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These 'Greens' are just not green / Wi Fi Max / EMF Radio / etc

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12 July 2011

These 'Greens' are just not green
For your interest, regarding the "Toxic Green Party". How come Green co-leader Dr Russell Norman complains about cell phone masts near his house, but endorses Wifi radiation on public transport.
This is exactly what the Tasmanian Greens proposed last year. See the attached. Someone is talking to the Greens in both countries. Interesting!  
Found the article about Norman's concerns.  From his blog: 


Wi Fi Max
I made this comment after hearing that Marquette, MI had widespread wireless broadband. Here is an action idea for us all: make many comments at these wireless location sites to educate people on the risks of this technology to all, and how it is impacting others' lives already.
Char Z.
EMF Radio Interview Wednesday

Here's the link for Wed.'s show July 13th at 2:00pm.

Electro-Pollution: Ann Louise Gittleman & Kerry Crofton

Connie Bennett




Fight Brews Over School Cellphone Towers

WSB Atlanta
With a petition in hand, Paul and Cheryl Miller gathered as many signatures as possible against putting a cellphone tower behind Brockett Elementary School, where their daughter attended Pre-kindergarten. "This is putting her health in danger, ...
See the news video:



Cell tower foes send clear signal

Opposition to cell towers grow as demand increases across New Jersey

In a 106-page report dated June 1, Robert F. Heffernan & Associates used statistics gathered from similar areas in Warren, Randolph, Readington and Bernards to conclude the presence of a tower can devalue a neighborhood by 8 to 20 percent.


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