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23 August 2013


Live Blood Analysis - Observable Effects of RF/MW Radiation via Smart Meters

See how the radiation from a smart meter quickly affects blood of people near-by.  From the documentary - Take Back Your Power.
Is it really Lyme's disease or EHS ?  Or a mixture of both?
Is it really Lyme's disease or EHS ??
When you see the above video (live blood analysis) and then realize that lyme disease is caused by blood born parasites, it is easy to see how electro hyper-sensitivity and lyme disease can be inter-related and how exposure to wireless radiation could make the symptoms much worse.

Doctors sound alarm on child fitness and health

New report prompts fears over soaring obesity, showing half of seven-year-olds are not doing enough exercise.  By the final year of primary school 33.9% of pupils are either overweight (14.7%) or obese (19.2%).

Comment - Is this problem 'childhood fatigue', caused by long term exposure to wireless microwave radiation, in a similar way that microwave radiation appears to cause chronic fatigue in adults?  It is interesting that the poorer single parent families, who are less likely to have many wireless gadgets appear to be suffering less.

Laptop use lowers student grades, experiment shows

Laptops have replaced pen and paper for many post-secondary students but a Canadian study suggests using computers during lectures could be hurting their grades and lowering their classmates' marks.

Province pulls plug on Internet access in school buses

Officials had hoped students would use the service to complete homework assignments. But the majority of students, roughly 60 per cent, used the Wi-Fi primarily for entertainment purposes.

Help stop cellular antennas near the Monarch butterfly sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California.


Please forward this information to all who care about the bees, butterflies, trees, our children, our health, and our future, and sign our petition


My appeal

Can Cellphones Affect Your Heart Health? A Cardiologist Explains
 A 1-minute phone call raised the heart rate in chronic users of cell phones. The blood cholesterol levels were also higher in regular users
Why the U.S. Power Grid's Days Are Numbered

There are 3,200 utilities that make up the U.S. electrical grid, selling $400 billion worth of electricity each year. And they are doomed, says David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy.

Some customers, particularly in the sunny West and high-cost Northeast, already realize that "they don't need the power industry at all," Crane says.

Indian Cellular operators provide false information over radiation from towers

Vikram Tiwathia, Associate Director General of COAI, feels that there is no proof whatsoever that radiation caused by using cellphones result in cancer
Lies lies and more lies!
UK Parliament Energy and Climate Change Committee
Thoughtful submission about the dangers of wireless radiation.
A solar storm is coming
Sun's poles are set to FLIP within four months and it could lead to bad weather and radio disruption

BC Center for Disease Control on oxidative stress from RFs and link to infertility and neurodegenerative diseases

The Radiofrequency Toolkit was developed in response to requests from BC's medical and environmental health officers to the BCCDC for assistance in assessing and communicating the risk to health from exposure to the many devices which emit radiofrequency waves. Students, public health residents, and specialists in epidemiology from outside BCCDC collaborated with staff from BCCDC and the National Collaborating Center for Environmental Health (NCCEH) on this project

Thanks to Zen Gardner for this quote:

"A Radio frequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners." released March 7, 2013, the BC CDC states that "the epidemiological studies of men assessed for infertility were consistent in demonstrating decreased sperm motility associated with increased use of mobile phones" and "biological effects on sperm motility related to RF exposure."

In the need to understand how harm is caused by exposure to microwave radiofrequency radiation, the review panel noted that "oxidative stress seems one of the more plausible mechanisms of RF-induced sperm damage. Mechanisms by which oxidative stress is caused by increased ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) and decreased antioxidant have been shown to exist in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's."

Another Huge Conflict of Interest - Royal Society review panel member Louise Lemrye

New information received through access to information

Dr. Louise Lemyre (University of Ottawa) is listed under Dan Krewski's company - Risk Sciences International.

Dr. Louise Lemyre (University of Ottawa)
Dr Louise Lemyre, Ph.D. is a Full Professor at the School of Psychology, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of the Royal Society of Canada, and the McLaughlin Research Chair on Psychosocial Risk at the Institute of Population Health of the University of Ottawa, where she leads a research unit on psychosocial analysis of health 'GAP-Santé'. She obtained her Master's degree from the University of British Columbia (UBC) and her doctorate at Université Laval in Social Psychology. She then went for an interdisciplinary postdoctorate in social epidemiology and medical sociology at the British MRC Social Research Unit at the University of London, UK. Her work examines the social environment, especially risk perception, risk communication and risk management, in the context of public health and public safety. She was the founding scientific leader of the national Psychosocial Cluster of the Center for Security Science Canada.

KREWSKI, Daniel, Ph.D., MHA
Chief Risk Scientist, CEO
Daniel Krewski is the co-founder, with Greg Paoli, of Risk Sciences International.

----- Original Message -----
A report Daniel Krewski wrote for industry Canada evaluating IC communication strategy on cell tower safety: 
This is the report that CMAJ referred to that Krewski had not declared.

Dead dolphins washing up on Virginia Beach

"We're seeing lesions in their respiratory systems. We're seeing animals with joint problems. We're not seeing animals feeding normally; a lot of them are thin,"
Its hard to swim away from powerful sonar and other underwater EMF devices.

U.K. - Fulflood residents win five-year campaign against phone mast

erged we had too many sites and we are going through the process of review and removing those we no longer need.
We are removing several thousand (cellphone masts) around the country.
And another one bites the dust
Australia - Smart meter trespass
The installer had gone ahead and installed a Smart Meter despite being told to leave the property, so the owner blocked his driveway with his ute & the installer was not able to leave. The owner then called the police.
But it will also enable them remotely to terminate your supply if, for example, you fail to pay your bills on time. Which means — and here's the interesting bit — Kim Jong Un, the Chinese army or any number of unsavory characters in the Middle East or Russia could do the same.
"The off switch creates information-security problems of a kind, and on a scale, that the energy companies have not had to face before," writes Prof. Ross Anderson, one of Britain's leading experts on cybersecurity

Wi-Fi sensitivity solution sought on ferries

A two-hour trip into the city can leave her fatigued for the rest of the day. Campbell avoids restaurants, coffee shops, movie theatres and anywhere she expects exposure.

The situation impelled Campbell to call on B.C. Ferries to provide a way to limit exposure to the ship's wireless technology while on voyages to the Mainland.


Extra-low-frequency magnetic fields alter cancer cells through metabolic restriction

New scientific study shows changes caused by magnetic fields. 
credible mechanism of interaction between MFs and living material

Read More:
credible mechanism of interaction between MFs and living material

Read More:
Smart meter hearing in Worcester, Mass, 8/21/2013

Starts at about 1.45 hours, slide the button over to see video of the meeting.

Concerned speakers

Janet Johnson            2.12:40

Patricia Burke            2.21:45

John Dick                    2.29:06

Tina Fallstrom           2.37:30

Clare Donegan           2.44:50

Leslie Schaffer           2.51:50

Dr. Debora Moore     2.56:37

Moe Bergman            3.00

Tim Sullivan               3:06

John Provost              3:12


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WARNING - HARMFUL DIRTY ELECTRICITY / Rhode Island / Maine / Canadian Panel / Documentary / FDA / Smart meter tinnitus / Union / Fires / Wi Fi / Schools / Teachers / EHS / ADHD

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

16 August 2013


In the last month, I have been contacted by two women driven out of their homes by illness caused by neighborhood installation of water pumps with variable frequency drives (VFD) or variable speed drives (VSD) or controllers. These are solid state devices which replace mechanical motor switches to control motor <> speed <> and torque <> by varying motor input frequency <>  and voltage <> .
One was a solar powered water pump using a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller to maximize charging of batteries which powered a water pump motor. The other was a VFD on a replacement deep well pump motor. When this pump was running, dirty electricity levels in the house spiked as did the primary neutral to earth voltage dumped into the earth at a transformer near the house. These devices all interrupt current flow and generate high levels of high frequency voltage transients or dirty electricity.  The industry calls this radiated noise or common mode noise. See:
Dairy farmers were the first to recognize the problem, since installation of VFDs on milk pump motors caused an immediate drop in milk production. A 10 millivolt change in dirty electricity in the milking parlor floor equals a change of about a pound of milk per day in each cow.
Sci Total Environ.
<>  2013 Mar 1;447:500-14. doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2012.12.089. Epub 2013 Feb 14.

VFDs are also being put on the motors  of many new air conditioners and furnace fans.
The inverters and controllers on residential and commercial photovoltaic solar systems and wind turbines all generate dirty electricity.
Sam Milham
Rhode Island Commissioner Tries to Slow Smart Meter Deployment
Although Rhode Island has a smart meter pilot program on Aquidneck Island, there are currently no plans to expand the meters in the state. Rhode Island's Public Utilities Commissioner Paul J. Roberti doesn't believe smart meters "come close" to justifying their costs and are an ill-advised, unrealistic attempt to modify consumer behavior.
Donna Giroux of Kennebunk says she became extremely ill and experienced facial burning, weakness and other cognitive and neurological effects after smart meters were installed in her neighborhood.
Canadian Panel Looking at Wi-Fi Health Concerns Hit by Controversy
A scientific panel set to review Wi-Fi health and safety concerns has been wracked by resignations and allegations of conflict of interest. A second member of the ...

FDA Finalizes Guidance on Radio Frequency in Wireless Medical Devices

Since it is possible for an electromagnetic disturbance (EMD) to affect important medical device functions, mitigation measures for some risks could aid the device operator in recognizing a hazardous situation and taking action to prevent harm, FDA said in the guidance.

A NORTHCOTE resident says her pleas to an electricity provider to get rid of the smart meter she's blaming for her tinnitus are falling on deaf ears. Vasiliki Erophile is calling for residents to have access to an opt-out clause similar to Holland and ...

Electrical Workers Union Speaks Out Against Smart Meters

Leaders of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1288 said Monday, July 8, they intend to put up billboards warning the public of what they say are the dangers of the new meters the utility plans to seek city funding for later this year.

"We know it can be hacked in China," said Donna Bohannon, another opponent of the meters. "Made in China, hacked by China."


North Webster Fire Department Chief Jeremy Likens 

said the fire at 36 EMS T14 Lane, Leesburg, "definitely started in the new meter.

Across the country, over 900 fires have been linked to smart meters since 2008, according to Jonathan Libber, a former attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency. Libber heads Maryland Smart Meter Awareness, a group opposed to the meters.

Canadian Government Wi Fi Fairy Story
It would probably be humorous if it did not put the entire population at risk!
Is Wi Fi in Schools Safe ?
Excellent video describing the dangers of Wi Fi in schools.

Ontario Teachers Union Wants Cell Phones Turned Off in the Classroom

Yesterday, the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario voted at its annual general meeting that student cell phones should be turned off and stored during school hours, unless a teacher gives permission. The vote was part of a series of motions requesting that radiation from cell phones and WiFi be recognized as a potential workplace hazard for teachers.
ETFO is Canada's largest teachers union, representing seventy-six thousand Ontario elementary teachers.


Electrohypersensitivity Is Real

The report concluded "a growing number of people worldwide have serious and debilitating symptoms that are key to various types of EMF and RFR exposure. Of this there is little doubt."
An excellent rebuttal after a very stupid article was published.

The Connection Between Cell Phones and ADHD


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Health Canada and the Royal Society / British Doctors Warning Letter / Scientific paper / Baraboo Dirty Tricks / Antenna Farm / Health Effects / NOT protecting / Resign / Exploded / Not smart etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

12 August 2013

Access To Information - the agreement between Health Canada and the Royal Society

July 10, 2013.  
I have recently obtained an ATI document consisting of 153 pages regarding the agreement between Health Canada and the Royal Society of Canada to review Safety Code 6.

In such documents some of the information is blacked out. Despite this the ATI is quite revealing.  

It reveals that Heath Canada recommended who should be on the panel (names were blacked out) and Health Canada provided the documents to be reviewed by the panel.  How on earth is this "independent"?

This process is deeply flawed.  It makes a mockery of independent scholarly reviews.  It demonstrates–at the best–that the RSC has been duped by Health Canada or–at the worst–that the RSC has colluded with HC.  Neither are acceptable.


British Doctors Warning Letter

10 July 2013(1).pdf

See the attached pdf letter 'British Doctors'
The attached scientific paper
(and the erratum which is a clarification) were published recently.

Three scientists grouped together and proved scientifically that microwave radiation disturbs ever cell in every living being and that SAR, a standard measurement for harm is innately innapropriate.

Also attached is my article which explains their science that the basic foundation for measuring harm from microwave radiation is flawed. 

John Weigel
Also -

EMF exposures destroy health and well-being, claims panel of top international scientists


81-year-old Baraboo woman has water shut off after refusing smart meter

Dirty Tricks by Baraboo City officials 
July 11 2013 - Disgusting actions by Baraboo City Council.  How not to treat aging citizens, who suffer health problems
Parker told members of the city's Public Safety Committee last fall that new smart meters, installed to monitor her gas and electric usage, had caused her to have heart palpitations.

The "Antenna Farm" is to be dismantled
By Michal Yaron
The 5 years of determined battle by neighbours and residents, brought the cellular companies to commit to remove all  the 17 antennas on Sea Way street 176. Part of the antennas have already been removed this week. Chairman of Haifa's Green party secretariat, Yaron Hanan: the cellular companies exploit the time it takes to residents to lead a fight and bring to antennas removal, and until tort lawsuit will not be filed against them, they will continue to do so.
Last Thursday there was a meeting in the municipality with the cellular companies representatives, who held antennas and equipment in the "antennas farm" on Sea Way street. Golan Telecom company has already evacuated its access installations from the appartment several days ago. Hot Mobile company agreed to get out without conditions until next Tuesday. The companies Pelephone, Cellcom and Partner, agreed to remove the antennas and their equipment until yesterday, and they are looking for an alternative site, not in an appartment where people live. The purpose is to erect them on lamps, but the process will last longer.
Explicit commitment about this was filed by all the cellular companies to the appeals committee.
Veronique, whose mother lives on the second floor under the "antennas farm": "Until now, we met with my mother outside of her appartment because my children and I were afraid to come to her and she was afraid to invite us and risk our health, but it seems that within several days we will be able to return to be hosted at her appartment. Moreover, she does not sit in her living room or go out to the balcony because they were exactly under the antennas. Now she will be able to move freely in all her appartment".
In addition to the committment to evacuate the antennas from the appartment, the owner of the asset asked to delete the appeal he filed. This says according to the activists, that it will be possible to activate form no. 5 -
a request to disconnect electricity to the appartment, if the companies do not stand in their commitments.
The activists of the fight claim they received a commitment from the municiplaity that next week  an inspector will be sent to check the appartment and to verify that it is indeed empty from antennas and that it does not contain hidden equipment.
Chairman of the Greens' secretariat, Yaron Hanan:  "on one hand, the notice makes the fighters happy, and indeed,  after all the antennas will be removed, we will be able to say great that we got rid of it. On the other hand, it is a bad notice for other appartments in Haifa and in the country and future appartments that the same 
initiators use at the expense of innocent public. It is not too late to file a compensation lawsuit or a class action lawsuit about it".
It is important to note that it's not the first fight in the city for evacuating antennas. Nahum Dar, who led a long fight to remove antenna on the Galil street,  wrote today to the activists on Sea Way street, that they should not be aloof, because the fact that this decision on the removal was taken, does not guarantee that it will actually happen. According to him, "it's important to be on guard and not sleep. Until the antennas are not removed, they are there- active, irradiating and they sit as a scaffold on your neck".
Yediot Haifa newspaper 5.7.13

Cell Tower Health Effects India

The world knows that Health Canada is NOT protecting Canadians against electromagnetic radiation

6 July, 2013 8:28:15 PM EDT

Dear Minister Aglukkaq and Mr. Prime Minister:

Health Canada's radiation protection branch/bureau is in bed with its provincial health counterparts, with the R. Samuel  McLaughlin Research Centre at the University of Ottawa, with CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) and its member companies, and with the electric power utilities all of whom are colluding for the first time in Canada's history to literally FORCEby LAW - all trusting, unsuspecting and defenceless peoples living in Canada to accept never-before-tried and scientifically-unproven - in any country on Earth - chronic pulsed low-level non-thermal microwave radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity on and within their home. 

Conflict of interest and corruption within Health Canada (and Industry Canada) is responsible for them continuing to deliberately ignore the findings of two of the most respected independent science-based studies ever produced: BioInitiative 2007 Report and, subsequently, the BioInitiative 2012 Report, both of which condemn the use of chronic pulsed low-level non-thermal microwave radiation on any living thing - let alone on humans. The BioInitiave 2012 Report states that both electromagnetic radiation (emitted by all wireless devices) and the magnetic fields (emitted from electric power sub-stations, high voltage transmission lines, and household electricity and appliances) are human carcinogens. Not "Possible" carcinogens! Not "Probable" carcinogens! But actual Human carcinogens! Shame on Health Canada! Shame on Industry Canada! Shame on the Government of Canada for allowing this sickest most evil of unthinkable crimes to happen!

Yours truly,
Jerry Flynn
103-1910 Capistrano Drive
Kelowna, BC, V1V 2S5
(250) 451-9609

You must resign your position as Minister of Health
11July 2013
Dear Minister Aglukkaq,

With due respect, your letter indicates that you are terribly out of touch
with the reality of what is happening in your own department.

Are you aware that Dr. Daniel Krewski has resigned his post after
allegations by the Canadian Medical Association Journal of conflict of
interest? Dr. Krewski had been hired by Industry Canada to promote false
information to the public about the safety of cell transmitters? Do you
believe that the Royal Society has taken efforts to ensure the Chair of the
panel is objective?

Are you aware that several members of the panel have equally biased records
of having worked for or been aligned with the very industry this panel is
supposed to review? Are you happy with this relationship?

Are you aware that Health Canada has contracted with the Royal Society to do
the review and gave the Society's Chair:

    1) a draft of the new Safety Code 6 (2013) before the process of
selecting materials or members began?

    2) a list of potential members?

    3) instructions not to reveal to the public any of the documents (e.g.
studies, reports) that the panel considered in reaching its decision?

Do you consider these actions indicative of the "robust conflict of interest
policy" you claim the RSC to have?

Minister, for years I and many others have been sending you information that
demonstrates that there is truly a major health threat from the uncontrolled
proliferation of wireless devices in Canada. Health Canada has refused to
acknowledge that the science exists -- following the industry lead even when
other countries and hundreds of experts and medical professionals are
calling for tighter guidelines.

You continue to confirm that you are not capable of leading Health Canada
during this period when change is being called for because the public is
becoming educated about the dangers from a technology your department
promotes. You must resign your position as Minister of Health.

Most sincerely,
Sharon Noble


Mobile phone injury - it exploded in her pocket

She may want to also check her fertility levels, possibly damaged by radiation absorbed while the phone was in her pocket.
Smart meters are not so smart after all

The low-down on the effects of "smart" meters was rather depressing, but so important. Hearing about the normal eight-year-old boy who suddenly became autistic, straight after the "smart" meter was installed, was heartbreaking. Seeing the aphids ...
WiFi nixed at coffee shops

Some, like Four Barrel and the Grove, have nixed WiFi entirely, while some places like Coffee Bar (pictured) limit some tables to WiFi zones during certain hours.
The smearing campaign against Swedish oncologist Dr Hardell and the persons behind it

Just like smoking tobacco, they fail to acknowledge that it can take from 10 to 30 years for brain tumors to develop from cell phone exposure, so we're just now ...

Telecommunication towers, hazardous to your health?

Yahya Abu Ghanem believes his three sons and wife – who all have all been diagnosed with various forms of cancer – is a result of their home's close proximity to a tower, which is adjacent to a building with a tower on top of it.   

He said an official from the Public Environmental Health Office in Sana'a visited his home and confirmed the frequency of radiation emitted by the towers is high and may cause serious diseases.
High Performance Schools concerned about EMFs

The Collaboration for High Performance Schools (CHPS) has decided to take a stand against EMF in their most recent version of National Core Criteria. Unlike the USGBC and LEED, CHPS is showing leadership by clearly outlining known EMF-reduction strategies in their version 2.0 green school rating system.

EMF Refugees
What a terrible waste of money!
Technology heavyweights set to grab slice of £12 billion smart-meter pie
The Independent
The chosen contractors will play a key role in developing the UK's much-vaunted smart grid project, an £11.7bn programme which aims to install smart meters showing how much gas and electricity is being used into the country's 30 million homes between ...
And what a terrible danger this could cause to the British public!
Wi Fi - two hundred and sixteen thousand pulses in a six hour school day
I've done the math on the beacon signal and the result is sobering if not outright shocking.

The default setting in wi-fi routers and access points in schools is one pulse every 100 milliseconds - this means there are ten pulses per second. Those of us who have heard it using any equipment that converts microwaves in sound are familiar with this unmistakable "woodpecker" type noise.

Ten pulses per second equals

- six hundred pulses per minute
- thirty six thousand pulses per hour
- two hundred and eighty-eight thousand pulses in an eight hour day
- two hundred and sixteen thousand pulses in a six hour school day

all from ONE small router or access point

multiply this by the number of routers and access points - there are four in each "pod" of my daughter's school - 864,000 pulses in a pod with four access points.

In an office building or condo or apartment with 10 routers visible in the wi-fi network selection list, this equals 8,640,000 pulses in an eight hour period.

It's no wonder every who is sensitive (children and adults) cannot tolerate wi-fi. It's an all out assault on every cell in the human body, 36,000 times per hour, per router. This makes me even more determined in my mission to have this technology removed from schools and hospitals as soon as possible.

The government has to have done a cost/benefit analysis and determined that the healthcare costs from all the "collateral damage" are preferable to all the lawsuits they would be faced with if they came out and admitted how dangerous all this microwave technology is (wi-fi, cell towers, cell phones, DECT home cordless phones, etc.)

Feel free to quote these wi-fi facts and figures.

I have included a link to a YouTube video of the sound of the beacon signal:

Wireless routers have a setting called "beacon interval" which is variable and can be adjusted to as little as one millisecond all the way up to 65,535 milliseconds (more than a minute between pulses). 

Fukushima - the disaster continues

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