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Washington-Conference / Man takes on council over tower / Third network ready to roll

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WASHINGTON, USA 14-15.09.2009

Aufruf die Konferenz zu unterstützen
An appeal to support the conference

Überraschend mussten die Organisatoren der Konferenz in Washington zur Kenntnis nehmen, dass die ihnen bereits zugesagten Mittel für die Tagung nicht in vollem Umfang zur Verfügung gestellt werden können. (...)
Quite surprisingly the organizers of the conference in Washington had to take note that the already confirmed funds cannot be made fully available for this event. (...)

Wenn die Konferenz in Washington aus finanziellen Gründen scheitern sollte, bedeutete dies, dass für die unabhängige Forschung eine Chance vertan ist, im politischen Raum gehört zu werden. Die Tagung ist von besonderer internationaler Bedeutung, weil sie Spitzenforscher der ganzen Welt zusammenführt und neuen Erkenntnissen die erforderliche öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit sichert. (...)
If the conference in Washington fails for financial reasons, this would mean to miss a great chance that independent research is heard in the political field. The conference is of special international importance as it brings together top researchers and secures the necessary public attention to new findings. (...)

Die Unterzeichner bitten hiermit alle, die sich durch dieses Schreiben angesprochen fühlen – ob als Mitbürger/innen, Kollegen/innen oder für Gesundheit und Umwelt engagierte Sponsoren –, im Rahmen des Machbaren durch eine Spende zum Gelingen des Vorhabens beizutragen. (...)

The undersigned kindly ask everyone who feels addressed by this appeal – whether fellow citizens, colleagues or sponsors engaged in health and environment – to contribute to the realization of the conference by a donation as high as possible. (...)

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Man takes on council over tower

By RHONDA MARKBY - The Timaru Herald

Last updated 05:00 29/07/2009

A Timaru man unhappy about a cellphone tower being installed near his home is taking the Timaru District Council to the Environment Court.

At a hearing in August, Bruce Spiers will ask the court to rule that the district council incorrectly interpreted its own district plan when it allowed a cellphone tower to be installed in a residential area.

A 10-metre pole and equipment cabinet was installed on the grass median of Craigie Avenue early last year without public consultation.

Mr Spiers can see the tower from his kitchen window. He approached the council at the time it was installed but with no success.

He is now asking the Environment Court for a declaration relating to cellphone sites in all of the Timaru District's residential zones.

He believes the council misinterpreted its district plan when it gave consent for the Vodafone tower in Craigie Avenue.

While his interest was solely in the Craigie Avenue tower, any declaration would apply to all residential areas within the district. Mr Spiers did not know how many towers there were in such zones.

If the Environment Court found in his favour, he was uncertain of the impact it would have on the council, but considered it would be up to the ratepayers if they wanted it enforced in specific cases.

He did not expect the court decision to have an impact in other parts of the country as district plans were unique to the individual councils.

Mr Spiers decided to take the council to the Environment Court as the $55 filing fee was more affordable than the $20,000 judicial review of the council's cell tower approval.

The siting of the tower was not notified as the council considered it a discretionary activity for the zone under the district plan, district planner Peter Kloosterman said yesterday.

The Craigie Avenue tower was on the road reserve within the residential zone.

The Timaru District Plan was notified in 1995 and has been operational since 2005. Mr Kloosterman said it was the first time a resident had taken such action over cellphone sites.

All towers had to meet the National Environmental Standards.

Vodafone New Zealand has objected to the declaration.

Residents on and near Craigie Avenue claimed they were kept in the dark when the tower was being installed.

The potential effects of electromagnetic energy emission levels were a point of contention.


Third network ready to roll

4:00AM Monday Aug 03, 2009
By Helen Twose

The wraps come off New Zealand's third mobile network this week with the launch of new entrant 2degrees.

2degrees have already signed up 50,000 people to its "try before you buy" sim card offer and from Wednesday the network will go live with handsets and sim cards available for purchase from supermarkets, petrol stations and electronics retailers.

New chief executive Eric Hertz - a replacement for Mike Reynolds who has stood down to return to the United States to work for an as yet unnamed company - will unveil details of the calling plans and handsets tomorrow in Dick Smith's new Queen St store.

Television ads fronted by funnyman Rhys Darby have promised an end to contracts, complicated call plans and selecting "best mates" - clear digs at competitors Vodafone and Telecom.

Mobile numbers for the new operator will have the 022 prefix with 85 of the most popular numbers being sold on Trade Me to benefit children's charity KidsCan.

Other numbers will be available on a first in, first served basis with a $5 bonus credit for anyone bringing their existing Telecom or Vodafone numbers to 2degrees.

The new network comes two months after the launch of Telecom's XT network.

Telecom is not revealing specific details of connections to XT ahead of the company's annual results out on August 21, but figures released by the company last month showed 100,000 customers had signed to XT.

A company spokesperson said average foot traffic into Telecom retail stores had increased by more than 50 per cent since launch.

Competitor Vodafone - which will be used by 2degrees customers when they move off the company's partially built network - has also recently upgraded its coverage to offer 3G access across its network.

Last Friday the New Zealand arm of the global phone giant demonstrated the latest version of 3G technology - 21.1 megabits per second HSPA plus - promising average broadband speeds of between six and seven megabits per second.

Vodafone said the alpha trial - New Zealand is the first country to roll out the Nokia Siemens technology - would be available to a selection of customers later in the year.