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Blinding headaches. Violent sickness. Even blackouts / cellphone breast cancer/ Brain tumours / Cell Harm / EHS risks / Aberdeen mad? / Meter concerns / cyberattacks / Get Wired / Wi F / etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

28 May 2013

Blinding headaches. Violent sickness. Even blackouts.
So what can sufferers do if they believe the world is poisoning them? According to Dr Mallery-Blythe, there is no cure. 'The only way to alleviate symptoms is to avoid the electromagnetic waves they feel cause them. Don't keep electronic devices in the room you sleep in, and switch off as many devices as you can in the house.


Did cellphone cause woman's breast cancer?

She kept her cell phone in her bra.

Statement from Australian neurosurgeon Gautam (Vini) Khurana:

"I believe that in the present decade, a significant increase in primary brain tumor incidence will be detected internationally. The first indication of this phenomenon may be the plethora of high-profile individuals diagnosed with primary brain tumors in the last few to several years: Senator Ted Kennedy, professional golfer Seve Ballesteros, Cable television host Eleanor Mondale, director and producer Dan Curtis, broadcaster Stan Zemanek, high profile attorney Johnnie Cochran, celebrated pilot Dennis E. Fitch, inventor Robert Moog, political pundit Robert Novak, US Senator Arlen Specter, renowned cancer surgeon Professor Chris O'Brien, baseball pro Gary Carter, journalist David Shaw, Stock broker Rene Rivkin, actress Elizabeth Taylor, actor Mark Ruffalo, actor and musician Martin Kemp, singer Sheryl Crow, rock star Doc Neeson, corporate leader Holly Ann Norwick (partner of Chris Gardner, who was played by Will Smith in film The Pursuit of Happyness), actor / model Rona Newton-John (sister of singer and Grease star Olivia Newton-John), actress Valerie Harper (star of the Mary Tyler Moore Show) . . .

Will the incidence of primary brain tumors/brain cancers among high profile people (e.g., celebrities) be an early surrogate marker for the increasing incidence of these tumors in the general population?

A significant increase in primary brain cancer incidence in Australia has been reported (see http://www.brain-surgery.us/mobilephone.html for the peer reviewed reference and the Public summary); that study was based on rigorous methods and definitions. Some recent international data supports this observation. I note that the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) data suffers from a large proportion (> one-third) of state registry-reported "primary brain tumor" cases that were NOT verified histologically and what is likely an additional substantial tumor-misclassification error (see Tables 5 & 21 of the CBTRUS publication in Neuro-Oncology 14:v1–v49, 2012). I am surprised that these oversights have remained "under the radar" thus far. Although, recalling the glaring methodological lapses in the Danish Cohort Study, should I really be surprised?"

Gautam (Vini) Khurana

Gynaecologist and infertility specialist Dr Nandita Palshetkar says that the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation that cell phones emit may be associated with increased risk of brain tumours. "However, other tissues in the body such as the testes ...

EHS and Health Risks: KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

A one hour radio broadcast on EHS and health risks linked to EM radiation on KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon, USA. 

Michael Bevington, Chair of the Trustees of ES-UK and Professor Magda Havas, of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada joined Andrew Geller, broadcaster to discuss the pitfalls of the ever increasing wireless world we live in now.  A member of Andrew's family suffers from EHS and the piece was sensitively covered.
Has Aberdeen Council gone mad?

A council's plans to spend £700,000 of its budget giving every pupil a smartphone has been heavily criticised for wasting money today.  The phones, costing around £150 each, will reportedly be available for every schoolchild in Aberdeen who does not already have one, so that they all have wifi access at school.


Why is Aberdeen Council ignoring the serious health effects of smart phone (microwave) radiation?
Following the story of Aberdeen Council giving pupils microwave phones

Smart  at council meeting
A flier handed out at the meeting said, "APS plans to install bio-hazardous pulsed microwave 'smart' meters in July. They represent the largest invasion of privacy in our history and violate our Fourth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. We must protect our safe, analog meter way of life."

Smart grid vulnerable to cyberattacks

Here is a report from the US Congress about the vulnerability of the electrical "smart"  grid. The utility companies have not taken the recommended steps to increase security, even though many experts believe a wireless grid cannot be made secure.
Get Wired
(Sussex, England) We are hosting an event with several excellent speakers, to bring some much needed attention on the wireless 'Smart' Grid issue.

Mike Mitcham
Can WiFi Signals Stunt Plant Growth?

A Danish science experiment by a group of 9th-graders has gained worldwide interest and may have us rethinking the proliferation of wireless devices  in our homes.

Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, began the experiment after noticing that when they slept with their cellphones near their heads overnight, they had trouble focusing the next day, according to Danish News site DR.


Experts gather to discuss electro-smog

You won't hear alerts about this kind of smog.  It's called electro-smog and groups worried about the growing use of devices emitting radio frequencies — including cellphones, wireless home networks and smart hydro meters — say it should be taken more seriously.

Symptoms thought to be a result of electromagnetic hypersensitivity include headaches and stomach problems.  "Since the installation of smart meters by Hydro Québec, these symptoms are now widely reported by people who never complained about it before," he said.
Dr Fox was only quoted about his clinical observation that patients with environmental
illnesses all less reactive when the sympathetic nervous system is not in constant fight or flight mode.
He clearly said people feel better when they reduce their exposure
and that electrosensitivity is not psychosomatic.
Details in my interview with him:

Terrible night's sleep? Blame your mobile phone

The decline in the number of hours slept per night is affecting public health, including a greater risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression and stroke in adults and concentration problems in children, he said

Hearing Loss
How much of this is caused by wireless radiation?
A supplement is attached to Haaretz newspapaer today, devoted to hearing loss, 26 pages,
with advertisements of hearing help devices and education about hearing loss.  
The front page says: "actors, politicians, creators and artists, in Israel and around the world, are exposed about their hearing problems. Their exposure creates an image revolution, raises awareness and helps in finding solutions." 
"Facts of life"  - written in the supplements:
38 million Americans suffer from significant hearing loss.
Above 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents.
Decrease in hearing happens in 5 of 1000 newborns
Moderate hearing loss can cause a child to miss 50% of the discussion in the classroom.
Listening of MP3 in high volumes can cause irreversible damage
Tinnitus affects on 50 million people in the U.S
3 million children in the U.S have hearing loss, 1.3 millions of them under age 3.
Studies show that decrease in hearing and other communication problems go together
with other cognitive problemes. Hearing and concentration problems can risk the academic
skills of children and the social development and self esteem.
NIH in the US found that decrease of hearing is common 2 fold in people with diabetes compared with those who have not the disease. The hearing is dependent on small blood vessels and on the nerves in the inner ear. The researchers believe that in the long term, high glucose levels in the blood can harm blood vessels and harm hearing this way.
A social health survey from 2010 found that 15% (730,000 people) of the population aged 20 and above, have difficulty in hearing to some extent. 12% (562,0000) have little difficulty and 3.5% (167,000) have great difficulty or they don't hear at all.
17% of men and 14% of women have difficulty in hearing to some extent.
13% of men and 11% of women have little difficulty, and 4% of men and 3% of women have great difficulty or they don't hear at all.
The hearing loss increases with age.  

Wireless, Chemtrails And You

By July 2001, California state officials still could not explain why barium levels had nearly doubled since 1991. They still can't say why barium levels in soils and water are rising, when industrial barium pollution has all but vanished

"EMR is most likely a synergen. The exposures such as pesticides, chemtrails, harvesting of forests and urban sprawl are not causes competing with EMR – they are additive and synergistic [or amplifying] causes. They are insults to the system that requires strong biological compensation to overcome. EMR depletes that ability to compensate, and thus the person or species succumbs to the effects of the environmental insult more severely and more rapidly."  Dr. Carlo

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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New concerns over cell phone radiation / Cell Phones / Wireless Protection Act / Younger Breast Cancer / Residents concern / Opt out / Book / blackouts risk / Smart? / Whats Happening to our Children / etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

23 May 2013


MILWAUKEE -- For years, scientists insisted there was no connection between cell phones and cancer, but now some credible experts are re-evaluating that position.
A nurse who works in the brain injury unit of a physical rehabilitation hospital said, in the past year, she is suddenly seeing more people coming in with brain tumors and noticing the patients are younger and younger

Low levels of pulsed microwave radiation emitted by today's cell phones create tiny hotspots -- as much as 7 degrees Fahrenheit -- in cow brain tissue kept alive in the laboratory. Scientists understand that warming the brain should be avoided at all costs, as this can lead to nervous system damage, hearing loss, and potentially, cancer.


In the face of mounting evidence of increased risk for malignant brain tumors with cell phone use, including a recent Italian court case that was won proving cell and cordless phone use was the cause of a man's brain tumor and the banning of sales and advertising of cell phones to children in the country of Belgium, Rep. Andrea Boland (D) Maine, re-introduces The Children's Wireless Protection Act, a legislative bill to inform Maine consumers of the possible health risks associated with cell phone use.

Why are record numbers of young women being diagnosed with breast cancer -- a disease that's typically associated with older age?
Is that happening because younger women are using strong 'possibly carcinogenic' microwave transmitters (cell phones and cordless phones) close to their chests?

WASHTENAW COUNTY: Area residents express concern over DTE Energy's smart meters


Re your link to the WHO and IARC "report" questioning the validity of EHS: as yet, many members of the WHO have been unmotivated to look at this condition in anything but a prejudiced manner. Indeed, former Norway Prime Minister and Director-general of the World Health Organization Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland suffers from electrosensitivity. When she came forward, certain other members of the WHO downplayed and dismissed her EHS as unsubstantiated and therefore not worth noting. She has not been affiliated with the WHO since 2003.

As a populous organization, prejudice is alive and well in the ranks of the WHO, and debate is coloured by a desire to avoid unleashing information about very disturbing developments in research since their reports in 2002 and 2006. Their overall conclusions do not yet show a clear understanding of the condition, which is very real, and very much due on our increasingly Wi-Fi riddled environment.

Very recently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released its detailed evaluation of the cancer risks associated with RF radiation, which serves as the rationale for designating RF as a possible human carcinogen. The IARC monograph comes close to two years after an invited panel of experts from 14 countries reached this conclusion following an eight-day meeting at IARC headquarters in Lyon, France. The Monograph states: "Positive associations have been observed between exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless phones and glioma (lethal brain cancer) and acoustic neuroma." (p. 421).

According to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Department of Public Health, UC Berkeley, "the World Health Organization Monograph released last week is likely the most significant governmental health report ever published about mobile phone radiation. All governments should study this report and follow the precautionary principle to take appropriate actions including educating the public about safe use."

Here are just a few articles, reports, and websites to educate yourself about Electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Environmental Physicians Issue Stern Warning on Biological and Health Effects from Electromagnetic Field Exposures - Electromagnetic Health.org - April 12, 2012:
- http://electromagnetichealth.o...
Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health - American Academy of Environmental Medicine - April 12, 2012:
- http://aaemonline.org/emf_rf_p...

Open letter to the Premier from a Doctor - Stop Smart Meters Australia - March 30, 2012:
- http://stopsmartmeters.com.au/...

California Health Department Cites Smart Meter Health Risks in Report by Susan Brinchman - La Mesa, CA Patch - January 23, 2012:
- http://lamesa.patch.com/blog_p...

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has submitted a letter calling for a halt to wireless smart meters on January 19, 2012:
- http://aaemonline.org/images/C...

Doctor's Information Package for medical conditions connected with EHS - Citizens for Safe Technology - January 18, 2012: - http://www.citizensforsafetech...

Electromagnetic intolerance elucidated by Andre Fauteux, Editor - Translated from La Maison du 21e siecle magazine, Quebec, January 2011 - EMFacts Consultancy - January 17, 2012:
- http://www.emfacts.com/2012/01...

Health Risks Associated With SmartMeters by Poki Stewart Namkung, M.D., M.P.H., Health Officer, Public Health Division, County of Santa Cruz, Health Services Agency, California, USA - January 13, 2012:
- http://sccounty01.co.santa-cru...

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation and Numbers of EHS by Olle Johansson, Experimental Dermatology, Karolinska Institutet - Citizens for Safe Technology - January 13, 2012:
- http://citizensforsafetechnolo...

Radiation from Cell Phones and WiFi Are Making People Sick -- Are You at Risk? by Dr. Mercola - Mercola.com - EMF - December 20, 2011:
- http://emf.mercola.com/sites/e...

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Fact or fiction? by Stephen J. Genuis/Christopher T. Lipp - University of Alberta/Faculty of Medicine-University of Calgary - Science of the Total Environment - November 2011:
- http://www.sciencedirect.com/s...

Interviews of Doctors re Electrohypersensitivity (EHS):
- http://electrosensitivityuk.po...
Of the six audios I would recommend listening to them in the order of:
Dr. Andrew Goldworthy (Interview) - on the actual biological mechanism whereby electrosensitivity occurs
Camilla Rees - of http://electromagnetichealth.o... (well worth a visit) speaking to Dr. Ronald Hoffman MD on electromagnetic health, and what's happening world-wide.
Fevzi Turkalp - The Gadget Detective about cordless phones and other sources of electrosmog.
Dr. Andrew Goldworthy (Conference) - a talk given by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy at the ES conference in October 2009. He discusses the underlying mechanisms of the many symptoms associated with Electro sensitivity.
George Carlo Irish Radio - Here is a short clip of George Carlo on Irish radio, being given a bit of a grilling by the presenter.
Burlington vs. Fox - Electrosensitivity-UK Chairman Michael Bevington argues that claims of scare mongering by electrosensitivity charities are unjustified and that the dangers and practical difficulties of uncontrolled electromagnetic exposure are being underestimated. Co-author of the Sense About Science brochure, Making Sense Of Radiation, Elaine Fox (Essex Study) argues otherwise.

Smart Meters in Sweden: Accommodating people with EHS - Planet Thrive - July 29, 2011:
- planetthrive.com/2011/07/smart...

[May 2011] World Health Organization Meeting on MCS and EHS by Lourdes Salvador, MCS America - EiR The Environmental Illness Resource - June 20, 2011:
- http://www.ei-resource.org/col...

Website: EHS, Electro-Hypersensitivity - EMR Health Alliance of BC:
- http://emrabc.ca/?page_id=720

EHS Refuge Zones: France & Italy plus Spain Public Health: Hypersensitivity to the waves produced by mobile phones becomes a new cause of permanent disability - News of the World:
- http://translate.google.com/tr...|en&hl=fr&ie=UTF-8

Human Sensitivities To Electrical and Electromagnetic Fields: Details and Research About Health Perils & Promises - ce399 - July 15, 2010:
- http://ce399.wordpress.com/201...


Virginia: Smart Opt Out

Great news, Virginia customers of Dominion Power now have the right to opt out of the smart meter.  If you have one already or receive one before May 1, 2014 you may opt for a digital meter that has no RFR emitting from it.  It has to be read monthly by a meter reader for the customer to be billed.  They want to charge for this and intend to present this to the State Corp Comm.  I have a call into their PR department with some questions but after I talk to them I intend to do a press release.

Desiree Jaworski
Executive Director
Center for Safer Wireless


New EMF book needs a publisher

My book on electricity and life, which I have been working on for over
ten years, is finally written.  If anyone has connections in the
publishing industry, or can otherwise help me get this book into print,
please contact me.  The book explores what electricity is, and tells the
complete story, which people do not know, of how its use has affected
all life from the 1700s until today -- from static electricity to
wireless technology.

Arthur Firstenberg
Cellular Phone Task Force
Crap computers in a crap box: Smart-meter blackouts risk to UK

A hacker could therefore crack the wireless communications between the meter and the supplier, and send his or her own mischievous messages back to base, or commands to other meters, it is claimed.  After buying the test samples through online auction sites, Jones wanted to find out what made the electronics tick. He said he discovered the protection against hardware tampering was far less stringent than that applied to comparable consumer security products, such as an Xbox game console.  "Smart meters are essentially crap computers in a crap box," Jones claimed.
Take back the smart meters
Toronto Star

With smart-meter charges coming to Ontario hydro bills on May 1, I will now be billed an additional 79 cents per month for my so-called "smart meter"? We were told that the meter would allow us to monitor and adjust our hourly use of electricity.
What on Earth is Happening to our Children
Hi The Therapy Group
In answer to the question asked in your article (What on Earth is Happening to our Children?), you may find many of the answers within The Bio Initiative Report www.bioinitiative.org .  This was written by nineteen scientists and ten medical specialists, all who are very knowledgeable about the health effects of electro magnetic radiation.
Yours sincerely
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP
The Smart Meter Cost

I devoted four chapters to Smart Meters in my book, "U.N. Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy," showing the deleterious effects they have on humans in terms of health, privacy, fires, higher electricity costs
Keep Wi-Fi from schools until more testing done

Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, former chief of cardiology at Manchester Memorial Hospital, has written to school districts warning that Wi-Fi can cause the hearts of some children to go out of rhythm - what he calls "undiagnosed ventricular ...
Montreal Seminars this Saturday
Smart Meters and Public Health : Why Precaution is Warrented – Magda Havas – Saturday 25 May at 2 :00 pm

Presented by Maison du 21e siècle magazine, the Quebec Association Against Air Pollution and the Environmental Health Association of Quebec in collaboration with the ECOSPHERE Project and the Refusons les compteurs citizens group.


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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Wi Fi harming young child / BC class action / NZ anger / EMR petition / Latin cancer / Orangeville danger / Affected / EHT / Exceeds limit / Wi Fi / Funding / Resistance / Michigan / Maryland / etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

19May 2013

Wi Fi harming young child

Peel School Board decides to roll out 7 million dollar WiFi project despite children getting sick.

Opponents of smart meters are preparing a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro, alleging installation of the high-tech devices has led to thousands of health, safety and privacy concerns over the last two years.
New Zealand - Anger at plans for cellphone tower
The EMRadiation Policy Institute has started a petition 
"Chairman Rockefeller Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation:  Hold hearings to fire FCC and hire EPA to set RF radiation safety limits."
We need your help to get it off the ground.  Your signature will be sent directly to the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science & Transportation - that has jurisdiction over the wireless industry.
Latin America threatened by rising cancer
In the US, the comparable figure is 300 cases per 100,000, while in Europe it is 264 cases per 100,000.

But the death rate is much higher. In Latin America it stands at 13 deaths for every 22 cancer cases, while it is 13 deaths for every 37 cases of cancer the US, and approximately 13 deaths for every 30 cases in Europe.

Researchers estimate that in 2030, there will be 1.7 million cases of cancer diagnosed across Latin America and the Caribbean, and there will be more than 1 million deaths.

Orangeville, Ontario, another town that failed to research the health effects of wireless radiation
Orangeville council announced a public WiFi network would be made available at a number of town facilities and most of Broadway by May 30.

"It's one of those technologies that everyone would love to have," said Jason Hall, Orangeville's manager of Internet services.

Are You Unwittingly Being Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation
The "Are You Unwittingly Being Affected by Electromagnetic Radiation" pamphlet in English has been updated with information happening over the last two years. Also, I have decided to instigate a "Millions Against Microwaves" program to increasingly educate people who have had the electromagnetic wool pulled over their sheepie eyes about this problem. The more information people have and the more public support we have, the sooner we can act to resolve this problem. So... now we have a pamphlet in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Pamphlets in German and Dutch are on there way. Anyone else interested in translating this into their respective language, don`t hesitate to contact me.

Environmental Health Trust
Environmental Health Trust consistently provides cutting-edge research and education about cellphones and other environmental health hazards and promotes constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally, bringing you the world's top science and scientists

The FCC finds power line communication exceeds radiation limit

The seven PLC systems were all of the Broadband over Power Line (BPL) type.

Wi-Fi debate rages on

Victoria News, BC, Canada.
In January, 2011, the board formed a committee on Wi-Fi and a moratorium on wireless Internet was implemented across the district. It was installed in every high school and one elementary school prior to the committee's formation.
Funding for Legal Case
Here is an update on my case:
The Court has twice denied my application for a fee waiver, despite the fact that I have no liquid assets and no income.  I need to raise $350 to pay the Court fees.  Otherwise, the Court will dismiss the case.
Could you help me by getting the word out to your friends, members, and readers?  Perhaps someone will offer a loan or a grant.

Please note that I am asking for an injunction against the entire California Smart Grid.  This is not just a personal injury case.  I have cited over 40 laws that were violated, over 20 state statutes and over 20 federal statutes.  If the Court finds that the Defendants violated just one of these laws, it will have to grant the injunction.  Once we get the Court order to dismantle the California Smart Grid, each state will have to follow, one by one, until we have our whole country back.  And we set an important legal precedent for all radiation cases, whether cell towers, cell phones, wifi, RFID chips, radar, etc.  This is very important!  
I am in a unique position to prosecute this claim.  I have suffered serious injuries and significant loss; therefore, I have standing to sue.  I have filed a timely and well-pled Complaint (attached).  I am willing to do all of the legal work to see the case through to trial.  It would be a shame to loose this opportunity because of poverty.
Thanks for your help.
Deborah Cooney
As Towns Say No, Signs of Rising Resistance to Smart Meters
New York Times

In October, the City Council of this Central Texas town voted unanimously to purchase advanced electric meters, known as smart meters, for the city-owned electric utility. But some residents resisted, and the smart meter vote played a large role in last weekend's recall of the city's mayor and the electoral defeat of two council members.
Michigan customers oppose fees to refuse power meters

"For them to say this is an opt-out is just like slapping the public in the face," said Dominic Cusumano, who was sued last year by DTE for removing a smart meter from his house in Addison Township 35 miles north of Detroit. His wife, Lillian, said the device caused her to have extreme headaches, achy muscles, anxiety and sleep problems.

Rebecca Hanna-Diener of Maryland Smart Meter Awareness was interviewed at 10am on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 by host Alice Hargraves, Real America, ...

British MPs told of 'smart' meter risks; UK rollout delayed by over a year


News from the Karolinska Institute

Dear All,

Some years ago I found that there was a tremendous increase in asthma and allergy among Swedish children (actually more than 50% of Swedish kids had at least one form of asthma/allergy; for the whole population it was approx 1/3). Parallel to this, I found alterations in EHS persons' mast cell numbers and characteristics, as well as a wealth of literature on the impact of EMFs on the immune system.

At that time a Karolinska Institute colleague (professor) of mine openly laughed at me, ridiculed me, and said that I was a fool, I was completely wrong, etc., and that this increase just had stopped. But in the newspaper "Metro" from May 14, 2013, one can read a statement from the very same workplace, namely the Karolinska Institute, that asthma and allergy among kids rapidly continue to increase.

So the questions now remain: Was I a fool? Was I wrong? Were all the published papers inaccurate? Is the current scientists of the Karolinska Institute right, or are they just fantasizing? Was/is my ridiculing colleague the only expert?????? (She got many, many millions to study the asthmas/allergies...and they are still increasing. Who should laugh now? Not the kids' parents at least, if you ask me. --- It is a genuine pity that we never were allowed to contribute to this field, maybe we could have altered this deleterious down-hill progress...)

Best regards
(Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Safer Construction Tips for the Environmentally Sensitive

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Friday, May 17, 2013

Modern life causing dementia earlier / Watercress radiated / Pilots Citing Interference / False Post / Middle-Aged Suicide / Brain Diseases / 50% hearing loss / Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted / etc


W.E.E.P. News
The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

17 May 2013

Modern life causing dementia earlier, study finds
Modern life is causing people to suffer dementia earlier than ever before, a
study has found, with PCs, mobile phones, chemicals and electronic devices
to blame.
Researchers found a sharp rise in the deaths from dementia and other
neurological disease in under-74s, and believe that the figures cannot be
explained away by the fact we live longer.
Mast Sanity
Watercress Exposed to Wireless Radiation
This is from Henrik Eiriksson. Very interesting reading!

The news about the Young Scientists and their watercress/Wi-Fi experiment hit the front page of Denmark's Radio website (www.dr.dk) around 17:00 today ( http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2013/05/16/131324.htm ; with comments by Olle Johansson, The Karolinska Institute).

This could become a game-changer in raising awareness of harmful biological effects of Wi-Fi and the news comes at a time when schoolchildren are being forcibly exposed to Wi-Fi radiation in school and policymakers are in denial about the possible harm.

(Olle Johansson
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
Here is the google translation of this elegant project!  See photos in link from Olle.

Take 400 Karsefrø and group them into 12 bins. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give seeds same amount of water and sun over 12 days, and remember just to expose half of them for mobile radiation. 
It is a recipe for a biology test so brilliantly that it has attracted international attention among acknowledged biologists and radiation experts. Behind the experiment are five girls from 9b in Hjallerup School in North Jutland, and it all started with that they found it difficult to concentrate per hour: 
- We all think we had experienced having difficulty concentrating in school, if we had slept with the phone next to your head, and sometimes also experienced having difficulty sleeping, explains Lea Nielsen, who is one of the five aspiring researchers. 
The experiment 
The school was not equipped to test the effect of mobile phone radiation on them, but it was enough in fact very well. Therefore, the girls had to find an alternative. And the answer was karsefrø. 
Six trays seeds were put into a room without radiation, and six trays were put into another room next to two routers. Such a broadcast about the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile. 
The "healthy" cress without influence from the router. Photo: The girls from 9b 
Then it was just to wait 12 days, observe, measure, weigh and take pictures along the way. And the result spoke his clear language: cress seeds next to the router was not grown, and some of them were even mutated or dead. 
- It is truly frightening that there is so much influence, so we were even very marked by the result, says Lea Nielsen. 
The "sick" cress exposed to router. Photo: The girls from 9b 
The experiment secured the girls the finals in the competition "Young Scientists", but it was only the beginning. Renowned scientists from England, Holland and Sweden has since shown great interest in the girls' project so far. 
From left: Lea Nielsen, Mathilde Nielsen, Signe Nielsen, Sisse Coltau and Rikke Holm. Photo: Kim Horsevad 
The renowned professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johansson, is one of the impressed researchers. He will now repeat the experiment with a Belgian research colleague, Professor Marie-Claire Cammaert at the Université libre de Bruxelles, for the trial, according to him, absolutely brilliant: 
- The girls are within the scope of their knowledge and skills implemented and developed a very elegant job. The wealth of detail and accuracy is exemplary, choosing the right cress is very intelligent, and I could go on, he says. 
He is not slow to send them an invitation on the road: 
- I sincerely hope that they spend their future professional life to researching, because I definitely think they have a natural aptitude for it. Personally, I would love to see the people in my team! 
No mobile by the bed 
The five girls from northern Jutland has not yet decided their future careers. They are still very caught over all the sudden attention. 
- It has been such a constant sum of the stomach. I still can not understand it, says Lea Nielsen. 
And Mathilde Nielsen offers in: 
- It's totally overwhelming and exciting. It's not something you just experience every day. 
But there have also been other consequences of cress trial, which is quite low-practice nature. 
- None of us sleep with the phone next to the bed more. Either the subject far away, or it is added in another room. And the computer is always off, says Lea Nielsen.


Turning Off IPhone Critical to Pilots Citing Interference

EMR Policy Institute


Reply to false National Post article

Robyn Urback
National Post
16 May 2013
Dear Ms Urback
I am surprised by your apparent lack of concern for the health and safety of school children exposed to Wi Fi wireless radiation, a W.H.O. Class 2B possible carcinogen and I am surprised that you would downplay the efforts of a person (Frank Clegg) who is concerned and willing to speak out about the dangers that children face.
If you had bothered to conduct research on the dangers of wireless microwave radiation by reading the BioInitiative Report www.bioinitiative.org , before you started writing, you would have discovered that school children (and adults) are in great danger from exposure to wireless radiation.  If you were to take a radiofrequency meter into a school where many computers are using Wi Fi, you would discover that the Wi Fi routers are very powerful and the radiation levels are very strong.
You have a duty as a journalist to warn your readers about the true dangers with this dangerous new technology.  Doing otherwise is false journalism and is endangering lives.
Martin Weatherall
Co Director WEEP

Also: http://www.bramptonguardian.com/news/article/1615871--doctor-warns-of-health-effects-of-wifi-exposure


Middle-Aged Americans Committing Suicide at Unprecedented Rate
The sharpest rise in suicides over the past decade is seen among the middle-aged. The suicide rate for men in their 50's has risen by 50 percent, to nearly 30 suicides per 100,000; among women between the ages of 60-64 the suicide rate rose by nearly 60 percent
I made the following comments in response. Please vote in favor if you are in agreement

"I believe that EMF plays a significant role in the current suicide epidemic unraveling before our eyes. The rising level of electromagnetic radiation is a risk factor that we can't afford to ignore. EMF can have a devastating effect on brain chemistry by altering the levels of serotonin, nor-epinephrine, melatonin, dopamine, acetylcholine, etc. Many lives are reduced to a nightmare existence from the resulting chaos. Dr. Carlos Sosa, M.D. said that his neurological functions were so deeply affected by EMF that he thought about suicide every hour of every day. In addition, EMF also alters the electrical activity of the brain. Dr. Olle Johansson said: 'it would take only 1 minute exposure (to cell phone radiation) to change for more than 1 hour the electrical activity of the brain.' "


Brain Diseases Affecting More People and Starting Earlier Than Ever Before
Professor Colin Pritchard's latest research published in journal Public Health has found that the sharp rise of dementia and other neurological deaths in people under 74 cannot be put down to the fact that we are living longer. The rise is because a higher proportion of old people are being affected by such conditions -- and what is really alarming, it is starting earlier and affecting people under 55 years.


Doctors report 50% hearing loss among cellphone users

Dr Divya Prabhat, ENT surgeon with Bhatia and Wadia hospitals, said he had been getting many patients who complain of pain in the ears and even hearing loss.
"The most common complaint is that after they hang up, the ears get hot. Many patients come with complaints of tinnitus, where there is a buzzing in the ears. This also results in irritability and lack of concentration," he said.



 Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted in Depressed People
Disrupted sleep is so commonly a symptom of depression that some of the first things doctors look for in diagnosing depression are insomnia and excessive sleeping. Now, however, scientists have observed for the first time a dysfunctional body clock in the brains of people with depression.
People with major depression, also known as clinical depression, show disrupted circadian rhythms across brain regions, according to a new study published today (May 13) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 



Another Leading EMF Scientist Seeking Work

Because STUK has closed down my research projects and my lab, I am looking for new opportunities in research, editing, science writing, consulting.
My current full CV is available below.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or inquiries.
Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DScResearch Professor
Radiation Biology LaboratorySTUK - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Helsinki, Finlanddariusz.leszczynski@stuk.fi   
Adjunct ProfessorUniversity of Helsinki, Finland

IARC Information

Some time ago I checked the media section on IARC's website and I saw that the articles on RF radiation
were biased. I wrote them a letter and I checked again.  Now and there is a change of 180 degrees in the
position they present.  These articles appear now on IARC's news center:


EHS Connect Forum

The EHS community has been lacking a web forum to discuss issues, schooling choices, white zones and safe places.  RF levels in the cities have gradually been increasing while safety standards have been slow to change although recognition of the concerns have become more widely known.

Most of our discussions occur through email.  Responding to a request, I have setup an internet discussion board called EHS CONNECT for our community to discuss our particular issues and concerns.  You may visit the forum by clicking on this link:

The forum is searchable and provides a consistent location for information to be archived and forwarded to others for easy reference. This removes some risk in forwarding emails and addresses some privacy concerns during email discussions.  If you think of new forum categories that should be included in the forum, do let me know and I will consider it.

It is a meeting place for like minded individuals to support each other.  As with anything else, the forum will only be as good as the people who make up the forum.

Please drop in for a visit and if you recognize the value in such a forum, kindly forward its link to others who may benefit from it.   

Best wishes,

Also - http://ehsconnect.blogspot.ca/2013/05/celebrate-ides-and-ideas-of-may.html


Cell and cordless phone radiation probable human carcinogen
Swedish review strengthens grounds for concluding that radiation from cellular and cordless phones is a probable human carcinogen.




Union leaders oppose MLGW's smart meter expansion

Bill Hawkins of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union says MLGW's proposed smart meter expansion is a bad idea.  "We feel the customers need to know what MLGW is about to do to them," Hawkins said.  "A smart meter burned up the side of a customer's house. MLGW blamed the customer's wiring."


New Smart Meter Web Site
One of Naperville's residents, Kit Weaver, has launched his own website, TheTruthAboutSmartGrids.org, to help raise public awareness regarding issues related to the smart grid, including privacy, cyber security, and health effects.  As stated by GAO Report #GAO-11-117, "Consumers are not adequately informed about the benefits, costs, and risks associated with smart grid systems."


Cell towers harm migratory birds' sense of direction The radiation from mobile communication towers has severely affected the arrival of migratory birds, say experts, pointing to the drop in their numbers over the years.
The radiation from cell phone towers impairs their natural sense of direction.




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