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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

29 January 2014

20 Million More US Children to be exposed to 'Possible Carcinogen'. 

Obama announced a step forward in his proposal to improve Internet access in schools on Tuesday: Actions by the Federal Communications Commission and tech companies—including Apple, Microsoft, Sprint, and Verizon—will bring high-speed broadband Internet to more than 15,000 schools and 20 million students over the next two years, Obama said.

Why haven't the President's advisors pointed out this report from the World Health Organization? -


One in Five Children in Toronto Suffering Mental Health Issues.  Is it Time to Turn Off the Wi Fi in Schools and protect Children from Wireless Microwave Radiation? 

According to the board, "one in five children experience mental well-being issues. This statistic translates into approximately 40,000 students in the TDSB."

Are the people who run the schools suffering mental issues of their own, from using their own wireless mobile devices, and are they too stupefied to protect the children?
"The public has been misled about the utility or the usefulness of the smart meters as being part of the smart grid," he charged. "They have really nothing to do with the smart grid."

Hydro One says it is in the process of hiring more workers and giving them better training, in response to problems with smart meters and a changeover in the billing system.

A spokeswoman for Hydro One said she can't talk about specific customers, but noted the utility is dealing with an unusually high number of complaints.

Tiziana Baccega Rosa says there needs to be infrastructure to improve signals among smart meters — and it's not clear when the problems will be resolved.


How Stupid, Complicated and Expensive Can Ontario Electrical Billing Be?

The MDM/R serves more than 70 local distribution companies, handling reads from over four million meters, and processing over 100 million transactions per day.

 "As data sets have grown from hundreds of records to millions, and tables from millions of rows to hundreds of billions, many legacy software systems cannot scale

Ontario is providing a fine example to the world, of stupidity and 'what not to do' to an electrical distribution system.

Even More Stupid - The USA Grid
In the United States alone, there are more than 46 million smart meters installed, according to the Institute for Electric Innovation
The Silicon Valley-based company this week will introduce software designed simplify the process of programming meters and sensors on the grid and capturing the huge amounts of data they produce.
As a company, it's trying to earn money by providing services, such as big data analytics, that make use of the existing infrastructure. "This giant network exists and it's largely under-utilized," Young says.
No mention in these 'smart grid' stories about increased cancer, heart problems, depression and neurological problems or the law suits and criminal trials that are likely to occur eventually !

In a new survey, 61 percent of energy executives polled say they consider security to be a significant problem for the smart grid, and nearly two-thirds believe that the grid is not prepared for security threats. However, only eight percent of utilities plan to invest more than $5 million in cyber security technologies over the next five years.


Unbelievable - these are the people who have pushed and bullied people to install smart meters, with no concern for very serious adverse heath effects, yet they know that they are weakening the entire electrical system! 

Where did common sense, integrity and decency go?  Don't they realise that they have a duty to ensure the system is safe and secure.  A great many lives depend on electrical grids operating safely!


Public Dissatisfaction with Energy Companies
New research by the consumer group Which? found that overall customer satisfaction for energy companies has fallen to a new low of 41 percent, an eight percent year-to-tear drop. Survey participants gave the UK's six largest energy companies received the six lowest scores.

The Health Effects of Wireless Technology & ElectroMagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity

Audio - program date: 
Fri, 08/09/2013

On this month's  Digital Divide we'll be talking with professor Martin Pall, and researcher Merry Callahan about the health effects of Wireless Technology or ElectroMagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity, (EMS).  As wireless technology becomes even more integrated into our daily lives through phones, computers, in new cars, and home appliances, we'll learn how some people suffer health related symptoms as a direct result of wireless technologies.

To raise awareness of the risks of RF EMR in School
Please find below an email I sent this morning to the principal of a local Nelson School to raise awareness of the risks of RF EMR following a story in the Nelson Mail last night.
My daughter goes to this school and I was Chair of the Board there a few years ago when my older children were there.


 From: <>
 Date: 26 January 2014 12:06:18 PM NZDT
 Subject: Wifi, BYOD and management to protect staff, student and parent health and safety 
Kia ora 

I have been closely following international research and policy on managing possible health, safety and environmental concerns from cellphones, celltowers, cordless phones, wifi and other radio-frequency waves (including AM and FM transmitters, smart meters and baby monitors) since 2008 when Telecom proposed a new celltower immediately next to the Atawhai Playcentre sandpit and I was asked to assist our local community. 
Since then I have been involved in many EMR related issues, and I am now widely acknowledged as a NZ expert in this field.
Over the last few years many RF EMR technologies have become increasingly affordable, and user friendly. As a result they have become increasingly adopted in a variety of educational facilities and other workplaces. There is presently an increasing trend for wifi and BYOD (bring your own devices) in our schools. Many of the potential learning benefits are obvious. 
However this technology comes with some potentially serious health and safety and learning risks which need to be managed. 
The report on the front page of last night's Nelson Mail (Saturday 25 January 2014) about the trend this year for Nelson Schools to encourage students to bring their own BYOD to use at school, and my experience with related issues around NZ  have motivated me to share some of my expertise to ensure that you understand the health and safety concerns and can implement appropriate precautionary strategies to manage these.
Risks from EMR

Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation "RF EMR" can cause adverse health effects.
These include:
Biological effects on the function of cell membranes, DNA replication, stress and other hormone management, cancer, and adverse effects on the general well being and equilibrium of individuals
Allergic type effects known as electro-hypersensitivity or electrosensitivity.
There is also clear evidence from the recent research of NZ scientist Dr Mary Redmayne that RF EMR can interfere with natural hormones and cause headaches and tiredness and lack of concentration in the intermediate school aged children that she studied. 
The NZStandard NZS2772:1 is dated and protects only against heating effects such as death, burns and electric shocks
 The acute heating effects of RF EMR are universally recognised and are managed by NZStandard NZS2772:1 1999.
 NZS2772:1 1999 provides no protection against biological effects, electrosensitivity or for people with pacemakers or other electronic body parts. This proposed Australia/NZ standard was controversial even when it was being drafted due to the heavy industry influence, and resulted in the Australian's breaking off to develop their own more stringent standard.
Clause 10(d) of NZS2772:1 1999 requires steps to be taken to minimise exposure from RF EMR where these steps can be done at no or minimal cost. This clause is little known and often ignored. 
There is currently no formal guidance in NZ to protect against biological effects of EMR 
At present the NZ government does not recognise biological effects of RF EMR and accordingly has no standards or up to date advice to warn parents, schools or other employers of the possible risks or to recommend exposures be minimised. The last NZ review of EMR risk was in 2004.
NZS2772:1 1999 which protect against heating effects, is widely considered to be around 1000 times too high to protect against biological effects from RF EMR. In other words emissions that are measured at only 1% of the maximum allowed by NZS2772:1 may be 10 times above internationally recognised safe limited for biological effects.
Following a Parliamentary Inquiry in 2008 and 2009, the Local Government and Environment Committee recommended  a review of NZS2772:1 to ensure NZ had best international practice, and a review of the composition of the Government's Interagency Advisory Committee to ensure the advice to government was not being dominated by vested interests (Refer Report into the Petition of Sarah Allan and 3100 other dated 28/11/2009).
 The Minister for the Environment rejected the recommendations in this report. 
The NZ government position is lagging behind that of many other governments including Russia, Israel, Switerland and many states of the EU such as Belgium, France and Italy, where there is increasingly widespread advice to minimise and manage RF EMR exposure, particularly for children. This risk for children is of particular concern due to their smaller size and developing brains and bodies, many years of exposure ahead (typically the effects of carcinogens do not show up strongly until 20 or more years exposure due to a latent period of at least 10 years - hence the delay in the reclassification of tobacco) and the lack of specific research on children.
Why is a precautionary approach needed?

 In May 2011 the World Health Organisation reclassified RF EMR as a Class 2B carcinogen. This followed analysis of the international "Interphone"  study which compared certain types of brain tumours of "heavy users" of cellphones in the early 2000s against others. This is the first WHO recognition that RF EMR may cause biological effects as well as heating effects.
 NB: The definition of "heavy user" was someone who used a cellphone for at least 10 years for an average 30 mins per day. By today's standards this is at best a moderate use, and the 10 years is barely enough to provide for the latent period between exposure and development of cancer.
Many states now prohibit the sale of cellphones to young children and formally warn parents to try to keep their teenagers' use of cellphones to a minimum. Many European states now include advice to parents and students about minimising cellphone use, turning phones off when possible, and storing them well away from the body in their school health education. There is a trend for more testing of phones and for more consumer information about the "SAR" (emissions) rating of cellphones and cordless phones.
Recently many new cellphones have started to be sold with earplugs, and with small print advice that the device should not be stored or used within 15mm of the body.
Non-ionising radiation can harm health
Some claim that RF EMR is not "ionising" radiation so is safer than X-rays and other radiation. However UV is also non-ionising radiation and it is now widely accepted that non-ionising UV radiation can cause both sunburn (an immediate burning effect) and longer term biological and carcinogenic effects including melanoma and other skin cancers. Responsible schools include health and safety polices to ensure students are protected from the sun and UV rays . 
RF EMR falls between XRays and UV light on the spectrum, so it cannot be assumed it is incapable of causing biological harm.
 I have recently learned that BYOD wifi servers in classrooms can emit high levels of RF EMR whether or not they are being used.
 It is sound advice for care to go into planning the set up of BYOD wifi to minimise all unnecessary exposure and to enable these devices to be turned on only when needed.

Some people are particularly sensitive to EMR and suffer allergic type reactions from even very low exposures. Symptoms include debilitating headaches, itchy skin, erratic heartbeat, loss of balance and concentration and other allergic and stress type responses to exposure.  
Electro-sensitivity (EMS) tends to develop in individuals over time after exposure that is beyond their personal capacity.The dose that triggers electro-sensitivity varies considerably between individuals.  It may be specific for one or more frequencies, or more general. The symptoms and frequencies which cause these may worsen over time. 
Swedish research estimates electro-sensitivity affects approximately 4% of the population. The average classroom of 30 persons would likely include on average 1-2 teachers, teachers aids or students who are electrosensitive. 
In the modern world electrosensitivity is debilitating. In the medium term EMS will become inevitably become recognised as a workplace accident, triggering ACC.
What your school can do

 As you increasingly embrace the benefits of new technology I urge your school to also understand and address the challenges and risks of RF EMR and wifi. 
 Sensible steps include:
* understand the possible risks and be open to ways of minimising unnecessary exposure, educating staff and students and having a process of confidential concerns to be investigated and addressed
* be alert for adverse effects 
* make provision for staff and students who are electrosensitive (or who are otherwise concerned about exposure to RF EMR) to learn in an environment that is safe for them.
* ensure all BYOD work areas are carefully designed to avoid emissions having to having to go through children's bodies, and so exposure is minimised and sources are kept as low as possible and far as possible from children's bodies.
* ensure all BYODs are used on desks and not on children's laps.
* require all transmitters and BYOD devices to be turned off when not in use.
*Keep BYOD work areas isolated from other study and play areas so emissions are contained.
*Hard wire the BYOD workspace to avoid unnecessary exposure to RF EMR. 
*educate staff, students and parents to be alert to the risks and to minimise unnecessary exposure.
Please feel free to circulate this email to your colleagues.
You are also very welcome to contact me to discuss any queries you may have.
Thank you for you interest in understanding and managing this important health and safety issue. 
Kind regards
Sue Grey LLB(Hons), BSc (Microbiology and Biochemistry), RSHDip PHI , former Member and Chair of Nelson Central School Board and concerned mother of three.

To biologists and physicians in the know who have read the literature, experienced electrical sensitivity directly themselves or have seen hundreds of patients with electrical sensitivity, such a "no effect" statement is not reality, not good science, but is absurd. 
Not simply a propaganda statement made out of ignorance and wishful thinking, but an outright lie.
At first it seems hardly worth the effort of a response, except that hundreds of millions of people are being deliberately mislead.
Philippe Hug Remembered 1956 - 2010
The voice of Russia.

Researchers ring alarm about harmful effects of radiation emitted by cellphones

But would you believe that living in a penthouse or in an upper floor of a multi-storey building is equally harmful? That's because electromagnetic waves are superimposed on the physical micro-vibrations of an edifice
The Quite Zone Retreat

This protective space may be helpful for those desperately trying to find relief from microwave radiation!

The Quite Zone Retreat is just that. Available in 2 sizes, completely free-standing and self supporting, with large zippered doors for easy access. All surfaces are made with durable 600D Mylar fabric shielding material which locks out 99% of wireless radiation from every direction.

Chemicals or EMFs, or Both?
Chemical concerns, documentary to be shown at a film festival on environmental issues in Paris.

Israel - Wi-Fi high court lawsuit:

Prof' Sigal Sadezky (Interphone, Mobi kids) responds to blames about her conflict of interest: 

"I have never received a dime from the cell phone companies".

A lawsuit of the National Parents Leadership and the Forum for Sane cell phone use, both represented by lawyer Michael Bach. And with lawyer Dafna Tachover.

According to prof' Sadezky, she, like Dafna Tachover, would prefer to live in a world without one cell phone, but the reality is different and it can't be changed, "exactly as we know that the air pollution caused by cars is harmful for health, but we do not demand to cancel all the highways in the country, because it's simply impossible, it is impossible to demand from people to go back and not use cell phones. It is only possible to try to minimize the damage and I am doing it".

More says prof' Sadezky: "I sat with all the relevant parties and we seriously examined the possibility of entering wired internet but I was convinced that it was impossible, if we do not enable entering the Wi-Fi, they will connect with their cell phones and it will increase the radiation they are exposed to, much more than in the case of entering controlled Wi-Fi system".

Lawyer Dafna Tachover: prof' Sadezky misled in a scientific study, the interphone, when she and her collegues found increased risk of cancer, that were half of the results their study actually found. This misleading is not surprising, considering the fact that the study was funded by the cell phone companies. For a decade prof' Sadezky is responsible for the public policy about radiation, and she leads a failing policy and suffers from conflict of interest, she is hiding behind an inappropriate decision of the WHO when she knows its decisions are problematic, and her personal responsibility demands that she would do an independent investigation of her own on the subject, something she has not done".

"Prof' Sadezky knows that she misleads the court, and it is not coincidence that she filed a letter and not an affidavit." 

Prof' Sadezky rejects Tachover's blames about conflict of interests and said: "I have never received a dime from the cell phone companies, the study I participated in was a study of the EU that in part was funded by the cellular industry, and although I believe that the cell phone companies need to fund such studies, as I believe that the drug companies need to fund studies, I personally have not received money from the cellular companies".


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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WEEP News / Smart phone could be killing you / French Assembly / French village / Disability WHO / Critique / Keep kids off / Hypersensitivity / Lower Grades / ban cell towers / Biological Effects etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

25 January 2014


Dr. Gifford Jones. 

Unfortunately, she developed breast cancer. But what shocked doctors was that the pattern of the cancer lined up perfectly with the shape of the cell phone.

The French Assembly - NEW LAW ON EMF/RF
On Friday, January 24, 2014 10:08 AM, Rodrigue Deschenes Health Edu & Services wrote:
Hi everyone,
I am really excited this morning.
I will look for the news in English, and pass it on. I will check The Guardian, The Independent, and the Huffington Post to see if they will cover it in the coming days. will, but it may take some time. We can expect there will be the regular mainstream media black out here, because the industry really does not like that new development and will do everything to stop coverage.
Such a law raises the awareness of the French people on the health impacts of EMR, The green party and the Socialist party members did many compromises to make sure the law passes.
But it is a huge step; they got their foot in the door. It will also have repercussions in other countries.  The new law is now sent to the Senate to be ratified and I just called my cousin in France to get his take on what it means and will keep you posted.
A few points off my head:
Acting and education based on the precautionary principle
Transparency & Coordination with local authorities with mayors and departments given back powers to legislate
Ban of WiFi in kindergartens & nurseries (for 3 years old and less)
Study of impacts in schools and favor wired connections
Advertising prohibited to all children under 14
Study mandated on Electro Hyper Sensitivity and the creation of low RF radiation zones particularly in cities with results due in one year
Checking transmission levels to make sure that levels do not go over the average determined to be in France at 6V/m or around 100,000 uW/m2, the level of protection most eastern Europe, Italy, Russia, China have set.  
(Although France has set the protection standards at 10,000,000uW/m2 like here, the average measured in 16 communes by COPIC is under .7V/m (about 1,200uW/m2) and up to 10 V/m (+300,000uW/m2) in 10% of the cases. The industry will have a set deadline time to adjust those higher levels. Here in the US , according to the Institute of Building biology, although base stations antennas are supposed to transmit with signal strength of no more than 100 Watts or 100,000,000uW/m2 (?) I have to confirm those numbers), but the point is they often go much higher than this and we have no COPIC here to monitor the levels.)
This has wide implications for us-some of them I suggest here:
1- We can use this law as an argument to the Health Committee in Salem as a wake up call for Oregon.  If France does it, it means there has to be something real about the health dangers of microwave technology. We will not get legislation happen in Salem until more representatives are becoming aware of the problem.
2- WE can use this for another press release to all media, but this time with follow up calls to make sure they just do not discard it, but that it is their responsibility to publish it as journalists.
3- I was planning to write to all private preschools and kindergarten schools principals and teachers, and union representatives.
Maybe WE should do it to all schools, private and public, quoting the New French Law as a proof that something need be done to protect our children.
For that we need to expand our capacity with new prestigious Board members, more volunteers, and fundraising efforts.
For those who can read French or can manage with Google translate:
And (much longer-a full analysis-fornt page of Le Monde to-day)
From Robin des Toits:
google translation

It has taken a year for the draft law on electromagnetic waves carried by Laurence Bee on behalf of MPs environmentalists is adopted by the National Assembly. At its niche in 2013 , the environmental group had entered the text agenda. At the request of the minister, and at the last moment , the Socialist group, the majority had returned the text in committee - a referral commission motivated by the expectation of several works on the subject of waves in 2013. These reports made ​​, Laurence Bee took over the work and cooperation within the majority: the environmental group could , as he had promised last year, part of its annual parliamentary recess a new version of the bill on the air, taking into account various reports submitted to and remarks that have been made ​​during the previous examination.

It is this proposal that the Assembly adopted today , paving the way for a parliamentary shuttle with the Senate.
"Now, at the location of antennas , a clear procedure will be set up with information of residents and the mayor, dialogue between stakeholders and conciliation in case of blockage ," says Laurence Bee . " Today's proposal also provides for identification and treatment of outliers , that is to say, the points that substantially exceeds the average nationally .
Wave transmitters and wireless devices are better supported , with a clear warning consumers and a mechanism for simply turning off wifi for all devices that use it . "
" The ban wifi in nurseries as well as advertising with a glue ear are designed to protect the weakest phone , that is to say younger and encourage more reasonable practices
- following in this scientific advice . "

"This text also opens the way for a consideration of electro- hypersensitivity : a report on the advisability of creating electromagnetic radiation limited areas and on the effectiveness of isolating devices waves will be realized.
This responds to a growing demand for some of our fellow citizens who are suffering and were now neglected, if not ignored . "
According to its author, " the key words of the text are sober as possible , transparency and consultation.
Far from being punitive , ecology demonstrates that it knows to be incentive for behaviors and preventive for consideration of risks. "

François de Rugy , Co environmental group , this second adoption of an environmentalist text of the day the National Assembly (after the Law on Plant Protection Products ) " sounds like a double demonstration : that environmentalists perform well
function for setting the parliamentary agenda of environmental and health issues , and the interest to participate fully in the majority - only way to adopt the solutions we carry and translate them into everyday life. "

Press contact: Charlotte Pauron 06 82 21 33 33 - cpauron.ecolo @ ASSEMBLY -
Draft law on the airwaves :
Sobriety used sparingly in the National Assembly ...
Paris , January 23, 2014 - Following a parliamentary debate to lead to the adoption in first reading a text governing the development of mobile and wireless technologies , organizations are finding that
small law adopted reflects the state of forces.
Associations expected that the debate in the National Assembly strengthens the text of the bill .
Not only amendments to strengthen the text were rejected , but the proposal of the Government , the ambition of the original text has been reduced , particularly regarding children's exposure .
However, this text marks a symbolic milestone for the recognition of EHS .
Far from guaranteeing an ideal text antenna residents, laptop users and electrohypersensitive the displayed electromagnetic sobriety, the text adopted does is no less an advanced filling a persistent regulatory vacuum.
Associations hope that senators will strengthen small law adopted by the members present.


French village in 'Asterix-style battle' to be mobile network-free zone

Indeed, it is so isolated that some residents claim Pailharès is the last remaining "white zone" in France – a village almost totally devoid of electromagnetic waves. "We are bit like Asterix's village of Gaul, the last in France to resist an invasion of mobile phone masts. We will fight to the bitter end," said Isabelle Nonn-Praya.


Disability  Draft WHO global disability action plan 2014–2021:

Better health for all people with disabilities

Critique of the U.S. 'Smart Grid' strategy
 at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco, January 28th 12-3 p.m.
Video interviews on 'Hidden Science'
EMF Omega News

Hypothesis on how to measure electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Electromagn Biol Med. 2013 Sep;32(3):281-90. doi: 10.3109/15368378.2012.712586. Epub 2013 Jan 9.


Institute of History, Theory and Ethics in Medicine, and Human Technology Centre (HumTec), RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany.


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is an ill-defined term to describe the fact that people who experience health symptoms in the vicinity of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) regard them as causal for their complaints. Up to now most scientists assume a psychological cause for the suffering of electromagnetic hypersensitive individuals. This paper addresses reasons why most provocation studies could not find any association between EMF exposure and EHS and presents a hypothesis on diagnosis and differentiation of this condition. Simultaneous recordings of heart rate variability, microcirculation and electric skin potentials are used for classification of EHS. Thus, it could be possible to distinguish "genuine" electromagnetic hypersensitive individuals from those who suffer from other conditions.

Cell Phone Use Linked to Lower Grades, Anxiety, and Much Worse...
Researchers report that frequent cell phone use appears to be associated with reduced academic performance, anxiety and unhappiness in college students

On Wednesday night, Todd Harvey, a Camp Hill-based physician and resident whose home neighbors the proposed cell tower site, provided the supervisors with a 14-page reference list of publications that warn of health issues related to electromagnetic radiation, which emanates from cell towers.

Note - One thousand feet is still within the area that studies have shown serious increases in health problems, including cancer.
"Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure, based on the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances"
By Ronald M. Powell, PhD, trained in applied physics.
Are cell phones destroying our children?

Robert J. Rowen, MD, Second Opinion.
New Facebook page: Remove Wi-fi From New Zealand Schools

Facebook page created to support commentary around Damon Wyman's campaign, after what he has learned about radiofrequency/microwave radiation, since his young son, Ethan, died from a brain tumour last year.

Significant Achievements in Toronto, Guelph and West Vancouver


Heidi Collins: A Rolling Refugium

So precarious is Heidi's existence, leaving her vulnerable to all manner of harassment and predation, that she has asked me not to reveal her real name or face, or even the city she has been living in, or the part of the country she is now headed for.

More on Danish Brain Tumor Rates

A few days ago, the Danish government released its latest
report on the incidence of various types of tumors.

For the ten years from 2003 through 2012, tumors of
the central nervous system increased by 41.2% among men
and 46.1% among women. In last year's report, the
increases were 30% and 25%, respectively.

So far, we have heard no clarification about the reported
doubling of glioblastoma, the most aggressive type of
brain tumor, among Danish men.

The new report raises the question: What accounts for the
continuing increase in all types of CNS tumors?

The new update is at the bottom of our original story:

Louis Slesin
"God forbid there's a spike of any adverse health effects from this unnecessary blanketing of Wi-Fi in our schools," Story said during a school board meeting Tuesday. "I guarantee your advisers who've managed to steal every one of your moral compasses, silenced your own voices and parental good common sense, and have collectively gagged you all this whole time, will treat you all with the silence you've been treating parents who care about this with this whole time.",0,5200384.story

Answering a call while getting your blood pressure taken could lead to an inaccurately higher reading, according to a new study.
The daily ordeal of an allergic waves

Google translation

Home NEWS Company
By Judith Duportail

TESTIMONY - This Thursday MEPs environmentalists want to pass a bill to regulate exposure to electromagnetic waves from mobile , antennas, wireless networks , etc. .
Agnes senior official Paris and electro told the BBC that his suffering is not recognized by society.

"Being electro means fighting every day to continue to lead a normal life . I know for example that I am physically unable to go to the business district of La Defense, Paris . There, the waves are so focused that I would make a crisis instantly. When I am in a critical area , I feel a horrible impression of electrical tingling throughout my body , it is as if the spin cycle was triggered in my brain. I feel bad , irritable, and even once I got home the symptoms take time to fade.

I 've never been technophobe . I was even the first in my family to take an interest in the Internet. As everyone before being electro , I had a cell phone and I appreciated the time he made me win. Everything changed for me after Christmas in 2008. I was very healthy , very happy in my life, I held a position that I coveted for a long time , everything was fine on the personal and professional level . But I felt terrible headaches , I felt confused , I had a feeling of fever, my limbs became rigid. Today I rapprochement with all smartphones and other connected objects that were offered in my family that year.
300 euros per month drug

On my return from vacation, I 'm not me at all felt better . The wifi had been installed on my workplace, and I felt headache intensity that I had never known. I had the chance to quickly find a doctor who listens to me and take my symptoms seriously . My relatives have believed me , my superiors were accomodating to work with me , I had in my misfortune , very lucky . My EHS is less difficult to live now that I'm careful . I swallow a couple of pills a day and spends 300 euros every month, because it obviously is not refunded. I take particular natural precursor of serotonin ( hormone called " happiness " , ed.) I can not imagine how people who do not have the resources to fund their treatment.

But even if I am followed , even if my family support me and believe me , it is almost impossible for outsiders to understand what I feel. I do not live in the same world as the other , a world where there is enthusiasm for new technologies. I live in constant fear that a new antenna is installed next to me , or my neighbors , who have agreed to cut their wifi, finally decide on again. I force myself to continue to see my friends in their apartments with wifi , even if I have , I take it upon myself . Suffering is one thing but to see our illness not taken into account, considered as a delusion , a fantasy, adds significantly to our distress. "


Smart meter issues heating up in Massachusetts

"The suggestive evidence that smart meter RF emissions may be having an adverse health impact calls for a research effort in order to quantify that risk.  Even if the number of affected people is small, the sheer number of people exposed represents a potentially significant public health risk."

Smart Meter Lawsuits website (launched and won)


Allergic to WiFi, condemned to live hidden ?

Alérgicos al WiFi condenados a vivir escondidos? (Video in Spanish)


Ralph Nader - How Big Business Has Taken Control of the U.S. Government

Describing the United States as an "advanced Third World country," longtime consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader calls for a new mass movement to challenge the power corporations have in Washington. "It is not too extreme to call our system of government now 'American fascism.' It's the control of government by big business, which Franklin Delano Roosevelt defined in 1938 as fascism," Nader says. "We have the lowest minimum wage in the Western world. We have the greatest amount of consumer debt. We have the highest child poverty, the highest adult poverty, huge underemployment, a crumbling public works — but huge multi-billionaires and hugely profitable corporations. I say to the American people: What's your breaking point? When are you going to stop making excuses for yourself? When are you going to stop exaggerating these powers when you know you have the power in this country if you organize it?" Nader has just published a new book, "Told You So: The Big Book of Weekly Columns."


Articles by U of Alberta Professor of Medicine Stephen J. Genuis

Fielding a current idea: exploring the public health impact of electromagnetic radiation
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Fact or fiction?

The chemical erosion of human health: adverse environmental exposure and in-utero pollution – determinants of congenital disorders and chronic disease 


Marshfield mayoral candidate continues battle against electrical "smart meters"

A Marshfield woman who's running for mayor continued her fight against the city's plan to install wireless smart meters ...
The U.S. energy industry is a ticking time bomb.  Smart electric meters on the sides of houses can be entryways for cyberterrorists to shut off a city's power grid.

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