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10 September 2013

Videos worth watching
All of these videos are worth watching.  They are excellent and should be distributed far and wide.

short video by Frank Clegg   -  http://vimeo.com/71750893
and also by Devra Davis  - http://vimeo.com/71749330 
Watch longer video with info on radio frequency, dirty electricity and EM fields by Camilla Rees -  http://vimeo.com/61474054 
and shorter video about Wi-Fi in schools  -  http://vimeo.com/50947648 

There are others in this series and ALL are worth watching! Lots of useful, accurate information from credible sources that may shock those who are not in the know.  


Wireless health hazards conferences

November 2013; New York, NY:
the Open Center in November "How to Protect Ourselves and Growing Children from Electromagnetic Fields: A multi-disciplinary solution-oriented look at this important new public health issue with leading scientific, clinical and remediation experts"with cardiologist Stephen Sinatra (who has performed studies showing that Wi-Fi is causing cardiac arrhythmias)  http://electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/open-center-nov-15/ 
October 2013; Phoenix, AZ:
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) conference "Chronic Disease: Highlighting EMF Hypersensitivity, Lyme, Mycotoxicity, Autism, Cancer and Much More"



LP&L board members to meet about smart meters on Monday

In an initial vote last week, the City Council decided to remove the 15 million dollar capital project from LP&L's  budget proposal.
EHS Links
The following link is a website where people with environmental illnesses and sensitivities can post asking for places to rent, etc. 


The rest of the links are forums. 

ES Forum

EHS Connect


On Facebook:

Electrical Sensitivity Support Group 

Electro Sensitive Syndrome (ESS) 

Note - Be careful with information from discussion groups and forums etc. 
Some persons are trying to sell their goods (whether they work or not). 
Other persons are posting information that is not accurate or simply not true.
Sometimes you can pick up some very helpful tips.                                                                                

Government Wants to Measure Electrosmog in Homes


Web Addiction Among Kids In Japan Leads To Digital Detox Program

Their addiction may be due to the fact that radio frequency radiation "activates endogenous opioids in the brain.
Endogenous opioids are neurotransmitters with morphine-like properties and involved in
many important physiological and behavioral functions, such as pain perception and

Neurological Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation Relating to Wireless Communication Technology


Boost Your Child' s Brain Power with Electronic Fast


Protest against Wi-Fi in Peel Region Schools



Smart Meter Fires

In BC (and I believe the same is true in every province) no agency is tracking fires or damaged appliances associated with smart meters. We have had many fires in BC but the utility company denies responsibility and no information is available about the cause. The provincial fire commissioner has no code for smart meters so all such fires are included with all other "electrical" ones.

So I when I heard that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is investigating fires said to be caused by smart meters, I asked if we could report ours, too. I was told yes, if the model was the same used in the US.

"If you do believe that the particular model is available in the US.  You can file a report with us at www.saferproducts.gov  or call 1-800-638-2772 Mon to Fri 8 am to 5:30 pm.

If the product is available for purchase in the US, then we do have jurisdiction.  With utility meters, we don't have jurisdiction over health issues attributed to RF or EMF from the meter, but we are interested in fire reports involving meters that are used in the US.  For a fire incident in Canada to be of interest to us, the model (not just the manufacturer) involved would have to be the same as one that is marketed in the US."

In BC the model used is the ITRON Centron II Openway, and this is the same one used in many places in the US.

If our governments will not protect us, then let's get help from the US.  Please check to see if the model of smart meter used in your area is used in the US. If it is, please report fires that are covered by the media.

Sharon Noble


Smart Meters: Creating New Vulnerabilities?

"Why are we creating new vulnerabilities in the grid, and then being sold the idea that this is somehow going to make the grid more stable and reliable?" del Sol asked.


EHS Children Forced from School

Two families in British Columbia are fighting for the right of their children to attend schools without being exposed to wifi. Both families have children who are sensitive, suffering severe headaches, rashes, and sleep disturbances. When away from wireless devices, both children are fine and able to function well.

It is a sad state when parents must take legal action to protect their families, but that is where they are. I believe it is only a matter of being unaware of the cause of health problems that explains why more people are not participating with the Hoffmanns and Jeskes in this action. With C4ST's efforts in raising awareness of symptoms, and if we are able to get more doctors educated on the topic, more families will be making the same plea. If this law suit can set a precedent, every family with sensitive children and even families who want to prevent their children from becoming sensitive or harmed, will benefit, even those in the US.

They desperately need financial help to continue with their legal actions. Both Tammy Jeske and Janis Hoffmann are dedicated members of the Coalition and have been fighting the proliferation of wireless devices for years. Now they are fighting for their families. They have spent much of their savings to pay the legal bills so far and cannot carry on without help. It would be tragic if they could not proceed with this ground-breaking lawsuit for lack of funding.

See the attached pdf document.  Any help would be appreciated.

Sharon Noble


Plano cyclists describe hair-raising symptoms while riding under powerlines

Cyclists are concerned. So is radiologist Dr. Janet Kirby, who said based on the studies she researched, radiation from electromagnetic fields can indeed cause health problems. She suggests riders put the brakes on riding there, and find another trail.

"Electromagnetic frequency is actually another toxin, like mercury or lead," Kirby said.


Allergic to emf , she has started a hunger strike

She does not tolerate the waves of mobile phones, wifi makes her sick. Christiane Le Dauphin is allergic to magnetic fields. This resident of Boistrudan (35 ) lives a living hell.
Today, she began a hunger strike and demanded the creation of areas without radio waves.

* By Sylvaine SALLIOU
* Published 06/09/2013 
When you meet Christiane Le Dauphin , they come to her, not portable. This woman is allergic to air for a few years, as others are allergic to gluten or eggs . She moved to Boistrudan in Ille -et-Vilaine , two years ago , believing it to be more immune to magnetic fields. Until then, she lived in Rennes, but his life was in danger. A Boistrudan , its evils are mitigated early . She had less headache , she slept almost normally and especially its digestive disorders and memory disorders were less painful .
But in recent months , it's gone.

She wants to live in a white area
She almost never leaves home, she lives with a dash of copper on the head in a sleeping bag copper wire also . But despite all these precautions , today it goes wrong, she wants to start a hunger strike to express his despair. She never wanted to cut the company by locking in a remote cave , she just wants to live in a place without air , without magnetic fields in a white area . Except that the white areas , there are almost more in France. The waves are everywhere in our cordless phones , our electrical appliances, in the low energy light bulbs , baby phones and of course the phones ... Today, there are 72 million mobile phones in France , there were 120 billion minutes used last year. The country is covered with antennas , there were more than 78,000 in the city and in the country in 2012.
And the country has become more electro , who are struggling to recognize their illness.

These waves that kill : allergic to magnetic fields
Christiane Le Dauphin , electro Dominique Belpomme , oncologist , president of the ARTAC Jean -Marie Danjou , Chief Operating Officer at Mobile College of the French Federation of Telecoms

As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow

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