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6 November 2013


Rodney Palmer - Safety Code 6 - Presentation to the Royal Society

Excellent presentation about school children being killed and seriously harmed by school Wi Fi

P.A.C.E. - Royal Society of Canada - safety code 6 review

Attached is the submission from PACE.
Andrew Michrowski

Submission by Martin Weatherall to the Royal Society of Canada's Expert Panel Reviewing Safety Code 6.



Dr. Paul Demers

Chair of the Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel

282 Somerset West


Ontario, K2P 0J6


C/o Russel MacDonald


27 October 2013


Dear Members of the Expert Panel


I suffer from a condition that is generally known as Electro Hyper-Sensitivity, but could also be known as Radar Sickness, Microwave Sickness and Radio Wave Sickness. I experience serious adverse health effects from exposure to microwave radiation at exposure levels which are just a fraction of the present levels that Health Canada says are safe.  Because of the harm that I and many other Canadians have suffered and because of the thousands of scientific documents which show serious biological effects caused by microwave radiation, it is obvious that the present safety levels need to be greatly improved. 


Prior to making any decisions about safety levels, it would be helpful for the Panel to learn and understand the harm that low levels of radiation are causing to those who are very sensitive to electro magnetic radiation.  Health Canada are denying and failing to investigate these effects, yet the World Health Organization recognizes them and held a major conference on the subject years ago.


I have taken part in double blind scientific testing by Dr. Magda Havas, who found that each time a DECT cordless telephone was turned on (without me knowing) my heart rate doubled immediately.  At a later date, a similar test was conducted with a WiFi router and this was filmed by Global Television, you can see the effects that the microwave radiation had on my heart by viewing this video .  Since smart meters and Wi Fi was installed on streets in Stratford I have suffered tachycardia and arrhythmias.  Earlier this year I suffered a heart attack even though I am fit and otherwise healthy.  My main risk factor for heart problems is that wireless radiation seriously interferes with the proper operation of my heart.


One of my concerns is for the thousands of Canadians who may suffer from heart and stroke issues because of exposure to microwave radiation, yet they may be unaware of the cause.  Many people, who previously were not suffering from heart health issues, now suffer serious heart problems and other illnesses since smart meters have been installed on their homes.  Smart meters emit very strong pulses of microwave radiation to send information from electrical and water meters. 


Dr. Stephen Sinatra a well known cardiologist and author describes wireless radiation as the 'newest cardiac risk factor'.  Some of the reasons for his concern can be seen on this video . 

To see the serious health effects that microwave radiation from smart meters are causing citizens, you should look at this video .  The video was made recently at a public meeting in New York State but we have a similar problem in Canada.


One of the main research documents that I request you to consider is – 'Cancer morbidity in subjects occupationally exposed to high frequency (radiofrequency and microwave) electromagnetic radiation'. Szmigielski S. .  This long term study with 128,000 subjects reveals large percentage increases in death from several different cancers, for the persons who were exposed to microwave radiation during their military careers in Poland.  For instance the increase in myeloctic leukemia deaths was 13.9 times higher than non exposed workers.  Many Canadian citizens are now immersed in powerful microwave radiation many hours a day, at home, at school, at work and in the outdoor environment of our towns and cities.  If the results that Szmigielski found from microwave exposure years ago also occur in the general population because of exposure today, millions of Canadians face the possibility of serious illness and early death. 

Another document that the panel should be very concerned about is entitled 'Five Studies' (showing ill health effects from masts) by Dr. Grahame Blackwell who summarizes the evidence in this short review -

These are the only studies known of that specifically consider the effects of masts on people. All five of these studies show clear and significant ill-health effects. There are no known studies relating to health effects of masts that do not show such ill-health effects.
In this respect, any statement by industry or official sources that claims (or suggests) that:
(a) There is no evidence of ill-health effects from masts;
(b) The overwhelming evidence is that masts do not cause ill-health effects;
is completely and blatantly untrue.

Dr. Grahame Blackwell. 

A very significant and more recent study shows large increases in death rates near to cell phone masts.  This is the study from Belo Horizonte in Brazil which claims a direct link between 4924 cancer deaths and cellular antenna radiation.

 The great increases in cancer, headaches, fatigue, depression, sleeping disorders, difficulty in concentration and cardiovascular problems near to cell phone antennas strongly indicates that present exposure safety levels are woefully inadequate.  These very serious effects are occurring at levels which are much below the safety levels which are presently used in Canada.  Millions of Canadians live in close proximity of to cell phone antennas and various other antennas.  Cell phone mast studies indicate that they are in great danger.

Members of the Expert Panel need to step back and examine the task that they have been assigned and why Health Canada has not taken on the task themselves.  Health Canada has a massive budget; they have scientists, doctors, other health care professionals and a large number of employees.  They claim to keep track of all new scientific reports on the health effects of electro magnetic radiation.  So, why is it that they are not looking at the evidence themselves and setting their own safety standards?

Could it be that they are well aware of the harm that is occurring because of wireless radiation exposure and well aware that their standards are inadequate, putting the lives of the Canadian population at risk?  Are lives being sacrificed and gambled away for the sake of wireless communications using radio spectrum frequencies which the Government makes billions of dollars in licencing fees?  Are they well aware that their lies about safety are quickly being unraveled and that someone is going to have to take the blame for government negligence and corruption on a scale never before seen?  Is Health Canada looking for a 'patsy' or an 'expert group of scapegoats' to take the blame for a future health catastrophe?

If a cancer and ill health tsunami occurs over the next few years, just as several independent scientists are predicting and which scientific research indicates is already happening, someone is going to have to take responsibility for the disaster.  The BioInitiative Report has clearly documented the links between many serious illnesses and wireless radiation.

Please remember that the World Health Organization now classes wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen , there are several studies which indicate that microwave radiation significant increases in cancer.  School children are being exposed to this carcinogen at schools throughout Canada.  Parents are further exposing their families to wireless radiation thinking the devices they own are safe.

In the future, as wireless radiation exposure causes significant ill health and many early deaths, there are likely to be large scale investigations such as public inquiries, police investigations and criminal trials.  The actions that you take during the process of reviewing Safety Code 6 may well be highly scrutinized in the future and you may have to testify about your involvement, or you could face criminal trials.  Panel members are here to ensure safety for Canadians, please do it carefully and do not ignore the masses of scientific studies which show that significant biological effects are caused by electro magnetic radiation.

Yours truly,

Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP


Thyroid Cancer Affected by RF Radiation

Attached is an abstract from the World Thyroid Cancer Congress in Toronto. This was provided by an endocrinologist who attended the meeting earlier this year. 


Thyroid Cancer Cluster in Israel
Offical doctors, cancer epidemiology experts, endocrinologists and radiologists told channel 10 that the number of
thyroid cancer patients in Bezeq workers (8 out of 40 - "at least", says the reporter) is very high. 
"It sounds they worked in an atomic reactor", they told channel 10. 
The reason is attributed to either radioactive iodine or ionizing radiation. The workers say it's freightening to come to the building. "Beyond being afraid, we are afraid they will throw us".   Dr. Udi Frishman, the expert Bezeq hired,  told channel 10 that environmental factors were examined as well as radiation and personal and familial risks: we checked everything modern medicine knows to check and concluded it's random, sad, too bad, lack of luck, but it's not something that we as human beings or Bezeq can control.
Official doctors respond: sounds that Bezeq workers worked in an atomic reactor
Original channel 10 story
Globes report (possible to read with google translation)
Oklahoma City - Harmed by Smart Meters

"Its like you're living in a microwave with pulsing, pulsing, pulsing and you can't get away," said Monique Smith.

The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel

Russel MacDonald re. RSC submission

I have attached 26 pages of just some of the letters that I have received over the last year or so, pleading for someone, anyone, to listen to their stories about the health effects that they are suffering from after the installation of a Smart Meter, which has a wireless transmitter emitting microwave radiation into their homes.  

Most of these people are parents with children, the elderly, disabled or have an environmental intolerance, medically known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is caused by exposure to wireless devices emitting microwave, radio frequency radiation. Symptoms commonly associated with microwave sickness include headaches, fast heart rate, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, concentration and memory problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, extreme fatigue, tremors, reoccurring infection, impaired immune function, skin rash, facial flushing, abdominal pain, nosebleeds, ringing in the ears, and more.  

I am hoping that you will take the time to read these pleas for help because they have no one else left to tell their stories to.   Perhaps you can stand in the shoes the woman desperately trying to get a good nights sleep but is having to get up in the in the middle of the night, get into her car, drive around to find a place where the ringing in her ears starts to fade out and she can finally find peace to sleep? 

How about walking around the house with your pillow and blanket trying to find refuge in just one part of the house so that you can wake up in the morning without a headache and nausea? 

How about the mother with a 5 year old whose bedroom wall has a Smart Meter on the opposite side and she can't get her child to fall sleep until 2 or 3 am?

Industry should not be dictating what our level of tolerance to microwave radiation should be.  We need to listen to what the non-industry funded scientists and medical experts are telling us and protect our children, senior citizens and the disabled, the most vulnerable people in our society. 

Please take time to read these stories and hope that none of them are from friends or family that you know, or perhaps these will be the stories that will be told by your friends and family in the future.   Please answer the voices of these people who are trying to let us know that we must recognize that the biological effects of these wireless devices are damaging our health and well-being.    

Help them!

Janis Hoffmann
Victoria BC

Non-thermal Microwave Radiation - A Ticking Time Bomb!

Few people, if any, in Canada or the U.S. would believe for one nanosecond that authoritarian Russia protects its citizens against harmful non-thermal microwave radiation better than do our democratic governments. But it does – and always has! Russia's radiation 'Exposure Limits' - like those of China, India, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and most Eastern European countries – are 100 times lower/safer than Canada's or the U.S.'!

Not well known in 'the West' is that Russian scientists began researching and studying the bio-effects of non-thermal radiation in 1933, when thousands of their workers began showing harmful bio-effects from working around microwave equipment on military bases and in industrial plants. America's ego, especially that of its scientists, wouldn't allow them to accept that Russia's science was superior to America's in the then nascent field of non-ionizing non-thermal electromagnetic radiation. Understandably 'miffed' at being rebuffed by the Americans, Russia decided to irradiate the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, which it did - for 23 years, from 1953 to 1976! This 'experiment' went on for just 6-8 hours a day, five days a week, and used much the same frequencies and power densities (signal strength) used in today's plethora of wireless devices, such as smart meters, cell phones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi  routers, cordless phones etc. History and the Johns Hopkins University in the U.S. – have catalogued the cancer deaths and countless other illnesses resulting from this non-thermal microwave radiation 'experiment.'

Yet today, in Canada and the U.S., and in most other so-called 'democratic' countries, ignorance, apathy, greed, collusion, complicity and unvarnished corruption, fueled by America's fear of losing their world dominance, have resulted in what history will surely record is Canada's – no, democracy's – darkest, most evil chapter! The deaths and suffering caused by Hitler's own 'Angel of Death,' Dr. Josef Mengele, are expected to easily pale in comparison to today's unfolding tragedy. Countless non-industry funded, world-class scientists say that what planet Earth is experiencing today amounts to the biggest single technological experiment ever – without either the knowledge or consent of the hapless subjects. The irony is, though, that no one can escape the ravages of chronic, low-level, pulsed, non-thermal microwave radiation - not even those sick, demented, greedy individuals responsible for today's ticking time bomb. 

Hard evidence to support these absurd and preposterous assertions is attached for those wanting and daring to see the truth. This corruption is not only palpable – it is everywhere: in all levels of government, all regulatory agencies, throughout the entire wireless and telecom industries and, now, in electric power utilities! Amidst all this corruption, the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto and Toronto's Chief Medical Officer have emerged and distinguished themselves as giants of integrity, honesty and courage for their herculean efforts to distance themselves from Health Canada in order to protect the citizens they pledged to serve. History will record this too!

Yours truly,
Jerry Flynn
103-1910 Capistrano Drive
Kelowna, BC
(250) 451-9609

I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces captain who spent 22 of my 26+ years in the military in the arcane fields of Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence. My operational experience spans sea operations, land operations, NATO and Canada's National Defence Headquarters, in which I worked in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare for two years. I also worked closely with NSA and GCHQ and other allied intelligence gathering agencies for many years. I know of what I speak, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!

Coach collapses during game, Did wireless radiation cause it?
"Coach Gary Kubiak was taken off the field on a stretcher Sunday night after collapsing near the team's bench on his way to the locker room at halftime..."

EMF levels at these games must be off the charts. In addition, coaches wear wireless headsets on the sidelines. The media doesn't even hint that EMF could be a contributing factor

University of Minnesota head coach Jerry Kill has had 5 seizures since 2011. He has epilepsy but all the EMF at these football games makes you wonder...

French "Zone Blanche" -EMF free zone.
Euro-Deputee Michèle Rivasi, the Mayor of the commune, political
deputies and scientists have met on a piece of land which is quite free
of radio waves in order to create the first official French "Zone
Blanche" -EMF free zone.

This happened on the 30th of October, in Durbon, located in the
"Hautes-Alpes" department.

It will require some implication form the French government and will
start with a trial cession with a few EHS persons in order to test the
site prior to go the definitive way.

The project might be viable within the next two to three years.

Some related links below:

Sosthène BERGER
Ing. Dipl. HES


Une première zone blanche pour "électro-sensibles" en France

Saint -Julien -en- Beauchene , Monday, November 4 - Saint -Julien -en- Beauchene in the Hautes -Alpes has launched a project "white zone ", a place very little exposure to electromagnetic waves. The area will be designed so that thirty people " electro- sensitive" can be " rejuvenated" for a limited period .

This is Michele Rivasi MEP Europe Ecologie Les Verts ( EELV ) and mayor of the city that is at the origin of this project.

She hopes to receive financial assistance from the State to complete the work .

Located at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by fields, this location was chosen because it was classified as an area of "very low electromagnetic radiation " by the board of the Centre for Research and Independent Information on Electro -Magnetic Radiation ( CRIIREM ) . The village had already greeted two women sought refuge in a cave !

Recall that under the current studies on the topic WHO estimates that " electromagnetic hypersensitivity is characterized by various symptoms , which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to electromagnetic fields. This set of symptoms is not part of any recognized syndrome by WHO but characterizes a clinical picture in which more and more doctors agree (...) There are also some indications that these symptoms may be due to preexisting psychiatric illness , as well as stress reactions as a result of the fear inspired by the potential health effects of EMF ( electro magnetic fields Ed) , rather than the EMF exposure itself . "

On the basis of these findings of the WHO 's recent report ANSES ( National Agency for the safety of food, the environment and labor ) and the position of the Academy of Medicine , we see unclear how the state could fund this initiative.

Two reports submitted to Toronto Public Health for their meeting on Monday November 4th.

See the attached (Havas)

Research on the decline has been particularly active in the U.K., where greater London was believed to have lost 70% of its sparrows between 1994 and 2001. This mirrors declines in Bristol, Edinburgh and Belfast. In 2002, the house sparrow was placed on the U.K.'s Red Data list of species of conservation concern.



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