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The bad environment brings new diseases / Last incandescent light bulb factory in U.S. closes / CFL bulbs and Climate Change / Magnetic Power / WiFI alert

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26 September 2010

The bad environment brings new diseases

Sabato 25 Settembre 2010


25 sept 2010

In a meeting we talked about multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia to explore new paradigms of toxicology and environmental medicine, such as epigenetic.

"The new environmental illness," was the subject of the conference that Italy has organized together with the values Amica Association (Association of chronic diseases, poisoning and / or environmental).

Domenico Scilipoti (IDV), in reference to the event held in Palazzo Marini said: "We have all the new products in environmental health, beginning with emerging diseases such as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) Fibromyalgia and up to explore new paradigms of toxicology and environmental medicine, such as epigenetics, which may help to understand the development of diseases as a result of chronic exposure to low doses, to chemical pollutants and electromagnetic fields. "

"The citizen is exposed to too many environmental risks of chemical and electromagnetic especially since our public health policies are to prevail over that of the interest of primary prevention, said Dr. Francesca Romana Orlando, Vice President, Amica .

"The increase in diseases related to chemistry teaches us that our society does not set economic interests and we must build together a new paradigm based on Ecology and deep respect for life in all its forms," concludes Mr . Scilipoti, holistic doctor, rapporteur of a draft law on environmental diseases and disabilities and a bill for the banning of dental amalgam.

The speakers were Professor. Joseph Genovesi of the Policlinico Umberto I and Dr. Chiara De Luca. Dr. Dino Pisco NTERNATIONAL President of the Academy of Dental Medicine and Dr.. Gianpaolo Guzzi, dentist, Italian Association for Research on metals and biocompatibility (Airmeb) have explained the risks of chronic toxicity of metals in dental amalgam fillings.

Among the foreign guests were Dr. Peter Ohnsorge Berlin, President of the European Academy of Environmental Medicine, and Professor. Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute and a member of the Research Group BioInitiative, world leading expert on the effects of electromagnetic fields and especially on the EHS.


Last incandescent light bulb factory in U.S. closes


CFL bulbs and Climate Change

Albert Nerenberg just wrote an excellent article in the Montreal Gazette on CFL bulbs and Climate Change. 

We have certainly turned the corner in Canada with some excellent reporting!



Magnetic Power Offers Energy-Saving Alternative

Designed by the Tokyo Institute of Technology and fine-tuned by researchers at MERSTech in partnership with the ONR Global's office in Tokyo, the Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch (MERS) harnesses and recycles residual magnetic power that is produced by electrical current.


Parents should be on WiFI alert

September is here and the children are back in school.

Same as every other year, right?

No, not if your child's school has had wireless network (WiFi) installed for laptops. Never before have these children experienced so many waves of electromagnetic radiation passing through their bodies, and they need to be watched carefully.

So please follow these two steps: Make a note of any allergies your children have had up till the start of school. Monitor your children over the next six months to see if any of their allergies get worse, or if any new ones develop.

Many support the claim that WiFi cannot harm the kids, but if they are wrong it is best to have well-documented evidence.

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