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WEEP News / W.H.O. Knew about the Dangers of Microwave Radiation Forty Two Years Ago / The spinal cord as a antenna ? / ICNIRP / Decommission Landlines / Tesla vs Honda / Autism / etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

17 April 2016

What the World Health Organization Knew about the Dangers of Microwave Radiation Forty Two Years Ago
Microwave radio frequencies have been known for several decades as being toxic!  WHO has mandated 60 scientists and issued a 40 reports book showing this
toxicity back in 1974.  It is called:

Biologic Effects and Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation - WHO
International Symposium Research Agreement No. 05-609-04 - 1974

It is very symptomatic that this document does not show on the WHO website today, isn't it?

Link to the on-line 350 pages report here:

Bien cordialement,

Sosthène BERGER
Ing. Dipl. HES

And why is the WHO denying this information now? 
Could the WHO now be classed as a criminal organization, because of the health risk, harm and early death that they are responsible for?

Investigation of the spinal cord as a natural receptor antenna for incident electromagnetic waves and possible impact on the central nervous system

In this article, we show, through a FDTD simulation analysis of an incoming electromagnetic field (EMF), that the spinal cord acts as a natural antenna, with frequency dependent induced electric voltage and current distribution.
Why it is that ICNIRP just doesn't get it?

For many years I have been complaining about the unbalanced expert composition of the Main Commission of ICNIRP. ICNIRP can, and should, be considered as a "private club" where, members of the new Main Commission are selected by the members
AT&T Wants to Decommission Landlines in California

Seeking to capitalize upon Californians' growing use of Internet-based phone service, telephone giant AT&T is asking state lawmakers to allow it to decommission its costly landlines
After the hearing:
AB 2395 just passed, as of 4:10 pm PST or so, with only two or three No votes.  There were many great testimonies but AT&T won.
We managed to mobilize about 10 people from the disability community, mostly EHS, to go to the hearing today, including Kevin who came up from L.A. on Monday and spent two days going door to door. Sadly several disability and senior groups supported the bill. But the CWA came out in force against it. The whole hallway and hearing room was full of orange shirts. But the committee passed it anyway. Now it goes to the appropriations committee, then the assembly, then the senate.


Tesla vs Honda EMF Results
See attached report by California Building Biologist Larry Gust, eng.
(Note that I deleted page 2 of the PDF because it was blank by error, thus p7 is called 8/7!)
Pathway Network Analyses for Autism Reveal Multisystem Involvement
The enrichment analysis of SFARI genes showed the calcium signaling pathway to be the most enriched, statistically significant pathway.

School District is Served With Legal Liability Notice

  1. Board members who voted in for keeping the Wi-Fi are now personally liable if a child is harmed by the wireless radiation exposures. 
  2. They could be  sued for "willful blindness","child negligence" or possibly even charged with  "reckless endangerment of a child" of which the latter carries criminal penalties.
  3. The BOE is held liable for violating  "Open Government Law," by  misusing  "Executive Session" option designed  to  keep public  agencies court strategies private   when  litigation  is  in process. The Board apparently disbanded the Wi-Fi Task Force  and denied access of  the minutes of that meeting to the public. The BOE then stated "the efficacy  of the group"  was the reason for disbanding it. 
See the video and get more information:

Suzanne Somers and Camilla Rees Discuss Wireless Tech Risks

Smart meters
emit dangerous pulsed microwave radiation 24/7. This is an involuntary exposure that cannot be turned off.
Pregnant women and children should not be exposed to wireless radiation
English translation from 2014
Stories From Parents About Their Children (being harmed by wireless radiation) 

The ADHS "Smart" Meter Study Is Grossly Inaccurate

Video Exposé

APS Caught Lying

PNM plan opens new front in 'smart' meter battle

Susan Porter is another resident who posted a sign voicing her lack of consent. When she addressed the installation crews, they allegedly told her that the meters "only transmit once a month." She informed them that they actually transmit in continuous pulses.

"It is unfair for their supervisors to expect them to lie to the public. I don't blame them," said Pamela Morgan.

Automated Vehicles: Planning the Next Disruptive Technology
Tuesday April 19 - Wednesday April 20 2016 One King West Hotel & Residence Toronto, Ontario
The era of driverless cars and trucks is just around the corner. What do you need to know to plan for the arrival of this technology?
Wi-Fi Now 2016
An industry sponsored conference that ignores any evidence that Wi Fi is harmful and will not allow any speaker who is critical of Wi Fi.
The Wi-Fi Now 2016 conference April 19-21 in Tysons Corner, Va., after giving O'Dwyer's press credentials, has withdrawn them after being told O'Dwyer's would raise health issues related to Wi-Fi, cellphones and other radiation sources.
Having been shut out of "the world's first Wi-Fi conference," health advocates have created "Wired Health Now 2016" which will run in cyberspace on the same three days as Wi-Fi Now on the O'Dwyer website.
WiredNow 2016 Conference Submissions Needed

The WiredNow Conference, (counter WiFiNow conference, will happen April 19-21. Individuals and groups are invited to submit 300-500 words (longer would be ok. include links) and a headshot. to participate in this important event. Submit to Copy due Sunday, April 17th or Monday, April 18th preferably. People will be able to comment on any one article. This is an excellent chance to raise awareness about the issues, and Jack O'Dwyer will be following up with excellent articles on this event. Please take time this weekend to make a submission about why this issue matters to you. Share widely!

Paris Film Festival
SHORT DOCUMENTARY PRIZE is awarded to QUIET ZONE David Bryant & Karl Lemieux (Canada - 2015 - 14'01 '' - French subtitles), presented in French first, the jury chaired by Fred Nicolas students.

Production and International Sales: ONF Canada

The award is endowed by the region of € 2,500

Sperm DNA damage—the effect of stress and everyday life factors

Data from the present study showed a significant effect of age, obesity, mobile phone radiation and occupational stress on sperm DNA damage.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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Fw: WEEP News / Is radar destroying the coral reef near Kauai? / Magnetic orientation Krill / Argentina seeks a national law against EM pollution / Pediatricians in Italy / S meter / Meter Fires (2016) / etc

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

5 April 2016

Is Electro Magnetic Radiation from military radar destroying the coral reef near Kauai?

Representatives from Kauai's conservation community recently met with representatives from the Pacific Missile Range Facility to discuss concerns that electromagnetic radiation coming from the high-powered radar and antennas could be the cause of coral's decline.
PMRF has about 20 radar towers on North Kauai. They work by bouncing electromagnetic radiation off of things — that's how they detect objects.

Electromagnetic radiation is composed of waves — just like light is, except that electromagnetic radiation isn't visible to the human eye. According to scientific models, the radiation covers much of the northwest part of the island.

"If we could see the radiation like we can see light, the entire island would be lit up 24/7," Lilley said. "That's now much we're exposed to every day."


The magnetic orientation of the Antarctic amphipod Gondogeneia antarctica is cancelled by very weak radiofrequency fields

Tomanova K, Vacha M. The magnetic orientation of the Antarctic amphipod Gondogeneia antarctica is cancelled by very weak radiofrequency fields. J Exp Biol. 2016 Mar 29. pii: jeb.132878. [Epub ahead of print]


Studies on weak man-made radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF) affecting animal magnetoreception aim for a better understanding of the reception mechanism and also point to a new phenomenon having possible consequences in ecology and environmental protection. RF impacts on magnetic compasses have recently been demonstrated on migratory birds and other vertebrates.

We set out to investigate the effect of RF on the magnetic orientation of the Antarctic krill species Gondogeneia antarctica, a small marine crustacean widespread along the Antarctic littoral line.

Here, we show that having been released under laboratory conditions,G. antarcticaescaped in the magnetically seaward direction along the magnetic sea-land axis (Y-axis) of the home beach. However, the animals were disoriented after being exposed to RF. Orientation was lost not only in an RF of a magnetic flux density of 20 nT, as expected according to the literary data, but even under the 2 nT originally intended as a control. Our results extend recent findings of the extraordinary sensitivity of animal magnetoreception to weak RF fields in marine invertebrates.

The project aims to provide a regulatory framework to "radio infrastructure with radiant systems, antennas and all installations capable of generating electromagnetic radiation" in order to "ensure the protection of public health" considering "both thermal effects and biological ".

In education and health facilities only wired connections to data networks and Internet access may be used. In hospitals phones may not be used in areas that health authorities have higher health risk.


Pediatricians in Italy ask to prohibit cell phones for children under 10 years old

Sara Ficocelli

‎Polab Elettromagnetismo Ambientale

The Italian Society for Preventive and Social Pediatrics, raises the alarm:  cell phones for children under 10 years old, need to be prohibited. Loss of concentration, difficulty to learn and aggressiveness, according to the experts, are among the harmful effects for health that smartphone provoke in the smallest.   

 According to the research from Eurispes, in 18% of the cases, the cell phone arrives between the hands of the children already at 7 years old, according to Censis.

22% of children use it 1 hour adapt and 23% up to 4 hours.

In Lazio regions, beyond 50% of the children between age 6 and 7 years old use tablet 1 or 2 hours a day, up to 4 hours.  At 10 years old, the threshold is above 60%.

Giuseppe Di Mauro, president of the Italian Society of social and preventive pediatrics [Società italiana di pediatria preventiva e sociale (] – we do not know all the consequences associated with cell phone use, but excessive use could can lead to  concentration and memory loss, increase in aggressiveness and sleep disturbances.  I think that children don't have to use cell phone, if their parents can not help but give their children this object, I hope that is used for a short time, avoiding their use of many hours,  exchanging text messages, chatting or surfing.

The other big problem is the use of cell phone. The use of cell phone is indeed related to the behavioral sphere: not only does the abuse of smartphone cause addiction, but it would be at the basis of anti-social behavior and the inability of children to build stable relationships with the people who live around them.  

Are many - concludes Di Mauro - the guys who, while being close to each other, do not talk but they continue to keep their gaze fixed on the mobile phone. If we do not put a stop to this veritable invasion, the new generations will increasingly go towards isolation


Your smart meter isn't necessarily safe or healthy

One reason that many people who aren't made ill by other wireless devices are becoming sick from smart meter exposure is that meters, essentially plugged into the back of your breaker box, radiate transmissions on home wiring, all of the time. This exposes the whole body, and everyone in the home, nonstop

Smart Meter Fires (2016): Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

Researcher Brian Thiesen presents shocking and disturbing facts about smart meter fires -- which your utility does not want you to know about.

Guide to North American Smart Meter Policies


Illinois Attorney General Issues Consumer Alert on 'Smart' Meters

Tobacco Science used for Smart Meters?
While Americans are reporting adverse health impacts associated with wireless utility meters, Peter Valberg of the product defense firm Gradient provides health and safety testimony for smart meter deployment for industry and regulators. Sign the petition "No more tobacco science for the MA DPU" at Move,
First announced in 2008, the government's plans have been hamstrung by a myriad of issues, not least the sheer cost and difficulty of putting it all in place.
Lots of testing mentioned here but it seems that they forgot about testing for adverse health effects!

WHO - Electromagnetic fields and public health: radars and human health

More false information from the World Heath Organization!:

The ICNIRP guidelines protect against all established RF health effects and are developed following reviews of all the peer-reviewed scientific literature, including reports on cancer and non-thermal effects.

To date, researchers have not found evidence that multiple exposures to RF fields below threshold levels cause any adverse health effects. 

After reading this rubbish you may want to ask:  Are they all really stupid, or are they just common criminals?

Burnt by a Phone Mast?
Diana Hilary Boughton suffered a terrible rash, caused she believes, by living in close proximity to a mobile phone mast at Welsh Newton Common.
She has set up a website which shows photos of the skin lesions and gives a scientific explanation of the biological processes involved. 
This letter from I Quayle is garbage, but there are several very thoughtful and sensible responses afterwards.
Advisories on Wi-Fi (dangers) are buried
I learned all Wi-Fi devices operate off high levels of unshielded microwave radiation that can cause electrohypersensitivity (EHS), infertility, cancers, behavioral issues, DNA damage and more. Children and fetuses are especially vulnerable (see
Lombardi says an example of the "instability" was the recent installation of Wi-Fi in schools, he says the Ministry reneged on paying for it after it was installed.

Microwave Radiation - A Ticking Time Bomb!

Report by Jerry Flynn from 2013

WI-FRIED! "Teachers At Risk from Wi-Fi"

Please see the article a retired teacher submitted to the BC Teachers' Federation magazine about the effects of wifi in schools. This information needs to reach teachers and parent because school boards are preventing information from reaching them now. Provincial health officers are telling school boards that wifi is safe, leading to trustees refusing to allow information to be disseminated.

Some Effects of Weak Magnetic Fields ON Biological Systems
RF fields can change radical concentrations and cancer cell growth rates
Important article in the IEEE Power Electronics Magazine, March 2016
'The Cloud' Begins with Coal
E-Invisibles  Since posting Mark Mills' amazing report about how much electricity the Internet requires, "The Cloud Begins with Coal,", I've learned about
* The University of Melbourne's Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET). Rod Tucker's 2013 report, "The Power of Wireless Cloud" explains CEET's finding that most electricity usage is required in telecom infrastructure--in broadband networks (etc.) between your device and a data center.
The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has old, still excellent reports about chemical hazards and waste from computers, including "Just Say No to E-Waste" and "Communities and Workers Beware!!" More recently, SVTC posted a report about solar power installations not being energy-efficient.
E-lephants on Our Hands: How Electronics Impact Climate Change, the talk I gave at the University of Oregon's Environmental Law Conference March 4, 2016, based largely on reports from the above-mentioned sources, is now posted here:
Katie Singer
EMR Australia: 'EMR and Health'
I'm pleased to advise you that your free copy of 'EMR and Health' is available to download below. Please feel free to let your friends know about our publication
Lyn McLean Director
EMF Safe Homes
Attached are my two recent articles on EMFs for Home Builder Canada magazine.
André Fauteux, Editor/Publisher
La Maison du 21e siècle Magazine 
450 228-1555

Toronto Total Health Show 2016
This coming weekend with Dr. Magda Havas speaker

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution