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1 October 2010

Open letter to the Chief Medical Officer of Health

I write to you as a concerned scientist who has studied the harmful effects of electrosmog for more than 15 years.  Attached is an open letter than I am sending to the Chief Medical Officer of Health in each province.  It concerns the health of children in schools that are installing WiFi or considering the installation of WiFi.  

Please read the brief 2 page letter attached.  If you have any questions or comments I would be pleased to respond.  Ideally I would like to have an open dialogue with each and every one of you about this serious matter.  Would it be possible for me to present some of the scientific information at an annual meeting of MOHs or does this not happen?

At any rate, please read the attached letter and visit my website for more information or email me with your comments.  Please feel free to forward this open letter to others.

Thank you for your time,

-magda havas


Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Environmental and Resource Studies Program, Trent University

Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8, CANADA


phone:     705-748-1011 x7882   

fax:         705-748-1569 (general) (academic)


Worth Reading Tristan Laing's blog on WiFi in Schools.  Tristan is a doctoral student at York University (Toronto) in Philosophy. 


Wifi in Schools and the Dangers of non-ionizing radiation: crazed anti-science parents, or a Cold War failure of Normal Science?

September 9, 2010 by northernsong

The CBC has run stories on parents groups who are concerned about the possible health effects of WIFI in elementary schools. Individual reports of increased heart rate and headaches, from parents and from the children themselves, are are concerning – but intuitively one wishes to trust Health Canada who dismiss the complaints as subjective. The peer reviewed literature, according to Health Canada, overwhelmingly confirms that the thermal effects of WIFI are negligible, and that no causal relation has been found between those thermal effects and any health problems.

The fact that scientists remain opposed to a scientific consensus is not a reason to distrust the consensus - if this were true, the presence of a single reputable climate denier in the peer reviewed literature would be a reason to refrain from belief in global warming. However, there are two reasons why the wifi case is different from climate denial. First: the precautionary principle runs in the opposite direction – whereas a slight doubt that human Co2 output will threaten the survival of the species is not a good reason to take action to stop Co2 emissions, a significant doubt that wifi causes health problems in children is not a good reason to take cheap and easy action to limit children's exposure to wifi. Second, there is a structural bias behind Health Canada's appraisal of the research into the effects of small levels of microwave radiation. This surprising claim comes from a study by Leo P. Inglis,surveyed here by Magda Havas, surveying the literature on microwave radiation's health effects:

"In the U.S., the thermal effects are generally believed to be the only ones of significance; other contentions are usually dismissed as lacking a provable basis.  In the USSR, non-thermal effects are considered the most significant and are overwhelmingly the ones most studied."

This indicates a structural difference between scientific assumptions in US and USSR have swayed the directions of research, determined which studies got funding, what students took interest in, etc… This claim undercuts Health Canada's statements which concern only the thermal effects of microwave radiation – if non thermal effects exist, Health Canada is not even looking for them.

Significant differences in the direction of scientific research between closed off communities are expected by constructivists like Kuhn, who believes that the basic assumptions of a scientific community are determined by the appearance of fruitfulness in future research rather than through normal scientific inquiry itself. In the past I have taken interest in Scientific research done under the Nazi regime, and research done in secrecy for the US military during the cold war. Such research programs demonstrate the power of dollars over freedom – how a research program, even when the researchers are cut off from their peers – can make tremendous strides if given a set of goals and unlimited resources. This gulf between Soviet and American research is an example of the opposite, and much less controversial hypothesis: that a lack of democracy is harmful for scientific research. The lack of proper collaboration between American and Soviet researchers into the effects of microwave radiation allowed Soviet research to ignore the importance of thermal effects, whereas the converse allowed US scientists and regulators to ignore the importance of non-thermal effects.

So, while the Bio-Initiative report is rejected by Health Canada as not being in conformity with the scientific consensus, it might not be rejected by Health Moscow. For example, whereas in 2008 and 2009 Health Canada continued to hold that there was no evidence that cell phone use could have any health effects, the Russian Naitonal Committee on non-ionizing ratiation protection made this statement about risks posed to children's health by cell phone radiation (similar to WIFI, but much stronger)

Potential risk for the children's health is very high:

─ the absorption of the electromagnetic energy in a child's head is considerably higher than that in

the head of an adult (children's brain has higher conductivity, smaller size, thin skull bones,

smaller distance from the antenna etc.);

─ children's organism has more sensitivity to the EMF, than the adult's;

─ children's brain has higher sensitivity to the accumulation of the adverse effects under

conditions of chronic exposure to the EMF;

─ EMF affects the formation of the process of the higher nervous activity;

─ today's children will spend essentially longer time using mobile phones, than today's adults will.

Health Canada continues to hold that the risks from cell phone use do not include any of the risks advised by Russian, British, German, Belgian, Israeli, and Indian health agencies.

The basic question boils down to this: is it up to skeptics to prove that electronic devices are unsafe, or is it up to corporations trying to expand their markets by creating new needs to prove they are safe? If you ask Health Canada – the onus is on scientists to prove that a risk can be statistically proven, i.e. people must already have been hurt by the product. In other words – should the precautionary principle be applied to new electronic devices as it is to new medicine?


Don't worry about the height, it's the radiation that will kill you

He only has to climb 1768 feet up a tower to change a light bulb. That's taller then the Empire State Building.'s-Most-Insane-Job-Ever


Dairy in Wisconsin

Is new technology going to end dairy farming in the United States and Canada?

During a recent trip to Wisconsin, Peter Webb, nutritionist, with 20 years of experience in finding solutions for electro pollution, surveyed 4 farms per day, altogether 12 herds, ranging from 200 to 600 milking cows, at the request of farmers, electricians, veterinarians and bankers.

The problem is sick cows. The average cull rate is 45% annually with 29 to 50 lbs of milk per day. In the community of Eden there were 40 wind turbines and many cellular and other radiofrequency and microwave towers.

There is one biological phenomenon that is a mystery: what causes these cows to go into self preservation mode whereby milk production drops. Yet, when the electro pollution is mitigated, they will not increase milk production back to their genetic potential. It is as if a switch is turned "off" in their bodies.

Some farmers clear all the damaged animals out and replace them with first calf heifers. This seems to indicate a method way to bring them back to normal milk production range, especially with vitamin supplements.

Ground current was a major problem. One farmer had the power company disconnect the electricity; and he installed a portable generator at the cost of $12,000 per month.

The first week's milk production increased by 10 lbs per cow. When the ground current returned, production went down. This farmer reports that he lost $3 million dollars.

Cellular, radar towers and many satellite dishes also affect the animals: mostly with feet problems as well as with behaviour, whereby they refused to lay at one end or the other of barns, as well as to flow through the milking parlour. The effect of electro-pollution is noticeable in soils and in crops, with tighter soil and reduced yields. Most farms had a copper wire run around the buildings. On one structure, the electrician ran a wire around the feed bunks – resulting with a jump of 9 lbs of milk production; so it seems that ground current is having a negative effect on stored feed. These farmers have spent $60,000 to $200,000 on electrical solutions that have made no difference and are ready to quit the dairy industry.

Requests for help are coming from Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania.  Similar problems are showing up in Ontario. One 50-cowherd in Ontario had a high producing herd and when a solar farm went on line nearby milk production dropped 400lbs per day!


Andrew and others,

What you are describing has been documented for decades on dairy farms with ground current problems.  Dave Colling is measuring the same thing (ground current and dirty power) around wind turbines in Ontario.  Dave Stetzer and Don Hillman and Martin Graham have been providing expert testimony on this for decades in both the US and Canada.  Lee Montgomery in Ontario has been fighting this as well for far too long.

We have made slight progress in Ontario that started with a Private Members Bill (Maria Van Bommel) and resulted in a reduction in the amount of ground voltage that is considered "safe" but it has yet to be applied to Ontario farms.  Still not where it should be but getting closer.

Not only does this energy affect cows, but studies show it has the same effect on hogs and sadly on people!

The radiation from wireless technology can flow along the ground and become entrenched on metal objects.  Solar farms and Wind farms produce dirty power and ground current if not properly constructed with appropriate means to provide good power quality.  The utility isn't happy with the dirty power either.  Unfortunately, this is a lose:lose:lose situation!



Last year I bought/read "Electrocution of America, Is your Utility Company Out to Kill You?" by US dairy farmer Russ Allen.

This book is a must for any and every dairy/cattle farmer on the globe!

cheers, Hans.


Man fighting dirty electricity war

Digby Hildreth | 1st October 2010

STEPHEN HALL is visiting Northern Rivers to educate people about the dangers of electric pollution.

Stephen Hall, from Sydney, with some Stetzerizer 'dirty electricity' filters, which he uses to protect buildings from the dangerous emissions.

STEPHEN HALL crackles with energy when he talks.

Today, he's the picture of clear-eyed good health, but not so many years ago he was at death's door from multiple sclerosis, with pieces of plaque the size of 50-cent pieces on his brain.

The condition was allegedly caused by what has been labelled 'dirty electricity' – aninsidious form of pollution that most of us are exposed to each day," Mr Hall claims.

He was visiting the Northern Rivers from Sydney this week to attend talks on the subject in Byron Bay and to test people's homes for electrical pollution.

'Dirty electricity' is regarded as high frequency voltage that enters our buildings and homes by piggybacking on low frequency currents, Mr Hall said.

"The AC pulsing current is designed to run to our buildings from the utilities and back again at 50 times a second," he said.

"But unfortunately, it's not 50 times, it's 2000 times, or even more, so we get this spiking and surging riding on the 50Hz current.

"And when the switching systems used by many modern electronic devices convert it from AC to DC, they take bytes out of the electrical sine wave, then put them back on to the electrical current as dirty electricity."

As well as running around the walls, ceilings and under the floors of a building, 'dirty electricity' is claimed to emanate from everyday devices in the form of electromagnetic radiation, whose electrons enter the body and oscillate with the cells and cause damage to our immune systems.

Mr Hall links electrical pollution with a wide range of health problems in people with 'electrical hyper-sensitivity', including chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression and headaches, and many forms of cancer.

"There is a lot of research to indicate that this is now at plague proportions, and is the precursor to a lot of cancers," he said.

Some commentators believe it is 'the missing link' that explains cancer clusters.

Mr Hall was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001 after large lesions were detected on his brain and central nervous system.

"My digestive system and bowel function broke down and was getting worse," he said.

He could barely walk and feared he was going to die from the degenerative disease.

After reading about a possible link between electromagnetic radiation and MS, he had his apartment tested for high-frequency energy.

The levels were through the roof.

He installed a number of electricity filters throughout his home and his condition improved immediately.

"Today, my MS is under control and the plaques have diminished in size and prominence." he said.


Government accused of manipulating science news


Watch this short (1 minute) video of how an iPhone affects a Panasonic  cordless phone.  Showing that one type of technology can interfere  with another type of technology is known as EMI or electromagnetic  interference and is much easier to demonstrate than the effect these  phones have on brains cells or other cells in the body.

We have evidence that brain waves change when the head is exposed to  the radiation from a cell phone.  This is another type of EMI but with  biological receptors affected instead of electronic receptors.

Imagine what would happen if one brain cell died every time your cell phone received or sent a message!  Yes we have a lot of brain cells  and we don't use them all—that's for certain--but they don't regenerate or at least they don't regenerate quickly.  How many can  you afford to lose?  And how many can your children and grandchildren  afford to lose?



Ontario Health Study

"If there are no questions about exposure and proximity to electromagnetic fields, it may be a waste of money. There is enough conflicting science in this area to include this potential health risk.

If governmental officials are so convinced of the "weight" of industry science that says there is no harm, why not take this opportunity to independently verify those conclusions?"

Read more:


google translation

INCREASE of childhood cancers, SMOG IN ACCUSATION

(AGI) - Rome, September 28 - Not only allergies and respiratory diseases, but also increase in leukemia and cancer, especially in the first year of life, and neuro-psychological disorders have as their prime suspect in the environment and particularly the changes undergone by the fetus in utero. The Societa 'Italian Pediatrics takes the field with a series of environmental initiatives, also in view of the National Congress, scheduled for October 20 to 23 in Rome, where European and national experts will discuss this issue, including Ernesto Burgio, Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of ISDE (International Society of Doctors for Environment) and Dominique Belpomme President ARTAC (Association de Recherche Therapeutique Anti-Cancereuse). The data does not leave many doubts in the last 20 years in Europe and 'recorded an increase of 1, 2% annually of childhood cancer, this rate in Italy and' equal to 2%, nearly double that of the United States and rest of Europe. The highest increase 'has consistently among children under one year of age' (+ 3.2%) and some cancers (lymphomas: + 4.6%, central nervous system tumors: + 2.0%); and 'therefore likely to contribute to tumorigenesis or gamete maternal exposure to toxic substances. It's not 'more' comforting chapter of neuro-psychological. That the diffusion of molecules in a camouflage, heavy metals and other pollutants can interfere heavily on the development of neuro-endocrine embryo, fetal and child risk of producing severe damage and 'a figure that emerges from hundreds of scientific studies. So much so that a few years ago a study published in the Lancet, signed by two prestigious researchers from Harvard School of Health Pubblic raised forcefully the issue of "silent pandemic" of neuro-psychological damage that would be more widespread indifference, now affecting 10% of children. "Our country, in all its aspects, politics, pediatricians, schools, families, must become more 'aware of environmental risks to the health of children," said Alberto Ugazio, President of the Societa' of Italian Pediatrics. "Soon we will start training courses throughout the country turned to pediatricians for the advancement of pediatric diseases linked to the environment, but we think it important to act on education from a very 'young age': ask the Minister Gelmini to introduce sin from elementary school, an hour of environmental education. "


Encouraging news on the CFL front

Good afternoon, all.

Finally some encouraging news on the CFL front. Three Representatives have introduced H.R.6144 which would repeal the ban on incandescent bulbs.

Our website,
has a news story on the bill.  It is interesting to note that one of the sponsors is an M.D. from Texas.

Rep. Joe Barton, also from Texas, has a story about the bill on his website:

While (MI) Sen. Levin's office took a "shot" at discussing this with the EPA, the EPA just "stiffed" them with a non-responsive "response".

With the likelihood of a major change in the makeup of the House of Representatives the multitudes, who are adversely impacted by CFLs, may just find some Hope for Change in this ill-conceived ban on incandescent bulbs.

Thank you, all, for your support.

Jerry Straub <


Temperature changes

associated with radiofrequency exposure near authentic metallic implants in the head phantom—a near field simulation study with 900, 1800 and 2450 MHz dipole

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