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WEEP News / 1000's of Smart Meter Fires / Forum - Cell Phone and Wireless Risks / Smart meter challenge / Sydney unplugged / Jeep Hackers / Chrysler recall / UCLA Health hacked / solitude etc

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

24 July 2015

1000's of Smart Meter Fires: Whistleblower & Court Evidence

New whistleblower evidence & court docs on "smart" meter fires, which are responsible for a growing number of homeowner deaths. How do hundreds of "smart" meters all explode simultaneously? Why is such utility negligence happening, and what can you DO about it?

It's worse than you think. Get the full story on the facts -- and your rights.

Excellent investigative video report by Brian Thiesen on the dangers of smart meter fires!  You will see there are at least 4 different ways that 'smart meters' can cause fires.
An Expert Forum on Cell Phone and Wireless Risks to Children was held at the Commonwealth Club of California on June 22, 2015. Co-organized by and Environmental Health Trust, the focus was on the special risks to children and other vulnerable populations from cell phone and wireless exposures. It featured a special segment portraying actual dossimetry measurements of WiFi exposures in a school.

See the series of expert speakers:
Friedman and the coalition argue that this statement acknowledges a safety risk associated with smart meters and that the opt-out rate – currently $40 up front and $12 per month to continue – is an unfair burden.

Bruce McGlauflin, attorney for the Friedman and the coalition, made an analogy to the legal battles over the safety of smoking in the 1960s, "when there was evidence but no scientific consensus, conclusive proof, or 'known' threat of cancer from cigarette smoking," he said.

He argues that the situation with RF radiation may be even worse, saying "(companies) were not pumping cigarette smoke into people's homes or charging them a monthly fee to avoid it."

Sydney unplugged: Cafes force punters to power down
The love affair between coffee shops and laptop-wielding customers may be dying out as coffee shop owners revolt against Sydneysiders' demand to be wired up.

Wi-Fi backlash is a trend accelerating among coffee shops, bars and restaurants, where a failure to see the benefits of Wi-Fi-induced turnover is encouraging many owners to restrict Wi-Fi or ban it.


Jeep owners urged to update their cars after hackers take remote control

Security experts are urging owners of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles vehicles to update their onboard software after hackers took control of a Jeep over the internet and disabled the engine and brakes and crashed it into a ditch.

A security hole in FCA's Uconnect internet-enabled software allows hackers to remotely access the car's systems and take control. Unlike some other cyberattacks on cars where only the entertainment system is vulnerable, the Uconnect hack affects driving systems from the GPS and windscreen wipers to the steering, brakes and engine control.


Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 mn vehicles after Jeep hacked


UCLA Health hacked, 4.5 million victims

Hackers broke into the massive hospital network of the University of California, Los Angeles, accessing computers with sensitive records of 4.5 million people.

Names, medical information, Social Security numbers, Medicare numbers, health plan IDs, birthdays and physical addresses -- all were potentially stolen, according to the university.


The search for solitude in an internet of things

And as we scroll, like, click and share our way through each day's digital maelstrom, we are left with precious little energy for creative thought.
Notifications appear on our dressing tables, sofas and kitchen cabinets. The flood of emails becomes a deluge as our household appliances get in on the act. We are nudged, manipulated and spied upon in our own homes.

Some users claim the Apple Watch is burning their skin

Is the burn caused by radiation emitted by the watch?
New Danger on the streets of New York City
WiFi causing cancer and ill health from every trash can.  How stupid can these people get?

Please RELOCATE the Calgary Cell Phone Tower Away from the Daycare Facility

See the attached PDF.  Children being placed in danger again!
Tinley Park Public Works Director Suspended during Water Meter Probe

Tinley Park has suspended its Public Works Director Dale Schepers, while the village is under scrutiny of its electronic SmartMeters water meters.
In its report, the Tribune noted at least 355 meters that had issued faulty readings, more more than twice the number the village told residents. When pressed about the matter of meters that passed when they should have failed, Schepers and other officials said they decided the meters didn't need to meet national standards, post-installation.

Villagers push for demolition of cell towers

The Calvary Hills Apas Residents' Organization (Charo) said that since 2000, 25 neighbors have died of cancer. Five residents died last year.

In a separate letter to the mayor, Charo president Porponio Lapa Jr. said that the demolition order be enforced to "spare them (residents) from mental anguish."

Smart electrical meters are not unconstitutional invasion of homeowners' privacy

The installation of smart electric meters by a city-owned utility does not amount to a violation of a homeowner's constitutional rights against warrantless .
Large AC magnetic field is created by wiring error, correcting it solves the problem
Video showing the detecting, mitigating, and verification of a large magnetic field produced by a neutral (return cable) that was never connected. The electricity used the plumbing and moist ground to complete the circuit since there was no neutral for the return current. The client had been in the residence for 9 years. She has been in a wheelchair with a rapid decline in health for the last 2 1/2 years. Electrical and magnetic fields that don't burn or shock can take their toll on a person after a while and cause significant health problems.
A gauss meter that reads both EMFs and electrical fields is a fairly low cost instrument (depending on model and make) which can help you find harmful electrical problems that can significantly impact health.

Dr. David Carpenter Shines on Witness Stand

We were and are convinced that having the testimony of a highly credible and seasoned professional could help us strike a blow against "smart" meters in this rate case.
Another danger to be aware of.


CMP said when the meters were being introduced that they would usher in a new era of energy management and service.

But that hasn't happened. And the company's failure to meet its 2014 goals prompted regulators to take action and negotiate a settlement that reduced CMP's rates.

City Power has started rolling out its "load limiting" solution throughout Johannesburg, which allows the company to disconnect residents' electricity supply if they do not reduce their consumption when asked to do so.

Living Nightmare: How SDG&E Smart Meter Led to Headaches, Hearing Loss

Shortly after, when I began to have ringing ears and sleeplessness, I wondered why but kept thinking it would disappear. I'd hear ringing in my ears no matter what time of day. Even in the night, and it would be more apparent when it was quiet, it seemed.

At night, I'd wake up suddenly around 2:00 or 2:30 AM, the same time every night, wide awake, and have trouble getting back to sleep for several hours. Some nights I didn't sleep much at all, just a couple of hours


In 2012, Naperville began replacing old electric meters, left, with smart meters, right, that transmit data wirelessly. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune).

Calgary seeing spike in brain tumours

"We don't understand why there is this rapid increase, but it is scary," said Dr. Jacob Easaw, associate professor in the Southern Alberta Cancer Research Institute at the University of Calgary.

Doctors crunched the numbers and found a 30 per cent spike between 2012 and 2013, he says.


Cellphone Ordinance Puts Berkeley at Forefront of Radiation Debate

Berkeley has a habit of passing first-in-the-nation laws that seem radical but are promptly copied by other municipalities including creating smoking bans, a sanctuary for immigrants in the country illegally, a Styrofoam ban and health benefits for domestic partners. So if Berkeley succeeds in its fight to warn people about cellphones, can Cambridge, Mass., and other cities be far behind?
Poorly researched article by the New York Times, contains false information and quotes people who should not be considered experts!
The attached rebuttal has been sent by us to the New York Times.
Your may distribute our response as you wish.
Best wishes,
Lennart Hardell

A recent House of Commons Committee report has stated that, "the potential risks of exposure to RF (radio frequency) fields are a serious public health issue that needs to be brought to the attention of Canadians."

Electrosensitivity: finding France's last coverage-free zones

Its a crime, you can't say that law makers are not aware of it - because they are!
Cancer Clusters related to EMF Exposure

EMF site with links to lots of good research

Protecting the Electric Grid from the Potential Threats of Solar Storms and Electromagnetic Pulse


'Eerie' music, man's voice creeps into nursery after baby monitor hacked

Police are warning owners of high-tech baby monitors to be cautious after a hacker took control of the camera on an Ontario couple's monitor, just as they were putting their two-year-old son to bed.

The boy's father told CTV London he was reading a bedtime story when he heard a noise coming from the camera, which he had mounted near the ceiling of his son's nursery so that he could watch him remotely through a smartphone application.


Number of Canadians impaired by strokes may rise 80% by 2038

The number of Canadians who are living with a long-term disability caused by a stroke is expected to jump by as much as 80 per cent over the next two decades, according to a new study.

A report published in the journal Stroke on Thursday indicates that by 2038 there could be between 654,000 and 726,000 Canadians dealing with the after-effects of the condition.

Canada's adult ADHD epidemic

Speed-like stimulants prescribed for adult ADHD part of 'psychiatric fad,' risk being used for mental edge

Once considered rare, adult ADHD is rising sharply. In Canada, adults now account for more than a third of all prescriptions for ADHD medications, and while children still surpass adults as the main users of ADHD drugs (64 per cent versus 36 per cent), the number of adults on the drugs is increasing faster, according to Shire, makers of the ADHD drug Vyvanse.

Rights for children - New Zealand submission


Submission for approval to homeschool my children

Dear Sir/Madam,

Given the warnings being urged globally, and the information I have included in this submission, I assert that my children have an absolute right to a healthy home and school environment.  For this reason I request that I be granted approval to homeschool my children rather than enroll them in a school that uses wi-fi, as each of the public schools in our district currently do. 

My children also have what may be considered special education needs, as they are both very gifted and therefore they require more freedom to explore and develop their abilities than is possible in many mainstream schools as families with gifted children commonly acknowledge.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this matter.  I look forward to hearing your response.

NB  If further information is required regarding the controversy surrounding Government /Industry vs public health interests and RF radiofrequency radiation, I can provide this.




The Ministry of Health stated on 10/6/14 that the limits (for public exposure to  radiation from cell phone towers, wifi, 'smart' meters and other wireless digital devices) in the NZ Standard 2772.1:1999 Radiofrequency Fields Part 1: Maximum exposure levels – 3kHz to 300 GHz are

"based on all possible health effects, not just heating effects.  The only effect for which there was sufficient evidence was heat stress.  Reviews of research carried out since publication of NZS 2772.1:1999 have still found no clear evidence of any other effects."    

(Don Mackie, Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health)

This Ministry of Health advice is in direct contradiction to the knowledge that at least one telecommunications company has about the effects of artificial radiation exposure.  For example, Swisscom, in 2004 filed a patent to 'reduce the wifi emissions that contribute to the electromagnetic pollution known as electrosmog'. 

This patent states:

"The influence of electrosmog on the human body is a known problem."

"When, for example, human blood cells are irradiated with electromagnetic fields, clear damage to hereditary material has been demonstrated and there have been indications of an increased cancer risk."

The Ministry of Health advice to the public is also in direct contradiction to the evidence reported in numerous (non-industry funded) scientific studies completed since the 1970s that show direct effects on health from exposure to radiofrequency fields, including the Bioinitiative Report ( which was updated in 2012 to include 1800 more studies investigating the biological effects of radiofrequency radiation at exposure levels much lower than those permitted in New Zealand by the standard NZS 2772.1:1999.

The Ministry of Health advice is also contradictory to the information in the biannual literature reviews carried out by its own advisor Dr Sophie Walker of Crown Research Institute ESR.  Her August 2013 review summarised for the Government a large amount of international research showing non-thermal biological effects from radiofrequency radiation exposure.  The Government has since ceased funding for Dr Walker to review RF EMR research. 


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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WEEP News / Oxidative mechanisms of radiofrequency radiation / Brain Wave Warping Effects of Mobile Phones / AB57 Panned in SF / Bill 57 / Is WiFi technology damaging our health? etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

13 July 2015

2015 Jul 7:1-16. [Epub ahead of print]


This review aims to cover experimental data on oxidative effects of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in living cells. Analysis of the currently available peer-reviewed scientific literature reveals molecular effects induced by low-intensity RFR in living cells; this includes significant activation of key pathways generating reactive oxygen species (ROS), activation of peroxidation, oxidative damage of DNA and changes in the activity of antioxidant enzymes. It indicates that among 100 currently available peer-reviewed studies dealing with oxidative effects of low-intensity RFR, in general, 93 confirmed that RFR induces oxidative effects in biological systems. A wide pathogenic potential of the induced ROS and their involvement in cell signaling pathways explains a range of biological/health effects of low-intensity RFR, which include both cancer and non-cancer pathologies. In conclusion, our analysis demonstrates that low-intensity RFR is an expressive oxidative agent for living cells with a high pathogenic potential and that the oxidative stress induced by RFR exposure should be recognized as one of the primary mechanisms of the biological activity of this kind of radiation.


Cellular signaling; cancer; free radicals; oxidative stress; radiofrequency radiation; reactive oxygen species

PMID: 26151230
Brain Wave Warping Effects of Mobile Phones
A concerning new clinical study published in PLoS One titled, "EEG Changes Due to Experimentally Induced 3G Mobile Phone Radiation," has revealed that so-called 3rd generation (3G) cell phone technology has widespread brain wave disrupting activity in subjects exposed to real-world like conditions, i.e. 15-minute "talk time" exposure to the ear area.
Note - be sure to watch the video on page two of this story, by radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby, to learn about how cell phones can cause cancer.

AB57 Panned on NBC TV in San Francisco

NBC in San Francisco has picked up the AB57 story. We need to get other major outlets in the state on board with this gross mistake of proposed law.
From Australia

Is WiFi technology damaging our health?

A growing number of people claim they have sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation and are worried short range wireless broadband technology is harming their health.

"I suffer from electromagnetic-hypersensitivity," explains the 60-year-old Catholic. James was a senior lecturer in physics at Australia's oldest and most prestigious tertiary institution, the University of Sydney. That is, until his condition forced him into an early retirement.
In 2011, the WHO categorised electromagnetic radiation as a Class 2B possible carcinogen.

CBC - How are employers accommodating your disability?

I did not have luck getting 'on air' to speak on behalf of those with EHS, but I did leave the following comment.
Nancy Miller
By combining custom integrated directional technology with the new 802.11ac standard, the ZoneFlex P300 bridge system delivers blazingly fast broadband connectivity between locations miles away. With its internal antennas, it offers hundreds of megabits of performance at line of sight distances up to 8 kilometers, and over 20 kilometers with external antennas.
Hey Ruckus, what about the cancer risk (WHO type 2B carcinogen) and all the other known adverse health effects of wireless radiation.  Don't you care?
ES - UK Fundraiser
I have made the possibly foolish decision to 'walk' up Ben Nevis in August to celebrate a big birthday, my son will accompany me and my partner has paid all my travel costs.

Ben Nevis is 4,406ft high and the track is some 16KMs long and I am now in training.

I have established a Go Fund me page in favour of ES-UK registered charity 1103018 and
Donations may be made via:

Many of you are already incredibly generous to ES-UK but on this occasion you might encourage a neighbour or family member to get involved in our cause and sponsor my climb.

Kind regards

Sarah Dacre

Retired Electronics Professor Wants To Create Wi-Fi
Free Refuge

Gary Johnson of Canon City doesn't go far without his gigahertz solutions radio frequency detector. The retired electronics professor even takes the handheld contraption to church with him.

"I would be sick after going to church," he said.

He said would get hit by a debilitating fatigue which would last 24 hours after attending Sunday service.




This paper has been prepared in order to demonstrate the existence of numerous conflicts of interest among the members of the international organization ICNIRP (International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection. In Castilian, the International Commission for Non-ionizing radiation), that despite its private nature, is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as reference entity to set limits of exposure for people of non-ionizing radiation in order to prevent such radiation affect your health.
The fact that the members of the organization engage in various conflicts of interest, being related to companies interested in the development of telecommunications and new technologies, undermines the impartiality that should govern the regulation of limits on non-ionizing radiation people.
It's incomprehensible that an international organization such as WHO, which has numerous and qualified public resources to establish adequately these limits, has delegated to a private organization issues affecting public health of all humanity.
The information contained in the work presented below was obtained from searches of reliable publicly available sources on the Internet, which can be checked by anyone who has an interest in this topic.
It would be very interesting by any natural or legal person interested in this topic assumes as its own this report (AVAATE authorized fully to do so) and send it to the authorities of the United Nations, of the International Labor Organization and of the World Health Organization of the Health.


'Web Junkie' doc pries open Chinese internet rehab camps for teen boys

Documentary filmmaker Shosh Shlam joins Shad to discuss her revealing documentary Web Junkie, which enters a Chinese camp for internet-addicted youth. She shares what she learned from three boys and their families and whether she sees the clinic as a harbinger for things to come in North America. 

'Internet addiction' linked to brain differences

January 2012
Wireless and EMF Reduction for Autism
83% of the children in Dr. Jelter's trials have shown measurable improvement after just 2 weeks, and the improvement continued on for months after the trial.  The 2 week trial was designed to convince skeptical parents, many of them who are engineers in high tech, that this would work.  Once they see that it does, they often go on to reduce other sources of wireless and EMF.

Smartphones now causing permanent health problems in chronic users

After careful examination, Estes and his neurologist concluded that the nerve damage was coming from Estes incessant craning over to use his smartphone. The neurologist pointed out that the nerves at the top of Estes neck had become compressed and in a perpetual state of inflammation, all because Estes bent his neck over routinely to see his smartphone.

UK woman with electromagnetic hypersensitivity can't be around gadgets

Former architect Emilie, a resident of France's Ambert village, has a very rare disease. Emile is suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), and therefore she cannot be in the vicinity of any modern electronic devices.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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WEEP News / FCC a Captured Agency / 'Allergic to ELECTRICITY' / EHS conference debunks 'nocebo effect' theory / War cell towers / 18 years old EHS / EMFs and cancer / overheated, etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

7 July 2015

Federal Communications Commission - Captured Agency
New e-Book investigates industry influence on FCC actions and regulations
Captured Agency:  How the Federal Communications Commission Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates by Norm Alster
Mr. Alster is an investigative journalist who has covered the FCC going back to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The book is published by the Edmund Safra Center for Ethics of Harvard University.
'Allergic to ELECTRICITY'
50-year-old dons protective suit and veil to go outside as she claims Wi-Fi could kill her

Electrohypersensitivity conference debunks 'nocebo effect' theory

Several experts we interviewed in Brussels said the studies quoted by the WHO were designed to fail. First because it is very rare, even in EHS patients, that people can instantly feel EMFs. Second, because those studies, which are generally performed by scientists linked to the electrical or telecommunications industries, ignore the many types of EMFs and ways they provoke EHS symptoms minutes or hours after exposure. In fact, certain provocation studies showed changes in pupils, in cardiac rhythms, erythrocite (red blood cell) damage and impaired glucose metabolism in the brain after exposure to EMFs


Orson Welles' historic radio broadcast of alien invasion alarmed a nation. You should be alarmed, too. Because this threat is ongoing. Reduce your daily exposure now.
"I am 18 years old and electrohypersensitive"

WHO director Maria Neira denies link between EMFs and cancer

On the 24th June, María Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants invited by the Public University of Murcia (to which I belong as a PhD student) offered a short public talk. The the event was held at the European Parliament Building in Madrid on the 26th June. Neira denied there is scientific evidence linking EMF-health problems and EMF-cancer. She also visited the Public University of Cartagena.

I  enclose the links to the press news after her interviews:


I guess this senior World Health Organization official just forgot to read the scientific research!
Hydro-Québec has admitted that 500 of its smart meters have overheated
Give this a look!... And my comment has been authorized there but may disappear soon!

C'est la faute à Hydro-Québec, pas à nos socles! Pour tout comprendre, lire « Des compteurs intelligents qui prennent feu ! » à Le porte-parole d'Hydro admet que plus de 500 de ses compteurs ont surchauffé jusqu'ici et comme ils sont des spécialistes de la dissimulation (la transparence, Hydro ne connaît pas cela!), c'est sans doute beaucoup plus. Combien d'autres de leurs bombes incendiaires à retardement vont s'enflammer dans les mois et les années à venir? Comment peut-on dormir en paix avec un tel risque ? Déjà une dizaine d'incendies ont été causés au Québec par leur compteurs incendiaires. Il faut tous les enlever comme ils ont fait en Saskatchewan l'été dernier après 8 incendies déclenchés par ces compteurs - voir Ça presse d'agir avant qu'il y ait des morts ici comme c'est arrivé aux États-Unis avec des compteurs Landis+Gyr identiques (voir par exemple à ceux d'Hydro-Québec.

I've also prepared an audio version of the full report (thus including the introductory comments made when it was broascast in Quebec City.


ACC Confession: "More and more often" APS 'Smart' Meters Don't Work

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward, Sedona, Arizona ~ June 21, 2015

Last April I made another Public Records Request of the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC). I asked for all "smart" meter related emails and documents from January 1st, 2015 to the date of my request, April 28th.

Since the lawless and scandal-ridden ACC has so much to hide, what I received last Friday was mostly redacted. However, there were a few noteworthy unredacted email exchanges. Below is one such exchange.

This email exchange is between employees of the ACC Utility Division's so-called "Consumer Services" section. Mike Buck works there, and Connie Walczak is the manager of Consumer Services. The other people listed in the "To" heading of the emails are all Consumer Services workers.

Connie is explaining to Buck and the others that "more and more often" APS's "smart" meters are not communicating, that the problem can "go on for months," and so APS is estimating customers' bills as a result.

This news is not without irony since, in the past, APS has claimed that one of the advantages of "smart" meters was cutting down on the number of estimated bills due to meter access problems. Is anyone surprised that another APS "smart" meter claim turns out to be a lie?

Last October, APS admitted to replacing some 32,000 faulty "smart" meters between January 1st and August 31st of last year alone (see: ). With this new revelation in the ongoing "smart" meter fiasco, one wonders how many more "smart" meters have been replaced since then. Of course the ACC wouldn't know because, as with APS's "smart" meter related fires, the ACC is simply too negligent to investigate. After all, laws don't mean a thing at the ACC, especially A.R.S. 40-361.B which states:

"Every public service corporation shall furnish and maintain such service, equipment and facilities as will promote the safety, health, comfort and convenience of its patrons, employees and the public, and as will be in all respects adequate, efficient and reasonable."

Are APS's "smart" meters "adequate, efficient and reasonable" "in all respects?" No, not in any respect.

From: Connie Walczak

Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 1:32 PM

To: Al Amezcua; Carmen Madrid; Deborah Reagan; Jenny Gomez; Michael Buck; Richard Martinez; Tom Davis; Trish Meeter



What you might hear from APS is..... the meter stopped 'communicating' with the company. Seems the Smart Meters are doing this more and more often. It may be for only a brief period or a week or a month. APS seems to not have a problem with this 'non' communication, they have Schedule 8, 3.1 to rely on which enables them to estimate the bills. This can go on for months. They do not check the meter when they could retrieve the data, rather, they estimate usage. They do not feel the meter is malfunctioning if it begins communicating again. Even when it continues doing this for more than one month.

From: Michael Buck

Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2015 11:04 AM

To: Richard Martinez; Jenny Gomez; Al Amezcua; Deborah Reagan; Carmen Madrid; Trish Meeter; Tom Davis

Cc: Connie Walczak


Per Connie,

Has anyone in Consumer Services had any complaints concerning APS's inability to read their Smart Meter's and estimating the bill? Appreciate the information.

Thank you
Mike Buck

Arizona Corporation Commission Utility Engineer Can't Do Basic Math

Information & Perspective by Warren Woodward  Sedona, Arizona ~ July 3, 2015

I just received another batch of emails and documents from the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) via a Public Records Request. One of the emails, dated February 9, 2015 is from ACC Utility Engineer Margaret Little to ACC Utility Engineer Jeff Francis.

Little forwarded Francis a news story entitled, "AMI saves Central Maine Power $8 million in 1 year." Little added this comment, "Wow! – a savings reported due to Smart Meters. Awesome."

Evidently Margaret Little cannot do basic math, nor is she capable of the critical thought necessary to recognize propaganda when she sees it.

Central Maine Power (CMP) claims it did not lay off any meter readers but instead shifted them to other positions. Supposedly the savings then come from reduced "truck rolls." CMP claims it reduced costs due to 1.4 million fewer annual vehicle miles traveled.

1.4 million miles sounds impressive. But when you divide $8 million by 1.4 you realize that CMP is valuing each mile at the ridiculously inflated amount of $5.71. Persons deducting mileage on their taxes might be interested in learning more about CMP's method.

Let's assume for sake of argument that CMP's bogus '$8 million in one year' figure is actually true.

CMP's "smart" grid cost $195.9 million. If the $8 million is true, it will take CMP 24.5 years to recoup the $195.9M that was spent. Is that "Awesome?"

But wait, since "smart" meters only have about a 15 year life, the time needed to recoup the $195.9 million will get pushed farther into the future. Then of course the huge, ongoing costs associated with operating and maintaining the "smart" grid will push the time out even farther.

Meanwhile, the $8 million "savings" has been passed on to CMP ratepayers in the form of a 4% rate increase to pay for CMP's "smart" grid. Only at the ACC could that be considered "Awesome."

It happened so fast – was a flash, like lightning inside my house. I literally cradled my head and dropped to the floor, while my dogs started going crazy. I waited for the popping to stop and I opened my eyes.

Victory in 16-month Standoff as PSREC Drops Fees and
Restores Electric Service

At last Monday's court hearing, after it was revealed that Superior Court Judge Ira Kaufman has a no-cost self-read analog meter at his home, and after PSREC's legal arguments defending their "opt out" program fell apart, the utility's General Manager Bob Marshall agreed to reconnect our electricity, drop all past fees and provide self-read analog service at no charge.
Well done Josh Hart and Family!

EMF pollution and 'unexplainable' chronic disease symptoms

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, founder of Klinghardt Academy, links the ever-increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with the rapid rise in neurological illnesses like low-level depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, numbness, tingling and "unexplainable" muscle aches and pains. In fact, Dr. Klinghardt believes that "smart" meters -- which are being forced on homeowners as a way to "save energy" (yeah right) -- are "the worst invention that we've followed in the last 2 years with absolutely devastating consequences."
How Radio Waves Make You Sicker

The US CDC says that 50% of US Adults suffer from chronic disease. That 50% are potentially having  their disease symptoms made worse by Electrosmog from wireless communication devices. It seems that the primary harm from Radio Waves is not brain cancer, but exacerbation of the diseases people already have...

Effect of Mobile Phones on Sperm Quality

The authors concluded that the overall results suggest that mobile phone exposure negatively affects sperm quality in humans. The clinical importance of these effects  in this study may be limited to subfertile men and to men at the lower-end of the normal spectrum.
WHO: It's time for a change
Perhaps, it is time for the WHO to replace ICNIRP with an expert committee that has greater expertise regarding non-ionizing radiation protection and use this committee to establish the WHO guidelines for wireless radiation.

Policies on children's radio frequency exposure confusing

Dr Redmayne said that whilst this, and other observed effects, were not in themselves 'health effects' if the body did not have the chance to repair the related damage and restore balance it could eventually lead to a variety of health effects.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution