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Fri 1 March 2013

The British Medical Journal Screw Up
Why did the significantly flawed 'Danish Study' get published and why has it not been retracted?
Was it peer reviewer and BMJ editor incompetence alone or was a conflict of interest among reviewers involved?
Nothing fake about EMF sensitivity
Victoria Jewett's article about EHS was just published in our local newspaper:
Wireless Refugees 'Cell Phones WiFi Making Us Sick'

The invisible electromagnetic radiation that these wireless devices emit are all around us, and most of us can't get enough. But a growing number of people are moving to Green Bank, West Virginia to get away from it. 

Video from wusa 9 Washington.


Lawmaker Proposes smart meter opt out

Rep. Tom McMillin of Rochester Hills introduced a bill Tuesday that would prohibit utilities from giving discounts to customers who install the meters. It would also limit the number of times the utility can read data from the smart meter each month.
When Southern California Edison installed a "smart meter" in December, my electric bill jumped to about $70. I called the solar panel company (REC) that installed my system and they told me that they were getting other calls from customers whose bills jumped up to three times when the smart meter was installed.
Texans Against Smart Meters

Smart Meter
Briefing: Privacy, Security, Costs, Energy, Grid Independence for Texas SPONSORED BY TEXAS EAGLE FORUM - March 4, 2013
Hotel Santa Fe to be site of AT&T 'stealth antenna'
AT&T, like other companies specializing in wireless telecommunications, has taken to disguising its transmission facilities.

Cell phone tower bill prompts pushback

The proposal has prompted outrage from local governments around the state, the local planning commission among them. MPC Executive Director Tom Thomson sent letters Tuesday to Savannah-area House delegates urging them to push to defeat the proposal.
India - 'Ask operators to prove cellphone towers are safe'

Asking the Supreme Court (SC) to direct the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) to prove "beyond reasonable doubt the hypotheses that there are no health hazards due to electromagnetic (EMF) radiation from cellphone tower antenna and mobile phone", some citizen groups in the city have made a submission to the ongoing case in the SC.
Abu Dhabi, Debate rages over health risks of mobile towers

A long-standing debate has raged between telecoms companies and researchers over the health risks of electromagnetic fields and radio-frequency radiation.
Parks Canada, Please Don't Poison Our National Parks
Parks Canada says it's working on a proposal with Telus Mobility to improve cell coverage in mountain parks. 
These people are obviously ignorant of all the adverse health effects and illness caused by cell phone towers.  Why endanger an entire eco-system including the people and animals, just for modern 'conveniences'?
What About the Health and Safety of the Children?
Speaking in response to recent study on Wi-FI connections in primary and secondary schools across the UK, Ms Thompson said reliable internet coverage is now "vital to a 21st century learning environment".

Smart Meters (and EMFs) with Jerry Flynn

For those unable to attend Jerry's lectures, this video is excellent and covers the whole range of EMF technologies, not just Smart Meters.

National Day Of Action Against Smart Meters with Jerry Flynn - YouTube

The lecture dates
Text Neck
If these sufferers think this pain is bad, wait to see what may happen to them in the years to come, from wireless radiation!
Loss of wild pollinators serious threat to crop yields, study finds
They found that half of the 109 bee species recorded by Robertson had been lost and there had been a serious degradation of the pollination provided by the remaining wild insects, with their ability to pollinate specific plants falling by more than half.
Is it wireless or is it chemicals?  Or is it both that are killing the bees.

"This film should be seen by the entire world!"

Plastic garbage pollution harming wildlife.  (Non EMF)

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