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EHS experiences / EMF-Omega-News 15. August 2009

Martin - feel free to send this out. I hope it may offer some encouragement to others who are EHS (to share their experiences).

I've just spent my fourth night in South Langley, 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver. A friend of mine has gone to Europe with her family for a month, and offered to allow me and another electrosensitive to stay here, which is a wonderful house on acreage.

I returned from vacation near the East coast last Saturday - after a brief stay in Montreal, I travelled to and stayed in East Massachusetts in a rural, country like area known as Stockbridge. I felt much better there, even though I was staying in a country condo with a few adjacent units that had Wi-Fi and DECT phones.

Returning to Vancouver was like an assault - the EMR is so strong in the city, I almost felt like I had the flu. Given that my 30 unit apartment building is surrounded by cell antennae farms on adjacent buildings, and has 12 or so Wi-Fi networks in other apartment units, and almost every apartment in the building has a DECT phone - I absolutely had to do something to escape.

Coming to South Langley has been wonderful. I've been sleeping at least 1 to 2 hours more per night than I usually do. The quality of my sleep is dramatically different - we turn off all but three circuit breakers on the power panel before turning in. The biggest problem those with ES have is the fact that we tend to become sensitive to the electric and magnetic fields generated by the current in the walls - it's not as simple as finding a place far from Wi-Fi, DECT and cell antennae. So turning off the power at night often brings more restful sleep. Even my dreams are different. When in a EMR polluted environment, my dreams are generally stressful and anxious. Here they are the normal, and enjoyable. I have been looking for an affordable place to live in a safe area for 15 months - no luck yet, but I will not give up.

Another important discovery I'm made in all of this is how poorly I have been functioning in my apartment in the Kerrisdale area, about 5 K from downtown. It has taken spending some time in a safer environment to allow me to realize how bad things are in my current accommodations. Besides the usual sleep problems list of EHS symptoms, the brain fog is unbelievable and my short term memory is horribly compromised. And I watch some folks in my building in their '70s as sharp as can be and marvel at how some of us seem to have a natural resistance to the level of EMR in my neighbourhood. Counter this with the wake up call I had a few weeks ago watching the documentary "Public Exposure" once again and hearing Per Segerback, an electrosensitive who worked at Nokia as a manager in the design department explained that 80 to 90 % of the staff who he managed became electrosensitive within one year - they worked 30 or 40 meters from phone masts (antennae). These people were a very diverse group - younger, older, vegetarian, carnivores. This confirms that with enough exposure, the a huge swath of the planet may very well become electrosensitive down the road.

The more I consider this problem - folks becoming electrosensitive - the more I feel it is one definition of insanity. We are left to fend for ourselves while we watch our ability to function in the world erode and have to continually take extreme measures in order to survive. I am moderately sensitive - my housemate here in Langley is extremely sensitive and has had to figure out all kinds of ingenious ways to do things in order to reduce their exposure and function.

Others before me have said it and it bears repeating - we who are ES are sorely in need of compensation from the Government(s) who have known fully about electrosensitivity for a long time, but have chosen to deny it in order to manage their liability and exposure.


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