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22 February 2013

Are 4G/LTE Mobile Internet and WiFi, Causing the Largest Pandemic Ever?
"Meanwhile in the practices of doctors and other physicians there is a continuous increase in the number of people with chronic and seemingly inexplainable complaints. From measurements using new medical devices, blood measures or saliva examinations it appears that the cause in 2012 in one out of three patients is radiation overload. Unfortunately this fact is not widely realized by the medical profession.
In 2002 about one in 30
patients were radiation stressed. In the meantime that has become one in three. Amoung 300 patients with chronic complaints, research showed that in 138 cases the major cause was radiation. Shocking news. Since the large scale introduction of 3G and Wi-Fi/hotspots the problem has become considerablely larger. We should be asking ourselves what will happen after the introduction of the fourth generation 4G/LTE mobile network."
"In experiments where plankton has been exposed to WIFI and/or 3G/4G radiation the plankton dies or is deformed within several days. With WIFI it takes about 96 hours, with 3G about 72 hours and with 4G it occurs within 48 hours. What is it then doing with our cells?"

Smart Meters May Emit Radiation More Frequently than Pepco Admits

Many people responded to the initial story, here is the second one:
Several Pepco customers say they're experiencing irregular heartbeats, headaches, and dizziness after wireless smart meters were installed at their homes.

Naperville - Here are the facts:

The council has systematically disregarded any options for compromise...ANY.  

More on Rubin (the False EHS Study)
James Rubin is a member of AGNIR, the group that was led by ICNIRP's Anthony Swerdlow to write the 300 pages report
of no risk from cell phones, for the UK's HPA.
Comment from Alasdair Philips:
----- Original Message -----
You are absolutely correct, Amir!

No only did the phone have lower frequency EMFs, but it was much worse! When in "sham" mode it was still transmitting full power - into a dummy load inside the handset! The fields around the handset / head were still over 1 V/m at microwave frequencies.

I also raised this matter with Rubin and Chadwick- at the EC DGSANCO Conference in Brussels in November 2011 and they openly admitted this issue and said that ES people should be able to tell the difference between full power and just a few V/m. The have no idea at all about what EHS sensitivities are like.
Alasdair Philips
UK Powerwatch.
For those who missed this great article by Andrew Marino

James Rubin, King's College London published a blindingly biased paper in which he argued that there was no such thing as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (no robust evidence
<> ). His numerous studies on electromagnetic hypersensitivity are all negative, but that negativity was manufactured by employing experimental designs and statistical analysis that were virtually guaranteed to produce negative results. By means of jaundiced analyses he comes to the conclusion that EHS sufferers have a purely psychosomatic disease, a viewpoint that has untold benefits for his clients and funders, particularly the cell-phone companies.

His work is a scientific Ponzi scheme in which he gets money from the phone industry effectively by promising negative results, creates and publishes such results, and is then rewarded by the industry with even more funds, like petting a trained dog. The natural consequence of his work is to stigmatize EHS sufferers as neurotics who need the care of a psychiatrist, not an internist or allergist. Rubin is almost a perfect example of a scandalous scientist in a scandalous system that consists of cell-phone companies having enough money to buy any results they want, dependable trained dogs who produce the desired results, and scientific journals such as Bioelectromagneticsthat publish the results without properly vetting them, and without insistence on simultaneous publication of conflict-of-interest statements.

Mast Sanity
Visual display terminal work and sick building syndrome
Men and women who spent more time in front of a computer were more likely to suffer from 'sick building syndrome'.

Could this actually be Electro Hyper-Sensitivity?.


Late lessons from early warnings: the precautionary principle 1896-2000
 The report is based on case studies. The authors of the case studies, all experts in their particular field of environmental, occupational and consumer hazards, were asked to identify the dates of early warnings, to analyse how this information was used, or not used, in reducing hazards, and to describe the resulting costs, benefits and lessons
Cellphone use may soon be allowed on U.S. Flights

Cellphones may soon be allowed on U.S. flights and with that could come possible health risks."

Wi-Fi woes for South Surrey parent

"My goal is to make as many parents aware of this as possible because there's strength in numbers," he said. "If the district is willing to bend over backwards for students suffering from peanut allergies, they should be doing the same for kids who are theoretically allergic to wireless."

How Mobile Phones Affect Sleep
"A 2008 study funded by major mobile phone makers themselves showed that people exposed to mobile radiation took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in deep sleep. 'The study indicates that during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected,' the study concluded."

Texting teens as addicted as heroin addicts

(from 2010) "It clearly fits the definition of an addiction," said Dr. Gary Small.

Georgia to put games ahead of people's health
The bill's sponsor, Rep. Don Parsons, says there's a need for towers as people use their cell phones for everything from games to Web-surfing to apps -- much more than calls
German Priest Tortured to Suicide by 4G Wireless Radiation

Such shocking acts of desperation touch loved ones, relatives, friends and neighbors – but from the perspective of political leaders and the operators 'disappears' the suffering on a diabolical way from the surface of this world and the business can continue as usual! They are secured by this senseless official limits that demonstrably are not protecting us..
The priest Haeublein is dead. He (born in August 1957) committed suicide in February 2013 because of the torture by 4G (LTE).
The priest Haeublein  moved from Southern Germany, Bavaria,  to the North, at the seaside, as he suffered too much from the exposure in Oberammergau (sleeplessness, pains, at last he lived in the forest). He had a good time in his new environment, until July 2012. Then 4G started and he felt intolerable symptoms, burning sensations of his skin, noise in his head, vibration of the whole body. He felt that he was unable to think and to do his normal intellectual and spiritual activities.
 Our powerlessness was hard to bear for us. Shielding did not help sufficiently.
How desperate must he have been- to see no possibility of finding  relief. How much courage is needed to commit such a desperate action? After the courage to continue his life and  his pain was taken away from him.
We are shocked and sad and feel with his partner and friends.
He wished that the symptoms of 4G were brought to the public to stop this last inhuman insanity. 
In accordance with his partner and his friends,  this should be done  without any aggressive overexaggeration.  
We -his friends- were asked if it is good to inform people about such a suicide. Because some people might be moved to follow his example. However, in the view of  politicians and  mobile phone operators the suffering "disappears" in such a diabolic way from the surface of this world and business can go on as usually. The absurd limits that do not protect us - this is proven- they are securing the business!
The priest did not end his own life voluntarily. He did not have a choice,  it was left only a  single way of escape from the intolerable torture.
You can find the chronology of the  last years of his life  in the attachments, unfortunately only in German (by Dr. Waldmann-Selsam)
Depressed and concerned,
Christine Aschermann
Olle Johansson submission to the LA School Board
RATP, l'Oréal, Banque de France: les entreprises s'inquiètent des ondes électromagnétiques

Paris - Unionists from forty companies warn about wireless dangers.


Response to the recently released (false) report by 


From: Camelot []
Sent: February-20-13 11:23 AM
To:; badsciencewatch (

Dear Sir,

I read your document regarding your project on wi-fi and EHS.  I have a few comments:

1.    Your conclusions are based on data provided by corporate-funded research which is clearly flawed, biased and serving the vested interests of the telecommunication industry. 

2.    You ignore reports and warnings by hundreds of renowned scientists from all over the world including experts from the academic world, doctors and professors with decades of dedicated work on the subject.

3.    You ignore the fact that Canada's exposure limits are amongst the highest (most permissive) in the world.  Do you think the rest of the world is wrong in taking a precautionary approach and considering non-thermal effects?

4.    You ignore the fact that in Europe more and more public places are uninstalling wi-fi because of health concerns.  Do you believe that Europeans are all fools and/or lobbied by unscrupulous activists?

5.    You have the gall to denounce conflicts of interest within  the anti wi-fi movement, while at the same time ignoring the most obvious one (see point 1).

6.    With all due respect, I think that your committee members are not qualified to judge and critique the professional work of the renowned scientists of point 2.

7.    You totally ignore the fact that humans developed and evolved in a natural environment which did not include electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range at this level of intensities which are millions of times stronger than the natural background..

8.    You totally ignore the fact that all wireless technologies use pulsed signals which do not exist in nature and therefore are even more dangerous than continuous waves.

9.    You ignore the fact that wireless connections are notoriously slower, less stable and less secure than wired ones.

10.  You ignore the fact that in most places wired connections are already in existence and therefore there is no cost involved in reversing technologies.

11.  Your claim that students will "suffer" without wireless connection is ridiculous.  You don't need to be "connected" 24/7 and wherever you are to be able to access all available knowledge.

12.  The proliferation of new "wireless only" gadgets cannot be an excuse to carelessly use them and ignore the precautionary principle and common sense.

13.  Finally and most importantly,  there is no scientific consensus that this technology is safe and therefore it should not be forced on a massive scale on the unsuspecting citizens.  A long term experiment is being conducted on a huge scale using the people, including our children, as guinea pigs.  This is unethical, immoral and irresponsible.

For all the above reasons, I suggest that your document is misleading the public and does nothing but serve the corporate interests at the expense of the people, our children and our future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. Nabhraj R. Spogliarich,

Associate Professor of General and Inorganic Chemistry (retired)
Saanich, B.C.

Dolphin rescue

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