Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Scandal the Press are Ignoring

The Scandal the Press are Ignoring
This week has seen a newspaper scandal of massive proportions involving the News of the World, a large British newspaper.
The scandal involves the 'hacking' of telephones owned by crime victims, celebrities and others. 
For details of what has been happening, you may want to view this video: 

The editor of the Guardian on a whirlwind week of arrests, political confessions and allegations of deleted emails involving News of the World, which closes on Sunday.

The scandal may place the actions of entire British Press under the microscope during the coming months.

Although the News of the World scandal is big and important and the underlying problems need to be sorted out, it is just minor when compared with the wider 'world press' who have failed to fully report the dangers of electro-magnetic radiation and have placed huge populations in great long term health danger.

There has been a widespread, hidden but ongoing course of press 'corruption' for many years.  Many newspapers have taken huge amounts of money to advertise mobile (cell) phone  companies, yet have kept mostly silent on the known dangers of the radiation from those phones and from the wireless antenna infrastructure that has been developed throughout the world.  The World Health Organization has now classed wireless radiation as possibly carcinogenic.  The advertising money that the newspapers have received from these companies, could possibly be described as 'hush money', 'bribery' or 'press prostitution', because there is plenty of strong scientific evidence to show how dangerous wireless radiation really is.

There are many newspapers, radio stations and television stations which are owned by mobile phone companies.  The media outlets controlled by parent mobile phone companies that I am aware of, have been very silent on the subject of cell phone and microwave radiation dangers.  Their silence is disgustingly bad journalism, which lets down its readers, listeners and viewers and gives them a false sense of safety. 

It is ironic that the Guardian Newspaper (linked above) which is proud to have broken the News of World story, has not only provided very little information about the dangers of cell phone radiation, but they have reported several stories which try to trivialize the scientists and persons who have been providing deadly serious warnings about the dangers.  Their conduct may in fact be much worse and have more deadly consequences than the News of the World reported actions.

Martin Weatherall
Editor WEEP news