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What WiFi is doing to the bodies of our children / Dangers of WiFi in schools / Brain Cancer / Wireless, the next asbestos? / Electrons / Moscow / 'dirty' electricity

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15 September 2010

What WiFi is doing to the bodies of our children

See the attached letter

Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 9:43 PM

Subject: Dangers of WiFi in schools

Attached is a letter from an expert in thermography, the measurement of heat, written to Health Canada to explain what WiFi is doing to the bodies of our children when exposed to WiFi. He has put it in terms which are new to us but which clearly explain what is happening to the electrical system when exposed to this type of radiation. This provides us with new ways of explaining why harm is happening due to EMR.

He would like this to be circulated widely, quoted extensively, and shared with any in positions of authority. I will be sending it to the HESA MPs as well as BC provincial ministers.

Sharon Noble


Wi-Fi in Schools Debate Heats Up

Monday, 13 September 2010 10:23 By Stephen Vance, Staff

As area school children head back for their second week of the new school year the issue of wi-fi safety is still front and centre for many parents.

Concern for the potential health effects of the wi-fi units that wirelessly connect school computers with each other and to the internet, a group of parents began a campaign over the summer months in an effort to lobby the Bluewater District School Board to turn off the units and revert back to hardwired connectivity until more research can be conducted to determine if exposure to the radiation emitted from the wi-fi devices is safe.

In response to the public outcry, BWDSB commissioned an independent testing lab to test for radio-frequency levels in local schools including Ecole St. Vincent Euprhasia Public School in Meaford where until the end of the last school year Meaford parent Angela Klein sent her daughter.

Though the report made public by the school board in late August says that there is no reason for parents to be concerned, Klein is not convinced, and has instead chosen to keep her third grade daughter home from school, and she will teach her daughter herself.

"Because Our School Board's safety standards are going by thermal effect only, with no regard for the many biological effects that Health Canada confirms can occur from lower levels than allowed by Safety Code 6, I am keeping my daughter home from school and teaching her here until the wifi is turned off and the internet is reconnected via existing wires," says Klein who is also C0-Chair of the Parent Council at SVE.

Klein is not willing to take a chance with her daughter's health when so much is yet unknown about the potential effects of a child spending six or more hours each day in a building surrounded by the invisible radiation.

She says that there has never been a study on child exposure over extended periods of time, and in addition Klein insists that the school board is focusing on meeting the criteria set out by the federal Safety Code 6 and is ignoring the potential for health effects at lower levels of prolonged exposure. Until more research is done she feels it is safest for the schools to simply turn off the wireless systems, and plug the computers back into the cables that are still present in the classrooms.

In fact, in the report issued by BWSB the testing lab LEX Scientific clearly states that "Health Canada has stated that some laboratory studies have reported biological effects from RF (microwave) radiation at field levels that are too low to cause tissue heating."

Rodney Palmer of the Simcoe County Safe School Committee after reading the report suggested that BWDSB would be wise to err on the side of caution.

"It is incumbent on the School Board, if it intends to quote this LEX Report, to include the caution that While levels of microwaves in the school will not overheat internal organs, students will be exposed to microwaves at levels suspected to damage the integrity of their blood-brain barrier, which can create a risk of psychotic disorder, and physical symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Lupus, and possibly stroke," offered Palmer, "Without this caution the school Board is legally vulnerable to action from any child or teacher or other employee who develops these conditions in the future, after being exposed without warning or being properly informed of the potential biological changes that may be occurring to them due to this particular internet connection method."

The issue isn't just a hot topic in the Bluewater and Simcoe school districts. Federal Member of Parliament from Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing Carol Hughes recently wrote about her concerns in the Wawa News online newspaper.

"Health Canada's guidelines are not protecting us. They are outdated and designed for a grown man at 6 minutes of exposure. They don't take into account a 4 year old girl getting microwave exposure for 6 hours a day, five days a week, for 14 years of public school. That is the environment right now in Simcoe County schools, and other school Boards across the country about to roll out microwave transmitters for blanket Wi-Fi coverage because Health Canada tells them it's safe," wrote Hughes.

A request made a week ago by The Independent for comment on the issue from Meaford & Blue Mountains School Board Trustee Paul Wehrle has gone unanswered.

Klein says that she will keep up her fight to have the wireless systems in Bluewater schools turned off until more comprehensive research can be done, and her daughter will not return to school until this happens.


Cancer on the right side of the brain

With google translation

Per had used their mobile as a social instrument since the mid-90s. He was right-handed. Late summer 2008 was discovered a cancer on the right side of the brain. The doctors said that there was absolutely nothing to do with your mobile phone so he could well continue using it during cancer treatment. In September 2009 Per died. He believed blindly in the doctors.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1:13 PM

Subject: the mobile phone took his life




Wireless, the next asbestos?

Could radio frequency-producing antennas that are essential for the wireless world be the next asbestos for the insurance industry? They could, writes Gloria Vogel, managing director of New York-based Vogel Capital Management. The insurance industry must reassess its risk management tools and beef up loss control operations—especially its application of risk management to worker safety within the wireless ecosystem to avoid potentially huge claims in the future, she says.


Electrons are Fundamental to Good Health

During my 10 years in the USAF ( United States Air Force ), even as I continued my residency  training in Preventive Medicine, I studied electronics by a novel teaching method known as programmed instruction. Never in my wildest imagination then did I foresee the importance of electrons to the human body.

This was my introduction to them, objects so incredibly important to our lives yet unseen to this day. Both an invisible particle and a wave, the electron is fundamental to electricity, magnetism, electron microscopy, particle accelerators and as a component of atoms, but to me as a doctor the most intriguing role of the electron is in chemical bonding, the sharing of electrons by two or more atoms, the basis of  oxidation and reduction reactions so common in our body chemistry.

I was taught in high school chemistry that oxidation is the loss of electrons and reduction is the gain of electrons and this is where much of the trouble originates.

Oxidation is the rust on metal and the color change of a fresh apple exposed to the oxygen in the air we breathe. Oxygen is vital but oxidation is the price we pay for it. 

It starts with the food we eat to create ATP ( adenosine triphosphate ), the fuel of our bodies. One of the inevitable consequences of metabolism of this food we have just eaten is the formation of free radicals, such as superoxide, the hydroxyl radical or hydrogen peroxide, which share a common problem by having been oxidized (electron loss) in the process of metabolism - they are now electrically unbalanced by having lost an electron and to restore electrical neutrality they must replace this missing electron, regardless of cost. Put in a slightly different way, these "radical" substances have been robbed of an electron by the process of metabolism and they must rob somebody else to get that electron back.

This is all taking place in the mitochondria of our cells and the best source of electron bearing  tissues are the fatty tissue and protein of adjacent mitochondrial structure as well as mitochondrial DNA.

Our free radicals rapidly attack one or the other of these sources from which they deftly slide out an electron thereby restoring their own electrical neutrality and preparing themselves to go through the same thing again with the next meal you have.

The mitochondrial DNA, meanwhile, has suffered another hit, one of the hundreds or even thousands it may receive in a day.

The final outcome depends on just how good our damage control functions are working.

Our DNA are being constantly screened for abnormalities with replacement of any damaged component just as computers are routinely screened but it is not fool-proof. If they are not working sufficiently well, the outcome often is cell death.

This damage and damage control process takes place in the mitochondria of every cell in the body. Sooner or later sufficient cells will be lost resulting in impaired tissue or organ function ( heart, nerve, muscle, liver - wherever) It's all a game of chance. This is a form of Russian roulette that never stops until you die and it is all based on shifting electrons about to maintain electrical neutrality and most researchers think this is the mechanism of old age and death.

The electron carries a negative electrical charge and it is of interest that the oxidized free radicals responsible for damage in the body have a positive charge making them a natural target for a free electron. Inflammation has been found to have a positive charge and pain has a positive charge reflecting the accumulation of free radicals.

Ober, Sinatra and Zucker in their book, Earthing - The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? suggest that electrons from the surface of the Earth may have a healing capacity. They may have both anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory effects, helping to explain their effect on athlete performance and wound healing.

Documentation to support this effect is just beginning but the early results look very compelling.

Since electron transfer is such a prominent part of how we function, the role of these natural electrons in disease and injury control  may be profound. And to think that we only now are we becoming aware of them.

However Ober, Sinatra and Zucker were not the first to discover the possible biological role of electrons. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi ( Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1937 for his discoveries in connection with biological metabolism and vitamin C ) began to pursue free radicals as a potential cause of cancer in the later years of his life.

He introduced the term electronic biology as early as 1940 and in this novel concept he was way ahead of his peers. He came to see cancer as being ultimately an electronic problem at the molecular level.

In the late 1950s he began to apply the electron microscope to his research on cancer and by 1955 he had developed ideas on applying the theories of quantum mechanics to the biochemistry of cancer. 

Reflecting his background on electrons in biology he titled his biography Free Radical: Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and the Battle over Vitamin C.  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, "the body's communication was too fast to be dependent on big molecules and biochemicals." Interest in this concept appears to have waned since his death at least in the United States and Ober et al. appear to have resurrected it.

For ten years I have been studying the adverse effects of statin drugs and I have deduced that one of their most insidious effects is to permit excess accumulation of free radicals as part of their mevalonate blockade, causing inflammation and what amounts to premature old age.

They enhance the aging process using well established, natural pathways. The results are defective brain function, numbness, weakness, unsteadiness - just look at a roomful of elderly in an assisted living facility. Statins can start this process years earlier than they ordinarily would appear.

Duane Graveline MD MPH
Former USAF Flight Surgeon
Former NASA Astronaut
Retired Family Doctor
September 2010


Radiation scare for Moscow parks

by Evgeniya Chaykovskaya at 13/09/2010 13:52

Levels of radiation on Moscow's streets have reached a level so high that the authorities are about to spend 4.7 billion roubles to get rid of it.

The $153 million clean-up will run from 2011-2013 amid reports of no fewer than 18 dangerous radioactive objects within the capital.

And they can be found in heavily built-up areas like Kuzminki, or on slopes vulnerable to landslips close to the Moskva river.

Even an oasis of clean air in the city like Kolomenskoye could be at risk from radioactive waste dumped during the early days of the Soviet nuclear programme.

Given that Russia's chief doctor Gennady Onishchenko has already warned that Moscow can reduce life expectancy by up to five years, the clean-up cannot come a moment too soon.

Nuclear institutes in the courtyard

Representatives of the Radon scientific union say that no other major city has so much radioactive material so close to residential areas.

The scientists told Komsomolskaya Pravda that they are concerned that there are no protection zones around atomic sites and some – such as the Kurchatov Institute in north-western Moscow – are next to living areas.

Such proximity is dangerous, with a simple gas leak or electricity black-out courting catastrophe.

These objects need to be looked after, but the problem is that they are in federal property and belong to different institutions, like the defence ministry or minatom.

A big chunk of the 4.7 billion is to be spent on monitoring these objects and their levels of radiation.

Radioactive waste in the city

Another chunk would be spent on dealing with nuclear waste dumps that are allocated within the city limits, like the deposits in Kuzminki park.

During the intensive work with nuclear energy in 1950s a lot of radioactive material was moved beyond the city borders. "The used minerals and radioactive materials were simply taken out in cars and dumped into ravines outside the city," the head of radiation control laboratory of the institute of city ecology Gennady Akulkin said. "It was acceptable then. But Moscow grew, and the ravines outside the city limits became part of it. Now the radioactive waste needs to be removed."

The biggest such dump is near Kashirskoye shosse, along the Moskva river. City Hall data suggests that 60,000 cubic meters of nuclear waste are buried there. Even though there is a metre of ground above them and the level of radiation is normal, strong rains and rising groundwater are bringing the radioactive earth to the surface.

So, the waste has to be removed, which is being done at a snail's pace of 300 cubic meters a year and would take 200 years to completely remove the deposits.

"There is a possibility of landslides on the shores of Moskva river. If we start massively removing the dangerous ground – the whole bank will slip into the river, the radiation will get in the water. And it is an ecological catastrophe," an official from the City Hall who asked not to disclose his name told KP. "An anti-landslide protection should be done there first, and only then we can remove the radioactive ground."

There is also an issue of unknown radioactive dumps. Tens of them are found every year all over Moscow, like old medical and measuring equipment that is most often simply thrown away in order not to pay for its disposal.

Moreover, there were 503 nuclear waste dumps found and deactivated in the city in the last ten years.

Inspecting buildings

A part of the 4.7 billion will go towards inspecting construction materials that are brought in Moscow.

"All the equipment left in Chernobyl zone was stolen," said expert-ecologist, head of public fund "Grazhdanin" (citizen) Maxim Shingarkin. "It is melted into pipes and fittings and sold to us. But the radiation in the metal remains. And it should definitely be checked."

Recently even a high-profile event as Vladivostok's APEC summit in 2012 was marred when a set of pipes to be used in construction turned out to be radioactive.

Not enough

Experts say that the 4.7 billion is not enough to rid Moscow of radiation.

"First of all, there are 800,000 cubic metres of nuclear waste, and not 60, 000," Gennady Akulkin said. "This data has been officially voiced earlier, so I'm inclined to believe it."

"It is good that the authorities are getting Moscow rid of the radiation dangers," said head of Greenpeace energy division Vladimir Chuprov. "But this job is not very transparent. In Moscow, for example, the map of the radioactive dumps has not been made and all the more so published. People just do not know whether any nuclear waste is nearby and what the level of radiation on the surface is. They tell us 'everything is ok', but do not give us any details, and so doubts appear."


Use common sense to reduce 'dirty' electricity


Last week I reported that "dirty electricity", generated by computers and other electrical devices, has been linked to unexplained aches and pains, depression, sleepiness, ringing in the ears, headaches, and a foggy brain. An international group of scientists believes that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from dirty electricity can cause an increase in brain malignancy.

Dirty electricity is produced when transformers convert clean 60 Hertz household current into low voltage power for electronic devices. This creates micro-surges of electricity that contain up to 2,500 times the energy of a conventional 60 Hertz system. This electrical pollution causes a negative effect on our health.

Dirty electricity is bad for everyone, particularly children. A Swedish study reported that teens who use cellphones have a five times greater chance of developing brain cancer than adult users. Since children's skulls are thinner, cellphone radiation penetrates a far larger proportion of brain tissue.

In May 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a 10-year study into cellphone use and cancer rates. The WHO recognized a significant correlation between malignant brain tumours and people who used their cellphones, wireless home phones or WIFI connected for more than 30 minutes combined daily.

Since everyone, including children, will continue to use cellphones, what can be done to decrease the risk of dirty electricity? Parents can practice what is known in Europe as the "Precautionary Principle" which means using old-fashioned horse sense. For a start, it's prudent not to expose your family to unnecessary radiation, such as purchasing a home near a transmission tower.

Replace all the dimmer switches in your home with regular ones. Even when turned fully on, dimmers contaminate an entire home's electrical wiring with dangerous high frequency energy. Avoid low-voltage halogen tubes and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. Virtually all of these technologies create dirty electricity.

Replace your TV monitor and TV with a new LCD, as they emit much less EMR. If you can't live without a microwave oven, stand at least five feet away when it's on, or better still, get out of the kitchen. And get rid of cordless phones, which constantly emit dirty electricity even when not in use.

Teach your children to use cellphones like porcupines make love -- very, very carefully. For instance, it's ludicrous and dangerous that some teenagers are actually sleeping with cellphones under their pillows. This subjects them to radiation for hours at close quarters. Stress that it's important to turn on cellphones only to check messages and return calls. And carrying a cellphone in a pocket can decrease sperm count.

Use the speaker on the cellphone to keep it away from your head, or buy compatible earphones that can attach to the device. Being just a short distance away can decrease radiation exposure from 1,000 to 10,000 times.

Remember that texting with a phone exposes a person to the same radiation as talking on the phone. This practice just radiates a different part of the body. Dr. Gifford-Jones' common sense-based medical column offered with the occasional dash of humour has been published in Canadian newspapers for 30 years.


Stop smart meters

Thanks for your update about smart meters. I have been working with various local organization to stop smart meters.  I helped to write the flyer on this following link in order to solicit information about the health problems that people are experiencing as a result of smart meters.

Perhaps you can post it to your membership



Below is an e-mail I sent to the City Manager of Novato, California (US).

The same comments would apply anywhere - David Wilner

Sent: 9/7/2010 10:19:45 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

Subj: Housing Element Workshop 8/31/10

Michael - Thank you for your e-mail concerning PG&E's Smart Meters.  I believe this matter should be considered as part of the Housing Element (Affordable Housing) process for the following reasons:

One objective of Novato's General Plan is to "reduce community exposure to electromagnetic field radiation" (Chapter V:  Safety & Noise).  Although the General Plan has not been updated in this regard for more than 15 years, this is still a very important issue for the residents of this City, and should be taken into consideration as far as land use is concerned.

During the last City Council meeting when PG&E's Smart Meters were discussed, a decision was made to wait for the results of a study that was being conducted about the accuracy and safety of the meters for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). 

The study was completed on September 2, and according to Structure Consulting Group, LLC, there are some important safety issues which I urge the City to consider:

1.  "PG&E has determined that certain models of Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) breakers (such as those used in hot tubes) may be impacted if they are in close proximity of the meter"  (Structure Consulting Group Overview, p 32).  GFIs are a safety feature in residential and commercial electrical systems that are intended to protect people from electric shock and possible electrocution.  The GFIs also disconnect electrical circuits when they are overloaded to prevent fires and other property damage.  Although PG&E has asked the Smart Meter manufacturers to develop low power transmitter solutions to the GFI interference issue, and has trained the installation contractors to listen for GFI tripping upon installation of a new meter, this does not protect people where the current generation of Smart Meters have been or will be installed.

2.  There is a possibility that the Smart Meters will interfere with motion sensors (alarm systems), garage door openers, baby monitors, wireless telephones, and other devices commonly used by the public (Overview, p 31).  You can imagine the safety issues that this involves.

3.  In addition, there is also an RF radiation issue when there is a large concentration of Smart Meters in one location.  For example, if there are 150 meters installed in a high density housing location, there will be at least 150 watts of power radiated intermittently at approximately 900 MHz.  If PG&E uses 6 dBi gain antennas on the meters, the power would be six times that amount (900 watts).  This is an enormous amount of RF radiation concentrated in a small area, and PG&E has not advised the City that the output from each meter may be 6 watts instead of 1 watt as explained by PG&E's representative at the last City Council Meeting.

The City does not regulate how much RF power is generated by PG&E Smart Meters, but it does have an obligation to know much radiation is actually involved.  Think of it this way:  If 50,000 Smart Meters are installed in Novato, and they generate 6 watts of RF radiation each, there will be a total of 300,000 watts of effective radiated power at approximately 900 MHz in this City intermittently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as the Smart Meters are installed. 

Here are some questions that PG&E should answer for the City:

1.    Since Smart Meters provide updated information to PG&E's computer system every hour, how long is that transmission time?

2.    Do all meters transmit this information at exactly the same time?

3.    Are some or all of the Smart Meters using 6 dBi gain antennas to reach the relay point for transmission to PG&E's data center?

4.    How much RF energy from the Smart Meters is radiated/conducted into building wiring where they are installed?

5.    What is the level of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation generated by each Smart Meter, including those using a 6 dBi gain antenna?

6.    Is there a possibility that RF radiation from Smart Meters will interfere with traffic signal controllers operating in the licence-free portion of the 900 MHz band?

7.    How much RF radiation do Smart Meters generate -- due to their switching power supplies and microprocessors -- when they are not transmitting data signals to PG&E's computer center?

8.    Does PG&E have any scientific information to show that large concentrations of Smart Meters (like those installed in high density housing projects) do not present a health hazard?

9.    How will the GFI safety issue be handled?

In my opinion, the residents of Novato should not be guinea pigs for this unprecedented rollout of a new technology.  Particularly, when the byproduct of the Smart Meter RF radiation is Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation.  PG&E should be actively involved in addressing the issues set forth in this e-mail, and provide the City with answers to the questions that have been posed herein.   

David L. Wilner

Novato, California


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