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Important Verdict in Israel - against cellular company / Motorcycle Cop Cancer Concern from ELF EMFs / Job of installing smart hydro meters about to begin

From: Iris Atzmon 
Sent: Tuesday, March 03, 2009 2:54 PM
An important verdict was given in Israel, residents vs. Pelephone company.
א  007359/03
Judge: Malka Aviv
Representing the prosecutors- Prof Elihu Richter
Representing the defendents - Dr. Menahem Margaliot, a state worker who runs the laboratory that calibrates all the measurement devices that are used to measure radiation of cellular antennas (coi, conflict of interest).
Some quotes of the judge:
"considering the fact that today it's clear that different types of radiation have an effect on the human body- in order for me to reject  the prosecution- the defendents must show me clear evidence  [emphasis of the judge] that non ionizing radiation does not increase the risk of getting sick, and not base it on the determination that "today there is no clear evidence" [judge's emphasis] that radiation increases the risk of getting sick".
"In addition, the defendents' expert approves that there is a recommendation not to install antennas at distance of 50 meters of kinder gardens. The expert does bother to clarify that this is a recommendation and not a standard yet, and I wonder on this answer and will not hide my shock. Is the expert ready, under this twisting, between recommendation and standard, to risk the health of children?
"The expert of the defendents adds and approves that in the place there were erected not less than 7 antennas. At the same breath he clarifies that all his checks in the expert opinion which were filed by him, were done only for 2 antennas. And I wonder- how did the defendent erect 7 antennas in residence area, at a distance of touch of the prosecutor's house near kinder garden without bothering to check all the antennas and their radiation level.
"From the above material I was convinced that the prosecution had solid and reasonable basis to assume that the antennas are a health risk for them.  I don't demand from the prosecutors more than that, as I mentioned above. A proof beyond 50% is not achievable in this area. It is enough for me that the prosecutors succeeded in pointing out on reasonable risk from those antennas.
From here the load moves on the defendent to prove that this risk does not exist, even not a reasonable risk.
That being near antennas, for long hours, is not dangerous at all and there is no chance of harm or damage as a result of the radiation. The defendents did not succeed in lifting this load. On the contrary, the defendents themselves, directly or indirectly, did actions in order to reduce the risk of radiation. It is enough to show that they themselves are aware of the existence of the risk. According the material in front of me, I would be surprised if someone of the defendents would be ready to raise their children in the house of the prosecutors.
I accept the version of the prosecution, the defendents will pay the prosecutors 10,000 shekels for expenses.

Motorcycle Cancer Risk: Motorcycle Cop Cancer Concern from ELF EMFs Penetrating Motorcycle Seat


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, March 3 /PRNewswire/ -- A book entitled Motorcycle Cancer? is sending a shock wave through the motorcycle industry worldwide. "Motorcycle seat extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation raises cancer risk," says patent-granted Canadian author Randall Dale Chipkar. "Science proves electromagnetic danger and bikers deserve to know the truth."

"I have read up to 500 milliGauss of ELF EMF radiation above motorcycle seats. In contrast, many doctors raise cancer concerns involving 3 to 5 milliGauss of ELF EMF exposure from hydro power lines and other sources," adds Chipkar.

"I was shocked to discover this radiation risk for motorcyclists. Initially proof of danger was a major challenge, however, today both my book and website provide evidence and facts that cannot be ignored. It's not just about cancer. The prostate, colon and neighboring organs are of concern along with radiation readings that reach the abdomen, heart and breast area," Chipkar says.

"The gastrointestinal tract is a major supplier of melatonin. Melatonin is our natural anti-cancer growth hormone and its role and production are disrupted by various ELF EMF exposures. Many motorcyclists are having their main supplier of melatonin showered by ELF EMF magnetic field radiation," adds Chipkar.

"Melatonin compromise can affect cancer-growth inhibition throughout the body. Promotion of existing hereditary cancer progression is another concern. Also, various ELF EMF exposures are suspect of interfering with breast cancer medication. For cancer survivors electromagnetic homeostasis is essential in restoring natural defense immune and lymph systems, melatonin, etc.," Chipkar says.

"Motorcycle police officers deserve our utmost attention regarding these issues due to riding duration. Hopefully, motorcycle police associations worldwide will initiate this essential epidemiology. Certainly we can reciprocate the motto 'to serve and protect' for some of our finest," says Chipkar.

"Major organizations now agree non-ionizing, non-thermal ELF EMF magnetic fields are possibly carcinogenic. Doctors advise prudent avoidance from various exposures. Nobody wants cancer controversial radiation flooding their body especially pregnant or cancer survivor motorcyclists. Together we can make a difference," Chipkar adds.

Chipkar authored, Motorcycle Cancer?, to expose the truth and was then granted a patent for RiderSaver(TM) ELF EMF shielding motorcycle seats to protect riders. Chipkar is campaigning worldwide to enhance the motorcycle industry to keep riders safer.

Randall Dale Chipkar has a rider safety motorcycle cancer website with information about The Motorcycle Cancer Book, prostate cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, pregnancy, lymphoma, leukemia, sterility, impotence, prostatitis, infertility, RiderSaver(TM) motorcycle seat shielding, etc. http://www.motorcyclecancer.com


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This next story (below) could be filed under 'Wasting Money', 'Harming Health' and 'Causing Unemployment'.  These are all things that a responsible government should not be doing, specially during the present financial crisis!

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Job of installing smart hydro meters about to begin

Posted 18 hours ago


St. Catharines is about to get smart — smart meters, that is.

Starting Monday, utility workers will begin removing homeowners' electricity meters and replacing them with smart meters, as part of an effort to cut power consumption in the province.

It will take until October to do all 53,000, said Frank Fabiano, Horizon Utilities' director of customer service.

Speaking to city councillors Monday night, Fabiano said when the smart meters are finally activated, the average homeowner will be able to shave about six percent off a hydro bill by choosing to do power-hungry activities — like the laundry, running the dishwasher or cooking — when hydro rates are cheaper.

The best bargains will be overnight— between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. — and on weekends and holidays.

Peak pricing for electricity will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the summer, and in the early morning and late evening in winter.

During peak times, homeowners will pay more than twice the off-peak price for power: 8.8 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 4 cents for off-peak prices.

It's costing Horizon about $30 million to replace the meters of all its customers in Hamilton and St. Catharines, Fabiano said, with each unit costing about $150 to buy and install.

Customers will pay for the new meters through their hydro bills, amortized over 15 years.

Fabiano said the smart meters installed last year in Hamilton have already saved the utility about $155,000 in labour costs because meter readings no longer have to be done by readers — they are collected electonically.

Fabiano said meter readings will be transmitted from each home via radio to a data collector installed on hydro poles. Each collector will read data from 500 homes, and send the information to Horizon's Hamilton office using a wireless network. Horizon will forward the data to a provincial meter data management system.

The smart meters are required by the province, Fabiano said, and every customer must have one by 2010. Customers will be able to get precise information on their consumption patterns, he said, and be able to decide how to reduce. Each homeowner will get an ID number and a security code and will be able to view hour-by-hour analysis of electricity use on Horizon's website.

Although the meters won't be activated until the province says they must be, many customers are pleased to get one, Fabiano said.

"It will give them a better understanding of their electricity consumption," he said. "The response so far has been mostly positive."

There will be no change in customers' bills until the province implements time-of-use pricing, Fabiano said. "Nothing will happen to the rates until it's mandatory."