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26 March 2013

Smart Meters Causing Strokes?
West Kelowna man claims Smart Meters are killing him

Trying to change minds in smart-meter debate

First of all, let's not speak irrationally, let's make sure the studies are there.' ... He's helped our image as an organization."
RF Shielding Lecture
University ofCalifornia 18 April 2013
National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy calls smart meters a hoax

"The smart meter is a canard - a story or a hoax based on specious and
grandiose claims about energy benefits ostensibly derived from the promise
of 'two-way' communication with the customer.  ...  These energy benefits
have not been delivered, or have been only minimally delivered by the meter
networks.  The present smart meter focus is wholly misguided for reasons
that are technical, economic, privacy related, public health-related, and
structural (i.e., related to a dysfunctional industry/market structure)."

"The [smart] meter networks squander vast sums of money, create enormous
risks to privacy and security, introduce known and still unknown possible
risks to public health, and sour the public on the true promise of the smart
grid.  Data to be collected by the smart meters, including intimate personal
details of citizens' lives, is not necessary to the basic purpose of the
smart grid ... Instead, the meter data is serving to create an extraneous
market for consumer data mining and advertising ..."

"The [smart] meter has come to symbolize a 'bait-and-switch' situation,
mainly to the benefit the utility industry and its vendors as well as to
politicians and bureaucrats.  In their present form, smart meters offer few
or no benefits to consumers, but pose significant risks and costs to them
and to society."
Two very interesting open letters

Finland Created: 16 Mar 2013
Please, see these two very interesting open letters from Jean Michaël Drouin, in Finland, sent during the recent days. They concentrate on the legal issues around non-voluntary invasive effects of microwaves from Smart Meters.

Dear Mr. Ari Järveläinen and Mr Ilkka Vainikka of the Finnish Police in Lappeenranta, Dear Mrs Johanna Alatalo and Mrs Karoliina Hyvärinen, lawyers of the City of Lappeenranta, and Mrs Sanna Natunen of the Health Committee of the City of Lappeenranta.

In all my previous emails, I have mainly brought to the attention of all responsible persons the effect of additional microwave caused by Smart Meters on human health. In the coming emails I will bring to your attention other aspects of Smart Meters that causes a threat to each and every citizen's privacy and that may cause a potential threat to the strategic defence of Finland.

In my statement and my request to the Finnish police for protection, I wished to keep things simple and not complicate the case with these considerations. However, I feel it is now time and necessary to bring these matters regarding our privacy and the defense of the country to the fore. I shall, therefore and as from now on, also bring all these inter related issues to the attention of the military authorities of Finland as well as to the Finnish Security Intelligence Service.

However, meanwhile, I see it appropriate to ask all three of you (i.e. Mr Järveläinen, Mr Vainikka and Mrs Alatalo) some fundamental questions in regard to this technology:

Are you aware of those additional threats (citizen's privacy and the strategic defence) and did the police took these aspects into consideration in their investigation?

Did you, Mrs Johanna Alatalo and Mrs Karoliina Hyvänen, as the lawyers of City of Lappeenranta, have take these two issues stated above in 1 into consideration when the City gave the green light to adopt such a technology?

Is the police, the city of Lappeenranta and the Republic of Finland aware that a foreign (i.e. non-Finnish) third party corporate entity will have access to the private data regarding our information and consumption? Do you understand that I legally refuse that any data concerning even our mere consumption of electricity or any other utility (water or heat) be made available to any foreign entity located either outside or inside Finland?
Are all four of you aware enough that this system is extremely vulnerable to hackers from foreign countries and/or organisations that could NOT be very easily brought to justice in Finland.
Under the law, how is it possible that corporate companies are allowed to implemented their plans well before the matter is discussed and debated in society? Why this inversion of things?
The utility suppliers are operating and installing their Smart Meters based on their own internal Industry Regulations and Standards, not on the law from Finlex. When are you going to provide me and my family with the Finlex Law?
I contend that the utility companies like Lpr Energia Oy have acted illegally in installing these microwave emitting Smart Meters on the simple basis that there is no law allowing them to legally install these irradiating devices. I challenge you all to contest this contention and statement but only if you come around with the relevant document from Finlex.

Hoping to hear from you very soon on all the above 7 issues (In dark red) and, of course all the questions in the 13 notes (in dark red) in the other my open letter text below after my signature which I sent you four days ago on the 8th of March 2013,

Awaiting your prompt acknowledgement of this electronic letter and also your prompt reply soon,

Yours very truly,

Kornetinkatu 4 C 16
53810 Lappeenranta.

Dear Mr. Ari Järveläinen and Mr Ilkka Vainikka of the Finnish Police in Lappeenranta,

Please pay close attention to the following points and, as you have conducted a thorough investigation already, please answer each and everyone of the questions (in dark red) below, thank you:

Lpr Energia Oy has already partially installed Non-Ionising Microwave irradiating Smart Meters within our immediate living environment despite our initial opposition made by me, JEAN MICHAEL DROUIN of Kornetinkatu 4 C 16, 53810 Lappeenranta, as early as the 8th of February 2013 in a statement written by me on the same day at the police station in Lappeenranta. Do you or anyone in the police know the nature of these irradiations and how they can and do affect the health of human being to point of causing Leukemia and other forms of cancer or debilitating illnesses like EHS i.e ElectroHyperSensitivity (290 000 people in Sweden have been diagnosed as EHS and are officially compensated by the swedish State)? If you do not know, please investigate, document and educate yourself about it on the internet (search for Smart Meters & Health) to begin with, not only from STUK which is only measuring the thermal effects on human beings and not the biological effects on human health, as they should. As you would certainly agree with me: Human beings are not thermometers but complex biological beings (whether they wear a uniform or not).
You both, Mr Ari Järveläinen and Mr Ilkka Vainikka, concluded in a Police document dated 18th of February after a so-called investigation, that there was NO CRIME involved. How can the police conduct any investigation if it does not at all get in contact with the person who made the statement in the first place and ask for more relevant information from him or her?
Who are the people you both contacted to conduct this investigation ? (full names and contact details please)
And why you did not contact me for more information about these irradiating devices and how they affect our health in the long run?
Has the police investigated the lies told by Lpr Energia Oy to me and my wife? (We surely would have been glad to provide the police with proof of these lies should the police have been interested in contacting us during the investigation. We would still be glad to provide such proof any time.)
Do you know that there is absolutely NO LAW, NOT A SINGLE LAW in Finland, despite what you probably have been told, that gives the right to Lpr Energia Oy or any other utility (electricity, water or heat) supplier to use MICROWAVE Smart Meters that is irradiating people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? If you find some document it would be either an an Industry Regulation Directive or something of this kind but NOT A LAW. Even in the Act from the Parliament there is no mention of microwave irradiation!
Lpr Energia Oy has and still intend to continue to BREACH THE PEACE OF MY WIFE, MY TWO CHILDREN, MY BABY AND MYSELF. I have asked the finnish police to maintain and protect THIS PEACE which Lpr Energia Oy intended and has breached by partially installing without our consent the Smart Meters. Under the law, I/we have the right to defend ourselves from these irradiations by opposing the installing of these Smart Meters. Under the law, Corporate rights CANNOT be above Human Rights . In other words, under the law, a corporate entity like Lpr Energia Oy CANNOT have more rights than human beings, especially if those human beings do not give their consent. And I / we do not give consent. We have a contract with Lpr Energia Oy to supply us with electricity not with microwave irradiation. I hope you understand this very clear legal statement. So, why is the finnish police protecting the corporate entity instead of bone and flesh human beings and their health? Does the police know that we have the right under the law to self protect ourselves?
Why does the police take the side of Lpr Energia Oy who is breaching our peace and not us who are the victims of this irradiation?
Under what law or laws, the police is acting to protect the installers not the human beings who are going to be irradiated? Kindly provide relevant Finlex documents, please. Thank you.
And under what law or laws is the police going to prevent me from protecting my family from these radiations? Again, kindly provide relevant Finlex documents, please. Thank you.
I am hereby informing the police that I will oppose the installers of Lpr Energia Oy or any other corporation in a spirit of self-defense and protection for the health of my family against the microwave irradiation. I oppose peacefully but oppose I will. Any violence used by any party, including the police against us will be regarded as assault and responsible parties will be sued in a court of law. Do you understand, Mr. Ari Järveläinen and Mr Ilkka Vainikka?
I am requesting that the police be on the premises to protect our peace and our health against the installation of these Smart Meters that would irradiate us all in the building, especially our children whose bedroom is just above the Meter Room. How is the police going to respond to this request?
Who (Full names and addresses please) at the police, at Lpr Energia Oy or Are Oy and at the City of Lappeenranta are going to take full responsibility and give full signed legal guarantee in writing to us about the so-called innocuity and harmlessness of these irradiating devices?

I, with my wife, HEIDI DROUIN, am awaiting your reply and answers to all of the above questions. Please do not ignore any of them. Thank you.

Yours very sincerely,

Kornetinkatu 4 C 16
53810 Lappeenranta.

Radiation ruining health: residents

Since the past two years, residents of a building in Chembur have been suffering from prolonged bouts of vertigo, sleeplessness, skin rashes and high blood pressure. The reason, residents allege, is the 35 mobile phone tower antennae atop buildings at a distance of less than 15 metres near the housing society.

Valerie Harper: brain cancer
Another celebrity suffers from brain cancer

EMFs can affect virtually all research projects that use incubators.

Nearly 30 people testified before the Economic Matters Committee in support of the Smart Meter Opt Out Bill, which is sponsored by republican Delegate Glen ...

Fight fat before WiFi in BC schools
Pretty useless / ignorant editorial about Wi Fi but some very interesting comments sent in by readers.
Dear Editor,
You have a major problem in your office – a staff writer who is  misleading the public, dare I say lying?  In his/her article the fact that the BCTF passed, by 50%!!, a motion to require accommodation for teachers who are sensitive to Wifi is not mentioned.  Instead the article tells people that teachers voted to ignore the risks of Wifi.
I ask for an immediate retraction of this article, and the publishing of one that presents the facts.  Teachers and parents have worked long and hard to get the health risks associated with wifi recognized and acknowledged.  Your "writer" obviously is either misinformed or completely biased. In either case, he should be reprimanded for not doing his job.
Your truly,
Sharon Noble
Victoria, BC
Your Phone vs. Your Heart
One measurable toll may be on our biological capacity to connect with other people.
The author speaks to how these devices rewire our brain for less empathy and can actually change gene expression - not only for mothers, but for their children.
France: Electromagnetic Waves: The Precautionary Principle Soon to be Applied in Schools

Voted 19 March 2013 at the French National Assembly (Lower House), an amendment of the law stipulates that the establishment of the digital educational program foreseen by "wired" connections, that is, Ethernet, rather than Wi-Fi, in order to protect children.

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