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3 July 2011

Portland Daily Sun
The problem is that CMP's meters communicate by wireless radio-frequency non-ionizing radiation (man-made RF radiation). Many organisms such as birds, fish, marine mammals, bees, ants and butterflies use naturally occurring electromagnetic fields to ...

Hindustan Times
Concerned about the cluster of 16 mobile phone towers over the Sahyadri guesthouse, 40m away from her Malabar Hill residence, actor Juhi Chawla had last year carried out an independent audit of the electro magnetic radiation (EMR) in her nine-storey ...
Kids vulnerable to cellphone tower radiation

A science project by two boys on the health effects of cellphone masts has
won high praise from leading researchers - and may lead to the mast at their
school being removed.
Mast Sanity
Toronto Sun
Canada's federal health agency maintains Wi-Fi is safe. "We don't know the long-term effects of Wi-Fi," said Health Canada's top radiation researcher Beth Pieterson. "From all evidence we have today, there is no evidence based on international experts ...
Health Canada Mixed Up ?
July 1, 2011.  Health Canada seems to be confused about the recent WHO/IARC classification of radio frequency electromagnetic fields as a "possible human carcinogen."

Ms Beth Pieterson (Director General, Environment and Radiation Health Services Directorate, Health Canada) stated, "We don't know the long-term effects of Wi-Fi . . . From all evidence we have today, there is no evidence based on international experts telling us that there is a cause for concern from exposure to Wi-Fi."

But didn't we just hear from the World Health Organization that radio frequency radiation is a "possible human carcinogen"?
"Health Canada says the classification doesn't include wireless."  But the Chair of the Committee that reviewed the research disagrees with Ms Pieterson.  

Dr. Johnathan Samet stated in an email to reporter Kristy Kirkup, "The classification covers radio frequency electromagnetic radiation, which would include wireless."  

This classification includes not only mobile phones but Wi-Fi, wireless baby monitors, wireless smart meters, cell phone antennas, broadcast antennas, radar antennas, weather antennas, satellite communications, and other wireless devices that use radio frequency radiation to transmit information.

Saying that, "radio frequency radiation is possibly harmful but Wi-Fi is safe," is like saying, "lead in paint is harmful but lead in gasoline is safe,"  or that, "mercury in fish is harmful but mercury in dental amalgam is safe!"   

Wi-Fi dispute continues to raise concerns, 
Kristy Kirkup, July 1, 2011.
Hart said that nearly all of the protesters were prepared to be arrested for the cause because of what they say are alarming health risks posed by the meters and the electromagnetic radiation they emit. That radiation, Hart said, will cause long-term ...
BBC News
A consultant refused to go through the full-body scanner at Manchester Airport this week, claiming it was potentially dangerous to his health.

Migraines, maladies and masts

Serious Microwave Effects
This video is about the adverse health effects of a communications mast in South Africa. 
It was made in February 2010.
It is quite helpful because it documents the symptoms reported by several person living near the mast.
The mast has now been removed.
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Strong mobile phone radiation can disturb learning, finds study

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'You cannot tell me it is not dangerous'

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Time to change the name of Health Canada?

Petition to the Government of Canada

Stars Are Dialing: Their Right To Know by Practicing Safe Phone

Residents prepare for mast fight

Mary Adkins: Time to remove WiFi from our schools

Barnsley Council commissions study into phone mast

Protest over phone mast in Boulton Derby

Group commissions study on masts

Urban Extension thwarts mobile mast plan

One Person Cited, Another Arrested At Smart Meter Protest

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Environmental and Health Concerns Associated with Compact Fluorescent Lights

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