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Brock University staff get Wi-Fi warning / Wake-up call about wireless / Pushback Against Cell Towers / How Dirty Electricity Causes Diseases / 'Homeopathic' Signals from DNA

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1 September 2010

Brock University staff get Wi-Fi warning

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


CBC News

Employees of Brock University in St. Catharines are being warned to be wary of Wi-Fi by a former member of the school's joint health and safety committee.

Wi-Fi is convenient for students, but some worry the electromagnetic radiation may be harmful. (iStock)Prof. David Fancy, head of the drama department, took the unusual step of issuing a news release to warn staff about Wi-Fi dangers.

"There have been some, what I consider to be false and misleading statements made by public health officials recently about wireless and the fact that they don't cause a public health risk, and I think that that's incorrect," Fancy said in an interview with CBC News.

Last year, Fancy sat on a Brock sub-committee that looked into health issues involving electromagnetic safety, and came away with deep concerns.

"We came to the conclusion that unlike Health Canada's assertion that says that Canada's safety code protects us, we felt that there was more evidence out there to suggest that this isn't necessarily correct."

In response to concerns about radiation from wireless internet connections, Health Canada issued a statement on Aug. 18 dismissing suggestions the electromagnetic radiation could be harmful.

"Based on scientific evidence, Health Canada has determined that exposure to low-level radiofrequency energy, such as that from Wi-Fi systems, is not dangerous to the public," the department said.

'I knew straight away that there were hidden dangers to the young children.'— Barrie Trower, British scientist.

But many are unconvinced, including a British scientist who spoke on the issue in Toronto last week. Barrie Trower, a microwave expert during the Cold War era, maintains that the level of microwave radiation emitted by dozens of computers accessing Wi-Fi is enough to damage the health of humans.

"When I saw Wi-Fis being put in schools at the same powers and the same levels that were used in the 1960s for experiments, I knew straight away that there were hidden dangers to the young children," Trower said in a recent interview on CBC Radio's Metro Morning.

Scientist Barry Trower is concerned that using several wireless computers in a classroom elevates the amount of electromagnetic radiation to harmful levels. (iStock)With schools, colleges and universities beginning classes soon, Wi-Fi has become a hot-button issue. Earlier this month a school in Simcoe, Ont., refused to turn off its Wi-Fi system, despite demands from a parents group.

The parents believed the Wi-Fi system was making their children sick.

Trower says it's the amassed radiation of several computers operating at the same time the boosts the level of radiation.

"With Wi-Fi you have 20 to 30 sets in a classroom, they are exposed for a long time, and probably in the next classroom and the next classroom. It's like taking a microwave transmitter outside the school for mobile phones and putting it inside the classroom."

Public health officials adamantly deny there is any danger from Wi-Fi.

However, Fancy said he believes there are enough questions to merit a public warning about W-Fi at Brock.

"It's not necessarily up to me to say that they cause harm," he said. "I think there's a lot of evidence to suggest that they do. But we certainly can't say with any conclusive level that they're safe."

Researcher has a wake-up call about wireless

B.C. author promotes consumer guide to reducing electromagnetic radiation


By Pamela Fayerman, Vancouver Sun August 31, 2010

Kerry Crofton travels with a land line phone, purposely stays in hotels that don't offer wireless Internet in rooms and when she gives her talk tonight on the topic of wireless radiation, it will be in a downtown Vancouver venue selected because it purportedly has no such radiation.

The Victoria-based health researcher is speaking at the wireless network-free St. Andrew's-Wesley Church, where she's promoting her new book, Wireless Radiation Rescue, said to be the first consumer guide to reducing levels of electromagnetic radiation in homes, offices and schools.

Crofton does practise what she preaches. Hence, arranging a phone interview to take place while she was en route to Vancouver was a bit of a challenge since she owns a cellphone but prefers not to use it except in emergencies. The interview took place during her sailing; she called from a pay phone on the ship.

Some would argue Crofton's beliefs are extreme. A B.C. study a few years ago concluded there may be one extra case of childhood leukemia every two years because of power lines.

Health Canada, meanwhile, has issued statements denying the health threat from wireless technology and cellphones.

"Based on scientific evidence, Health Canada has determined that exposure to low-level radio-frequency energy, such as that from Wi-Fi systems, is not dangerous to the public," said a statement from the federal agency.

On another occasion, Health Canada said it "currently sees no scientific reason to consider the use of cellphones as unsafe ... and there is no convincing evidence of increased risk of disease from exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields from cellphones."

But Crofton, who has a doctoral degree in health psychology, has spent the last five years collecting research on radiation from power lines, cellphones, cordless phones, wireless Internet, computers, baby monitors and microwaves.

And she's convinced that government standards meant to be protective are too lenient and while cellphone industry-sponsored research may show no impacts, other studies do show biological effects causing symptoms such as headaches, heart effects, decreased fertility and neurological disorders.

Crofton has three decades of experience devising wellness and heart health programs for air traffic controllers, pilots, nurses, teachers and others. Until she started doing her research, Crofton was like most people: she wanted the latest, fastest technology.

"It's not that I am against technology now. The Internet is extraordinary. Computers are essential. I just make sure that I have mine set up as a fully wired system, without the wireless mouse, without the wireless monitor and without the wireless router."

She acknowledges that not all people will experience symptoms of such radiation.

"Absolutely, there are some people who are more electro-sensitive than others.," she said.

Recently, a British scientist waded into the issue of wireless networks in Canadian schools, warning generations could face genetic disorders because of prolonged exposure to low-level microwaves.

"Children are not small adults, they are underdeveloped adults, so there are different symptoms," said Barrie Trower, who specialized in microwave "stealth" warfare during the Cold War.

Crofton will be joined tonight by American cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra.


A Pushback Against Cell Towers

The following article appeared in the August 27, 2010 New York Edition of the New York Times:


Published: August 27, 2010

TINA CANARIS, an associate broker and a co-owner of RE/MAX Hearthstone in Merrick, has a $999,000 listing for a high ranch on the water in South Merrick, one of a handful of homes on the block on the market. But her listing has what some consider a disadvantage: a cell antenna poking from the top of a telephone pole at the front of the 65-by-100-foot lot.

"Even houses where there are transformers in front" make "people shy away," Ms. Canaris said. "If they have the opportunity to buy another home, they do."

She said cell antennas and towers near homes affected property values, adding, "You can see a buyer's dismay over the sight of a cell tower near a home just by their expression, even if they don't say anything."

By blocking, or seeking to block, cell towers and antennas over the course of the last year, Island homeowners have given voice to concerns that proximity to a monopole or antenna may not be just aesthetically unpleasing but also harmful to property values. Many also perceive health risks in proximity to radio frequency radiation emissions, despite industry assertions and other evidence disputing that such emissions pose a hazard.

Emotions are running so high in areas like Wantagh, where an application for six cell antennas on the Farmingdale Wantagh Jewish Center is pending, that the Town of Hempstead imposed a moratorium on applications until Sept. 21. That is the date for a public hearing on a new town ordinance stiffening requirements.

At a community meeting on Aug. 16 at Wantagh High School, Dave Denenberg, the Nassau county legislator for Bellmore, Wantagh and Merrick, told more than 200 residents that 160 cell antennas had been placed on telephone poles in the area in the last year by NextG, a wireless network provider.

"Everyone has a cellphone," Mr. Denenberg said, "but that doesn't mean you have to have cell installations right across the street from your house."

Under the old town code, installations over 30 feet high required an exemption or a variance. But in New York, wireless providers have public utility status, like LIPA and Cablevision, and they can bypass zoning boards.

Earlier this month in South Huntington, T-Mobile was ordered to take down a new 100-foot monotower erected on property deemed environmentally sensitive (and thus requiring a variance). Andrew J. Campanelli, a civil rights lawyer in Garden City, said a group of residents had hired him to oppose the cellular company's application.

"They were worried about the property values," Mr. Campanelli said. "If your home is near a cell antenna, the value of your property is going down at least 4 percent. Depending on the size of the tower and the proximity, it is going down 10 percent."

In January, in an effort to dismantle 50 cell antennas on a water tower across from a school in the village of Bayville, Mr. Campanelli filed a federal lawsuit that cited health risks and private property rights.

In a statement, Dr. Anna F. Hunderfund, the Locust Valley superintendent, said that in February 2009 the district had engaged a firm to study the cellphone installations near the Bayville schools, finding that the tower "posed no significant health risks," and she noted that the emission levels fell well below amounts deemed unsafe by the Federal Communications Commission.

In June 2009, Sharon Curry, a psychologist in Merrick, woke up to find a cell antenna abutting her backyard, level to her 8-year old son's bedroom window.

Puzzled by its presence, particularly because she lives next to an elementary school, she did research to see if there was cause for concern.

What she learned about possible health impacts, she said, led her to seek help from civic associations and to form a group, Moms of Merrick Speak Out, to keep new cell towers out. She said she was seeking the "responsible" placement of cell antennas, away from homes and schools.

The Federal Communications Act of 1996 says health concerns are not a valid reason for a municipality to deny zoning for a cell tower or antenna. Property values and aesthetics, however, do qualify, according to the act.

Frank Schilero, an associate broker with RE/MAX Innovations in Wantagh, has a listing on a $629,000 home down the street from the Farmingdale Wantagh Jewish Center, where the application is pending to put six cell antennas on the roof.

"People don't like living next to cell towers, for medical reasons or aesthetics," Mr. Schilero said. "Or they don't want that eyesore sticking up in their backyards." There is an offer on his listing, he added, but since the buyer heard about the possible cell antennas she has sought more information from the wireless companies about their size and impact.

Charles Kovit, the Hempstead deputy town attorney, said that under the proposed code change any new towers or antennas would have to be 1,500 feet from residences, schools, houses of worship and libraries.

The town recently hired a consultant, Richard A. Comi of the Center for Municipal Solutions in Glenmont, to review antenna applications.

Under the new ordinance, applications for wireless facilities would require technical evidence that they had a "gap" in coverage necessitating a new tower.

"If not, they will get denied," Mr. Kovit said. The wireless companies would also have to prove that the selected location had "the least negative impact on area character and property values." If another location farther away from homes can solve the gap problem, "they are going to have to move."
How Dirty Electricity Causes Diseases

Is this silent killer playing a significant factor in the development of chronic diseases?

'Homeopathic' Signals from DNA

This is very interesting research showing that DNA from viruses and bacteria, in dilute solutions (similar to what is used in homeopathy), generate electromagnetic signals.  If this is indeed the case, then those signals may be providing information to nearby cells if those cells have receptors tuned to the same frequency.  By mimicking the same signals or interfering with those signals scientist can control different mechanisms including potentially harmful toxic microbes. This fits in with our exposure to digitally pulsed electromagnetic frequencies at very low intensities.

Once we understand the message that is sent and how it is received we can manipulate cells and organelles (by providing them with electromagnetic signals) and thus we can use this energy to harm or heal in subtle ways.

Scientists are beginning to understand (decode) the genetic code and now what we need to decode the electromagnetic code and how to translate electromagnetic signals into information at the cellular and subcellular level.

Very exciting development with "unimaginable" applications and consequences!!!!!



From: press-release@i-sis.org.uk
Date: August 31, 2010 7:01:47 AM PDT
Subject: 'Homeopathic' Signals from DNA

This article can be found on the I-SIS website at


ISIS Report 31/08/10

'Homeopathic' Signals from DNA

Nobel Laureate who discovered the HIV presents controversial but well-documented  findings that electromagnetic signals can be detected from highly diluted solutions of DNA. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

"Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won a Nobel prize in 2008 for linking HIV with AIDS, last week made controversial claims that highly dilute solutions of harmful viruses and bacteria emit low-frequency radio waves, allegedly from watery nanostructures formed around the pathogens. Similar claims have been made for homeopathic remedies." New Scientist [1]

Latest round of attack on homeopathy

Homeopathy has been subject to periodic attacks from the mainstream medical and scientific community aided and abetted by uninformed journalist in the mainstream press eager to create a good impression with the scientific establishment.

The latest round was initiated by a damning report from the UK Parliament Science and Technology Committee released in February 2010, Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy [2], which concludes that the existing scientific literature shows no evidence that that homeopathy is efficacious beyond the placebo effect, and that "explanations for why homeopathy would work are scientifically implausible."

Therefore, the National Health Service should stop funding homeopathy and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency should not allow homeopathic product labels to make medical claims without evidence of efficacy.

In July, the British Medical Association passed a resolution to stop homeopathy being made available on the National Health Service (NHS), and to have all homeopathic remedies to be placed in a special area marked 'Placebos' in health shops and pharmacies. However, the UK government is not taking action to ban homeopathy from the NHS [3], which has funded homeopathy from its inception in 1948. So homeopathy is safe, at least for now. 

Lack of plausible explanation the major hurdle in gaining public acceptance

The most difficult hurdle in getting general acceptance for homeopathy is without doubt the lack of an explanation, based on contemporary science, on why it would work. In my view, that is more important than getting double-blind, placebo-controlled data on efficacy. Such an explanation is beginning to emerge, and Luc Montagnier's research team may have provided some key observations.

The Nobel Laureate has entered the fray, bravely picking up on work done by his fellow countryman, the recently deceased immunologist Jacques Benveniste, who became the centre of a major international controversy in 1988, when Benveniste and his research team published a paper in the journal Nature describing the apparent homeopathic action of very high dilutions of anti-IgE antibody on the human blood cells basophils. As condition for publishing the paper, the then journal editor John Maddox organised and subjected Benveniste and his team to a farcical and damaging public trial [4] that included illusionist and well-known sceptic James Randi and fraud expert Walter Stewart .

Montagnier's recent work, summarily dismissed in the New Scientist [1] and elsewhere, has been published in two papers in 2009, and the evidence presented is clear and informative.

"A novel property of DNA"

The first paper reports the capacity of some bacterial DNA sequences to induce electromagnetic waves at high dilutions in water [5], and appears to be a "resonance phenomenon" triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency waves. Interestingly, genomic DNA of most pathogenic bacteria contain sequences that are able to generate such signals, suggesting that highly sensitive detection system might be developed for chronic bacterial infections in human and animal diseases. The second paper follows up this suggestion, showing that it is indeed possible to detect the presence of HIV DNA even when the RNA of the virus has disappeared from the blood of people infected with HIV and undergoing antiviral therapy (see [6] Electromagnetic Signals from HIV, Prospects for a Science of Homeopathy, SiS 48).

Montagnier and his colleague Claude Lavallee initially observed that filtering a culture supernatant of human lymphocytes infected with the bacterium Mycoplasma pirum (about 300 nm in diameter) through filters with pore size of 100 nm or 20 nm gave apparently sterile fluid. However, the sterile fluid was able to regenerate the original mycoplasma when incubated with a mycoplasma-negative culture of human lymphocytes within 2 to 3 weeks. Similarly, filtering an infective fraction of HIV particles (120 nm) through 20 nm filter failed to retain the infective agent.

Furthermore, the infectious filtrate produced electromagnetic waves of low frequency in a reproducible manner after appropriate dilutions in water. They suspected a "resonance phenomenon" depending on excitation by the ambient electromagnetic fields such as the 50/60 Hz signals from the mains. The infectious signal appeared associated with "polymeric nanostructures of defined size" present in the diluted filtrate. The supernatant of uninfected eukaryotic cells used as controls did not have those infectious effects.

EM signals associated with nanostructures

Given the initial clues, the researcher team set out to investigate the phenomenon more thoroughly, to characterize the electromagnetic (EM) signals and the nanostructures produced by the purified bacteria.

In addition to M. pirum, they looked at E. coli. The supernatants of deliberately infected human lymphocytes containing 106 or 107 infectious units per ml were filtered twice first through 450 nm Millipore filters to remove debris, and then 100 or 20 nm filters to remove mycoplasma cells. The filtrates were confirmed sterile by incubation for several weeks in enriched growth medium. Repeated search for traces of mycoplasma DNA by polymerase chain reactions (PCR) was also consistently negative.

However, when the filtrates were incubated for two weeks or three weeks with a culture of human activated T lymphocytes, the mycoplasma was recovered in the medium with all its original characteristics.

The filtrates were analysed just after filtration for production of EM waves of low frequency. For this purpose, a devise previously designed by Benveniste and Coll was used for the detection of signals produced (see Figure 1).

Figure 1  Detecting EM signals with Benveniste and Coll's device

The filtrates were serially diluted 1 in 10, after each dilution, the tube is tightly stopped and strongly agitated on a Vortex apparatus for 15 seconds. This step, which is equivalent to homeopathic 'succussion', has been found critical for the generation of signals.

After all dilutions have been made (15 to 20), the stopped tubes were read one by one on an electromagnetic coil (copper wire on a bobbin, impedance 300 Ohms), connected to a Sound Blaster Card, itself connected to a laptop computer powered by its 12 volt battery. Each emission is recorded twice for 6 seconds, amplified 500 times and processed with different softwares to visualise the signals on the computer screen. The main harmonics of the complex signals were analysed by softwares for Fourier transformations. In each experiment, the internal noise generated by the different pieces of the reading system was first recorded (coil alone, coil with a tube filled with ordinary water). Fourier analysis shows that the noise was predominantly very low frequencies probably generated at least in part by the 50/60 Hz ambient electric current. Using the 12 volt battery to power the computer reduced the noise, but did not abolish it altogether; as the noise was found to be necessary for the induction of the resonance signals from the specific nanostructure.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Electronic Signal Bylaw / Wi-Fi Non-Consent Form / 'Can raise brain cancer risk' / Cancer cluster near the weather radar / Know what is harming you / Cellphone antenna locations

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

31 August 2010

Electronic Signal Bylaw

Tonight the City of Colwood Council unanimously passed a motion to implement the Electronic Signal Bylaw to its fullest extent. Their lawyers will be instructed to seek an immediate injunction against the owner of the land rented to the FM radio stations on Triangle Mountain to have the stations  cease causing harmful interference for the residents of the area.

Of course there will be a court case, which will take time and money to win. This is a first in Canada, perhaps in North America, to uphold  residents' rights to full enjoyment and security of their homes against this type of interference.

I hope to get a press release into the major newspapers in the next day.

Many thanks to the Mayor and Councillors for their steadfast support.

Sharon Noble

cc. Residents of Triangle Mountain


Non Consent Form for Wi Fi used in schools is attached as a separate document

For distribution with comments to . . . Linda Ewart  lewart@telus.net

Mobile use 'can raise brain cancer risk' | Interphone, They ...

By danpite

Added Prof Denis Henshaw, Head of the Human Radiation Effects Group at Bristol University: "Why should it come as a surprise that pressing mobile phones to people's ears increases the risk of brain tumours? These findings are completely ...



Cancer cluster near the weather radar

In the stand south prefecture in Taiwan
It is cancer cluster near the weather radar.(2836MHz).

They did the demonstration and the petition to Taiwan government.


Three mental retardation children in 100m from radar Cancer is five times the Taiwan average.

The auditory disorder is a lot of people. The physically handicapped person is three times the Taiwan average.

more informations,


Know what is harming you and your children.

Xirrus WIFI Array http://www.xirrus.com/
States that "using 5.0 ghz is better then 2.4 ghz" however their Demo states they use BOTH the 2.4 and 5.0 Xirrus Wi-Fi Array Demonstration

3 Models of the Array



Cellphone antenna locations

For distribution:

Visit this site to see where cellphone antennas are located in Canada.


Type in an address and you will get information on nearby antennas,   who owns them, and their carrier frequency.

This site is similar to www.antennasearch.com in the U.S.



Checking my location shows only a couple of cell transmitters, not the 25+ which are near my home. And the location for the one across the street for me is incorrect. Just to warn people.

What I have done to get accurate info., is to get a longitude and latitude  near my home (this was available at my City Hall planning department). Then go to the Industry Canada geographical search at:

https://sd.ic.gc.ca/pls/engdoc_anon/web_search.geographical_input .

This is the site that, at least I've been told by IC, where info. is maintained for every transmitter. It gives frequency, owner and location. I check this site regularly to see what is happening in my area.

Sharon Noble

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Study of kids in school affected by RF / Comparative Encephaloscans / OCEANSIDE / Stop Smart Meters / Earth's Solar Storm Shield / Its twenty times worse

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

30 August 2010

Skrunda Radio Location Station

While this is not WiFi it shows you what can happen to kids exposed to  RFR.  Note this is peer-reviewed and was cited in the Royal Society of  Canada 1999 document.

See the document that is attached.

Comparative Encephaloscans

This document from the Next UP organization in France is very important.  It contains new information about how electro magnetic pollution is harming people and its links to EHS..

EHS: A world first in France with scientific proof from comparative encephaloscans



OCEANSIDE: Parents fighting proposed cell tower over school

North County Times


"Fifteen years from now, if all these kids have cancer, I'd sure hate to be the one who did nothing about (the tower)," said Hanson, whose son is in the fourth grade at Coastal Academy. I don't think they've done enough research on it.""Fifteen years from now, if all these kids have cancer, I'd sure hate to be the one who did nothing about (the tower)," said Hanson, whose son is in the fourth grade at Coastal Academy. I don't think they've done enough research on it."


Stop Smart Meters



Sun Often "Tears Out A Wall" In Earth's Solar Storm Shield


"The discovery overturns a long-standing belief about how and when most of the solar particles penetrate Earth's magnetic field, and could be used to predict when solar storms will be severe. Based on these results, we expect more severe storms during the upcoming solar cycle," said Vassilis Angelopoulos of the University of California, Los Angeles, Principal Investigator for NASA's THEMIS mission (Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms). THEMIS was used to discover the size of the leak.

Earth's magnetic field acts as a shield against the bombardment of particles continuously streaming from the sun.

Because the solar particles (ions and electrons) are electrically charged, they feel magnetic forces and most are deflected by our planet's magnetic field.

However, our magnetic field is a leaky shield and the number of particles breaching this shield depends on the orientation of the sun's magnetic field. It had been thought that when the sun's magnetic field is aligned with that of the Earth, the door is shut and that few if any solar particles enter Earth's magnetic shield. The door was thought to open up when the solar magnetic field direction points opposite to Earth's field, leading to more solar particles inside the shield.

Surprisingly, recent observations by the THEMIS spacecraft fleet demonstrate that the opposite is true. "Twenty times more solar particles cross the Earth's leaky magnetic shield when the sun's magnetic field is aligned with that of the Earth compared to when the two magnetic fields are oppositely directed," said Marit Oieroset of the University of California, Berkeley, lead author of one of two papers on this research, published May 2008 in Geophysical Research Letters.

Researchers have long suspected that this "closed door" entry mechanism might exist, but didn't know how important it was. "It's as if people knew there was a crack in a levy, but they did not know how much flooding it caused," said Oieroset.

Previous spacecraft could only sample a small part of this enormous layer of solar particles inside the Earth's magnetic shield, but the five spacecraft in the THEMIS fleet spanned the entire rapidly-growing layer to give definitive measurements.

While the THEMIS researchers discovered the size of the leak, they didn't know its location(s). This was discovered by Wenhui Li of the University of New Hampshire, Durham, N.H., and his team. They used a computer simulation to discover where two holes frequently develop in Earth's magnetic field, one at high latitude over the Northern hemisphere, and one at high latitude over the Southern hemisphere. The holes form over the daylit side of Earth, on the side of the magnetic shield facing the sun.

The simulation also showed how the leaks develop. As solar particles flow out from the sun, they carry solar magnetic fields past our planet. Li's team realized that the solar magnetic field drapes against Earth's field as it passes by. Even though the two fields point in the same direction at equatorial latitudes, they point in opposite directions at high latitudes, When compression forces the opposite fields together, they link up with each other in a process called magnetic reconnection. This process tears the two holes in Earth's magnetic field and appends the section of the solar field between the two holes to Earth's field, carrying the solar particles on this section into the magnetosphere, according to Li's team. "We've found if the door is closed, the sun tears down a wall.

The crack is huge – about four times wider than Earth and more then seven Earth diameters long," said Li, whose paper will be published in an upcoming article of the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Solar particles by themselves don't cause severe space weather, but they get energized when the solar magnetic field becomes oppositely-directed to Earth's and reconnects in a different way. The energized particles then cause magnetic storms that can overload power lines with excess current, causing widespread blackouts. The particles also can cause radiation storms that present hazards to spacecraft in high orbits and astronauts passing through the storms on the way to the moon or other destinations in the solar system. "The more particles, the more severe the storm," said Joachim "Jimmy" Raeder of the University of New Hampshire, a co-author of Li's paper. "If the solar field has been aligned with the Earth's for a while, we now know Earth's field is heavily loaded with solar particles and primed for a strong storm. This discovery gives us a basic predictive capability for the severity of solar storms, similar to a hurricane forecaster's realization that warmer oceans set the stage for more intense hurricanes. In fact, we expect stronger storms in the upcoming solar cycle. The sun's magnetic field changes direction every cycle, and due to its new orientation in the upcoming cycle, we expect the clouds of particles ejected from the sun will have a field which is at first aligned with Earth, then becomes opposite as the cloud passes by."

Bill Steigerwald
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Also see: We made a mistake, its twenty times worse -


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Preschool Wi Fi Tracking Devices / REACT talk on EMR / Cell tower hearing / aux-antennes-relais / Wireless parking / dangers of Wi Fi / EMF-Omega-News

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

29 August 2010

Richmond Preschool Outfits Students With Tracking Devices

See the video at 


Posted: 6:59 pm PDT August 17, 2010Updated: 8:47 pm PDT August 17, 2010

RICHMOND, Calif. -- The Contra Costa County School District began introducing a new high tech tracking system for preschool students Tuesday that alert teachers when their students leave campus.

Embedded in what looks like a tiny basketball jersey that each student will wear when at school is a radio frequency tag that also uses Wi-Fi. The tag provides a signal to sensors planted throughout the school.

The information from those sensors is displayed in a map of the school, thereby allowing teachers and administrators to know exactly

Parents will digitally sign in and sign out a child, saving teachers from hand filing attendance records required by the state.

"Now, when we feed the children lunch we just have to push a button and it's done," said teacher Simone Beauford. "We don't have to check the papers, check the papers, check the papers…"

Sung Kim of the county's employment and human services department said 3,000 man hours could eventually be saved with this $50,000 system, which was paid for by a federal grant.

"Within a year we could completely pay off this system from the savings we have with the staffing," said Kim. "We are the first child care center that is implementing with this technology, but it is already proven technology."


Press Release from REACT - Residents Engaged Against Cell Towers, Southern California Chapter

For Immediate release

August 17, 2010

Primary Contact:
Rina Baraz Nehdar, Tel.: (818) 991-1441
Email:  nellieblye@yahoo.com

WHO: A coalition of Southern California residents who object to cell antenna installations near homes and schools and who have a history of thwarting such sitings within their own communities

WHAT: is hosting a free talk with international EMF health experts Dr. Magda Havas, Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, and Libby Kelley, Founder of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance. The presentation is called "Cell antennas, phones and Wi-Fi: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family" and the public is invited to attend.

WHEN: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2ND AT 8 PM. The presentation will last up to 40 minutes followed by a Q & A from the audience.

WHERE: Temple Aliyah at 6025 Valley Circle Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA 91367

WHY: This event is being organized by resident community leaders across Los Angeles County to address the growing public concern about the harmful health effects from EMF/RF radiation emitting technologies, including cell antennas, cell phones, Wi-Fi, and SmartMeters. It's also occurring in light of the recent proliferation of cell towers in residential neighborhoods, San Francisco passing its right-to-know SAR cell phone legislation, and consumer groups and cities supporting moratoriums on SmartMeters.

Havas, Canada's foremost authority on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, has studied the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current. Havas will explain why citizens should be concerned about potential health risks related to electromagnetic radiation, especially among children and teens, pregnant women and persons with immune problems. She will present her BRAG project which encourages schools to identify nearby cell antennas, monitor EMF emissions, and advocate for placement of antennas no closer than 1500 feet from school property.

Dr. Havas will be followed by Elizabeth Kelley, who will present information on public advocacy needs and policy developments. Kelley will describe the implications of new cell phone "right-to-know" legislation in San Francisco, and proposed cell phone research and labeling legislation in the U.S. Congress.

Date: August 15, 2010


Dr. Havas will also be presenting her research at the Cancer Control Society Annual Conference on Sunday, September 5 at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City. For more information, go to



Rina Baraz Nehdar, Tel.: (818) 991-1441

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Elizabeth Kelley, Tel.: 520 743-0125 Email: lkelley_45@msn.com

Dr. Magda Havas: mhavas@trentu.ca


Southern California communities from San Diego to Kernville have experienced organized resident opposition to cell towers; those citizen groups have found that state and federal law favors wireless carriers trying to install their infrastructure. San Diego passed a 2003 wireless ordinance that stands, even though Sprint fought it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court; San Pedro parents outraged over a cell antenna installation near Taper Elementary in 2009 convinced the LAUSD to pass a resolution calling for its removal and for changes in federal laws that prevent states and local government from taking health concerns into account, especially on or near school property; Glendale, California recently passed a wireless ordinance that restricts installations in residential areas; Burbank is now Burbank is now updating its ordinance in response to residents' concerns, and Agoura Hills is currently drafting their new wireless ordinance in response to residents concerns. In Fairfax, a northern California town, a one year moratorium was just placed on Smart meter installations and citizens call for a state sponsored health study.


Magda Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants. Dr. Havas received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, completed Post-Doctoral research at Cornell University, and taught at the University of Toronto before going to Trent University in Peterborough, Canada.

Dr. Havas's current research is concerned with the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity, and ground current. She works with diabetics as well as with individuals who have multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and those who are electrically hypersensitive. She also conducts research on sick building syndrome as it relates to power quality in schools.

She has given talks in more than a dozen countries on her research and provides expert testimony on the health effects of electromagnetic pollution. She serves as a scientific advisor to many EMF scientific and advocacy organizations worldwide. Dr. Havas recently wrote, with Camilla Rees, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution and has co-edited three books and has published more than 100 articles. For more information, see www.magdahavas.com.

Elizabeth Kelley, MPA, Founder of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc, Tucson Arizona, has been actively engaged in international efforts to address the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from a health and public policy perspective for over 14 years. She holds a M.A. in Public Health Administration from the University of Southern California.  Ms. Kelley worked on public health policy issues at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C., initially as a U.S. Presidential Management Fellow.

Ms. Kelley was a leading appellant in United States Federal court challenging the current U.S. Federal Communications Commission radiofrequency radiation human exposure guidelines. 

She co-produced a film documentary in 2000 called "Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution." She co-founded the EMR Network, Inc. and Council on Wireless Technology Impacts, Inc. and served as Executive Director at the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS) in Italy. She was a lead organizer for the Expert Conference on Cell Phones and Health, in Washington D.C, September 2009. In January 2010, she premiered two short videos in San Francisco to launch the "Campaign for Safer Cell Phone Use" to educate teens and young children. See www.icems.eu.


Cell tower hearing postponed


By Lee Perlman
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A hearing on a proposal to place a new cell tower on the roof of the Dresden Apartments has been postponed.

At a July 19 hearing, at the request of the applicant, Clearwire LLC, City Hearings Officer Gregory Frank postponed consideration of their request to place new transmission facilities on the affordable housing building on E. Burnside St. at 26th Ave. The new hearing time will be 9 am August 2 at 1900 SW Fourth Ave.

City planner Sheila Frugoli denied Clearwire's request on the grounds that cumulative effects of electromagnetic radio from both the proposed facilities and those already in place on the roof exceed the safe limits for facilities so close to human habitation. Clearwire is appealing that decision.

Frugoli's ruling represents a rare victory, even a temporary one, for community groups battling the placement of cell transmission facilities. In several other cases, City officials have quoted federal regulations that forbid them from considering public health impacts in the siting of these facilities.



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Dobbed in by a parking Frog



Peterborough, Ontario, School Board advised about the dangers of Wi Fi

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(2:27 min)



Dear Sir, Madam, Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, for your information.

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Effects of mobile phone radiation on serum testosterone in Wistar albino rats
Hazards of Microwave Radiations
Effect of extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field exposure on morphological and biophysical properties of human lymphoid cell line
Motorola: Cancer related to Cell Phones
By adding low-frequency electronic "white noise" over the top of the cell phone signal, most of the biological effects of the radiation could be reversed
Weapons expert warns Wi-Fi in schools could cause birth defects
Cancer Cluster near mobile phone mast in Taiwan
There are legitimate concerns over cellphones
Protect your children from cell phone and WiFi radiation before it's too late
Cell tower opponents will meet
The community wants the GSM company to discontinue the erection of mast in their area
MP backs residents in mobile mast row
Phone mast plan angers local residents
Wi-Fi: Are you worried about possible health risks?
Book on electromagnetic hypersensitivity
SmartMeter Protest Shuts Down Capitola Business
Broadband over Power Lines (Wireless) wipes out CB Radio channels in UK
Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans
If Ultrasound Destroys Sperm, Why is it Safe for a Fetus?
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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Friday, August 27, 2010

Protect your children / U.K. expert warns against Wi-Fi / The mind has no firewall / Australia bans flu vaccines

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

28 August 2010

Protect your children from cell phone and WiFi radiation before it's too late

August 25, 2010

The Canadian Charger


Barrie Trower, a physicist and former British Secret Service Microwave Weapons Specialist, said he came out of retirement because microwave technology that was used for weapons is now being used in schools.

Speaking at the University of Toronto recently, Mr. Trower said he refuses all gifts and all money; consequently he tells it "exactly as it is."

He said there is a lot of proof that microwave radiation – used for cell phones and WiFi - is harmful and governments have known this for many years.

"Your government (Canadian) is one of the world leaders in microwave radiation research. The U.S. joined Canada in conducting research ... The first symptoms of microwave sickness were documented in 1932."

He added that there are 13 secret code names of microwave radiation research used by Canada, the U.S. and Britain.

Research results show that lung damage, destroyed brain cells and damage to the blood brain barrier are among a litany of ill-effects of prolonged exposure to low levels of microwave radiation; and children are the most susceptible because their cells are close to the size of the microwaves. Mr. Trower said this means children act as antennae for the microwaves.

"Children are not small adults. Their systems have not yet formed. It takes a few years for the blood brain barrier to form. It's like a fish net that surrounds the brain and keeps toxins out (of the brain). Microwave radiation makes the wholes (in the blood brain barrier) bigger so toxins leak into the brain. This can cause psychiatric problems."

Auditory hallucinations that make people think they're hearing sounds, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleeplessness and irritability are among the symptoms of blood brain barrier damage researchers have documented.

Damage to the immune system, which takes 18 years to develop in children, is another effect of exposure to microwave radiation Mr. Trower cites.

He also said we have electric cables in our bodies, formed by mile-long, inch-thick sheets of layers of proteins, that take 22 years to develop in children; and microwave radiation affects the protein synthesis.

Mr. Trower said there isn't a school in the world that hasn't seen an increase in aggression and other bad behavior when WiFi was introduced.

He cites paranoia, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies and inability to make decisions, among the deleterious effects of exposure to low levels of microwave radiation.

Then he gave an explanation for why little is being done about this issue.

"By 1971 we knew everything that needed to be known. This document (a 1976 summary of U.S. Defense intelligence agencies' research) is the saddest most despicable document ever published in history. Lack of concentration, menstrual disorders, headaches and irritability are some of the effects of exposure to microwaves, listed in this document," Mr. Trower said, followed by this statement: 'This should be kept secret to preserve industrial profit.' "

He added that as far back as the 1950's profit was deemed what needed protection, not people's health.

"In the 1950's researchers conducted experiments on the effects of microwave radiation. Their report contained this statement: 'If this paper becomes known around the world, it will threaten military and commercial investments.'"

Remarkably, the European Parliament has decided that it can't even trust the World Health Organization's (WHO) guidelines for acceptable levels of microwave radiation.

Mr. Trower said the European Parliament wrote to its 27 countries urging them to ignore WHO guidelines and set exposure limits at lower levels. And what was the WHO's response?

"The WHO said they will not comment on microwave radiation effects on people until 2015, when it will be able to establish effects on human beings. They are watching people to see how many will become sick. We're being experimented upon."

He added that the WHO only began studying microwave radiation effects on children in 2009 and it said it won't be able to comment until 2020.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trower said Russia is banning any children under 18 from microwave exposure, when possible, and Britain said children under 12 should have no microwave radiation exposure at all.

This is in the wake of reports made to the British parliament detailing the cases of 11 children under 11 years old who have leukemia. Mr. Trower said this is how the government responded:

"The minister said we're within international guidelines and sat down. This happened four times."

However, as a result of research that documents the harmful effects of microwave radiation on fetuses, the British government said that pregnant women must not be exposed to microwave radiation.

"The head of the fetus has multiple connections going on in the brain of the fetus. Microwave radiation gives the fetus an innumerable amount of electrical shocks. This can cause brain blood barrier damage that can result in severe psychiatric disorders later in life."

And this is but one of a number of risks to fetus development microwave radiation causes.

"It's a serious thing, even low levels of microwave radiation," Mr. Trower said. "It affects ovarian follicles and eggs. It can damage genes and eggs and the damage is irreparable. Generations will carry genetic defects. It's threatening the health of future generations, so it must never be put in schools."

He said there is no known safe level of microwave radiation for a child. "No scientist in the world has published a safe level for a child."


U.K. expert warns against Wi-Fi

Published On Thu Aug 26 2010


San Grewal Staff Reporter

The debate surrounding potentially dangerous Wi-Fi networks in schools has been put to rest by the Ontario education ministry, which feels that if Health Canada endorses the technology as safe, end of story.

But Barrie Trower, a British physicist who carried out research for the Royal Navy and military intelligence into the effects of microwave radiation, has come out of retirement to exhort bodies such as Health Canada to heed his life's work.

The Star caught up with Trower after his Tuesday lecture at the University of Toronto on the dangers of Wi-Fi technology and other common household sources of microwave radiation.

In the face of its recent declaration that Wi-Fi networks are safe in schools, what would you tell Health Canada?

"That's wrong. If we know there are no levels safe for children and children are everywhere, how can they be safe? I have never met a single person that has read the ICNIRP (International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) guideline. It says, 'Children, the elderly and some chronically ill people, might have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of microwave exposure.' Your government uses a safety threshold of 'not (greater than) 1,000 microwatts per cm2.' In 2007 a group of scientists came up with a safety level, the BioInitiative Report. Their level is 'not 0.1 microwatts per cm2.' "

Other than those with "electrosensitivity" why are children so susceptible to illness from Wi-Fi?

"Children are physiologically and neurologically immature. It takes years for the blood-brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell-leakage from microwave radiation. And a person's immune system, which fights off damage, takes 18 years to develop. In all of the schools I have visited around the world with Wi-Fi, every one has reported the same symptoms in students: fatigue, headaches, nausea, chest pain, vision problems.

You have been invited to advise numerous countries about these dangers, but almost all have ignored the warnings. Why?

"The governments have buried this for 40 years. They have known about these dangers since the research was coming in decades ago. Now, what do they say? They've painted themselves into a corner. I think they're hoping the whole thing will go away. They're afraid of lawsuits if they admit this is dangerous. And despite all the research that shows microwave radiation is dangerous, no one in the telecom industry has ever admitted it. No one."


The mind has no firewall.

PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 1998
The mind has no firewall.

See the attached document.

http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/98spring/thomas.htm (1 of 9)11/4/2005 11:43:44 PM


Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures


Note the Mercury link.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If Ultrasound Destroys Sperm, Why is it Safe for a Fetus?

W.E.E.P. News

Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News

27 August 2010

Honey, Someone Shrunk the Microvilli!

Attached are photos of white blood cells. The first is before exposure to ELF (Extremely low frequency) EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and the second is after exposure to ELF EMR. These photos come from an Italian research paper published in 1997 entitled

"Effect of extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic field exposure on morphological and biophysical properties of human lymphoid cell line (Raji)"

At any rate, we can see that the exposure to ELF (extremely low-frequency) radiation had the effect of shrinking/destroying what are known as microvilli. Now, these microvilli are found not only on immune cells, but also kidney cells, intestinal cells, sensory cells of the inner ear, the cells of taste buds, olfactory receptor cells, and on the plasma surface of human eggs (for the anchoring of sperm cells that have penetrated the cell surface).

Hence, we can speculate that the destruction of microvilli may very well, in the least

  1. impair immune function,

  2. impair kidney function,

  3. impair intestinal function, and

  4. impair fertility.

Furthermore, this destruction of microvilli by EMR may indeed be responsible for a host of modern ailments we are now seeing in the population:

  1. Immune System Dysfunction Syndromes (e.g. Autism, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, ADHD, etc.),
  2. Kidney Dysfunction Syndromes,
  3. Intestinal Dysfunction Syndromes (Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, etc.)
  4. Infertility.

Microvilli also contain enzymes, especially in the intestinal tract which break down nutrients for absorption, and are also covered with glycoproteins making up what are called glycocalyx. Glycocalyx are known to aid in the binding of substances needed for uptake and also as protection against harmful elements.

Since the Glycocalyx function (among other things) to

  1. Cushion the plasma membrane protecting it from physical and chemical injury,
  2. Enable the immune system to recognize and selectively attack foreign organisms,
  3. Defend against cancer by enabling the immune system to recognize changes in glycocalyx of cancerous cells and destroy them,
  4. Bind cells together so tissues don't fall apart,
  5. Enable sperm cells to recognize and bind to egg cells, and
  6. Guide embryonic cells to their destinations in the body, 1

their destruction would -- and is -- indeed having profound implications for all life on this planet. In one aspect (though there are many more) it does make one wonder about all these diseases where the cell has been infected with viruses, Lyme, mycoplasma and so on. One has to ask as to if the micovilli had been intact and functional....would the cell have been infected?

Hello People!

EMF Refugee

Everything must be taken into account. If the fact will not fit the theory -- let the theory go.... Real evidence is usually vague and unsatisfactory. It has to be examined -- sifted. But here the whole thing is cut and dried. No, my friend, this evidence has been very cleverly manufactured -- so cleverly that it has defeated its own ends.

Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles

If Ultrasound Destroys Sperm, Why is it Safe for a Fetus?

By Tonion May 24, 2010

Mike Adams
May 23, 2010

Ultrasound is extremely damaging to the health of any unborn child (fetus). The natural health community has been warning about ultrasound for years, but mainstream medicine, which consistently fails to recognize the harm it causes, insists ultrasound is perfectly safe and can't possibly harm the health of a fetus.

Now, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding a project that aims to temporarily sterilize men by blasting their scrotums with ultrasound. The burst of ultrasound energy, it turns out, disrupts the normal biological function of the testes, making the man infertile for six months.

Ultrasound, in other words, contains enough energy to temporarily deaden the testes and basically destroy sperm function for half a year. So why is it considered "safe" to blast an unborn baby with the same frequencies?

Continue reading If Ultrasound Destroys Sperm, Why is it Safe for a Fetus?.


Devastating for reproductive and general health?




U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

Saudi Med J. 2010 Aug;31(8):869-73.

Effects of mobile phone radiation on serum testosterone in Wistar albino rats.

Meo SA, Al-Drees AM, Husain S, Khan MM, Imran MB.

Department of Physiology [29], College of Medicine, King Saud University, PO Box 2925, Riyadh 11461, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tel. +966 (1) 4671604 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +966 (1)
4671604  end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Fax. +966 (1) 4672567. E-mail: sultanmeo@hotmail.com/smeo@ksu.edu.sa.


OBJECTIVE: To investigate the effects of electromagnetic field radiation generated by mobile phones on serum testosterone levels in Wistar albino rats.

METHODS: This experimental interventional control study was conducted in the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the period December 2006 to April 2008. A total of 34 male Albino rats [Wistar strain], 2 months of age, weighing 150-160 gm were used for the experiment. These animals were divided into 3 groups. The first group containing 6 rats was assigned as a control group. The second group containing 14 rats was exposed to mobile phone radiation for 30 minutes daily and the third group containing 14 rats was exposed to mobile phone radiation for 60 minutes daily for the total period of 3 months. At the end of experimental period, blood was collected into the container, and serum testosterone was analyzed using double-antibody radioimmunoassay method by Coat-A-Count.

RESULTS: Exposure to mobile phone radiation for 60 minutes/day for the total period of 3 months significantly decrease the serum testosterone level [p=0.028] in Wistar Albino rats compared to their matched control.

CONCLUSION: Long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation leads to reduction in serum testosterone levels. Testosterone is a primary male gender hormone and any change in the normal levels may be devastating for reproductive and general health.


The work of Theodore Litovitz

Did you know that that the cell phone industry must have known for well over a decade exactly how to prevent most of the adverse health effects of cell phone radiation but did nothing about it?

It comes from the work of Theodore Litovitz, who discovered that by adding low-frequency electronic "white noise" over the top of the cell phone signal, most of the biological effects of the radiation that were known at the time could be reversed. We now know how this may work at the molecular level. If you read my "Witness Statement" at http://tinyurl.com/34gvn29 , you will see that most of the effects of the radiation can be attributed to the loss of calcium from cell membranes, which occurs only in very narrow "windows" of field strength, above and below which there is little or no effect. By adding a low-frequency "noise" signal with a random amplitude, very few cells stay within their windows for long enough to remove much calcium before they leave their respective windows, and the lost calcium floods back. Consequently, little or no permanent damage is done. Just reducing the power will not give the same effect. All this will do is to move the affected region closer to the surface, so that other cells are then put in their "windows" for long enough to do damage.

Litovitz wrote several convincing papers on this subject and patented his work, but it does not seem to have been taken up by the cell phone industry. I do not know why this should be. Perhaps they just wanted to maximise profits by not having to pay for a licence to use the patents. If so, this was a very bad decision. Were it not for this decision, we could probably all now be able to enjoy perfectly safe cell phones, WiFi and other forms of wireless communications, but sadly we are not. I also do not know what the legal position is relating to this. Litovitz is dead now, but he assigned his patents to the Catholic University of America and I would strongly urge the mobile phone industry to have another look at them.

I am pasting in the titles page and a brief summary of some scientific papers relevant to his work. I have also added some comments of my own in blue.

Best wishes

Andrew Goldsworthy

Bioelectromagnetics 151 05-1 13(1994)

Superimposing Spatially Coherent

Electromagnetic Noise Inhibits Field-

Induced Abnormalities in Developing

Chick Embryos

T.A. Litovitz, C.J. Montrose, P. Doinov, K.M. Brown, and M. Barber

Department of Physics, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

(T.A.L., C.J.M., P. D., M.B.) and Biological Sciences Department, George Washington

University, Washington, D. C. (K. M. B.)

Weak regularly alternating extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields increased the abnormality rate in developing chick embryos. Adding a random ELF field (equivalent to white noise) of about the same field strength reversed this effect.

Bioelectromagnetics 153 99-409 (1 994)

Temporally Incoherent Magnetic Fields

Mitigate the Response of Biological

Systems to Temporally Coherent

Magnetic Fields

T.A. Litovitz, D. Krause, C.J. Montrose, and J.M. Mullins

Vitreous State Laboratory (T.A. L., C. J. M.) and Department of Biology (0. K., J. M. M.),

The Catholic University of America, Washington, District of Columbia

The activity of the enzyme ornithine decarboxylase (OCD) is doubled by weak (10pT) mains frequency (60Hz) alternating magnetic fields in mouse cell cultures. This was completely reversed by adding random noise frequencies between 30 and 90Hz of the same strength.

[N.B. Onithine decarboxylase (ODC) is the first enzyme in a biochemical pathway that leads to the production of polyamines such as spermine, which protect nucleic acids such as DNA from damage. Its production can be regarded as one of the body's defence mechanisms against the radiation.

Spermine is also a normal constituent of semen, where it helps to protect the DNA of the sperm (hence its name) and also gives semen its characteristic smell.]

Bioelectromagnetics 18:388–395 (1997)

The Role of Temporal Sensing in

Bioelectromagnetic Effects

T.A. Litovitz,1 M. Penafiel,1 D. Krause,2 D. Zhang,2 and J.M. Mullins2*

1Department of Physics, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

2Department of Biology, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Mouse cell cultures were exposed to weak 60Hz electromagnetic fields that were turned on and off at intervals between 1 and 50 seconds and the effect on ornithine decarboxylase (OCD) measured. Its activity was stimulated (by 70 percent) when the switching time exceeded 10 seconds.

In a second set of experiments, the 60Hz field was interrupted every second for brief intervals between 25 and 200 milliseconds. ODC activity was stimulated by the field as before but, when the length of the interruptions exceeded about 100 milliseconds, this effect was lost. [This means that continuous exposures of at least 600 cycles at a time are needed to stimulate the enzyme's activity but interruptions for just 6 cycles reverse the effect].

Bioelectromagnetics 18:422–430 (1997)

Bioeffects Induced by Exposure to

Microwaves Are Mitigated by

Superposition of ELF Noise

T.A. Litovitz,1* L.M. Penafiel,1 J.M. Farrel,1 D. Krause,2

R. Meister,3 and J.M. Mullins2

1Vitreous State Laboratory, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

2Department of Biology, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

3Department of Electrical Engineering, The Catholic University of America,

Washington, DC

We concurrently exposed L929 mouse cell cultures to 60 Hz amplitude-modulated microwave fields or a 50 Hz burst-modulated DAMPS (Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System) digital cell phone field at levels known to produce ODC enhancement, together with a 30–100 Hz ELF noise field with root mean square amplitude of up to 10 mT. All exposures were carried out for 8 h, which was previously found to yield the peak microwave response. In both cases, the ODC enhancement was found to decrease exponentially as a function of the noise amplitude. With 60 Hz amplitude-modulated microwaves, complete inhibition was obtained with noise levels at or above 2 mT. With the DAMPS digital cell phone signal, complete inhibition occurred with noise levels at or above 5mT. These results suggest a possible practical means to inhibit biological effects from exposure to both ELF and microwave fields.

Bioelectromagnetics 19:53–56 (1998)

The Superposition of a Temporally Incoherent Magnetic Field Inhibits 60 Hz-induced Changes in the ODC Activity of Developing Chick Embryos

J.M. Farrell, M. Barber, D. Krause, and T.A. Litovitz

Vitreous State Laboratory, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

Previously, we have shown that a weak (4 mT) 60 Hz magnetic field (MF) can increase the ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity peaks, which occur during gastrulation and neurulation of chick embryos. We now report that superimposing a random noise field of the same strength reverses these changes, and may be related to its suppression of the neural tube defects that occur at later stages. [ N.B. The neural tube gives rise to the central nervous system, so the noise can be expected to reduce microwave damage to the developing nervous system].

Physiology & Behavior 82 (2004) 785–789

Interaction of microwaves and a temporally incoherent magnetic field on spatial learning in the rat

Henry Lai*

Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory, Department of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Box 357962, Seattle, WA 98195-7962, USA

Received 17 December 2003; received in revised form 8 June 2004; accepted 8 June 2004

The effect of a temporally incoherent [noise] magnetic field on microwave-induced reduced learning ability in the rats was investigated. Four groups of rats were trained for six sessions to locate a submerged platform in a circular water maze, but immediately before each session, they were exposed to one of the following four treatments: -

1) Microwave-exposure (2450-MHz continuous-wave, average whole-body SAR 1.2 W/kg).

2) Random noise (60 mG).

3) Microwave+noise

4) Sham exposure.

One hour after the last session, they were tested in a 2-min trial in the maze during with the platform removed. The time spent in the quadrant where the platform had been was scored.

Results show that microwave-exposed rats were significantly less able to remember the right quadrant of the maze than the sham (unexposed) rats. Simultaneous exposure to the noise signal reversed the effect of the microwaves but the noise signal on its own had no effect.


Cell tower opponents will meet


The SoCal chapter of REACT (Residents Engaged Against Cell Towers) will host a free talk at 8 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 2 at Temple Aliyah, 6025 Valley Circle Blvd., Woodland Hills.

International EMF health specialists Dr. Magda Havas, associate professor of environmental and resource studies at Trent University, and Libby Kelley, founder of the Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, will give a presentation on "Cell Antennas, Phones and Wi-Fi: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Family."

The public is invited to attend.

Havas has studied the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution, including radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity and ground current. She will explain why citizens should be concerned about potential health risks related to electromagnetic radiation, especially among children and teens, pregnant women and people with immune problems.

Kelley will present information on public advocacy needs and policy developments as well as the implications of new cellphone "right-to-know" legislation in San Francisco.

REACT is a coalition of Southern California residents who object to cell antenna installations near homes and schools and who have a history of stopping such installations within their communities.

For more information, call Rina Baraz Nehdar at (818) 991- 1441 or e-mail nellieblye@yahoo .com.


Traffic Jam on the Information Superhighway

by: Frank Holmes August 22, 2010 


There's growing congestion on one of America's highways and reports say the problem will only get worse. In just the past few years, America's technological network—our information superhighway—has gone from hare to tortoise. Dropped calls, Internet outages and surfing at a snail's pace now seem to be commonplace.

One of the main causes of the congestion is the exponential growth of smartphones. Did you know that the new 4G iPhone uses the equivalent network capacity of 200 older generation cell phones

Earlier this year when Apple sold 1.7 million of them in just three days, it was the data equivalent of dumping 340 million new cell phones into the system at once—no wonder there were problems. It isn't Apple's (or AT&T's) fault so many people wanted their product, but it does highlight the investment opportunity.

According to tech research firm PacificCrest, the global technology build out is a $200+ billion opportunity over the next five years. The infrastructure needs include $100 billion to relieve congestion and $50 billion for boosting networks by upgrading Internet protocols. PacificCrest also estimates $54 billion is needed for new routing systems to improve data flow.

PacificCrest says we're entering the next phase of the Internet infrastructure build cycle as big firms boost their capital spending to alleviate bottlenecks and accommodate technological improvements.

During the last cycle (2004-2008) the top five Internet firms spent roughly $15 billion on infrastructure, but that figure is expected to jump to $28 billion over the next four years (click to enlarge).

The infrastructure upgrades and additional networks are important because much of the world still isn't connected. There are 183 billion emails sent each day, but 78 percent of the world's population still doesn't have email. There are roughly 6 billion devices (4.6 billion mobile phones, 1.2 billion computers) hooked up to the Internet today, but less than 10 percent of those have high-speed access.

As more people—especially in the developing world—join the broadband and mobile communities, immense strains will be placed on the global network over the next few years. There should be substantial opportunities to participate in this build out along the way.



There are legitimate concerns over cellphones

Published: August 26, 2010 3:00 PM


Editor: It's an uncomfortable truth that cellphones, wireless laptops, compact fluorescent light bulbs and many of the other modern electrical conveniences that we use every day may be dangerous to our health and the welfare of other living things.

It can take years for science to assemble enough clear evidence to prompt governments to set safer standards. Think of pesticides and smoking.

And the Canadian government continues to peddle unsafe asbestos and nuclear power to markets abroad that have lower safety regulations than we do because these industries are "good" for our economy.

Health Canada's safe limits for the radiation from wireless technology are well below what groups like Citizens for Safe Technology say are necessary, but the government is at least saying officially that it is monitoring the evidence coming in about the health consequences of our increasing use of wireless devices.

To cavalierly declare that "glaring falsehoods and incomplete information" (letter, The Times, Aug. 18) are behind the concern about cellphones and cellphone towers is really like trying to hide your head in the sand.

Greg McIntyre,

Walnut Grove


Honourable Kevin Falcon

Efforts are being made to install WiFi in schools throughout British Columbia in the name of progress. School boards need to be made aware that this is a technology which has never been tested, and, therefore, has never been proven to be safe. It uses the same type of radiation that has been shown in thousands of independent peer-reviewed studies to be hazardous, especially to children.

When asked to investigate whether WiFi is dangerous, school boards and the IT specialists quite naturally look to Health Canada for guidance. Unfortunately Health Canada has established a guideline which is  inadequate because it is based on another type of radiation. The levels of exposure allowed by Health Canada are among the highest (worst) in the world. Several scientists met the Parliamentary Sub-Committee in charge of Health Canada (HESA) in Ottawa in April to present evidence to confirm this statement. Please see the attached transcripts of that meeting. Therefore, when school boards receive assurance that the radiation levels associated with WiFi will be below the levels in Safety Code 6 (the guideline), they are being mislead into believing this means WiFi is safe. Harm has been shown to occur at levels drastically below those allowed by Safety Code 6.

Barrie Trower, a physicist and former British Secret Service member who specialized in microwave weapons for the UK government, was interviewed this week in Toronto about the dangers of wireless technology, especially WiFi in schools. Following is a link to that 6 minute interview. Mr. Trower refers to a previously classified government document which instructs that the information obtained through experiments be hidden from the public.


Please know that despite statements to the contrary by the wireless companies, WiFi provides no advantage other than convenience. In addition to being safer from a health viewpoint, wired connection to the internet  is faster, carries more data, and is more difficult to be hacked into. Is this worth jeopardizing the health of our greatest asset -- our children, or their teachers? I think not.

I implore you and your office to take charge of the issue. WiFi is not in Federal jurisdiction so it becomes a Provincial responsibility. It is imperative that the harm associated with prolonged exposure of children to WiFi be examined carefully before it is installed in school rooms. Scientific evidence shows that children are especially vulnerable to the radiation. It is your departments' and the schools' responsibility (in loco parentis) to ensure their safety.

I look forward to receiving a response. Should you require more information, or have any questions regarding anything I've said, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sharon Noble

Victoria, BC


CBC is running a poll on WIFI and whether it is safe for children. Since there is not a single safety study on children, this is the achilles heel of the industry. Make sure everyone knows it. Patti



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