Thursday, August 20, 2009

Council should reject Telus cell tower

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Merritt, where Telus has a cellular transmission tower right in the middle of the downtown core, I know full well of this menace of electro-smog.

Summerland city council should comply with the requests of its citizens and reject Telus' plan to build a tower.

It is imperative that this zoning be rejected for the sake of the health and well being of the residents of your beautiful town.

Canadian EMF expert Magda Havas recommends a 400 metre buffer zone between a tower and humans.

In other words, cell towers should be nowhere near residential or commercial zones.

Telus will often use fancy physics, or no physics at all to say how superfluous claims against cell towers are.

They are out of touch with reality and science.

One of the best reports on the proven effects of EMF from cell towers is contained within the International Firefighters Association report.

Towers are banned from Fire Hall stations as well as on school property in Vancouver as a result of the ruling of the Vancouver School Board. Even the German government has warned its citizens to avoid all wireless technologies.

Why are we so behind? How many more reports of cancer clusters being found near cell towers will it take before we wake up and do something?

Our government won't even acknowledge a problem let alone warn us not to use wireless products. Canada's Safety Code 6 threshold for EMF is one of the lowest in the world.

And to boot, Telus and other telecommunications corporations are known to turn down the radiation on their towers when they are being tested for radiation output levels.

John Park wrote a letter saying cell phones are the problem and not cell towers. I disagree.

They are both major problems.

Most people are reluctant to give up their cell phones but hundreds of rulings show that people are willing to stand against cell tower tyranny.

If we can't beat the cell phone menace, at least we can beat cell towers.

I hope the residents of Summerland come together and do the right thing.

John O'Connor