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Mobile phones cause 'five fold increase in brain cancer risk' / etc

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4 July 2011


Mobile phones cause 'five fold increase in brain cancer risk

People who started using mobile as teenagers and have been doing so for more
than a decade are at a five-fold risk of developing a common type of brain
cancer, new evidence indicates.
Mast Sanity

Re: Campaign WHO to revise EMF safety guidelines 


Thank you for sharing all your efforts to spread awareness of the potential consequences of EMF exposures.  


I share the growing concerns that a precautionary approach to EMF exposures is both warranted and long overdue, and wanted to offer an idea which may enable disparate voices around the world to unite on this issue.


Recently I came across the global non-profit organization Avaaz, who have a simple democratic mission: "to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want".  If you aren't familiar with the organization, their campaigns typically address environmental issues, corruption and human rights. 


If enough people ask Avaaz to lobby against the WHO's current EMF exposure safety guidelines, they would take action. Such a campaign would immediately enlist the support of many of their 9 million-plus members and would raise public awareness of the industry influence in the EMF safety debate.   


My request to you is a simple one:  Please consider asking your WEEP news subscribers to submit a campaign suggestion to Avaaz following the instructions below.  This will only take a couple of minutes.


Go to the Avaaz website: 

Fill in your name, email address and country (no other details are requested)


From the Topics, select the option:     Suggest a new campaign

Subject message:                                EMF (Electromagnetic Radiation) Safety


In the message body enter the text:

Please lobby the WHO to promote a precautionary approach to public health and safety; reject the current ICNIRP EMF guidelines and develop new safety standards which take into account biological effects and cumulative exposures.          


If desired, include a link to the Weep website, and/or other information links, and then click Send.


If any of your subject matter experts or activists would be willing to submit a more substantive case, please encourage them to do so.  
 If you decide this is an idea worth supporting, I'd love to know.  Many other EMF-concerned organizations have already started circulating the request through their networks, and perhaps our collective response will be sufficient for Avaaz to take action. 

Kind regards,



New Zealand






Nobel laureate: If the cellphone were a drug, it would be banned








Here's an earful: Cell phones may pose a brain cancer risk

McKnight's Long Term Care News
Robert Baan, a spokesman for the agency, noted that cell phone handsets expose users to more radio waves than are seen with mobile-phone towers or base ...








New electric meters sparking some protests in Oakland, Macomb counties


Royal Oak Daily Tribune
But opponents of smart meters say it is unwise to wait for science to catch up with the health risks associated with electromagnetic radiation, which is increasing due to the explosion of modern electrical devices. Continued. ...







Hi Everyone,
I have updated a much more professional version of "Are You Unwittingly Being Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation" pamphlet? I added a reference to SmartMeters and added a few books I forgot to mention earlier. Go to the following link for a PDF document for downloading:






Arizonans for Safer Utility Technology Infrastructure

We are particularly concerned about the potential for adverse health effects related to chronic, involuntary exposure to electromagnetic radiation. ...







Jerry Turner: An earful about our cell phones

Foster's Daily Democrat
That cell phones emit radio frequencies that can mess with our brain cells. As in giving us cancer. The more we talk on them, the closer we hold them to our head, the more risk.


She said the last 10 years there has been a dramatic decline in students' one-on-one communication skills, which she attributes to technology. At her school in southern Maine they've even added interpersonal communication role-playing to the curriculum so they aren't graduating Neanderthals who can type really fast on tiny keys but only grunt in a job interview.


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