to table a telecommunications ordinance and two franchises, despite predictions that the move could expose the city to costly litigation.

Twenty-eight people spoke against the ordinance which, they said, would allow low-power antennas to be erected with little public scrutiny of health and environmental impacts.

"I don't think we want to turn our city into a microwave," said Azlan White of Santa Fe.

"This feels like an enormous experiment on our health and rights," said Dierdra McCarthy of Chimayo.
Arthur Firstenberg, a west-side resident who recently sued a neighbor for using a cell phone and Wi-Fi in her house, called on the councilors to enact a stronger ordinance that requires firms to prove their facilities are safe.

Police were called into the late-night meeting after Bill Bruno, a Santa Fe resident who works as a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is a longtime opponent of Wi-Fi systems, became so upset that he cursed at an agent for one of the two firms seeking a franchise.

"Get out of my neighborhood," Bruno screamed at Todd Wells, a lawyer representing NewPath Networks of Seattle, which seeks to build a distributed antenna system or DAS in Santa Fe that would enhance wireless reception over the city.

Bruno left before the police arrived.

The other proposed franchise would be for a firm that wants to build a fiber-optics network.

Assistant City Attorney Maureen Reed said the city's old telecommunications ordinance was largely struck down by a federal appellate court that said its lease agreements for city rights of way must be replaced by franchise agreements that are called for in the new proposed ordinance.

She warned that a November ruling by the Federal Communications Commission calls for cities to make decisions on franchise applications within 90 days. She said the city already is past that deadline for NewPath Networks, so the firm could seek damages in federal court.

Reed said that although the proposed ordinance does not allow the city much leeway in regulating cell towers and similar systems, these systems could be regulated by the land-use codes. But she said federal law currently does not allow municipalities to consider the health and environmental consequences of cell phone towers and similar facilities.

"I just don't feel like we're there yet," said Councilor Patti Bushee about 10 p.m. after more than 2 1/2 hours of debate. "I just don't like the way we've done this." Bushee said she would prefer an up-or-down vote on the ordinance and the two franchises. But at the recommendation of Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger, who as mayor pro tem ran the meeting in Mayor David Coss' absence, Bushee moved to table the measure until the council's next regular meeting Feb. 24.

Her motion, which called for an end to the public hearing, was approved unanimously. Councilor Chris Calvert had tried to postpone the public hearing early at Wednesday's meeting, but his motion died for lack of a second.

The City Council then went on to pass a resolution asking the federal government to give municipalities the ability to consider heath and environment effects of cell towers and similar devices.

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The Startling Health Effects of WI FI & Wireless Appliances

author: JailBush

Parents and families struggle to keep cell towers out of their neighborhoods and away from schools and parks but don't know or even care that the PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS have installed Wi Fi in all the schools!!! The effect of Wi Fi ranges from 1-3 cell towers within the school. Watch the BBC piece on Wi Fi from the link in this article. CALL OR WRITE THE PORTLAND SCHOOL BOARD AND TELL THEM THAT INVOLUNTARY IRRADIATION OF OUR CHILDREN IS NOT WHAT WE PAY TAXES FOR !!!!!!!!!!!