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16 October 2013


Can Radiation From Wi Fi Cause Fertility Problems, A.D.H.D. & Cancer? Hear Dr. Martin Pall (of Portland) & U.K. Microwave Expert Prof. Barrie Trower Speak


Humanity at the Brink 

NEW Barrie Trower Wi-Fi Report

Surgeon Addresses Cancer - Cell Phone Link on 'Dr. Oz Show'

Today about 40% of college women keep their cell phones inside the bra.
"It could be coincidence that women develop an unusual cancer right there on the breast, or this could be the tip of the iceberg."
Means For Change

The below link will lead you to the Smart Meter and Personal Wireless Services Facilities Notice of Liability and Inaction recently delivered to 378 Washington State Government Officials and Professional Leaders regarding the need for public health agencies in Washington State to recognize the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation; and for legislators to initiate an immediate safety review of RFR and a moratorium on installations of smart meters and Personal Wireless Services Facilities, until determined safe.

This is being sent to you in case it helps to further any efforts you are currently working on and or it brings to your attention an area of great concern which needs immediate action.  Please forward this to all groups, family and friends in Washington State so they can complete and mail the Notice of Support for Legislative Action to their District Legislator.

Karen Nold,
Means For Change

Man Allergic To WiFi Lost Job as IT Consultant
Realizing his headaches got worse when he used his phone, Guy began to read up on the subject.
But it was when he had WiFi installed - and his symptoms noticeably worsened - that he was convinced.
Stop Smart Meters UK

The Problem With Smart Meters 

Informative short film from Grassroots Environmental []

"Utilities providers would like to gather power usage information from customers every 15 minutes," Akkaya said. "The goal is to have power map of cities in real-time, and to generate electricity based on the exact need. In addition to customer data, they also plan to deploy sensors on power lines and substations to collect data about the quality of the power generated. Plus, they would like to do state estimation (power system monitoring) of their power network. This component of the Smart Grid is called wide area situation awareness."

This abuse of our rights has to stop NOW!! Stop Smart Meters Australia

All these parrots know is what they are told to say and just by carrying this out shows to me they are a measly bunch who are very weak or devoid of any principles or conscience and would do or say anything for money.

Texas Lies
In Massachusetts, National Grid has submitted a report compiled by the Texas PUC regarding Smart Meters and Health: 

Project No. 40190, Project Relating to Advanced Metering Issues

Report on Health and Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields from Advanced Meters

Among the more ridiculous claims, the report states that Dr. David Carpenter is not a Dr. and that smart meter safety activists may be unduly influences by advertisers. 

HaltMAsmartmeters is compiling a rebuttal, if you can contribute input or have countered this document yourself, please contact
The Clarkdale Town Council heard a presentation Tuesday night from Sedona Smart Meter Awareness, a group that advocates against the widespread deployment of smart meters and their possible negative health effects in communities.
Stealth Meters

Analog meters with hidden transmitters

Direct Action in Victoria: Smart meter removed by homeowner and returned to Powercor.

Man protects daughter from dangerous meter (video)

Powercor Australia is an electricity distribution company that operates throughout western Victoria and the western and southern suburbs of Melbourne.


A young father was becoming very concerned about the way his daughter's health was being affected by the Smart Meter fitted to her bedroom wall.  He requested that Powercor remove the meter; however his pleas brought no satisfaction, so he warned them that if they did not come and remove the meter, he would remove it himself.
'Modern Cardiac Risk Factors & Emerging Health Issues in This Digital Age' by cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra
(CME accredited)
Family Practice Grand Round, Oct 23rd, 8:00- 9:00 am, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, Canada.
Later in the day, Dr Sinatra and Dr. Martin Blank will present to the public and special invited guests "Protect Children's Health-and yours - in a Wireless World".
HRM and community at impasse with EastLink over telecommunications tower near Lawrencetown Beach

Industry Canada will review case and make final decision

At a meeting last Thursday(Sept 26,2013) in Lawrencetown, community members gathered to discuss next steps in their on-going battle to prevent EastLink from erecting a 251 foot telecommunications tower in their neighborhood and within the view plane of
Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.

Shane Sutherland,
a local resident addressed the three provincial candidates who were present at the meeting saying, "
It not that we are against technology. We want technology sited in the proper location that's compatible with our community."

Residences are concerned that EastLink has asked Industry Canada to overrule Halifax Regional Municipality's (HRM) staff recommendation to reject the proposed site, which is just off of Crowell Road. This is the latest chapter in a controversy that began more than two years ago, when EastLink originally proposed a site on Leslie Road in Lawrencetown in 2011. Public opposition to both sites has been overwhelming, and residents are getting ready to take their case even further.

The matter is currently at the Impasse Process with Industry Canada, in which only EastLink and the Municipality have standing as official parties in the dispute. A group of residents met with Mayor Savage earlier on Thursday to discuss how HRM could work with the local community to ensure all relevant issues are addressed. According to Doyle Safire, who attended the meeting, the Mayor promised greater co-operation and transparency from HRM as the process continues.

In his presentation to the nearly 100 concerned citizen in attendance at the meeting on Thursday evening,
Mr. Safire explained how a 1931 Supreme Court ruling that made radio communication the sole responsibility of the federal government, essentially takes away the Province's and Municipality's constitutional right to regulate land use within the boundaries of the province.

Steve Brine, PC candidate for the Eastern Shore riding, spoke in regards to the tower.  "This shouldn't be in a residential area to start with," he said. "Tourism on the shore is having a hard enough time as it is and we don't need to have another negative like this staring us in the face."

The NDP incumbent, Syd Prest said, "Something like this [tower] should not have to go in to disrupt the communities anywhere on the shore. We've got acres and acres of vacant land."

Liberal candidate Kevin Murphy, spoke as a local resident as well as a potential MLA. "I would strongly advocate that our government - of whatever stripe it ends up being - takes a lead on this," he said.
"If we have to stick our neck out and be the ones in Canada to initiate a challenge to some antiquated, out of date policies that typically are avoided by our decision makers - then I think we should be the ones."

David Hendsbee, Municipal Councillor for District 2, also expressed his thoughts on the proposed site for the tower. "If we have to have this technology in the neighborhood, can we find a site that's compatible and dependable for the technical purposes as well as meets the needs of the community," he said. "And personally I think that would require an expropriation process by the federal government.
Doyle Safire, 471-9881,

Elizabeth Thompson, 827-3001,

XII International Congress of Anti Aging Medicine

"The deterioration of the microbiota and excessive exposure to radiation of technological devices accelerate aging, has warned the president of the Spanish Society of Anti-Aging and Longevity (SEMAL), Dr. José Márquez Serres, at the XII International Congress of Anti Aging Medicine, held in Madrid."
Report by the National Agency for Food Safety
Google Translation from French:
The oncologist Dominique Belpomme does not share the findings of the National Agency for Food Safety on magnetic waves delivered on Tuesday morning. According to him, a prolonged mobile phone use exacerbates the risk of Alzheimer and brain cancer.

National Food Safety Authority issued its report on Tuesday morning on the subject of magnetic waves. The Agency estimates that exposure to electromagnetic waves - mobile phones - can cause biological changes in the body, but that the available scientific evidence does not show any proven effect on health.

Dominique Belpomme , he does not beat around the bush. " Internationally, there is a strong and not called into question by scientists working independently idea electromagnetic fields are harmful to health," explains oncologist member ARTAC ( Research Association therapeutic anti - cancerous) .

"The magnetic fields are harmful to health" ( Dominique Belpomme )

According to him, the report of the NAFS is worthless

" The studies are not contradictory : some are scientifically valid and others are not," he said in a non- veiled attack on the National Food Safety Authority. " The tragedy today is that we are with the various reports of Franco- French agencies , and we are in a pattern that is not validated in the international scientific ."

" These reports will anyway to enrich the dustbin of history. They have no interest since the first report of the National Food Safety Authority  just said that there was no risk " (Dominique Belpomme)

In a report in 2009, handles asserted, in effect making a synthesis of 226 studies. Inside, 45 % said that the waves had biological effects , 55 % said no.

A high risk of brain cancer for teenagers

Dominique Belpomme completely rejects the thesis that there are no proven effect on health. " We know that when used electromagnetic fields to generate prolonged and intensive way of Alzheimer disease in the elderly but also young subjects, including among some teens ," he says . Before moving on brain cancer : "This is the Interphone study that says if you are under 20 years old and you use a cell phone an hour a day for 5 to 10 years, you have a five -fold increased risk of brain tumor . "

" We, citizens , we will have a bill to pay , but also a humanitarian financial invoice " ( Dominique Belpomme )

Electro- sensitive , is a "real disease "

For the scientist , it is high time that the government is tackling the problem . " We are facing a real public health problem by the fact that it will one day be globalized as other U.S. citizens we have a bill to pay the company a financial bill but also a humanitarian bill ."

Dominique Belpomme puts particular emphasis on an important point: the electro- sensitive . According to him, it is indeed a disease, contrary to what some may say . "This is real sick with goals that say tests ," he says . And he announced that the worst is yet to come: " These patients are only the tip of the iceberg ."

Cell Phone Radiation Lawsuit News

"In light of the growing body of evidence that points to an increased risk of brain tumors from cell phones.

French Health Agency (ANSES) warns public to reduce their RF exposure

Minimise mobile phone calls, use hands-free kit, text instead of speaking and beware of phone mast emissions are some of the recommendations

Click for the full news story


Children's 'exposure to mobile phones should be limited'

Children and heavy users of mobile phones should limit their exposure to the ... long-term risk of brain cancer for heavy users of mobile phones, Anses said.

Assistance required for EHS Legal Case
Hi, this is Selisha. (my mother suffers from EHS & has been homeless due to smart meters now for over 4 months.) We wanted to ask if you could please talk with another attorney who is seriously interested in taking the EHS case on to stop all this ridiculous violation of EHS--an ADA-recognized disability. This attorney to my knowledge has never lost a trial & has a strong disgust for injustice, so if he takes the case, this is a good chance with far-reaching implications. He's a personal injury trial attorney who is very happy that EHS is accepted as an illness by the ADA, and the attorneys interested in potentially taking the case. The attorney wants to help ordinary people harmed by others carelessness or intentional wrongdoing.

But the office needs as much information as possible (and they are happily delving into it all), particularly from EHS sufferers themselves, in their own words. 
To go forward with a proceeding, Jayme (the daughter of the attorney, who is evaluating all the EHS evidence before it goes before her father) needs 3 things:

1. She needs to speak to EHS sufferers, & particularly hear about how smart meters have driven you from a home or in some other way impeded your right to socialize. (Public settings included as well--stores, offices, transit--however smart meters & wireless has held you captive.)

2. At least 1 American medical expert in the who can unequivocally testify that smart meters themselves are dangerous and causing the damage claimed. (to corroborate EHS victims' claims) This is important to stem the almost certain tide of power company denial!)

3. And another expert who can verify fair damage amounts (settlement amounts, etc).

The attorneys are trying to do this right, and the more people they have to help with these 3 things, the better & the quicker the process. 

Please call her (the attorney's daughter)
Her name is Jayme (619) 236-9696 Her Father's name is Sean Simpson 
(Let her know Selisha told you about them)

Thanks, potentially this can help get a survey together & help more than just one state, but set precedents to stop this ridiculous violation of an ADA-recognized disability.

Thanks, please let me know you received this, & please send to ANYONE else who could be of help (if you have a medical expert whose favorable to EHS that you can recommend, please do.) Selisha (858) 571-7181
Petition protests (dangerous dumb) meter fees

It has even reached a point where many members not only want to get rid of their smart meters, but don't want the digital meters. Instead, many have requested the older mechanical meters.
BMJ rejects tobacco funded research yet still accepts cell phone industry research!
Journal policy on research funded by the tobacco industry
BMJ 2013; 347 doi: (Published 15 October 2013)
Cite this as: BMJ 2013;347:f5193

[the first two paragraphs:]

"The BMJ, Thorax, Heart, and BMJ Open join Tobacco Control in no longer considering such research

As editors of the BMJ, Heart, Thorax, and BMJ Open we have decided that the journals will no longer consider for publication any study that is partly or wholly funded by the tobacco industry. Our new policy is consistent with those of other journals including PLoS Medicine, PLoS One, PLoS Biology; Journal of Health Psychology; journals published by the American Thoracic Society; and the BMJ's own Tobacco Control."

[the final sentence:]

"Refusing to publish research funded by the tobacco industry affirms our fundamental commitment not to allow our journals to be used in the service of an industry that continues to perpetuate the most deadly disease epidemic of our times."
Apparently they want everyone to know ... the full text of the editorial is available without subscription. And: "This article is being copublished as an editorial in the BMJ, Heart, and Thorax and as a blog in BMJ Open."


The Dangers of EMF Exposure

For your review, here is the English material to be included in my addendum tonight to my latest short bulletin (sent 2 days ago) which you may also review at (it has no English content though but if you understand French you'll learn about the major ongoing developments here in Quebec where we are beginning to get some good traction on this issue with the growing locally-based uprising movement against smart meters).

A skeptic finally admits that it is beyond doubt that Microwave or Radio Frequency radation emitting devices should be used with caution...

The Dangers of Mobile Phones and How to Protect Yourself

(...) About 5 years ago I was introduced to the possibility that mobile phones, portable phones, WiFi, and most electrical devices emit a non-ionizing radiation that could be harmful. At the time I was not presented with solid research and thus did not pass this information on to my family, clients, and students.  The research however is now solid, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, these devices should be used with caution. I recently had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Devra Lee Davis speak on the latest research on EMFs. I was floored, to say the least.

(...) What really came as a surprise to me was when Dr. Davis mentioned that mobile phones actually increased dopamine in the brain. What does that mean physiologically? It points to the possibility that mobile phones can become addictive. Dopamine is the same neurotransmitter that is released with cocaine addiction. These results provide evidence that the human brain is sensitive to EMFs from mobile phones.

Proven effects of mobile phones on humans:  * The amount of sperm, and the motility, morphology and morbidity are all reduced * In the saliva there are increased micronuclei, as well as DNA damage, and reduced amylase, albumin, and salivary flow * Increased frequency of tinnitus (or ringing) within the dominant ear * Alterations to nerve conduction velocity * Fact: If the effects of cell phones were studied in the pocket (on body), cell phones would be illegal.

Proven effects of mobile phones on animals: * Weakened blood-brain barrier * Increase in reactive oxygen species, chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen * Altered calcium transport * Prenatally-induced damage to DNA repair mechanisms, reduction in differentiation of neural stem cells into neurons, and damage to the hippocampus and cerebellum

Who is leading the world in mobile phone awareness? The French Government has:  * Banned advertising directed at children under age 12 * Banned the design of phones to be used by those under 6 * Mandated that all handsets must indicate the amount of radiation emitted * In the city of Lyon, launched an official advertising campaign to discourage the use of mobile phones by children

Why don't we know about this? The industry has a $250 million fund to discredit the IARC, often using unsuspecting professionals as "experts".

How can you protect your family? * Turn off transmission (on an iPhone it's called "airplane mode") * Use the speakerphone option * Use earpieces (avoid using a blue-tooth) * Use a EMF protective case for your phone (Full disclosure: I have no financial ties to this company) * Avoid keeping the phone on your body or in a pocket * Avoid using your phone in areas with weak signals * Protect abdomens: especially for those who are pregnant, adolescent, and men wishing to become fathers * Do not text while driving/biking/moving (switching between antennas while in use increases EMF exposure)

Unfortunately, when it comes to technology, devices follow the same doctrine put forth by the judicial system; innocent until proven guilty. Consequently, a huge trial is taking place and many people won't realize they are a part of it until it is too late. The evidence to date clearly shows the risks associated with EMFs, and it is thus essential to protect yourself, your loved ones, and especially your kids.

* * *

Cellphones and Health by Dr. Joel Moskowitz
In the last issue we explored the potential hazards of electromagnetic radiation from iPad use. We learned about warnings from the European parliaments and doctors' associations in various countries, and discussed the differences between pulsed digital wireless signals and continuous analogue radio waves. This time we are pleased to invite Dr. Joel Moskowitz to share his research findings regarding the health effects of cellphones. CLIP  - TOPICS COVERED: Cellphone and Brain Tumour Risk - Cellphone Radiation Damages Sperm - Cellphone Radiation, Pregnancy and Children - Are all Cellphones Equal with regards to Radiation? - Recommendations on Cellphone Usage  + A long list of studies showing deleterious health effects are provided in the References to his article.

* * *

French Health Agency Recommends Children and Vulnerable Groups Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure (October 15, 2013)
In a major public announcement today, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health warned the public to reduce their exposure to cell phone radiation.

* * *

by Mikko Ahonen, PhD, Researcher & Partner at University of Tampere / Sustainable Mobile Ltd on Mar 31, 2010 - Discussion about voltage transients and harmonic overwaves (aka "dirty electricity"). How 'smart grids" and "smart meters" could be made more healthier and sustainable. What 'Power Factor Correction' really means. Based on my research paper and presentation at The 4th International HYVITE Symposium on Wellbeing Technology, 9th June 2010 in Tampere, Finland.

Have you ever wondered where the electricity is coming from to power the smart meters? As you'll find in New Critical Problem with 'Smart' Meters: The Switching-Mode Power Supply, there is in each meter a power supply whose function is to 'step down' the 240v alternating current (AC) coming in from the utility pole power lines to the 2 to 10 volts of direct current (DC) required to run the meter's digital electronics which record the electricity usage data. The SMPS function emits sharp spikes of millisecond bursts constantly, 24/7. This function is on all smart meters used by all utilities and is on constantly, 24/7. Such spikes are known as 'dirty electricity' and can be conducted to a human body that is within the range of the radiating field. Apparently, this 'dirty electricity' generated by the e-meters' switching power supplies that is a major contributor to the symptoms being reported by growing numbers of people in association with the e-meters thus far installed.

- Taken from Bulletin #22

* * *

"Ah yes, the "inconclusive" term again. This word is a must for anyone in the media reporting on the subject.
If the study was wireless industry-funded, then there are no effects and the scientists are competent. If not from the one paying the advertising bills, your studies showing effects are incompetent. There are over 6,000 independent and government studies, before 1983, showing there is a problem. I guess they were all incompetent, since no money can be made from stopping the wireless giant. Dr. George Carlo was given $28.5 million, from the wireless industry, back in the early 90's and he found that there was intracellular communication disruption. He was asked not to publish his findings and did anyway. Subsequently, he was physically attacked and his house was burnt down. I'm sure scientists all over took note of this one.
So now we have "weight of evidence", meaning lots of industry-funded studies showing no effect, versus independent ones showing there is. Would you take a drug that wasn't necessary with the only studies showing inconclusive results from the drug company funded studies - when independent studies were showing major problems? No, of course not! Unless you worked for the drug company. Then, you may even follow closely the conversations of those opposing your livelihood. The goal may be a disruptive one and definitely to create doubt."

- taken from the Comments section at the bottom of 21st Century Science Denial Part III: Rise of the Machines

* * *

"In fact, every system of the body appears to be sensitive to low-level electromagnetic fields -- and why not? Living cells are electromagnetic systems. Research by Magda Havas, Ph.D., of Trent University in Canada, and U.S. epidemiologist Samuel Milham, M.D., links something called "dirty electricity" with diabetes, malignant melanoma, and cancers of the breast, thyroid, uterus and lung. Dirty electricity is an industry term that describes a multi-frequency exposure when higher frequencies like RF couple with the lower frequencies running along power lines. BPL (Broadband-Over-Power-Lines) is 100% dirty electricity -- that's how it functions -- and people barraged by it can now measure RF radiation emanating from their light sockets.Of special concern are people with implanted medical devices like deep-brain stimulators for Parkinson's, some pacemakers, insulin pumps, and in-home hospital equipment. The radiofrequency interference (RFI) inherent to Smart Grids can cause such equipment to go haywire, or even to stop. And RFI from ambient exposures has caused wheelchairs to go off peers or into traffic; automatic ignition switches in cars refuse to start until cars are towed to RF-free blocks; and surgical beds have jumped during operations.RFI is also suspected in sudden acceleration of automobiles."

What a waste of a billion dollars!
LA schools leader wants to slow iPad rollout
The district is spending $1 billion to buy the iPads and wire every school with WiFi. It recently distributed the devices at 47 campuses.
Microwave Noise?

Mystery humming keeps Hampshire villagers awake
The 61 year old said: "It's a very loud humming noise that only happens at night.  "I notice it when I go to bed and all the other sounds have stopped. But no one can pinpoint where it comes from - that's the weird thing."
Scary new RF fat treatment
It's a new cosmetic procedure that claims to get rid of fat by just using radio waves. The doctor says it only takes 30 minutes per session

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