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School Wi-Fi called possible cancer risk / Woman Shocked in Shower by Stray Voltage Wins $4 Million Lawsuit / EMR Action Day

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23 March 2013


VANCOUVER ­- The BC Teachers' Federation could start considering exceptions for educators who don't want to be around Wi-Fi Internet systems in schools.
The union will now adopt the World Health Organization's stance on the effects of "radio frequency" and "electromagnetic" fields as a possible carcinogen, with the intention to "take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure."
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Woman Shocked in Shower by Stray Voltage Wins $4 Million Lawsuit

Simona Wilson, 34, a single mother of three boys, has suffered from major medical problems as a result of "stray voltage" from a nearby substation.
EMR Action Day
April 21, 2013
Camp Grounded California
Safe camping?

Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she has been losing hearing in her right ear over the past 18 months.

Could it be from cell phone use?

Smart Meter Protest at Networked Grid 2013

Greentech Media's annual smart grid showcase, The Networked Grid 2013, got off to a interesting start Wednesday morning with industry speakers, new global smart grid research -- and a few anti-smart meter protesters crashing the party.


Residents Protesting Smart Grid Pilot in Worcester

Massachusetts residents are speaking out about National Grid's new Smart Grid pilot in Worcester, citing the program's possible health risks, privacy concerns, and costly implementation.
At Moki Sushi restaurant (left), diners placed at the front window table get radiated by three smart meters right next to them.

Intense terahertz pulses cause DNA damage and repair

Titova and colleagues have found evidence that intense, picosecond-duration pulses of terahertz radiation can actually cause DNA strands to break in human skin cells.
"Any agent that causes DNA damage has potential applications in cancer therapy," explains Titova.
Wi Fi Opponent Runs For School Board Seat
Morrison, a rare book dealer, filed a federal lawsuit against Portland Public Schools in 2011 to force officials to remove its wireless installations, claiming long-term exposure to Wi-Fi is detrimental to one's health.
French fashion firm develops EMF suit

Anin said the material could block 90 percent of electromagnetic waves and was timely given the move to 4G and widespread use of wireless and smartphones.
Victoria Jewett's article
As many of you discovered, Victoria Jewett's article vanished from the
New Mexican's website a few days after it was published.  The newspaper
was re-doing its website.  Here is the new link to her article:


Cellular Phone Task Force
Smart Dog (not EMF)

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