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Smart Meter Opt-Out / The truth about mobile phone radiation / CMP: Backing Away from Smart Meters Costly and Unnecessary / Legislative panel hears concerns about 'smart' meters

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10 April 2011

Smart Meter Opt-Out

April 5, 2011
Public Advisor
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness
San Francisco, CA

Re: Smart Meter Opt-Out

The proposal by PG&E that responds to consumer demand for wireless smart meter opt-out is cynical, callous and greedy. I strenuously object to the proposed fees to opt-out.

Consumers should not have to pay PG&E back for its failed corporate strategy to implement smart meters ($2.2 billion and growing). Nor should consumers who now understand, no thanks to PG&E's propaganda campaign, that smart meters can violate FCC public safety standards and can cause severe health problems, excessive billing charges, risk personal information, endanger people with medical and metal implants, and make portions of private property off-limits for living.

All of California's investor-owned utilities that are regulated by the CPUC should be required to:

1) Allow consumers to keep their existing analog electric, water and gas meters; and monitor IOU compliance with consumer requests.

2) Instruct IOUs to replace analog meters on request of owner, if already swapped out for wireless meters

3) Instruct IOUs to require IOU shareholders to bear burden of costs for failed smart meter rollout expenses

4) Instruct IOUs not to dispose of stockpiled analog meters (or destroy analog meters that have been removed).

5) Require quarterly updates from all IOUs to document compliance with these CPUC instructions, and make documentation from IOUs public (post on website).

6) Establish hot-line with live operator to take complaints for failure to implement these instructions.

7) Establish financial penalties for IOUs who do not comply.

Thank you for your consideration. Please see that the Commissioners and their staff see my letter.

Very sincerely,
Cindy Sage, MA
Sage Associates
1396 Danielson Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
(805) 969-0557


The truth about mobile phone radiation

ABC Online

DEVRA DAVIS: Well, actually the World Health Organisation has said that low level electromagnetic fields are a suspect cause of cancer in humans. ...


CMP: Backing Away from Smart Meters Costly and Unnecessary


A bill that would impose a year-long ban the use of so-called "smart meters" in Maine drew emotional testimony yesterday at a legislative hearing. Central Maine Power Company is in the process of installing hundreds of thousands of the wireless devices ...


Legislative panel hears concerns about 'smart' meters

The Forecaster

The meters have already been installed on more than 150000 homes and businesses. Sen. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough, introduced legislation that would require CMP to provide wired meters at no cost, instead of the wireless smart meters, if requested ...

RobertWilliams says:


1. Eliminating Wireless Smart Meters will eliminate much of the HEALTH Problems, but the switching power supply of the wired meter and the additional dirty electricity sent through the home electrical wiring (that varies based on wiring in each home) will continue to be a health problem from the wired smart meters (though less than from the Wireless meters).

2. Privacy violation will still be a problem. With this "Smart" meter direction taken at the individual home level, eventually all appliances and electronic devices will have their own electronic signature codes and every action (and non action and absence) within the home will be observable via the utility smart meter.

3. If utility demand / use is needed for a smarter grid, collect the neighborhood, community and regional utility information at utility DISTRIBUTION points, NOT off each individual home.

4. The greatest inefficiency in energy is the power lost transmitting energy long distances, so this theoretical concept of shifting energy from Chicago to Miami and across to Phoenix is absurd in practice.

5. The security challenge that arises by putting an entire country's utilities on one system is a security and tactical nightmare.

6. More local generation of energy may not quite accomplish the economies of scale of larger systems, but they eliminate the security risks for attacks on an entire nation.

7. Local generation also increases competition with so many visible entities competing with each other's performance to be better, less costly and more energy efficient. This visibility of alternatives will motivate the best parts of each system to be adapted by others.

With one large National system, there is no motivation via visibility or competition to improve and a large bureaucratic entity will certainly result, with typical public relations jargon patting themselves on the back.

8. The word smart is good and an awful lot is implied, but this home smart meter application is a disaster in itself and the direction of practical applications that will stem from it and further implant it will continue to expand on the disaster.

9. The utility companies are pushing these meters on homes because utility companies will eliminate the full time employee-with-benefits cost of the meter readers. These meter readers also serve as personal contacts to the communities which is dreadfully lacking with the no-benefit phone operators in India, the Philippines and Mexico that take customer calls and have a script to read from. And even these operators can only be reached after long waits and frequent disconnections.

10. Keep the analog meters in place. Their working lives are more than twice that of these new digital meters.

11. Keep the analog meters in place. If the country decides to further raise the unemployment by eliminating the meter reader jobs, then have people send in their own meter readings every month along with their payments for the previous month.

The Utility Company can check once each six months to confirm the accuracy and honesty of the meter readings. For those with good records, utility company checks can be extended to once per year. And all that money saved can be shared with both the utility company and the customers.

12. The smart grid is projected to create new contracts and resulting jobs, but so does a war and a war does it bigger and better. Contracts and jobs are great, but lets apply them to something rational that gives advantage to the country on a practical basis, not on a theoretical basis that has a whole list of practical disadvantages and disasters.


Meter readers put out of work by smart meters want new green jobs (blog)

Tomorrow she'll receive a bouquet of flowers and a request to meet from two BC Hydro electricity meter readers. Jaret Homenuk and Thomas Ma represent nearly 400 other meter readers facing job losses when smart meters are installed in every home in BC ...


Safe School Pamphlet-wednesday final

Health effects can include. Headaches, Dizziness, Memory ... removed Wi-Fi due to health concerns. The German Office of Radiation ...


EHS Safe Housing

I am helping an electro sensitive victim find a safe home approx 1 hour radius from Calgary, Alberta.

We would like to invite others with similar health issues to relocate with her in adjacent homes.

If interested, please contact me Via email or my cell @ 403-630-4885

Thanks John


Wireless network threatens U.S. GPS signals

and interfere with everything from airplanes to police cars to consumer navigation devices.



Russian student develops method to diagnose early cancer

The new method paves the way for diagnosing the illness at a stage when it is ready to transform into the cancer status.

It is also a non-invasive method and does not subject the internal organs to radiation.

We use the electromagnetic emission of a patient's body as an informative parameter," says Anton Ubaichin.


Global Campaign for Safer Phones Kicks off!

Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying and controlling environmental health hazards, is set to launch its Global Campaign for Safer Cell Phones in a dozen nations in Canada. The campaign's goal is to promote the public right to know about ways to reduce cell phone radiation, providing open-source resources that educate and motivate health professionals, teachers, parents and students about simple and safer ways to use cell phones.

Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH, President of EHT, will mark the launch of the campaign with a lecture on April 9 at 2:00 pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Lecture Hall 205, in Toronto, Canada. In addition to discussing the campaign's goals, Dr. Davis will release a new pamphlet prepared by physicians on cell phone safety, as well as a set of creative warning stickers to be placed on phones.

"This global campaign is designed to alert the planet's five billion cell phone customers that heavy use of phones next to the body increases infertility, cancer and neurological problems," said Dr. Davis. "We're launching this campaign in Canada because this country is about to elect a new government, and the government has a duty to warn ITS CITIZENS about the dangers of that cell phone in their pocket, and protect the basic right to know about such risks."

The physicians pamphlet, titled "Cell Phones & Health: Simple Precautions Make Sense," was created by a group of leading US and French oncologists and neurosurgeons. It outlines steps for protecting one's family from cell phone radiation and shares recent findings about the negative impact this radiation can have on the health of both adults and children. "Every cell phone comes with a set of safety warnings in small print that few people read," said Dr. Davis. "They have a right to know what cell phone manufacturers are warning about their products, and this brochure is designed to spotlight that information."

The idea for the cell phone safety sticker campaign came from an EHT initiative being carried out with the Jackson, Wyoming school system and Town Council. "We believe that kids are more likely to pay attention to cell phone safety if the warnings come in the form of stickers they can place on their phones," she said.

Dr. Davis, who contributed to winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with Al Gore, has testified before a U.S. Senate panel about the dangers of cell phone use, is the author of Disconnect: The Truth about Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family (Dutton, 2010). She is the first Director of the National Academy of Science's Board of Toxicology and Environmental Studies, founder and former Director of the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburgh's Hillman Cancer Center and is a National Cancer Center Institute Senior Fellow in Cancer Epidemiology.

Determined to protect children from the dangers of cell phone irradiation, Dr. Davis conceived the Campaign to serve as a model for communities across the US and around the globe. Via the EHT website (, the campaign provides access to a toolbox of free downloadable materials such as "safety cards" that list safer cell phone practices, appealing to teachers, health care professionals, parents, and students alike.

All the safety materials can be downloaded on the EHT link:


Can Cell Phones Fry Your Brain? Ask Student Scientists!


Now a cell phone doesn't release gamma radiation. It actually works using microwave radiation, but what they learn is that all electromagnetic radiation acts in a similar way, that intensity if proportional to one over distance squared, which is a very ...




Herald Express 1 april 2011

Hospital offered excellent care of condition; YOUR VIEWS

I AM writing on behalf of a friend who recently had to spend a couple of weeks in Torbay Hospital, following a fall resulting in a complicated fracture of her ankle whilst on holiday in the area.

This may sound nothing special, until I explain that she is electrohypersensitive (EHS), the severe form of electro-sensitivity (ES). For her, a stay in hospital is akin to someone with a nut allergy having to spend time in a nut processing factory, as hospitals are now full of wi-fi and electrical equipment which EHS sufferers simply cannot tolerate.

Whilst in Torbay Hospital she received exceptional care and respect for her electromagnetic sensitivity. She was given a separate room, the wireless router was removed, a tentlike structure was set up over her bed using a special material she always has with her which reflects electromagnetic fields, and even the operating theatre and the procedure were adapted to suit her. This was just so refreshing as this condition is not always recognised by medical practitioners, let alone the treatment environment being adapted so as not to further exacerbate their condition.

The rapidly-growing number of people with ES often also suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) and can only cope with the bare essentials of life on a daily basis. This is why I was asked to write on her behalf. You may recall chronic fatigue syndrome was written off for years by many doctors merely as 'yuppie flu', which is the situation we are in today with ES in this country.

ES is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a 'real' condition, affecting approximately 3 per cent of us, yet despite this public bodies in the UK refuse to accept the overwhelming anecdotal and scientific evidence now available. This normally results in sufferers being treated shamefully by those they turn to for hep, but there are always exceptions, one being your local hospital: Torbay.

Other countries are waking up to this potentially devastating conditions and are setting stricter safety controls, Sweden for example officially recognises EHS as a functional impairment caused by environmental factors, and treated as a disability. So, a big thank you to the staff at Torbay Hospital for treating my friend with respect and understanding as well as for their fine orthopaedic skills.

PETER GANE Come Street Lane Yeovil


YouTube - Study: Cell Phone Radiation May Alter Your Brain

Added to queue Cell Phone Radiation Brain Tumorsby emfradiationsafety650 views ... Added to queue Brain Tumor and Cell Phone Usage Report and a ...


53 Million Smart Meters Planned In U.K.


by Aaron Colter, April 7th, 2011

The United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has set the goal of installing 53 million smart meters in 30 million homes over the next eight years.


Lack of Sleep Linked To Childhood Obesity

Posted By Dr. Mercola | April 08 2011

(Note - Wireless microwave radiation causes sleep deprivation)

Going 24 Hours Without Media
April 6, 2011
San Francisco officials discuss CTIA lawsuit in closed-door meeting
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