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YouTube video "Lament" / Consultation delayed / E-Health in Canada / Failing Grade to Harper / One-woman campaign / tower lawsuit heads to trial / EMF-Omega News

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11 April 2011

YouTube video "Lament"

Excellent song and video about EMR dangers, by Nina Beety


Consultation on cell-phone towers delayed

Karen Seidman
The Gazette
Tuesday, April 5, 2011



E-Health in Canada is medical files on computer networks with WIFI

here are some videos on youtube showing what they are using around patients....

Canadian Health Infoway

Bluetooth standard for e-health

Bluetooth chosen as Continua standard

10 June 2009 Jon Hoeksma

Industry health interoperability standards group Continua Health Alliance has selected Bluetooth wireless technology as a key standard for its next set of design guidelines.

Continua's Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) said that the upcoming Bluetooth low energy wireless technology specification would be included in version two of its Continua Health Alliance design guidelines.

Bluetooth low energy technology is a power efficient, short-range, wireless technology that offers connectivity between mobile devices and small, battery powered devices such as watches, and health and fitness sensors.

The low energy technology features low power consumption, small size and low cost, and integration in mobile phones, making it suitable to enable mobile devices for a wide range of personal telehealth devices and services being developed using Continua standards.

The technology can enable low power mobile devices such as activity monitors and heart rate sensors to be used to monitor a user's health and fitness levels.

"Continua's choice of Bluetooth low energy technology – a specification in development at this time and expected to be adopted by the end of the year – underscores the excitement and need for this Bluetooth wireless standard in the telehealth arena," said Michael Foley, PhD, executive director, Bluetooth SIG.

Bluetooth is the only wireless technology included in Continua's design guidelines. The low energy wireless technology was chosen over several other wireless technologies after a rigorous 10-month review process.

"The Bluetooth SIG brings not only a superb wireless technology to our Design Guidelines, but a state-of-the-art testing and qualification program to our members," said Rick Cnossen, Continua president and chairman of the Board of Directors. "The continued choice to work with Bluetooth wireless technology and the Bluetooth SIG is a natural extension for Continua."

The radio selection process was conducted by members of the Continua low power radio sub-team, the Continua technical working group and the Continua board of directors. All teams were aided by experts from the technology and health care industries-at-large, as well as guided by research conducted by an independent third party analysis firm.

A rigorous process was employed over the course of 10 months to select from many outstanding technologies. After consideration of required power levels, cell phone ubiquity, required range, and anticipated market penetration, Bluetooth technology was chosen to satisfy the required use cases.

Continua Health Alliance

BlueTooth : Fujitsu Stylistic st5112 Tablet PC slate epad

BlueTooth Gateway ( gateway, just like in MESH Networks for Smart Meters )

Lucent is in on this too



Following is the press release which will be sent out on Sunday morning at 6:00 am eastern to media contacts across Canada.

On Sunday afternoon at the Toronto Health Expo a statement will be presented accusing the current government of ignoring the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Health (HESA) and, thereby, showing contempt for the Canadian public. It will include a report card for each party, with grades for support of our battle against Health Canada, Industry Canada and the telecommunication industry.

Much of the grade is based on the various parties' recommendations for support (NDP and the Bloc Quebecois) or not (Liberal and Conservative) of the HESA recommendations which came from the hearings.

You can read the recommendations in the HESA report of Dec. 2010, which will be on the website soon. This is the first salvo in this political battle. The statement and the report card will be available at the website on Sunday afternoon. Our new website is

As you all know, we are a new group with a new website still being built. We have an amazing advisory board. Please make suggestions for what you would like included, how you want communciations to occur, how you would see the Council developing, etc. This is our national coalition, and it will take all of us to make the difference we all want.

Sharon Noble


Wireless Radiation Safety Council Gives Failing Grade to Harper Conservatives

Toronto - The Harper Conservatives took home an F for failing to protect children`s health, the Wireless Radiation Safety Council announced today.

The newly formed Council has graded all five federal parties from A to F, with the Conservatives receiving the worst grade.

``During the Conservative`s tenure Canada`s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health tried to address the increasing problem of human exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones, cell towers and WiFi in schools, `` announced Francois Therrien, a member of the Council. ``The Conservatives held a majority on that committee but they failed to act decisively to protect Canadians from this emerging public health disaster,`` he said.

The Wireless Radiation Safety Council will reveal the report cards received by all federal parties this afternoon during a public lecture on 21st Century Education, the Hazards of a Wireless School.

Sunday April 10, 2pm

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Lecture Hall 205

Contacts:: Francois Therrien, Montreal,, (450)471-8371

Una St. Clair, Vancouver, (604)532-1863

Sharon Noble, Victoria, (250)478-7892


One-woman campaign against Surbiton phone mast

7:50am Sunday 10th April 2011



BWCA cellphone tower lawsuit heads to trial

STEVE KARNOWSKI, Associated Press
Published 01:05 p.m., Sunday, April 10, 2011



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