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60 people battle giants

Rooftop radiation binds the Mobile Tower Grievance Forum

Rajil Menon


Banker, housewife, engineer, pujari. They came from all walks of life, from across Maharashtra, and met up for the first time in a public meeting at Mumbai's Shivaji Park. They exchanged notes, bonded, and vowed to work together. Each of the 60 people gathered under the Mobile Tower Grievance Forum had their own story to tell. They told stories of their battle against illegal installation of mobile towers, of money power, and of cancer, brain tumour, skin rashes and insomnia caused by the towers erected atop apartment buildings. The narrations cemented the group and the meeting culminated in an action plan that included selecting a 10-doctor team to document the impact of radiation from towers on people's health. When the meeting started at 10.30 am on December 13 last year, the dilemma was palpable. Stray comments could be heard saying towers are needed to transmit the signals from cell phones.

But as the discussion progressed, the ambiguities evaporated because many speakers said the law was clear: before installing mobile towers near residential areas, companies have to get a no-objection certificate from the residents' cooperative society and permission from the municipal corporation and the pollution control board. There should be a gap of 36 metres from human habitation, the law stipulated.

With the law on his side, S S Londhe, 78 and retired from service , is waging a lone battle; no one in his building talks to him and his family from the time he thwarted installation of a mobile tower in his building. "When we try to reason with them we are told to go and buy a flat elsewhere," Londhe said.

The law does not help much, he added. "Companies first erect the mobile towers and then get them regularized by paying the municipality a fine of Rs 5,000," Londhe said. If a survey were to be carried out, Londhe was certain, it would show most mobile towers are illegal.

Last October, a mobile tower was installed on the roof of our building. We complained to the municipal ward officer, the municipal commissioner. Because of stiff resistance, the mobile tower is still dysfunctional
retired insurance company officer
The Londhes live on the top floor of the seven-storey Clement Court in Mumbai's Dadar West. In late 2008, a mobile phone company approached the housing society for installation of a tower on top of the building and offered Rs 3.5 lakh a year as rent. In April 2009, during the housing society meeting, the Londhes opposed the tower. They were the only family to do so; all others were in favour of the tower, and the rent money. When Londhe showed them write-ups on radiation from towers, they laughed it off as "internet crap".

On June 6, last year, by way of the majority, the society cleared the proposal to install a tower. Construction material was offloaded at the site on June 19. "But we were adamant," Londhe said. "My son and I filed complaints with the municipal corporation. We also filed right to information (rti) applications to know how the authorities sanctioned the tower. I also filed police complaints." Construction has been stalled for now. "But it has not been cancelled yet," he added. "Sometimes my son has to leave work at office and rush home to ensure the construction work does not begin illegally." All this has paid off to the extent that in December, the company took back the construction material.

Listening to Londhe speak Vijaya Bhat, who came to the meeting with her husband Rajesh Bhat, commented she did not even get a chance to oppose the mobile tower in her building. When the residents moved in, they found the builder had already installed a mobile tower. The Bhats came from six-storey Riddhi Park building in Thakurli West, 50 km from Mumbai, to tell the story of Vijaya's brain tumour which they suspect is linked to radiation from the tower. Rajesh is a Hindu priest and his wife Vijaya a homemaker. "Within four months of occupying the top floor flat, I began to fall sick.

60 people battle giants

R G Pradhan broke into skin rashes after a tower was installed on his building
S S Londhe's son shows the tower construction material on their rooftop; the company removed it following complaints

Tests showed I had brain tumour," said Vijaya Bhat, 33, addressing the gathering. She was operated last year at a cost of Rs 10 lakh.

The Bhats don't live in their apartment any more; they have moved to a rented one. "My health is improving now. But even a day's visit to the place I thought would be my home, makes me sick physically," Vijaya said.

Her husband became agitated as Vijaya finished speaking and started hurling abuses at the government and at the politicians present at the meeting. "Do you understand the problems we common people have to face because of mobile towers? We have to suffer and die," he burst out.

The Bhats are not the only ones suffering in the Riddhi Park complex. Rajesh said their neighbour is suffering from cancer of the spinal cord. Another neighbour gave birth to a child with birth defects; the child died soon after. He believes all this is linked to exposure to radiation from the mobile tower. "People are afraid of coming out and speaking openly against the tower," Rajesh Bhat said.

All the 20-odd families residing in Riddhi Park are now demanding demolition of the mobile tower.

Laxmikant B Deshpande, telecom engineer, spoke next. He came from North Kasba in Solapur, 400 km away. He has been counting the deaths and listing their cause among people living within 300 feet (91.44 m) radius of a mobile tower. He found that in the last four years, nine people died since the installation of two towers (Vodafone and Idea) at North Kasba, near Tilak Chowk (see table). In Australia the price of the property goes down if there is a mobile tower in the vicinity, Deshpande told the forum.

The forum of people taking up cudgels against mobile towers is the brainchild of Milind Bembalkar, mechanical engineer who runs his own business in Latur, 750 km from Mumbai. He has been writing articles on the menace in Marathi newspapers and magazines for the past one year. When in one article Bembalkar asked readers affected by mobile towers to get in touch with him he was surprised to receive 300 letters. "I also received phone calls from all over Maharashtra expressing concern and helplessness. That was how the forum was born," Bembalkar said.

Ramchandra G Pradhan, 83 years and a journalist, came to attend the meeting with plenty of reading material on the ill-effects of radiation from mobile towers. He resides in Thane district's Bhavani Society. He erupted with skin rashes a year ago; these, he told the meeting, developed when a Bharati Airtel tower was installed atop his building. "We need to be aware of side-effects of radiation and then raise questions in the Assembly," he said. Pradhan then lifted his shirt and showed the rashes all over his body, which he claimed, disappear when he stays away from his house. "My doctor has confirmed these rashes are linked to radiation from the mobile tower," he added.

The forums' first meeting ended with the release of a list of people who claimed they were suffering from sleep disorders, restlessness and fatigue since the time a mobile tower was installed on their building. They decided to first build a body of well documented case studies with doctors analyzing the cases; armed with facts on people's suffering members said they would take the battle to its next stage.

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The startling effects of WIFI (Wireless Appliances)

Posted on February 4, 2010.

I'd like to share the amazing experience I had recently in realizing first-hand the detremental effects of WIFI (wireless internet and wireless office devices).

For several weeks *(see note below) I had been feeling extremely de-motivated about work. Symptoms included feeling unclear, unable to think, complete lethargy, verging on what I would classify as mild depression. I had been putting it down to all sorts of factors (I need a break… it's Christmas…maybe I'm low in iron…the weather's really muggy) even starting to contemplate maybe I was losing enthusiasm for my work and needed a complete job change! I even went to have my bloods checked just to see if something was really going on, and also booked a Journey process with a friend to see what 'emotional' stuff might be making me feel depressed.

Then one night I was sitting in my office, trying to summon up some enthusiasm to do some work, and I remembered an email I had received from a friend about a DVD he was showing on the effects of wireless appliances. And I thought to myself, "well, I have a wireless router in my office, what if I were to switch it off?" 'No, I'll wait until I've seen the DVD' I thought, and then immediately thought again, "no, why not just try it"?

So, I turned the unit off, and also unplugged the wireless keyboard and mouse. I kid you not when I say I felt better within 60 seconds. SIXTY SECONDS!** (See note below).

However, the truth was I felt better. *** (See note below). Within that time my head felt clearer, and it was like the air around me in the room cleared too. (Of course this makes perfect sense now that I understand about the 'EM Smog' that wireless devices immerse us in). Initially I thought I must be imagining the change, although I had not had any great expectations of results. And if I had had any expectations, I certainly didn't think the effect would be so quick!

I was feeling so much better I was able to do my evening Qi Gong practice which I had slowly been losing enthusiasm for too over a number of days. It was as if I was a new person.

(Stats taken from the BBC Panorama Documentary below)

So then I sat down to watch the DVD and boy are the facts interesting:

  • France has just passed a law stopping the advertising of cell phones to children
  • In Sweden EMF sensitivity (Electro-magnetic radiation) is recognized as a disability and the government will paint your house with anti-radiation paint if you need it.
  • If only one person in school in Sweden complains of the negative effects of EMF radiation from WIFI, it will be turned off and investigated.
  • Switzerland, Italy, Russia, China and other countries have exposure limits THOUSANDS of times lower than in other countries such as the UK.
  • In Salzburg (Austria) the government advises against WIFI in schools altogether.

The reality is we are living in what has now been called an 'EM smog'. Whilst many people do not consciously notice the effects of this, 'Electro-Hypersensitives' do. This EM smog fills the air around us, penetrating every cell and affecting the functioning of our mind and body. Cell phones and WIFI have a similar frequency to microwaves, and we all know what happens if you end up inside one of them. And I've heard that having a WIFI router in your home is the equivalent of having a cell phone tower in your living room! Really?

Despite all the evidence of the harmful effects of radiation, the WHO (The World Health Organization, not the band) have stated that "there are no known adverse health effects from low level, long term exposure". However, research has indicated that radio frequency radiation can cause changes in cognitive function (yes, I can definitely vouch for that), molecular changes in the cells, chromosome damage, decrease in short-term memory and cancer induction.

The bizarre thing is that ICNIRP, the international regulatory body that sets the limits for safe radiation, does not recognize the biological effects of radiation. Instead it bases exposure limits on a THERMAL effect: in other words, the radiation has to be so strong it has to heat your organs up before it is recognized as a problem! For goodness sake!  (And there we are back at the microwave analogy again – remember all the poodles who didn't fare too well when microwaves first came out?).

People may continue to dispute that cellphones and WIFI are harmful, but this morning I got up like a new person and spent all day in my office for the first time in 8 weeks. I got work done which I had been procrastinating on for ages. Even small tasks had felt overwhelming.

So I encourage you to consider the effects of EMF radiation if you cannot find the cause of your symptoms, and in particular to check your wireless devices. (And by the way, to check the 'available wireless networks' on your computer – you could be sitting in a soup of WIFI waves from the local cafe, business or neighbours too). Yes, my office now looks like spagetti junction with all the wires back in place, but boy it's worth it.

You may also like to check out the following links:

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* Note from above re length of effects:

Although I say several weeks, actually, afterwards, once my mind was clearer, I saw that this had been going on for much longer than 8 weeks. Infact, I had not been feeling great for a while, infact for over a year.

Six months previously I had been feeling extraordinarily and unusually tired and not sleeping well (which was unusual for me as I normally sleep well). I had even gone to see a naturopath and was contemplating supplements for adrenal fatigue. The interesting thing is, which I realized after my mind cleared, was that during that time I had re-arranged my bed furniture and my headboard was now next to the wall of my office, which meant my head was closer to the WIFI router.

Then, when I tracked back even further, when I asked myself "When was the last time I felt well?" the answer that came back was about 14 months ago, that was when I noticed myself going down hill. And then I asked myself, "And when did I get WIFI?" – I couldn't remember exactly, I knew it was within the previous 2 years. So I looked it up (fortunately, I had printed out my WIFI password and the piece of paper was dated) and it was 14 months previous. It's always easy to understand things in retrospect, and now that I look back, it seems pretty clear to me that as soon as that router was switched on, it started to have a negative effect on my body.

** Note from above re body responding in 60 seconds

This to me shows met yet again the amazing and natural self-healing abilities of the body. When we give it what it needs, it automatically heals. INSTANTLY. I have noticed this in Mickel Therapy – when you do what is right for your body, it will respond IMMEDIATELY. It is amazing and beautiful to watch and witness. Our main problem is that if we put ourselves (ie, our body) in situations which are adverse to the it's natural functioning, it puts it into a constant state of stress, which means its using all its energy and effot to try and get back into a state of balance, which means it can't fulfil its normal functions properly.

This is akin to saying the immune system is being put into a constant state of overload or red alert, which over-taxes its ability to do its job with normal ease. So we need to make sure that we are giving our body what it needs to function well. I hope that makes sense!

*** Note from above re feeling better

One of the problems about not feeling well is that it's often not until we feel better that we realize how unwellwe were actually feeling before. Unfortunately we acclimatize ourselves to not feeling well and then without realizing it come to think that's normal! This is actually true for many things in life. What we get used to, we think is normal, and then we forget what normal actually is.

So it wasn't until my head cleared, my energy picked up and I felt so much more uplifted that I realized how bad I had actually been feeling.


These are the symptoms that I now realize I was experiencing as a result of WIFI exposure. I am sure there may be many others, this is just my list!

  • Feeling low
  • Unable to concentrate or think clearly
  • Unable to get on with work tasks
  • Negative thinking, depressive thoughts
  • Not sleeping well
  • Feeling extraordinary tiredness
  • Not feeling well at home, especially in the office (where the router was) and feeling better as soon as I went out
  • De-motivated


These are the differences I am noticing now:

  • Feeling lighter and clearer in my head
  • Feeling 'uplifted' emotionally and mentally
  • Feeling happier
  • The 'air' in my office feels clearer
  • Feeling motivated

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Impaired by Cell Phone Radiation


I thought you might be interested in one of my intriquing microwave stories.   Toyota's scrambled mother board problem is really dear to my heart.  I am adamant that all personal communication devices are turned off when I am in a vehicle.  I abhor travelling in heavy traffic - I call it Microwave Alley.   

Sincerely, Charlene

Toyota's Brain's Aren't The Only Ones Being Scrambled!

Well-known to all automakers, is a rare phenomenon or should I say problem.  Electromechanical interference can disrupt signals to the electronic throttle control component.  Interesting.  Apparently signals from a cell phone, Blackberry, restaurant microwaves, or radio transmission tower can do the job according to John Liu, a Wayne State University professor of electronics and computer engineering.  

Several years ago I had an alarming episode while driving my truck.  I had just come off a BC ferry from the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver.  Driving is aggressive, bumper to bumper, 100kmh, horses-to-the-barn.  In those days the cell phone towers weren't in place up the coast.  We were now in cell phone communication territory so my gentleman friend travelling with me fired up his cell phone to see if he had any messages.  I immediately went into an altered state of consciousness - a dizzy, chemical feeling.  I was totally impaired.  I kept screaming silently to myself - "you're driving a truck, you're driving a truck, pay attention to what you are doing!"  He shut off his cell phone and I settled down. 

"What the hell was that all about" still speaking silently to myself.  "When you park this truck you will never drive again.  It is quite obvious that there is something wrong with you.  You cannot be trusted".  It was an anxious drive.  The three-lane Lion's Gate Bridge and heavy downtown traffic.  Not pleasant.  I'm concerned.

That evening while I was listening to talk radio, a guest speaker William Thomas from Hornby Island, BC, presented some very timely information.  Mr. Thomas has done a tremendous amount of research on cell phones.  He said that when the cell phone industry started targeting the under ten years old, he had to come forward and say something again.  He was describing adverse effects and physical symptoms related to cell phone exposure, and he described exactly what happened to me in the truck that afternoon.  I sat bolt upright in bed and yelled out - "what the #!#!#!#!"  

So, let us seriously think about this.  A cell phone or other personal communication device works in the microwave frequency range.  Therefore, while in a car, bus, train or plane with one or more of these devices roving or communicating at their highest energy output because they are relaying from tower to tower, we are actually in a microwave oven. 

Toyota's brains aren't the only ones being scrambled.  Think of all the children in the back seat getting radiated.




David Carpenter: High-voltage power lines pose health risks

I'm writing to share knowledge accumulated through decades of studying the health effects of high-voltage power lines, such as the CapX2020 power line proposed to come through southeast Minnesota.

As a medical doctor and Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at University at Albany, SUNY, I believe that the health risks posed by long-term exposure to magnetic fields are serious, especially to children and fetuses.

There is definitive scientific evidence that exposure to magnetic fields from power lines greater than 4 milligauss (a level significantly less that what is expected to occur near this proposed power line) is associated with an elevated risk of childhood leukemia. Some scientific research indicates an elevated risk at levels of 2 milligauss. A home not near a power line will usually have a level of less than 1 milligauss.

Scientific evidence also links magnetic field exposure to cancer in adults as well, particularly leukemia and brain cancer. There is strong evidence that lifetime exposure to magnetic fields above 2 milligauss is associated with an increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases in adults, including Alzheimer's disease and Lou Gehrig's disease.

With many aspects of human toxicology, there is uncertainty as to which mechanisms may be responsible for increased human disease with exposure to power line magnetic fields. However, there is a large body of evidence showing ways in which magnetic fields, including the frequencies from power lines, affect tissue at a cellular level.

Some people may be unusually sensitive to exposure to magnetic fields. A recent study demonstrated that children living within 100 meters of a power line who lacked a gene to repair DNA had a 400 percent greater chance of developing leukemia than other children with a similar exposure

Based on this scientific information, I would make these public health recommendations:

n Information should be publicly available regarding the calculated magnetic field strength from a power line at various distances.

In many locations along the route, magnetic fields from the CapX2020 power lines will exceed levels that create

health risks, particularly

over time as more electric power is used.

n High-voltage power lines should be routed to prevent power line magnetic fields in homes from exceeding 4 milliguass. Every effort should also be made to avoid long-term exposure to magnetic fields above 2 milligauss.

n Public health precaution also suggests that high-voltage lines be located as far as possible from homes, schools, playgrounds and child-care facilities. In areas of dense population where routing away from homes and other sensitive uses is not possible, power lines should be placed underground in such a way as to reduce human health impacts.

Dr. Carpenter is a public health physician trained at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the State University of New York at Albany.



Government looks into cell phones as cause of Toyota's gas pedal defect
Toyota claims they have tested their electrical systems many times with different methods of electromagnetic radiation, but could not find any problems. ...

Federal investigators are now looking into whether devices like cell phones or iPods could be linked to the problem

  • FEBRUARY 3, 2010
  • U.S. Widens Toyota Probe to Electronics's_Most_Popular

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood set off a scare by telling Congress that recalled Toyotas shouldn't be driven. He quickly retracted the remark but not before some owners panicked.

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday his agency is widening its probe of sudden acceleration complaints in Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles to look at the possibility of electromagnetic interference with electronic throttle systems, and said he wants to talk directly with company Chief Executive Akio Toyoda.

    Mr. LaHood briefly caused a flurry in financial markets and at Toyota dealerships when he said during a congressional hearing that owners of six million Toyota and Lexus vehicles recalled to fix suspected throttle problems should stop driving the cars. Mr. LaHood quickly retracted the remark, calling it a misstatement and said he meant only to encourage Toyota owners to get their cars fixed quickly.

    The car maker is still reeling from the impact of faulty gas pedals, prompting a government inquiry and threats of penalties, the News Hub panel reports.

    Separately, Japan's transport ministry and U.S. highway safety officials said they are investigating complaints about problems with brakes in Toyota's Prius hybrid model.

    The Prius reports, and aggressive criticism of Toyota in Washington on Wednesday, battered Toyota's shares in heavy trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The damage spread to some of Toyota's key suppliers, as investors appeared to worry about longer-term harm to the sales of the auto maker and its tight corporate network.

    The Toyota recall has affected more than just the world's biggest car maker and its customers. In Japan, some industry executives worried Wednesday that Toyota's troubles will undermine the image of all Japanese cars overseas.

    The car industry could face a broader challenge because of Mr. LaHood's decision to have the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigate claims that electromagnetic interference could cause electronic throttle systems such as those used in many Toyota models to malfunction.

    That in turn could raise questions about the industry's wholesale move to computerized systems, done in part to meet fuel-efficiency requirements.

    Toyota has blamed sudden acceleration on just two causes: out-of-position floor mats and sticky accelerator pedals.

    Electronic throttles replace mechanical links between the gas pedal and the throttle with electronic relays. The systems, used widely in the industry, reduce vehicle weight and fuel waste.

    NHTSA said it had begun a "fresh look" at both electronic throttle control systems and the possible effects of electromagnetic interference on them. The agency said it has no reason at this point to believe there are safety defects in the systems or in their ability to function when exposed to electromagnetic interference.

    Instead, it is "a background examination of the underlying technological issues," NHTSA said.

    As part of the probe, NHTSA will meet with manufacturers and suppliers to gain more understanding of their electronic throttle systems and ways in which these companies address any possible interference effects. NHTSA said it also will meet with independent experts and people who have raised the possibility of EMI effects "in the media" to learn more about the basis of their opinions.

    Bob Waltz, Toyota's vice president of product quality and service support, said Monday that Toyota puts its vehicles through "extensive electromagnetic radiation testing" and has never been able to produce a failure related to microwaves or magnetic force.

    Henry Kowalski, a professor of mechanical engineering a Kettering University in Flint, Mich., said interference strong enough to disrupt a car's throttle "would have to be a huge electromagnetic field or the design of the electronics would have to be so poor that it would be happening more often."

    Questions about electronics could prove costly for the entire industry, said Neil De Koker, CEO of the Original Equipment Suppliers Association, a trade group for auto-parts makers. "You can test thousands of vehicles and not find anything," he said.

    In Washington, Toyota's troubles are taking on a political dimension at a time when the Obama administration has involved the government deeply in the car industry as controlling owner of Toyota rivals General Motors Co. and Chrysler Group LLC. The administration is also involved in a trade skirmish with Japan over that country's version of a "cash for clunkers" program that the administration complains is tilted against U.S. vehicles.

    In a letter released Wednesday, U.S. Rep. John Dingell, (D.-Mich.), a powerful ally of the Detroit auto makers, wrote "NHTSA's actions related to the Toyota recalls trouble me, especially as reports of sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles predate the recalls by at least two years." The House Energy and Commerce Committee, of which Mr. Dingell is the former chairman, is investigating the Toyota recall and has stepped up its demands for information from the company.

    Mr. LaHood on Wednesday defended NHTSA's handling of the Toyota issue on his watch. He confirmed Wednesday that Transportation Department officials are considering civil penalties against Toyota for its handling of the sudden-acceleration matter.

    For consumers, Wednesday was another day of uncertainty and confusion.

    After Mr. LaHood's comment that owners of recalled Toyotas shouldn't drive their cars, some Toyota dealers were deluged with calls and repair demands. Dealers are starting to receive kits the company says will address the problem, allowing them to make the first repairs.

    "Our phones are ringing off the hook since those comments—it is causing mass hysteria," said Michele Baum, director of service and parts operations at Ganley Toyota in Akron, Ohio.

    Toyota has told dealers they will receive checks to cover the cost of fixing cars and to ensure the dealers provide top customer service, a person familiar with the matter said. The amounts will range from $7,500 to $75,000, depending on how many cars a dealership sold last year, this person said.

    Toyota said the acceleration problem "is rare and generally does not occur suddenly. In the rare instances where it does it occur, the vehicle can be controlled with firm and steady application of the brakes."

    The controversy has some Japanese executives worried that Toyota's troubles will undermine Japanese business more broadly.

    "Because Toyota is a symbolic manufacturer, [the recall] could end up damaging the image" of all Japanese car makers, said Masao Ohmichi, Mitsubishi Motors Corp.s' executive officer, at a press conference on the company's earnings.

    Koichi Kondo, Honda Motor Co.'s executive vice president, mirrored his comments, saying: "As Toyota is the front-runner, there would be somewhat of an impact on the [perceived] reliability of Japanese cars."

    —Melanie Trottman, Joseph B. White and Mariko Sanchanta contributed to this article.

    Write to Sharon Terlep at and Josh Mitchell at


    Note -  I strongly suspect that wiring is the weak link in vehicles that have problems with electro magnetic radiation interference.  Older cars have few problems with electro magnetic fields yet many modern cars have extremely strong and dangerous electro magnetic fields inside the passenger cabin.  If the wiring of modern cars allows EMFs to escape so easily into the passenger compartment, there is good reason to believe that radiation can get on to the wiring system in a similar way.

    I have found several cars which have made me ill because of the high electro magnetic fields.  The EMF levels in most new vehicles are much higher than levels suspected to cause leukaemia and other serious health effects.  It is time that all vehicle manufacturers take this problem seriously and make cars that are safe from excessive EMF exposure.

    Martin Weatherall