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28 September 2010

The video of last night's segment of Cell Phones - Disease - Devra Davis on The National is now posted up to YouTube.




The Undiagnosed Mystery Illness

September 27th, 2010

Don't wait to discover what's causing unusual—and unwanted—symptoms.

Are you troubled by strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms? Don't just dismiss them. You're not alone, as these examples show, but you don't need to suffer.

• While at work, an emergency room physician experiences blinding headaches, dizziness, and such overwhelming weakness that she's unable to intubate a patient.

• A recent engineering school grad working for the Canadian Navy suddenly begins to experience such severe fatigue that he has to nap on his lunch hour, and he later develops a chronic respiratory infection, digestive distress, heart palpitations, and trouble focusing.

• A high-powered editor who's been taking the train to work for years starts feeling nauseous during every morning and evening commute—debilitating enough to make her consider leaving a job she loves.

• Fresh out of college, a newlywed moves to what ought to be the healthiest place in the world—a farm in America's heartland. Within six months, this bride suffers circulation problems, daily headaches, hot flashes, and can barely walk up the stairs.

These four individuals were diagnosed with everything from chronic fatigue syndrome to stress—and while both fatigue and stress are factors, these "diagnoses" overlook the cause of their mysterious symptoms—electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electricity, cell towers, and WiFi. Once these people were able to limit their exposure, though, they enjoyed considerable improvement in their symptoms. Scientific research bears this out as well.

One review of the published literature on dirty electricity—high frequency EMFs from computers, electrical appliances, power lines, and wiring—links noticeable improvements in health—balanced blood sugar levels, lessening of multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms, reduction in asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and fewer reports of anxiety, depression, frustration, and insomnia—when individuals have lower exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

An Austrian investigation finds distinct physical differences—in enzymes that impact glucose metabolism—depending on how near cell phone towers the subjects lived. And an Israeli study shows that people living near cell phone towers had four times the risk of a variety of cancers—breast cancer, Hodgkin's disease, and malignancies of the bone, kidney, and ovary—as the population as a whole.

Dr. Ann Louise's Take:

I wrote my latest book, Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution, to help the others understand the risks we all face from these undiagnosed mysterious symptoms, especially if their cause is not discovered and, as much as possible, removed. The good news is that Zapped offers lots of solutions—1,268 of 'em, to be exact—once we recognize the problem.

Take, for example, "Debbie Roberts" (who asked me not to use her real name when I interviewed her for Zapped). She was eventually diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, an incurable disease that can be managed like diabetes for many years. But it was several years later before Debbie realized that for over 20 years the bedroom where she and her husband slept—or tried to—had EMF readings two to three times higher than what's considered safe. Electropollution levels in the bathroom and home office where she worked every day were also high.

"I was literally bathing in a known carcinogen day and night for two decades," Debbie says. "No wonder I was ill." Some of the EMFs emanated from power lines about six feet from her bedroom window; others came from her electrical and water systems. But the expert who did the testing and discovered electropollution didn't do mitigation, and it took Debbie several tries to find "Mr. Right."

Get a Ghostbuster
"You want to select an electrician who is a craftsman, who cares about the quality of his work, and is open to learning new things and solving problems," says Charles Keen, principle of EMF Services in Florida, a mitigation firm with a nationwide clientele. But "you're probably not going to find someone who knows anything about electromagnetic fields," he adds.

You're more likely to be successful with a local, independent electrical contractor—look for someone who's been in the community for a long time and has a small shop. "You need someone who is scrupulous about code compliance," Keen adds. Just bringing electrical wiring up to code—"fixing problems another electrician caused"—can eliminate many of your EMF problems. Zapped is jam-packed with additional tips on reducing dangerous electropollution in your home or workplace.

Recognize the Growing Risks
WiFi in public buildings—including schools—is another rapidly growing threat to public health. A recent German study shows that fatigue is the most common symptom of EMF exposure in children and adolescents. Other research finds that kids' brains absorb twice as much radiation from cell phones as adults do. Not only do youngsters have thinner skulls and smaller heads than adults, but their brains also continue developing throughout childhood and adolescence—increasing their risks of harm. No wonder that research by Magda Havas, PhD, at Trent University in Canada, demonstrates that reducing electropollution in the schools reduces a number of behavior and health problems.

For a complete picture of the risks from EMFs and what you can do to protect yourself and your family—from using today's technology wisely to zap-proof foods and supplements—pre-order Zapped, which will be released October 5th.


Candidate's Corner: Wehrle Shares Thoughts on Wi-Fi

Monday, 27 September 2010 06:22 By Paul Wehrle- Candidate for School BOard Trustee



WARNING: Never carry your cell phone in your pocket!

How many of you have seen this warning???


Robert R


Prove Wif-Fi isn't dangerous to our children

27 Sept 2010


To the editor:

I find it worrisome that in spite of vast scientific evidence about the harmful effects of microwave radiation, that WiFi is going to be allowed in schools. 

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't need to be convinced by 100 per cent conclusive scientific evidence telling me WiFi is dangerous, when common sense is my guide. Anyone willing to Google "WiFi in schools" or "electromagnetic radiation" or "microwave/ electronic device radiation" will find a plethora of experts concluding that any radiation is harmful, even at low frequencies, and particularly when it is radiating all the time, as it would be in schools with WiFi.

That's six hours of radiation per day for students.

Yes it is low level. But we are already being exposed to radiation daily from cell towers, cell/cordless phones, computers and other electronic devices inside and outside of our homes – all of which can produce long-term harmful effects. Must we also have it in our schools – making the youngest and most susceptible members of our species exposed to its dangers? 

It was reported in a WiFi report on CBC recently that no studies have been done to claim WiFi is safe for children. None. And yet, our public school board is willing to put our children at risk, relying on the Ministry of Education, which relies on Health Canada, which says that there is no substantive evidence to support such claims. When cigarettes and asbestos were touted as dangerous by many experts more than 50 years ago, it took decades to get the 'powers that be' to admit their danger and take action.

Do we want to wait that long?  Is it acceptable to use our children as guinea pigs while policymakers rest on their laurels until they can no longer ignore the evidence of increased brain tumours, cancers, leukemia, reproductive disorders, et cetra?

Based on scientific evidence to date, France, Germany and the United Kingdom have pulled WiFi out of hundreds of schools; many EU countries actively discourage the public from using WiFi; and Sweden even recognizes 'electromagnetic sensitivity' as a disability.  If they are taking a pre-emptive, precautionary approach to this issue, shouldn't we also give our children the same protection?

Let's put the burden of proof on school boards, government and industry to show us why WiFi is not harmful rather than make citizens prove why it is.

It seems that we are bombarded with so much in our daily lives that we almost expect that our best interests will be taken care of by 'others.'

So, we think, of course Health Canada and our school boards have our children's best interests at heart, right? Or, are cost and ignorance overriding our rights to safe schools? I feel it is the latter.

M. Menon


Children like lab rats in school WiFi test


Why is our public school board going to be allowing WiFi in schools when the jury is still out on their long-term effects? Anyone who Googles the subject will find many experts concluding that microwave radiation is harmful, and particularly when radiating all the time, as it would be in schools with WiFi -six hours per day minimum.

We're already exposed to radiation daily from cell towers, cordless/cell phones, computers and other electronic devices inside and outside of our homes. Must we also have it in our schools -dousing the youngest and most susceptible members of our species with more?

A CBC report recently stated that no studies have been done to claim WiFi is safe for children. Do we really need to wait until all the studies prove what enough experts are already telling us? Is it acceptable to use our children as "guinea pigs" until policymakers can no longer ignore the evidence of increased brain tumours, cancers, leukemia, reproductive disorders, etc. -like cigarettes, decades later? Europe follows the "precautionary principle," which states that if an action/policy is suspected of causing harm to the public or environment, those taking the action have to prove it is not harmful. Many EU countries have actually pulled WiFi out of schools and actively discourage the public from using WiFi until the science is clear.

If we can write or call our schools, the Ministry of Education, our MP/MPPs, and Health Canada, the message will get through that parents are concerned and that proper, safer action needs to be taken.

M. MENON Champlain Dr.

Robert R


Cancer is not normal




Ellen Marks <emarks@apr.com> Sep 26 12:53AM -0700 ^

I bought the Blackberry Torch yesterday which comes with a small safety and product information guide. The font is actually larger than the iphone guide.

Also, on page 4 when it gives the spiel about when wearing the device close to your body keep a distance of at least .98 in. or it may cause your device to exceed rf exposure standards, it also states:


Page 23:
Use in areas when there is a strong signal....... A reduced signal might indicate increased power output.

...Use hands- free if available and keep the Blackberry at least .98 in. from your body IINCLUDING THE ABDOMEN OF PREGNANT WOMEN AND THE LOWER ABDOMEN OF TEENAGERS!!!

More to come as it has many pages on SAR but how interesting is this? And CTIA denies/ignores/spins all of this? Although Snowden repeated how many times "I am not telling you they are safe"? I think my son added that to top of www.cabta.org<http://www.cabta.org> today. "Let me be very clear, the industry has not said once, not once, that cell phones are safe". Quote from CTIA on Sept. 20, 2010.

In all fairness he was saying it is the governing agencies that claim they are safe. Let's not go there! The FCC actually changed the website the day of the Burlingame meeting. It had stated as a precaution one should buy a lower sar phone (seen on Sept. 19). On Sept. 20 that was gone! What a coincidence!

Also, for those of you that watched the Burlingame hearing, the Maine legislator spoke to Senator Brannigan and Representative Stuckey yesterday and NO ONE from the CTIA (including Mr. Snowden) ever got back to them about the language in the user guides as Mr. Snowden claimed he did.

Please share with others. People need to know.

Thanks, Ellie
Director of Government & Public Affairs
Environmental Health Trust

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