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CBC radio interview / Swiss study: CFL’s / Camp Meeker / 'Publicize cellphone hazards’ / BROWARD COUNTY / Ferrite EMR shielding

CBC radio interview

On Monday CBC radio is doing an interview with Dr. Fred Gilbert (President of Lakehead University where they use wired rather than wifi for internet access), Dr.Henry Lai (University of Washington DNA research), and Dr. Magda Havas (Trent University EHS research) as well as Dr. Daniel Krewski (University of Ottawa, who is part of the INTERPHONE study).  By the way, Dr. Krewski thinks this technology is perfectly safe to use and that the rest of us are out to lunch!

Note the below information by Dennis and Sharon Noble in a past message to the Canadian Government -

D. Krewski is Director of the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Population Risk Assessment, University of Ottawa.. According to CBC's Marketplace, Nov. 25, 2003, the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunication Association (CWTA),a cell phone industry lobby group along with its members invested $1 million to help establish the R. Samuel McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, where Dr. Krewski is doing his cellphone research. The head of the CWTA, Peter Barnes, told CBC that the million dollars his lobby group gave to Krewski's centre has no strings attached.

Dr. Krewski also has held the position of Chair of the scientific advisory group of the Wireless Information Research Centre (WIRC). According to CBC News, Nov. 25, 2003, the WIRC is funded by the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunication Association.

Another of his positions is that of Director of IARC, the Canadian Interphone Study. Canada is the only country of the 13 participants that accepts funding from the telecommunications industry. "Krewski has about $1million to fund his part of the IARC research, most of it came from the Canadian Wireless and Telecommunications Association, the cellphone industry lobby group." (CBC News, Nov. 25, 2003)

According to the University of Ottawa Gazette, May 10, 2001, "The Canadian project has received a grant from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA), which is being administered through the university-industry partnership program of the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR). CIHR is expected to fund half, with the CWTA funding the remainder. "Industry has a responsibility to contribute to health research on their products, to address questions about potential health risks associated with wireless telecommunications," he says. "The university-industry partnership program that CIHR has set up is exactly designed for this purpose."

In addition, "Roger Poirier, the man who negotiated the million dollar deal, is a consultant on the big cellphone study for IARC," as reported by CBC News, Nov. 25, 2003.

The World Health Organization (WHO), according to many observers, is closely associated with the industries they are supposed to be researching.

According the WHO 2005 Annual Report, Krewski acted as the Principal Investigator in the epidemiological study of cellular telephones and head and neck cancer which was funded by CIHR and CWTA, with the databases created and coordinated by the McLaughlin Centre.

In the same WHO Report is documentation that Dr. Krewski, along with R. Habash and M. Repacholi, was the principal investigator for the study on Electromagnetic Fields and Health which was funded by the CWTA and CIHR ($850,000).

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New Swiss study: CFL's irradiate much more than previously assumed

By healthrisks

Original article in German:

Letter to the editor:

Google translation of the first article:

Hardly introduced and already controversial

New studies show that the energy saving light bulbs emit a lot stronger than hitherto assumed. The federal government has also done a study about this now. She is still under wraps.

The Federal Office of Energy (BFE) has re-examined together with the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) in a study of the electrical radiation emitted from energy saving light bulbs. The results for the two offices are already on the table, but will only be informed in a few weeks. Reason: The study of the electric fields probably come to a conclusion different from a study in 2004. Even then, the SFOE let jointly investigate with the BAG, is whether the electromagnetic fields of energy saving lamps for human health hazardous.

Controversial Study

In this first study, the authors have come to the conclusion that energy-saving lamps "on electromagnetic radiation hardly perform worse than incandescent lamps." Energy-saving bulbs could safely be recommended as a means of reducing energy consumption.

This study was controversial from the beginning. Experts from home and abroad, loudly criticized, not that the correct method was applied, making the measurements far below the actual exposure to electromagnetic pollution from energy saving light bulbs.

"It will not be the suspicion that the first study to conceal the actual emissions of energy-saving light bulbs in favor of the single-track thinkers and saving lamp producers wanted," says Peter Schlegel, radiation expert and longtime fighter against all forms of radiation. To counter these and other criticisms, let BFE and BAG are posting a second study. "The methodological approach is different and more complex than in the 2004-spec 'study, says BFE spokeswoman Marianne ignition. Currently, the BAG and BFE brooded about how the results communicated to the public in March.

Switzerland's leading role

Should the study prove fact that a saving lamp shining in his head close to much stronger than for example a computer screen at shorter distances and use of energy saving light bulbs health risks are coming into Erklärungsnot BFE. Because Switzerland has taken place in Europe and was the first country with efficiency requirements for household lamps. This gives the BFE's approach is accelerating, which then last year decided to "ban incandescent."

Furthermore, the much praised energy-saving lamps meet the requirements in many respects, not (yet). According to a test of the German consumer magazine "Öko-cut test" the energy saving lamps in the case of directional light, like a dining table, desk or reading lamp with lampshade relatively poorly. In addition, the brightness of a lamp power increases during the period from clear.

Saving lamp manufacturers advertise the extremely long lifetime. This ensures cost-saving bulb would come when the old bulb. According reach Ökotest of 16 tested models, but only 7 of the rated lamp life. Another problem: Many energy-saving lamps contain mercury – toxic heavy metal and this makes them a hazardous waste.

Low savings potential

In Switzerland, for lighting, according to BFE about 15 percent of the total power required. But even if all bulbs were replaced with energy saving light bulbs, reducing the power consumption in Switzerland, only one percent to a maximum of two. The EU is a savings potential of four percent.

In New Zealand, the new government has in the past year, the ban on light bulbs discarded. There is also in Switzerland, such efforts? "No, there is not," says ignition of BFE. Since Switzerland import virtually all lighting sources, such a move would make no sense.


Camp Meeker CA, Smart Meters Not Wanted

This week in Sebastopol California the city asked the PUC to defer deployment of smart meters. The Camp Meeker CA governing board has also asked the PUC for a moratorium. Meanwhile customers are receiving notices of installation in the mail... Will the PUC, PG&E ignore these requests?

On the EMF Safety Network website you can find new documents on Smart Meters.

Smart Meter comments (billing, fires, interference) (These comments are from various articles online and give a real peek into consumer complaints)

Link to Santa Cruz County online Smart Meter petition

Sebastopol letter to CPUC

EMF Safety Network Smart Meter Review Questions (sent to PGE)

Template for a sign to place on your meters

Updated Smart Meter hand outs

"No Thanks PG&E" article by Sandi Maurer printed in the Bohemian

And attached is the Camp Meeker CA governing board letter to CPUC

Sandi Maurer

EMF Safety Network


'Publicize cellphone hazards'

Somit Sen, TNN, Feb 21, 2010, 01.01am IST

MUMBAI: South Mumbai MP Milind Deora has written to Union communications minister A Raja, asking him to make it mandatory for all mobile phone companies to create public awareness on the dangers of radiation and 'electronic discharge' from cellphones.

Deora, while referring to a recent case of a youth losing his life while clicking pictures from a mobile phone at Badnera station, said: ''The young boy was shooting pictures of his friends in the flash mode. The electronic discharge from the mobile phone came in contact with a high tension overhead wire, killing him on the spot.''

He said several mobile phone companies have instruction manuals that mention the hazards of using a mobile phone, but customers rarely go through these manuals and even when they read the manuals do not take the warnings seriously.

''I have written to Raja, apprising him of the fact that mobile phones are now available in remote corners of India, where people are generally more ignorant, illiterate or apathetic. They need to be informed through mass awareness as many of them will not read the warnings mentioned in the instruction manual,'' he said.

He further said that he personally knew of cases where people suffered from brain tumours because of radiation emitted from a mobilephone.



Christiane Tourtet B.A.

February 21, 2010

Mayor Ken Keechl, has proclaimed May 2010 as ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY (EMS) AWARENESS MONTH in Broward County (FL). It is stated in the Proclamation, that as a result of global electromagnetic pollution, people of all ages in Broward County and throughout the world have developed an illness known as Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and that EMS is a painful chronic condition of hypersensitivity reactions to electromagnetic radiation in the environment for which there is currently no known cure, and that the symptoms of EMS include dermal changes, dermatitis, acute tingling and numbness. muscular weakness, headaches, heart rate changes, nausea, gastric problems, loss of visual acuity, severe neurological, respiratory, speech problems, and numerous other physiological symptoms.

It is also stated that EMS is recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the U.S. Access Board, and that the health of the general population is at risk from electromagnetic exposures that can lead to this illness induced by electromagnetic radiations, and that this illness may be preventable through the reduction or avoidance of electromagnetic radiation, in both indoor and outdoor environments and further scientific research to be conducted including genetics,

It is also pointed out in the Proclamation, that people with EMS need the support of the medical establishment, and the understanding of family, friends, co-workers and society as they struggle with their illness and learn to adapt to new lifestyles.
Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) is a most devastating worldwide epidemic, the direct consequence of global exposures to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell phones towers, telephones, portable phones, Wifi, laptops, computers, videogames, televisions screen, radios, car electronics, pagers, audio and video recorders, power lines, digital cameras, electric clocks and watches, marine radars and radio transmitters, VDU and countless other electronics.

For more information on Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) and to view the Proclamation signed by Mayor Ken Keechl, please visit the award winning website:

Submitted by Robert Riedlinger


Ferrite EMR shielding

For people who are electro sensitive, this link about ferrite shielding may be of help:

Ferrite rods can help by stopping high frequencies travelling along wires and cables in your home.

I have a ferrite attached to my computer mouse cable and no longer, have to keep removing my hand when using the mouse for long periods.

Ferrites can be purchased at various locations and WEEP news does not endorse or promote this supplier.