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W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

26 October 2013

Get Rid of Those Dangerous Meters!
This is a very important EMF video showing residents from Ulster County, New York State, asking their County legislators to hold 'health and safety' hearings about "smart" meters.  The testimonials and evidence of serious harm being caused by smart meters makes this entire 43 minute video well worth watching.

RF/microwave exposure - more evidence that it is a universal bio-hazard

More evidence that EMR from mobiles, WiFi, DECT, etc, has adverse effects on life

Click  for the full news story

Smart Meters - The DDT of this Century?

The Maine Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to conduct hearings Oct. 30 and 31.

A final body of evidence hearing starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 30 is expected to include oral testimony
via teleconference. Opponents of smart meters arranged for testimony from Dr. Girish Kumar from India, a professor in electrical engineering who specializes in cell tower radiation hazards and other technology; and Dr. Lennart Hardell from Sweden, an oncologist and epidemiologist who is considered an expert on cell phone-induced brain tumors and radiofrequency technology. "These two witnesses were selected for oral testimony," McGlauflin explained.
[McGlauflin is attorney with Petruccelli, Martin & Haddow, Attorneys at Law, of Portland, who represents complainants.]

Ed Friedman, with the Richmond-based Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (, said, "This is sort of the DDT of this century. This is one of the most toxic issues of our time.

Barb Payne
Submission re: Safety code 6
Attached is the submission (brief) of Meg (Margaret) Sears M.Eng., Ph.D. to the Royal Society of Canada's Expert Panel reviewing Safety Code 6.

It is comprehensive and I think likely contains information that will be useful for anyone wishing to make an oral or written presentation to the Panel.
Live Presentations
On Monday, October 28th, you have an opportunity to watch live while approximately 35 Canadian citizens and experts give presentations in Ottawa about the health implications of your now massive everyday exposures to the radiation emitted by wireless devices and networks. Most of these presenters ongoing make huge personal and professional sacrifices to help drive progress towards vital, more protective, federal health and safety regulations for individual and public health — they're doing this for every child and adult YOU care about.

Monday, October 28th
9:00am to 5:00pm (EST)
convened by Royal Society of Canada

Go to the link below for "Videoconference link". Please keep microphone features off or muted. If you have any problem connecting, look at the link beside "Instructions" because there you can see how to test your computer and you might have to install software (there are no fees, and the software is reputable from Adobe). To resolve any technical difficulties phone 1-888-799-8577 or 613-562-5282.

Below are details for the Safety Code 6 Public Consultation Session:
Monday, October 28
9:00 - 17:00
University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building, Room 12102
55 Laurier Avenue West
Videoconference link:
Schedule of Presenters
Instructions (English)
Instructions (français)

Reportage : Antennes Relais, un sujet électrosensible

Here is a (video) report of two young French journalism students :
Director: Floriane Le Maitre Mathias and Barret .
Master in JRI ESJ Paris .
( Entirely filmed with two Canon 550d )

Totally electrosensitive/Class Action

I know this is a long email, but about half of it is coverage throughout the year from our local paper.
It's been a while since I sent an email out to this email list.  Just wanted to let you know, I haven't crawled into a cave and disappeared, but I have to admit, things have been DIFFERENT, to put it you may know, the symptoms of my cell phone use have progressed into full blown electrosensitivity and I have spent much of my time, energy and resources this last year and a few months moving no less than 4 times trying to get away from EMR (electromagnetic radiation as emitted from wireless devices and infrastructure) and going to court twice with land lords over this issue.  I have to admit, it is difficult get away from wireless signals.  The first move was to get away from a cell tower, so I went from my city of Santa Monica into the woods of unincorporated Los Angeles County, only to be re-introduced to a new and personalized, "mini cell tower" known as a "smart meter" waiting unbeknownst to me, on my new and otherwise beautiful apartment.  The smart meter roll out has made it nearly impossible for me to inhabit even this wooded, seemingly harmless, rural, area of Los Angeles.  So I feel my back has been up against a wall and it is time to stop running and start taking a stand. Actually, I have found incredibly, there really is nowhere TO run to that is not saturated in EMR.   So out of total desperation, with my back up against an EMR "wall", I have turned to legal action against a ginormous corporation…SoCal Edison, our electricity provider and have organized a class action lawsuit with 95 Edison plaintiffs, secured a contingency law firm and will be filing hopefully in early 2013.  We may issue a press release when we do so, to try and get more plaintiffs.  We also believe this law suit has the potential to go statewide, incorporating all of the IOUs (investor owned utilities) in the state of CA.  I will certainly keep you posted on that.
Although there were many violations to pick from, the basis of the suit is going to be smart meter/smart grid and health effects, (law firm's decision) with the hopes of adding the other grievances down the road, such as fire hazard, privacy invasion and fee charging NOT to invade your health and privacy.
By giving Power Point presentations in various neighboring towns and cities and with the help of our local news paper, The Topanga Messenger, our town of Topanga has achieved the highest smart meter opt out rate per capita (unofficial report from Edison) in Edison (our utility) territory, along with Santa Barbara and Ojai.  Raising awareness through the presentations and with the help of the local paper, flyering, mass mailings, email and basic word of mouth, we were able to garner the 95 plaintiffs against SoCal Edison, many of whom are NOT Topanga residents.
In case you too would like to raise awareness in your area and sue your utility, here is a link to the Power Point Presentation, compliments of our sister educationally focused non profit group,    Please click on the below link or you can always retrieve it from our new website devoted to our class action smart meter law suit!!
Smart Meter Power Point Presentation...
We may not be able to bring this suit under our non profit, The Peoples Initiative Foundation, so for the moment, we are utilizing our newly formed group for the law suit/s,
Yes, the film is coming along, but admittedly, it's been difficult to work on when one is sleeping in one's car and unable even to inhabit one's own dwelling due to electrosensitivity.  It will however get done if it's the last thing I do.
If you know of anyone in Edison territory who is experiencing now or has experienced in the past, health effects of any kind from smart meters or smart grid and who might like to join our suit, please feel free to pass this email on to them.  Lack of funds should not be an issue for anyone.  We are trying to raise money for those who cannot afford court filing costs or other costs which may or may not be covered by the contingency agreement we are currently negotiating with the law firm.
If you would like to donate to funds for our class action lawsuit (not tax deductable at this time) please use this button…
If you would like to donate to our non profit which has been raising awareness and educating on this issue, please do so at:
If you would prefer to send a check, the mailing address for both groups are the same.  Just put the name of the group you would like to donate to on the envelope above the address:  Citizens For A Radiation Free Community for law suit,  Peoples Initiative Foundation for awareness raising and education and then the address:
101 S. Topanga Cyn. Blvd.
Topanga CA

Cordless phones are more of a health risk to young people than mobiles, according to new university research.

This is new and very important information from Dr. Mary Redmayne and her coworker's research in New Zealand and Australia!

Cordless phones are more of a health risk to young people than mobiles,
according to new university research.

In a study of almost 400 Wellington intermediate pupils, adjunct Victoria
University researcher Mary Redmayne found pre-teens were more likely to
suffer headaches if they made long or frequent calls on cordless phones or

The research, to be published in theEnvironmental Health journal this week,
also found high users of cordless phones more commonly experienced
tinnitus, or ringing in their ears.

In a separate study, the PhD candidate discovered year 7 and 8 students
talked on cordless phones for far longer than on their mobiles, meaning it
was the home line exposing them to the highest doses of potentially harmful

"People are pretty poorly informed about how this technology works - many
people don't realise that cordless phones are actually cellphones," Ms
Redmayne said.

"Modern cellphones use the lowest amount of power that they need to
transmit, but a cordless phone always works on full power."

Her population-adjusted research found a significant association between
teens' radiofrequency exposure and short-term health issues - but
international research suggested the long-term health risks were far more
serious, she said.

"The highest category of use - over half an hour a day - in many studies
has shown an increased risk of glioma, a malignant [brain or spine] tumour
that is often fatal. Several studies have also shown an increased risk of
acoustic neuroma - a little tumour on the nerve between the ear and the

Other research papers showed male fertility was also adversely affected,
this time from carrying a cellphone in a pants pocket. While many held that
the science was inconclusive overall, Ms Redmayne said governments and
individuals should be paying attention. "There was certainly enough to be
concerned about."

Sophie Walker, of the National Centre for Radiation Science, who advises
the Ministry of Health, said the latest research showed conclusively that
radiofrequency radiation had an effect at the cellular level. "But it's
very hard to say whether that translates into things like headaches or
short-term effects people report . . . it's a very hard link to make."

The jury was also still out on long-term health effects. "Radiofrequency
has only been used within the wider population for the last 30 years, so
true long-term studies are really still under way. Really conclusive stuff
hasn't yet been established."

But there was no doubt such a robust study showing irrefutable evidence
that radiation had negative health effects would be taken seriously by
scientists and governments. "It would have effects across the entire world."

Papers finding adverse biological effects or damage to health from Wi-Fi signals, Wi-Fi-enabled devices or Wi-Fi frequencies (2.4 or 5 GHz).

Papers listed are only those where exposures were 16V/m or below.  Someone using a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet computer can be exposed to electromagnetic fields up to 16V/m.  Papers are in alphabetical order.  A file of first pages, for printing, can be found here (please pass on to schools).

Atasoy H.I. et al., 2013. Immunohistopathologic demonstration of deleterious effects on growing rat testes of radiofrequency waves emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices. Journal of Pediatric Urology 9(2): 223-229.

Avendaño C. et al., 2012. Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation. Fertility and Sterility 97(1): 39-45.

Avendaño C. et al., 2010. Laptop expositions affect motility and induce DNA fragmentation in human spermatozoa in vitro by a non-thermal effect: a preliminary report. American Society for Reproductive Medicine 66th Annual Meeting: O-249    

Aynali G. et al., 2013. Modulation of wireless (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative toxicity in laryngotracheal mucosa of rat by melatonin. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 270(5): 1695-1700.

Gumral N. et al., 2009. Effects of selenium and L-carnitine on oxidative stress in blood of rat induced by 2.45-GHz radiation from wireless devices. Biol Trace Elem Res. 132(1-3): 153-163.

Havas M. et al., 2010. Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from 2.4GHz cordless phone affects autonomic nervous system. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5: 273-300.  part 2. 

Havas M. and Marrongelle J. 2013. Replication of heart rate variability provocation study with 2.45GHz cordless phone confirms original findings. Electromagn Biol Med 32(2): 253-266.

Maganioti A. E. et al., 2010. Wi-Fi electromagnetic fields exert gender related alterations on EEG. 6th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic fields.

Margaritis L.H. et al., 2013. Drosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sources. Electromagn Biol Med., Epub ahead of print.

Naziroğlu M. and Gumral 2009. Modulator effects of L-carnitine and selenium on wireless devices (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative stress and electroencephalography records in brain of rat. Int J Radiat Biol. 85(8): 680-689.

Nazıroğlu M. et al., 2012. 2.45-Gz wireless devices induce oxidative stress and proliferation through cytosolic Ca2+ influx in human leukemia cancer cells. International Journal of Radiation Biology 88(6): 449–456.

Nazıroğlu M. et al., 2012b. Melatonin modulates wireless (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative injury through TRPM2 and voltage gated Ca(2+) channels in brain and dorsal root ganglion in rat. Physiol Behav. 105(3): 683-92.

Oksay T. et al., 2012. Protective effects of melatonin against oxidative injury in rat testis induced by wireless (2.45 GHz) devices. Andrologia doi: 10.1111/and.12044, Epub ahead of print.

Papageorgiou C. C. et al., 2011. Effects of Wi-Fi signals on the p300 component of event-related potentials during an auditory hayling task. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 10(2): 189-202.

(Wi-Fi alters brain activity in young adults:

Shahin S. et al., 2013. 2.45 GHz Microwave Irradiation-Induced Oxidative Stress Affects Implantation or Pregnancy in Mice, Mus musculus. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 169: 1727–1751.

Türker Y. et al., 2011. Selenium and L-carnitine reduce oxidative stress in the heart of rat induced by 2.45-GHz radiation from wireless devices. Biol Trace Elem Res. 143(3): 1640-1650.

A few more studies of similar microwave frequencies at low exposures (6V/m or below):
(Not comprehensive)
Balmori A. 2010. Mobile phone mast effects on common frog (Rana temporaria) tadpoles: the city turned into a laboratory. Electromagn. Biol. Med. 29(1-2):31-35.

Erdinc O. O. et al., 2003. Electromagnetic waves of 900MHz in acute pentylenetetrazole model in ontogenesis in mice. Neurol. Sci. 24:111-116.
Fesenko E. E. et al., 1999. Stimulation of murine natural killer cells by weak electromagnetic waves in the centimeter range. Biofizika 44:737–741.
Fesenko E. E. et al., 1999. Microwaves and cellular immunity. I. Effect of whole body microwave irradiation on tumor necrosis factor production in mouse cells, Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 49:29–35.  

Havas M. et al., 2010. Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from 2.4GHz cordless phone affects autonomic nervous system. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5: 273-300. part 2.

Kesari K. K. and Behari J., 2009. Microwave exposure affecting reproductive system in male rats. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 162(2):416-428.
Kesari K. K. and Behari J., 2009. Fifty-gigahertz microwave exposure effect of radiations on rat brain. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 158:126-139.
Khurana V. G. et al., 2010. Epidemiological Evidence for a Health Risk from Mobile Phone Base Stations. Int. J. Occup. Environ. Health 16:263–267.

Nittby H. et al., 2008. Cognitive impairment in rats after long-term exposure to GSM-900 mobile phone radiation. Bioelectromagnetics 29: 219-232.
Novoselova E. G. et al., 1998. Stimulation of production of tumor necrosis factor by murine macrophages when exposed in vivo and in vitro to weak electromagnetic waves in the centimeter range Bofizika 43:1132–1333.

Novoselova E. G. et al., 1999. Microwaves and cellular immunity. II. Immunostimulating effects of microwaves and naturally occurring antioxidant nutrients. Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 49:37–41.
Otitoloju A. A. et al., 2010. Preliminary study on the induction of sperm head abnormalities in mice, Mus musculus, exposed to radiofrequency radiations from Global System for Mobile Communication Base Stations. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 84(1):51-4.

Panagopoulos D. al., 2010. Bioeffects of mobile telephony radiation in relation to its intensity or distance from the antenna. Int. J. Radiat. Biol. Vol 86(5):345-357.

Persson B. R. R. et al., 1997. Blood-brain barrier permeability in rats exposed to electromagnetic fields used in wireless communication. Wireless Networks 3: 455-461.
Pyrpasopoulou A. et al., 2004. Bone morphogenic protein expression in newborn kidneys after prenatal exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Bioelectromagnetics 25:216-27.

Salford L. G. et al., 2010. Effects of microwave radiation upon the mammalian blood-brain barrier. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5:333-355. part 2.
Salford L. G., et al., 2003. Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones. Environ. Health Perspect. 111:881-883.

Two new papers are published in Pathophysiology this fall that may be of interest to you.
These papers are the same content as the 2012 BioInitiative Report Chapter 20
 by Martha Herbert and Cindy Sage
This counters the usual criticism that 'it isn't good science' unless it is peer-review published.
The US annual cost for autism is reported to be $137 billion.
 That compares to the EU annual cost for cancer (105 billion euros/$147 billion USD)
 and to heart disease ((165 billion euros/$227 billion USD).
Staggering costs, and the prevalence of autism now in the US is one child in 88
 (one child in 50 by 2012 estimates that include the 8 yr and younger cohort).
 In 1975, it was one child in 5000.  This is a 100-fold increase.  
It parallels the explosive rise in wireless technologies and their pulsed RFR.  It should be
considered another possible risk factor for autism, autism spectrum conditions and ADHD.


New evidence obtained by New York Post on ELF claim of Navy Yard Killer

"I fear the constant bombardment from the ELF weapon is starting to take it's[sic] toll on my body," confided Alexis, an honorably discharged Navy reservist and a Department of Defense computer consultant.

Rather than an ELF weapon, this person may have been adversely effected by microwave radiation from Wi Fi, cordless telephones, cell phones and antennas!

Strokes increasing among young people, study finds

LONDON -- Strokes are increasingly hitting younger people and the incidence of the crippling condition worldwide could double by 2030, warns the first global analysis of the problem.

More WiFi, more cell phones, more towers, more wireless radiation, more strokes!

How Cell Phones Affect A Child's Brain

How is this possible? After all, headlines have repeatedly assured us that there's little to worry about, because we do not face an epidemic of brain cancer—yet. In fact, the brain cancer story remains complex, because the disease has a long latency—up to four decades—and because past uses and users differ radically from current ones. But evidence on dangers to pregnancy and reproduction from cell phone use are mounting.
EMF Refugees

Belgium - New regulation for the sale of mobile phones as of 2014

As of 1 March 2014, mobile phones that are specially designed for young children may no longer be introduced to the Belgian market. This concerns customised mobile telephones suitable for children younger than 7 years of age, for instance having few buttons and a shape attractive for children. Additionally, from this date forward, no advertising may be made for mobile phone use among the same age group.
Forced to Leave Town

She can even tell when someone is carrying a cell phone. She feels pressure in her head "tighter and tighter," like someone is using a blood-pressuremeasuring device, she says. She gets heart palpitations, has trouble focussing, gets tinnitus and her legs become rubbery.

She suffers from hypoxia, oxygen deprivation caused by a thickening of the blood.


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collective to Stop Waves / Guinea Pigs / Cut down use / Increase in brain tumours / Review / Meter Resistance / Vice president / Rise in deaths / Halton / Sitting duck / Action / Halifax / etc.

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

20 October 2013

Collective Stop Waves Ariege non- electro
Google translation
Dear friends,

Our first action is in progress. It is supported by several members of the Collective Stop Waves Ariege (not affiliated with a particular association ) against the state services for non-assistance to people in danger with regard to the extremely precarious position of Elizabeth M. , electro in danger.

Three complaints were filed against the warden of the Ariege and the Regional Health Agency . One by one member of the family of Elizabeth . Another by a member of the Collective Stop Waves Ariege non- electro . The third is paid by me, as to a lesser degree electro Elizabeth . A fourth is in progress. Others may follow if necessary.

This follows a dialogue of the deaf between our collective one hand and the Prefecture of the Ariege and the LRA on the other hand , who feel urgent to wait ( since May ! ) Before helping Elizabeth. But winter is coming and it is not possible that it remains isolated in the small mountain hut where she has taken refuge : total isolation, non- plowed road , 20 minute walk down a very steep terrain where the snow can to 1.5 m, avalanche risk , non- waterproof roof , 3 /4 hour drive from the first phone booth and supplies ...

After five months of reflection, the action of the prefect of the Ariege only recommending us to look for help from other people electro ! Everything is said that we survive or we die, the state is not affected . It is nevertheless supposed to protect us and we guarantee some rights, such as our physical integrity in a healthy environment (Law of 10 July 1976) . But the scientific evidence on the toxicity of wireless and international jurisprudence recognizing the harm suffered by the EHS bloom everywhere.

We are under no illusions about the consequences of these legal actions, which may be closed without , but we are determined . We can not continue to disappear in silence then it would be very easy for the state to protect areas to ensure acceptable conditions of life! Also, if our complaints are dismissed , we will consider other strategies for action.

Do you know that a complaint is not difficult ? It is a right and even a duty if you know someone whose life is threatened. It's free ! And contrary to what some gendarmes , they do not have the right to refuse to take your complaint whatsoever .

If you are considering a similar approach for yourself or a loved one, you can get in contact with me. The more we are together, the more we will be strong and happy!

Member of Collective Stop Waves Ariege
Home Correspondent Priartém
Member of the National Association A land for EHS
-- also
Port , October 9, 2013

Madam Deputy,

I have the honor to request an appointment with you during one of your permanence in our district.
I would like to raise with you the issue of artificial electromagnetic fields about which we have already shared , especially electromagnetic hypersensitivity afflicting a growing number of citizens.

Here in Ariege , many people are in great distress. One of them sought refuge in extremely precarious conditions in the mountains. A girl of fourteen, extremely bright student must attend classes by CNED three years. A third person is having to leave his home in St Lizier due to irradiation of the city and taken refuge in a trailer with no amenities . Myself , I came to settle in our beautiful region to escape the wave of the place where I lived. But I 'm not immune to increases in the network.

It is urgent to take our situations , which are a reflection of the enormous loss suffered at present by thousands of people in France account .
As an author who wrote a book on the subject , I get every day new evidence of desperate people .

I inform you that three complaints are to be filed by members of the Collective Stop Waves Ariege against the state services ( prefect , ARS) for failure to assist a person in danger on one of the people mentioned , Elisabeth Mr. this complaint is already now supported by several associations of patients waves at national and international level and by high-level scientists .

Madam, we are sick, exhausted and in great difficulty and we need the support of our elected officials to survive!

I ask you to get me to discuss these issues. In the meantime, kindly ,

Marine Richard
Member of Collective Stop Waves Ariege
Member of the National Association A land for EHS
Local representative of the Association Priartém
Member of the group of electro de France

We're All Technology's Guinea Pigs Now, Whether We Like It or Not

With the rise of regulatory capture, the agencies that are supposed to protect human health often take orders from consumer products industries, not the other way around. That's the thing: those industries often define terms like "reasonably" not in ways that prioritize health, but in ways that serve the corporate bottom line. 
Cellphone users told to cut down use

New Zealand response to French cellphone warning

The French recommendations were issued after a panel of 16 experts weighed up more than 300 recent scientific studies. While it concluded there was "no proven effect" on health, several studies suggested that talking on mobiles led to a higher long-term risk of brain cancer.


Two important new papers show mobile phone use does cause an increase in brain tumours

(1) RF is a Class 1 carcinogen using Bradford Hill criteria; Both mobile and cordless phone use show considerable increase in brain tumour incidence

Click for the full news story

Safety Code Six
I have spoken with Russell at the Royal Society of Canada this afternoon regarding the public input session planned for October 28.  All presentation times have been filled, although not all of them are confirmed. Despite this, members of the public may submit a written submission to the Royal Society Committee for the Review of Safety Code 6 up until October 28th! Each written submission will be forwarded to all members of the review committee as soon as it is received in Russell`s office. 
You may send your submission to:  

Alternatively, you may call Russell and ask to be placed on the wait list to make a telephone or video-call presentation by calling 613-991-6990 ext 111.

Protocols for Public Consultation may be found online at

Thank you for your unwavering support of change!
Lakeshore Coalition

As Towns Say No, Signs of Rising Resistance to Smart Meters

Some residents resisted, and the smart meter vote played a large role in last weekend's recall of the city's mayor and the electoral defeat of two council members. 

"Former US vice president turned off wireless function of implanted defibrillator so it could not be hacked to kill him."

Dick Cheney, the former US vice president, said he disabled the wireless function of his heart defibrillator because he feared terrorists would hack it to give him a heart attack.

Cheney, George W Bush's right-hand-man in the so-called "war on terror", said the device's function was disabled by his cardiologist Jonathan Reiner in 2007, in case a terrorist tried to send his heart a fatal shock.

The scenario is similar to a plot line in the television programme, Homeland, where a renegade US soldier helps hack a device in the body of the US vice-president to give him a fatal shock

U.K. Unexpected rise in deaths among older people

"When we focus on mortality over 75, we observe rapidly increasing mortality for both males and females, presenting throughout 2012, and continuing into 2013.

The PHE report says that, more than halfway through 2013, there has been "if anything, a further deterioration in mortality compared with that observed" in the same period in 2012.

Increased 4G wireless radiation exposure should be suspected!

Cellphones in the classroom an issue for Halton teachers

The union representing Ontario's public elementary teachers is pushing to have cellphones turned off in the classroom and wireless technology (WiFi) use monitored for potential health-related concerns.


Is the cell phone industry making itself a sitting duck?

ICNIRP is like a "private club". Current ICNIRP members select and invite new members. It is clear from their choices that the new members are selected based not only on their scientific merit and stature but also on their opinion on risk. In this way, ICNIRP always consists of scientists with similar opinions. This prevents real scientific debate; when nobody has an opposing view then all agree and debate is not needed.

Positive Call to Action!!!
Consider writing a short story involving ES and submitting it in the CBC - Canada Writes competition. 
Wouldn't it be great to have a bunch of us write a story about being ES or something to do with the topic in a creative way so that Canadians will know more about this debilitating and most often isolating condition? 
Sorry for the short notice…   but I'm still going to give it a shot too!!!  I could use the $6000 too and would love to do a CBC interview about all of this... All the shortlisted finalists get published on the CBC website, so it would certainly help with the awareness factor.  And wouldn't it be funny it I won and it got published in the Air Canada Enroute magazine??? :)
Stories between 1200 and 1500 words have to be in by November 1, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. ET. 
PS.  For our American and International Cousins please find ways do this in your area!!!  It's a positive project that will certainly help make a change for the better.  

PPS.  Other ideas could be about cell tower battles, wind turbines, wi-fi in schools, etc.  Anything that would help bring awareness to this issue. 
Halifax Regional Municipality and Community at impasse with EastLink over telecommunications tower near Lawrencetown Beach

Industry Canada will review case and make final decision

At a meeting last Thursday(Sept 26,2013) in Lawrencetown, community members gathered to discuss next steps in their on-going battle to prevent EastLink from erecting a 251 foot telecommunications tower in their neighborhood and within the view plane of Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park.

Shane Sutherland,
a local resident addressed the three provincial candidates who were present at the meeting saying, "It not that we are against technology. We want technology sited in the proper location that's compatible with our community."

Residences are concerned that EastLink has asked Industry Canada to overrule Halifax Regional Municipality's (HRM) staff recommendation to reject the proposed site, which is just off of Crowell Road. This is the latest chapter in a controversy that began more than two years ago, when EastLink originally proposed a site on Leslie Road in Lawrencetown in 2011. Public opposition to both sites has been overwhelming, and residents are getting ready to take their case even further.

The matter is currently at the Impasse Process with Industry Canada, in which only EastLink and the Municipality have standing as official parties in the dispute. A group of residents met with Mayor Savage earlier on Thursday to discuss how HRM could work with the local community to ensure all relevant issues are addressed. According to Doyle Safire, who attended the meeting, the Mayor promised greater co-operation and transparency from HRM as the process continues.

In his presentation to the nearly 100 concerned citizen in attendance at the meeting on Thursday evening, Mr. Safire explained how a 1931 Supreme Court ruling that made radio communication the sole responsibility of the federal government, essentially takes away the Province's and Municipality's constitutional right to regulate land use within the boundaries of the province.
Doyle Safire, 471-9881,

Elizabeth Thompson, 827-3001,


Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link - Part I.


TRANSCEND Research Program Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02129, USA. Electronic address:


Although autism spectrum conditions (ASCs) are defined behaviorally, they also involve multileveled disturbances of underlying biology that find striking parallels in the physiological impacts of electromagnetic frequency and radiofrequency exposures (EMF/RFR). Part I of this paper will review the critical contributions pathophysiology may make to the etiology, pathogenesis and ongoing generation of core features of ASCs. We will review pathophysiological damage to core cellular processes that are associated both with ASCs and with biological effects of EMF/RFR exposures that contribute to chronically disrupted homeostasis. Many studies of people with ASCs have identified oxidative stress and evidence of free radical damage, cellular stress proteins, and deficiencies of antioxidants such as glutathione. Elevated intracellular calcium in ASCs may be due to genetics or may be downstream of inflammation or environmental exposures. Cell membrane lipids may be peroxidized, mitochondria may be dysfunctional, and various kinds of immune system disturbances are common. Brain oxidative stress and inflammation as well as measures consistent with blood-brain barrier and brain perfusion compromise have been documented. Part II of this paper will review how behaviors in ASCs may emerge from alterations of electrophysiological oscillatory synchronization, how EMF/RFR could contribute to these by de-tuning the organism, and policy implications of these vulnerabilities. Changes in brain and autonomic nervous system electrophysiological function and sensory processing predominate, seizures are common, and sleep disruption is close to universal. All of these phenomena also occur with EMF/RFR exposure that can add to system overload ('allostatic load') in ASCs by increasing risk, and worsening challenging biological problems and symptoms; conversely, reducing exposure might ameliorate symptoms of ASCs by reducing obstruction of physiological repair. Various vital but vulnerable mechanisms such as calcium channels may be disrupted by environmental agents, various genes associated with autism or the interaction of both. With dramatic increases in reported ASCs that are coincident in time with the deployment of wireless technologies, we need aggressive investigation of potential ASC - EMF/RFR links. The evidence is sufficient to warrant new public exposure standards benchmarked to low-intensity (non-thermal) exposure levels now known to be biologically disruptive, and strong, interim precautionary practices are advocated.

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Autism, Cellular stress, Children, EMF/RFR, Environment, Fetus, Mitochondrial dysfunction, Oscillatory synchronization, Oxidative stress, Radiofrequency, Wireless


Autism and Wireless Radiation
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