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Principal resigns over Wi Fi / Scientist wins compensation for Wi-Fi pain / School May Be Source of Cancer / opt-out / Brain Tumors / Cancer incidence / Your Phone vs. Your Heart / spy meters / etc

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9 October 2013


Dr Marie-Therese Gibson resigns from Tangara School for Girls over Wi-Fi health worries

Dr Marie-Therese Gibson — who served for 19 years as principal of the Tangara School for Girls at Cherrybrook — resigned in July due to health problems she blames on Wi-Fi installed three years ago.

The school agreed to switch off the Wi-Fi in the administrative wing, but Dr Gibson said she suffered debilitating headaches when she visited other parts of the school.

"I gave the best part of my life to that school but I had to resign because I couldn't exist in that environment,'' she said yesterday.

CSIRO scientist Dr David McDonald wins compensation for Wi-Fi pain

Dr McDonald said he felt schools should hardwire computers instead of using Wi-Fi.

"I fear for children who don't know why they can't concentrate, or why they feel nauseous,'' he said.

"And cabling in the internet is much faster and more efficient than using Wi-Fi.''


Teachers Worry Malibu High May Be Source of Cancer

Three teachers who work in the same building have recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Others have reported thyroid problems. Some have skin rashes and have lost their hair.

Regulator can't reject smart meter opt-out fees
B.C.'s independent power regulator won't be allowed to reject smart meter opt-out fees, nor can it go back and investigate the validity of the controversial ...
Can Mobile Phones Cause Brain Tumors?
Cancer incidence vs. population average sleep duration on spring mattresses

Hallberg Ö, Huttunen P, Johansson O, Adv Stud Med Sci 2014; 2: 1-15

Best regards
(Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Your Phone vs. Your Heart

Smart electricity meters can be used to spy on private homes

After signing up with the German smart-meter firm Discovergy, the researchers detected that the company's devices transmitted unencrypted data from the home devices back to the company's servers over an insecure link. The researchers, Dario Carluccio and Stephan Brinkhaus, intercepted the supposedly confidential and sensitive information, and, based on the fingerprint of power usage, were able to tell not only whether or not the homeowners were home, away or even sleeping, but also what movie they were watching on TV.
Vote against Councillor Matlow's proposal for free wifi in Toronto public parks.

I spoke with Toronto Councillor Josh Matlow this morning and realised that he did not know that:
- Radiofrequency/EMF (a.k.a. microwave radiation) has been rated a 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization's International Agency For Research on Cancer
- Toronto Public Health has a prudent avoidance standard 100X lower than Safety Code 6 because of their concerns about Radiofrequency/EMF levels within Toronto [we have the highest levels in Canada]
- SC6 is the federal standard that has set limits for radiofrequency/EMF
- SC6 review process is not reliable and not transparent  [
<> ]
Likely that radiofrequency/EMF will be increased to 2A probable carcinogen
Attached research  "Case-control study of the association between malignant brain tumours diagnosed between 2007-2009 and mobile and cordless phone use" (authors: Lennart Hardell, Michael Carlberg, Fredri k Söder qvist and Kjel Hansso n Mild [dated Sept 23, 2013].  This is a very high quality study and will be considered seriously by health bodies worldwide.  Hardell's earlier research on cancer/mobile phones is cited in the WHO monograph as key to their decision to add radiofrequency/EMF to their list of possible carcinogens.  This study creates an even stronger association and is likely [along with several other studies recently released] to move radiofrequency/EMF up to the "2A probable carcinogen" category.
As a big City with already high levels of radiofrequency/EMF, we are not in a position to increase the radiation levels further.  Especially when so many studies on children have not been completed.  We know from other carcinogens, that if studies on adults show strong relationships for cancer in adults, the picture for children will be far worse as their cells are dividing much faster and therefore errors have bigger and more profound implications during the development of children's brains and bodies.
All radiofrequency/microwave-emitting devices are implicated. In most scenarios, tablets do not emit less radiation than mobile phones.

Dr. McKeown, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, is on record asking for smoking to be banned in public parks.  It is in the public's best interest that another carcinogen is not allowed in Toronto public parks.
Please take a moment to contact your councillor on the issue of wifi in public parks. Please do so before october 15th.

This is wrong on so many levels - health, social interaction, concentration of children who are much more susceptible than adults etc.

Many thanks,

Please contact your Toronto City Councillor to ask her/him to vote against Councillor Matlow's proposal for free wifi in Toronto public parks. Before October 15th because it's on the agenda at a meeting that day. Opportunity: if more than one person per household makes this contact, it's an easy way to multiply the impact.

A handy way to look up your Councillor and her/his contact information is at this City of Toronto website:
The list is alphabetical by surname and clicking on the name brings you to that person's specific contact and staff information. Or if you want to find your Councillor, simply click below the photo on "Enter your street address to find your City Council member", and when the next page pops up click your area on the map or type in your "street number" and "street name" in the 2 white boxes near the top of the page and click "Submit" (then the top of the page tells you "Your ward is ..." where you can click into that text or click on the Ward number on the map provided).

Canadians For Safe Technology - Safety Code Six Update
Faceoff: should kids be allowed to use cellphones in the classroom?

YES:  Andy Walker, former TV host, and co-author of Super You.
NO:  Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor, Trent University,


Digital dementia among children and teenagers

Burnaby man questions cost of refusing smart meter 
Balbir Khakh was shocked at the fees of up to $35 per month BC Hydro says he will have to pay if he continues to refuse installation of a smart meter at his East ...
Balbir Khakh, 71, is a lung cancer patient and has been turning down requests to have the new meter installed out of safety concerns.

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