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1 November 2013

David Carrick Colling  December 8, 1956 - October 29, 2013
A tragic death has occurred in Ontario.  David Colling was conducting an assessment of ground current (stray voltage) at a farm near to Port Perry, Ontario, on Thursday October 24th.  He went to check around the farm transformer and soon after, was found unconscious.  He had been electrocuted.  He was airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto but died on Tuesday 29th October.
David specialised in ground current electrical problems on dairy farms.  For the past several years David has been assisting dairy farmers around Ontario by conducting detailed electrical testing and finding ways of mitigating significant ground current (stray voltage) issues. 
He is well known and was well respected amongst Ontario dairy farmers.  He has probably saved countless farm animals from death and serious illness and also helped many farm families to recover their health or avoid serious illnesses.
In recent years David's expertise has also been greatly needed and appreciated by rural communities affected by wind farms.  He has measured and documented severe problems caused by high frequencies on the electrical systems in and around wind farms.  He has been helping several families who have been unable to live in their homes because of the high frequency pollution that wind turbines are causing on electrical systems.
I first met David nine years ago, when he, as a farmer,  was having ground current problems severely affecting his cows and I was also having ground current problems which caused me cancer and had made me very ill.     We have been friends since then. 
His expertise is irreplaceable and he will be greatly missed by many.
I blame David's death directly on Hydro One for having a dangerous electrical system, being negligent and not taking the problem of ground current seriously.  I also I blame the Ontario Energy Board for failing to deal properly with the ground current problem, when they were ordered to by the Ontario Government.  The OEB held hearings and made rules about ground current about four years ago, but they obviously failed in their responsibilities, otherwise David would not have been called to deal with a ground current problem at a farm a many miles from his home.
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
Arrangements for David Carrick Colling

December 8, 1956 - October 29, 2013

David Colling of Ripley passed away on October 29, 2013 at Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto at the age of 56. He was the beloved husband of Kim Colling. Survived by his mother Jean Colling, and mother-in-law Joyce Farrell both of Kincardine. Dear father of Kara & partner Kyle Kortegaard of Edmonton, and Kurtis of Hoosic, New York. Missed by his Sister Jane Ann and husband Paul MacDonald of Wellesley, niece Dana MacDonald, nephew Cole MacDonald and his family. Also survived by his in-laws Judy Snobelen, Joy Houston, Kerry Farrell, Kathy Carruthers, Shelly McGlynn, Julie McAllister, Lisa Spooner, and their families. Predeceased by his father Carrick Colling.

Place of Death
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Visitation will be conducted
Friday, November 1st, 2013 from 6:00 - 9:00 PM and
Saturday from 2:00 - 4:00 and 7:00 - 9:00 PM.
Pine River United Church

Funeral Service
November 3, 2013-2:00 pm
Pine River United Church
Corner of Highway 21 and the 4th Concession
Ripley, ON  

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Wi Fi and Wireless Radiation Strikes Again?
Toronto's OCAD University

"I was surprised by the severity of mental health issues and the number of students expressing thoughts of suicide, it's alarming — 70 per cent of them were expressing thoughts of suicide," she says. "And we're inundated, I mean the staff between appointments, we see people walking in, line-ups at the door, so we're very inundated. We can't keep up with the demand."

Although this is a University, there does not seem anyone willing and able to read about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation and then take effective action.
When will Apple admit that radiation from their devices is harming and killing people?
Letter to the University
Jennifer Robinson
Clinical Director
Health and Wellness Centre
OCAD University
28 Oct 2013
Dear Ms Robinson
I have read the CBC news story about the very high rates of depression and suicide amongst students at OCAD - .  Other Universities in the USA and Canada have also reported a large increase in depression and suicide.
I have been studying the health effects of wireless radiation for about nine years and have little doubt that constant exposure to strong amounts of microwave radiation from Wi Fi, cordless phones, cell phones, antennas and other sources of wireless radiation is adversely affecting the students neurologically.  Ten years ago I was (unknowingly) being exposed to strong wireless radiation, I suffered depression, cancer and many other adverse effects and know personally how your students are being harmed.
Perhaps the best and most reliable source of information about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation is the Bio Initiative Report which was the project of 19 scientists and 10 medical specialists.  Section 9 of the BioInitiative Report will probably help you to understand what is happening to the students

Here is one relevant paragraph from the report:
There is little doubt that electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones and cell phone use affect electrical activity in the brain. The effect also seems to depend on the mental load of the subject during exposure, e.g., on the complexity of the task that a subject is carrying out. Based on the observation that the two sides of the brain responded similarly to unilateral exposure, Huber et al. [2003] deduced that the EEG effect originated from subcortical areas of the brain. Dosimetry calculation indicates that the SAR in such areas could be as low as 0.1 W/kg.
If you were to look at the other chapters of the Bio Initiative Report, you would see the students, and everyone else who is exposed to strong wireless radiation, face many other dangers and long term risk of serious health problems.
My recommendation to the University, is to turn off all Wi Fi and wireless systems and educate the students about the dangers of wireless radiation.  While this may not be a popular option in a world that has so widely accepted wireless communications, but if the OCAD fails to act, and future death or long term illness occurs because of the failure to protect and issue warnings, there may be very serious consequences in the future.
If you wish further information, I will be pleased to assist you.
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
(a non profit environmental education group)
c.c. 52 Division, Toronto Police Service

Thyroid cancer cluster in Israel

Two TV stations and one newspaper reported yestrday and today, about eight Bezeq (national communication company) workers out of 40, who have got thyroid cancer within 2.5 years. They worked on the same floor, at the same area, with distance of less than 2-3 meters from each other, in the Azrieli building. (One of these building towers, a major business and shopping center,  has 800- 840 base stations inside, as was published several years ago in a 'by the way' comment). 

Seven years ago, 40 Bezeq workers worked on the same 13 floor, but two years later they were distributed in several floors for reorganization. One worker said that this issue occupies the workers all day.  Bezeq hired an expert and the conclusion is that it is coincidence only. Radiation levels* were not exceeding, the reports say. The expert, Dr. Udi Frishman did not know that equipment was removed by Bezeq from the same place during the last two years. 
Dr. Frishman said there was no equipment that produced ionizing radiation, a known risk factor of thyroid cancer.
* radiation levels were not published.  
Yehiot Ahronot 31.10.13
Wireless, Health Effects and EHS

Please, listen to today's "Uncommon Awareness" - hosted by Dr. Lorraine Hurley - October 30, 2013 - about our wireless society, health effects of EMFs, the functional impairment electrohypersensitivity, and much more.

Dr. Hurley interviews Dr. Olle Johansson of The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute,171 77 Stockholm.

Go to:
Click on "October 2013", scroll down to "October 30, 2013 (hour 1)" and "October 30, 2013 (hour 2)". Listen!

One in five parents willing to sacrifice their children's health and safety

A parents group wants the Greater Victoria school district to lift its moratorium on wireless technology in elementary schools.

The Victoria Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils urged the change after a district-wide survey found many parents support Wi-Fi in schools, although one in five have concerns about adverse health effects.  (The other four out of five are completely ignorant of one of the most significant health threats of our time and should not be parents).

Whatever happened to concerned parents - those who are concerned about their kids safety?  Has wireless made them all stupid?
An example of how smart meters and high speed communications should be safely implemented

Chattanooga: The Smarter City

EPB is one of the first community-owned utilities to install a 100% fiber-optic network, which uses the fiber optic network for Smart Grid applications, in addition to the triple-play media services (i.e., high speed Internet, video and telephone) EPB already provides.

I hope the city warns their citizens not to use Wi Fi and cordless phones!
Very important RF meeting in Toronto on Monday Nov. 4

I know this is very short notice. We just found out ourselves. As you are likely aware, the City of Toronto has been under a Prudent Avoidance Policy that is 100 times safer than Safety Code 6. There is a recommendation from Staff that this be abolished and that Toronto refer back to Safety Code 6. We are all aware how messed up that process is. Deborah and I met with the staff a couple of weeks ago and were not successful in getting them to change their views. Now, we want to work on the elected officials.
There is a key meeting on Monday and we are asking you to delegate. So far we have 4 of us presenting, but we need more help.
You don't have to be a Toronto resident to delegate. The number to call is 416 392 1147
Please pass this on to anyone you think would be interested to help. thx..f
Prudent Avoidance Policy for Radiofrequency Emissions from Cell Towers: 2013 Update

(October 21, 2013) Report from the Medical Officer of Health

1.             City Council discontinue the prudent avoidance policy wherein the City requests that radiofrequencies from cellular phone base stations are kept 100 times below Safety Code 6 in areas where the public normally spends time.
2.             The Board of Health encourage Industry Canada to:
a.             conduct regular monitoring for radiofrequencies arising from telecommunications structures in Toronto, and to make this information publicly available and accessible; and
b.             ensure that information regarding the locations and estimated emissions of all cellular phone antennas is publicly available and accessible.
3.             The Board of Health encourage Health Canada to continue to review health evidence pertaining to human exposure to RFs and to revise Safety Code 6 whenever appropriate to protect human health.

This report responds to a motion by the Board of Health (BOH) to review the City of Toronto's Prudent Avoidance (PA) policy related to radiofrequencies (RFs) emitted from cell phone towers and to provide an update on evidence regarding public health impacts from exposure to cell tower RFs. Under the policy, adopted by City Council in 2008 as recommended by the BOH, Toronto Public Health (TPH) reviews the predicted RF values provided by companies applying to install new cell phone base stations (cell towers) in Toronto and requests that providers keep RF emission levels 100 times below Safety Code 6, Health Canada's public exposure guideline. Compliance with the PA policy is voluntary as the authority to regulate cell phone towers (including siting and the development of appropriate RF exposure levels) rests with the federal government.
Since 2008, 33 applications for towers have been assessed by TPH and compliance with the PA policy has been high. With few exceptions, RF emissions estimates typically have met the PA policy level and all have been well below Safety Code 6. The application of the policy is however restricted to a relatively small subset of cell towers in the City that are subject to municipal consultation and enforceability is constrained by a lack of municipal jurisdiction.
From its review of recent health evidence, TPH notes that the majority scientific opinion indicates that the health risk to the public from cell towers and other telecommunications sources of RFs is low.
Toronto Public Health responds regularly to resident concerns and councillor inquiries about cell phone towers and antennas. Response strategies have involved site visits, requesting information on emissions from the provider and/or Industry Canada and most recently, taking field measurements of RFs from specific antennas. The information reviewed by TPH has indicated that the RF levels from these antenna systems have consistently been well below Safety Code 6 and have met the PA policy level.
Based on a review of evidence and TPH's experience implementing the policy, continued application of the PA policy in the form of a stricter exposure guideline is no longer necessary as it does not confer a health benefit to the residents of Toronto. The Medical Officer of Health therefore recommends that the Board support discontinuation of the PA policy. Toronto Public Health will continue to monitor the health evidence related to RFs from cell towers and will continue to respond to and address public concerns as they arise.

Financial Impact
There is no financial impact arising from this report.

Background Information
(October 21, 2013) Report from the Medical Officer of Health on Prudent Avoidance Policy for Radiofrequency Emissions from Cell Towers: 2013 Update
(October 21, 2013) Appendix A: Resources Consulted in the Health Evidence and Risk Assessment Review

Source: Toronto City Clerk at <>
Frank Clegg
Canadians For Safe Technology
Help us reach out to 1,000,000 Canadians
Owasso man told he must get a smart meter or face having his electricity turned off
He says after PSO installed the new meters in 2011 he experienced pain throughout his body.


Electropollution effect on melatonin, the endocrine and immune systems.

You may not be able to see electropollution, but your body responds to it as though it were a cloud of toxic chemicals or a glass of water contaminated with heavy metal.  Invisible or not, poison is poison wouldn't you agree?
RSC will accept written submissions until midnight Tuesday Nov 5th, 2013
The Royal Society of Canada will accept written submissions about safety code six until midnight Tuesday Nov 5th, 2013.
See highlights of the RSC public hearing day -
Links to several media reports.
France - Children 'should limit exposure to mobile phones'
Montreal Gazette
The panel noted some studies that have suggested a higher long-term risk of brain cancer for heavy users of mobile phones, Anses said. In a landmark ruling ...
Two new wireless health effects books

There are two new wireless health effects books coming out this week by Alison Wilson, a Bau Biologist from Australia: "Hold the Phone" and "Hold the Phone: Here's Why".

These "Hold the Phone" books are exceptionally good. Alison's message is "Precaution.... in the exact words of the experts around the world who are promoting precaution."  The books are cognizant of the changing science over time, are easy to read, and have within them some very good, practical protection steps.  They will be a great resource for anyone, whether they are involved in the wireless health effects issue or not. The content is especially important for parents. Even this morning it was reported that upwards of 30 percent of American two-year-olds are using some sort of wireless device. A shocking statistic, but most people are simply not informed of the potential dangers, or are clouded by the extreme politics around the issue and tune it out. This is especially true for those young parents who have grown up with technology since they themselves were children. That familiarity creates a further barrier toward understanding the potential dangers and acting on them. These books are important because they are non-political, scientifically balanced and personally empowering.

For those in our networks, the author has made available a ten percent discount when the discount code 10SAVE10 is used. This will last for a few weeks as I understand it.

The discounted books can be purchased at Enter the code 10SAVE10 at the point of purchase and the price will be adjusted to reflect the discount.

Dr. George L. Carlo
Washington, D.C.


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