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WEEP News / Germany - Important Court Victory for EHS victim / Smart meters time bomb / Apple Carcinogenic Keyboard and mouse / Healing is Voltage / Neurophysiologic Effects / crisis in mental health


W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

24 July 2014

Germany - Important Court Victory for Electro Hyper Sensitivity Victim

EHS of a former German Army Radar-mechanic acknowledged as occupational disease by the court of appeal for administrative litigation in German state Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holsteinisches Oberverwaltungsgericht)
3 LB 21/11, September 13, 2012

The plaintiff worked for the German army (Bundeswehr) from 1970 to 1992 as a mechanic for Radar systems. While working he was exposed to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Since 1973 the plaintiff suffered from inflammation, infectious diseases and palpitations. From 1976 he also suffered from agitation, sleep disorders, fatigue, lack of concentration and extreme forgetfulness, extreme headaches, disorder of the immune system, food allergies and other allergic symptoms, non-functioning eyesight, sweats, exhaustion until mid 90ies.

The plaintiff was diagnosed with EHS and treated in two clinics in 1993. In 1994 the Federal Republic of Germany as his employer rejected to acknowledge his illness as an occupational disease claiming there is no proof that his symptoms are caused by the exposure. In 1994, the plaintiff was pensioned off.

The plaintiff filed a law-suit against the Federal Republic as his former employer to the court for administrative litigation in Schleswig to get this acknowledgement. He gave the court several reports of experts who examined his or other Radar-Mechanics conditions. As the court granted the plaintiff´s suit the defendant filed an appeal to the higher court, arguing that committees and experts- the WHO, the ICNIRP and the German committee for the protection of radiation (Strahlenschutzkommission – SSK) are of the opinion that EMF-exposure below standards does not cause any physical harm.

The plaintiff sent the court Prof. em. Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Karl Hecht´s study from 2001 on „Effects of EMF" as well as a report by medicine physicist Dr. rer nat Lebrecht von Klitzing on the biological effects of pulsed high frequency waves below standards as well as a synopsis by Prof. Hecht from 2005 that explained that the majority of personnel exposed to radiation suffered from the symptoms of what is called the „microwave syndrom". The court appointed another expert who reported in 2005 and 2006 that the plaintiff´s symptoms are not caused by ionizing or non-ionizing radiation or a combination of both. After hearing several other expert witnesses – among them Prof. em. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Hecht and Dr. rer. nat. Lebrecht von Klitzing – the court appointed another expert and – after another hearing – obliged the defendant to acknowledge the plaintiffs request in a verdict from August 20th, 2008.

On appeal, the highest federal court in administrative matters (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) declared that the decision violated federal law as the court had not taken enough efforts to research the facts. The court of appeal than appointed a third expert who stated that it was possible to proof the causation of the plaintiff´s exposure and his disease. The court ruled again in favor of the plaintiff and also ruled that another appeal is not permitted. The defendant´s complaint against this to the highest federal court was not successful. In consequence, the acknowledgement is now legally binding.


Note that the Court rejected the Gov expert opinion including the reliance on ICNIRP & the WHO and their claim that... there is no proof of biological harms and instead accepted Prof. Hecht and Prof. Von-Klitzing testimony.

N.B. Just note the big legal difference between Germany (EHS = occupational disease) and Sweden (EHS = functional impairment [with it's symptoms classified as an occupationally-related symptom-based diagnosis (code ICD-10) by the Nordic Council of Ministers since 2000. DIVS: 2000:839; ISBN: 92-893-0559-2]).


The EHS debate has now evolved into a different league and EHS has been accepted as an 'occupational disease' at the highest court of appeal in Germany.   

Dr Von Klitzing's protocol for diagnosing EHS is based on cardiac rhythm disturbance and micro circulation as being key indicators of EHS.
Smart meters are a "time bomb" for utilities, warns insurance expert

For instance, a Puerto Rican utility estimates it lost $400 million in one year after criminals hacked into smart meters to under-report electricity usage. A report from the University of Cambridge confirmed that smart meters raised "several serious security issues" such as:

·      Manipulated meter readings

·      Misuse of private customer data

·      Power outages from a cyber attack


And that article has a link in it to:

Smart Meters Pose New Risks for Energy Industry

"The risk is being underestimated outside of the industry," Oehler said.


For Sale - Apple Carcinogenic Keyboard

"Original Apple Wireless Keyboard (UK) - WARNING: Class 2B Carcinogen"

For sale is my once liked and now hated RF/microwave-emitting Apple keyboard (I have switched to a wired alternative).

According to the WHO, the radiation given off by wireless gadgets like these are categorised as a Class 2B carcinogen (since May 2011).  This means that they can potentially cause significant harm to you and your loved ones.

If in doubt, take a look at this study by Conrado Avendaño which showed that the use of a wireless laptop connected through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation.

Also see Prof Martin Pall's presentation on how wireless radiation causes voltage-gated calcium channels to leak, causing oxidative stress and free-radical production - leading to cancer. (

You could read the Ecolog Institute's (covered up) study into wireless harm (funded by T-Mobile) which showed wireless radiation causes "clear damage to hereditary [DNA] material".

Whilst this keyboard connects via Bluetooth, the frequency used is almost exactly the same as WiFi.

BE WARNED.  Whilst this device is in full working order and very clean condition, I do NOT recommend using it for anything other than an expensive ornament, door stop or fly swat.

Also see my wireless mouse advert here:

(I'll be selling my old iPad soon if you're in the market for a shiny chopping board)

Item 2:

"Apple Wireless 'Magic' Mouse - WARNING: Class 2B Carcinogen"



Book - Healing is Voltage
Neurophysiologic Effects of Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation

A classic paper published in 1979 by W. Ross Adey, M.D., one of the pioneers in microwave radiation health effects research.

We knew long before the FCC and ICNIRP adopted thermal-based regulatory standards that non-thermal microwave radiation had significant effects on the brain. The EPA and other agencies also knew this but governments chose to ignore this research.


Colleges face up to crisis in mental health

The country's third level counsellors' association says its members are encountering a "tsunami of students presenting with mental health problems", at NUI Galway and GMIT.
In the past SIX months alone there have been 33 suicides at one college in the west

GALWAY residents took to the streets on Sunday to protest at what they claim is the Government's inaction over an 'epidemic' of suicides.

He also revealed the astonishing statistic that there have been 33 suicides among the students and teaching population in a six-month period – from December of last up to May 31 – in the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT).
  1. Martin Weatherall Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    If you research the adverse 'health effects of microwave radiation', you will see that neurological changes to the brain have been known about for over 35 years.

    University students are bathed in microwave radiation 24 hours a day from Wi Fi, cordless telephones, cell phones, I Pads, antennas and other wireless devices. Microwave radiation is affecting the normal thinking process. Depression and suicide are two of the well known and well researched effects of microwave exposure.

    A 'crisis of suicide and depression in universities' has also been reported in North American universities.

    This information about the brain being affected, was available in 1979 –

    More strong scientific information is available at

EMF Summit Shares Cases of The Effects of EMF Radiation
Longevity Rescuer Alison Heath tackles the distressing amount of false information given to us regarding EMF Radiation in her latest video. Her term for this is "junk science" – inaccurate studies and half-truths given to the consumers by the industry.
Canadian utility SaskPower has halted its smart meter rollout as it investigates recent fires associated with the meters.
"The safety of our customers and employees is our first priority and is non-negotiable. We take each instance very seriously and, as such, are investigating fully," the blog says. "It's important to note that in all cases, the problem has been contained to the location of the meter."
"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WEEP News / Brazilian Courts EMF Standard / EMF Economic, health and security costs / Ontario smart meters / $23B verdict / illness & smart meter radiation / Wireless Exposures in Hospitals ?

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

23 July 2014

Brazilian Courts order lower electromagnetic pollution
The Brazilian Judiciary determined to reduce the level of electromagnetic pollution generated by power lines to standard adopted by Swiss law (1.0 microtesla).
Two associations of residents in São Paulo — the largest city of Brazil — proposed the action. The plaintiff has pleaded to not be exposed to electromagnetic fields incompatible with the human health.

What are the full economic, health and security costs and benefits of wired versus wireless technology?

Like most industrial and all developing countries, Canada is already swamped with health care costs for treating cancer, which can run to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single case. What will Canada do if facing an epidemic of such cancers within a few decades?
MP Gallant seeks investigation into federally-regulated Ontario smart meters

"Specifically, I have requested an Industry Canada Special Investigation into the use and operation of 'smart meters' by Hydro One.

Clear differences between organic and non-organic food, study finds

Research is first to find wide-ranging differences between organic and conventional fruits, vegetables and cereals
Take Back Your Power
Video has been updated and is now available.

Jury hits tobacco company R.J. Reynolds with $23B verdict

Following a nearly four-week trial, the jury deliberated for 15 hours to eventually determine that the tobacco company was negligent in informing Robinson's husband, Michael Johnson Sr., that smoking causes lung cancer and that nicotine is highly addictive.
The verdict against wireless companies is likely to be much higher as they are potentially harming so many more people!
Electro Hypersensitive Woman
Meet Velma, the woman who spends up to 18 hours a day confined to a cage because she is allergic to modern technology.

Velma Lyrae, 51, can't use a mobile phone, satnav or WiFi, or even use a hairdryer to blow dry her hair.
Smart Meters explanation needed

In play is the very serious matter of six fires said to be related to the installation of these meters, which are manufactured by North Carolina-based company Sensus and are being installed by SaskPower-hired local installers working under the direction of an American-based company called Grid One Solutions.

Interestingly, neither company is talking to the media about the problem - fuelling speculation that either or both companies share some responsibility for it.

Hamburg Board Warns Residents About Smart Meter Controversy

The Hamburg Township Board is calling attention to the controversy surrounding DTE's new smart meter technology. Smart meters are being ...

Australia - Reports of illness prompt audit of smart meter radiation

1    More than 250 Victorians have contacted Stop Smart Meters Australia to report insomnia, headaches, ringing in the ears, tiredness and burning or tingling sensations.

2   An interesting article, but the comments are even more so. Many people have become sensitive after the $meter is installed. It seems that many are vulnerable to the high spikes that are emitted.


The La Plata Electric Association board's "we'll see" response Wednesday to her request that "smart grid" opt-outs not be charged for having their electric meter read isn't the end of it, said a Pagosa Springs woman who refused a smart meter in her home.

"There are 50 to 60 of us who are going to try for a court injunction against LPEA," Laura Refka told The Durango Herald after the board meeting. "We also are trying to educate members of the Town Council, who don't know their duties."


Electric Bacteria Eat Electrons

Read article and watch short video on bacteria that eat electrons!

Loneliness: a silent plague that is hurting young people most

For young Britons, loneliness is an epidemic – and they are even more likely to fall victim to its insidious dangers than the elderly
Dr Grant Blank, a survey research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, points out that social media and the internet can be a boon and a problem. They are beneficial when they enable us to communicate with distant loved ones, but not when they replace face-to-face contact. "People present an idealised version of themselves online and we expect to have social lives like those portrayed in the media," says Challis. Comparing friends' seemingly perfect lives with ours can lead us to withdraw socially.
1.  Wireless Exposures in Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities:  What are the Risks?

Upcoming guest, Cindy Sage will discuss some of the findings of the updated BioInitiative Report and answer listener's email questions. 

Show to air week beginning Saturday, July 26, 2014 on all stations.

Cindy Sage - Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report Santa Barbara, CA
Mrs. Sage has been involved in EMF issues (electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation) as an environmental consultant and public policy researcher since 1982.  She has provided professional consulting services to cities, counties, various states and a national EMF policy group on the issue of EMF policy and prudent avoidance.

2.  Wireless Exposures in Schools:  What are the Risks?

LAUSD proposes to take the second-largest US school district all-wireless.
Under the Common Core Technology initiative.  With iPads and wireless classroom access points
Legal RF levels but not safe.  False representations by LAUSD to meet the 2007 BioInitiative recommended level.
Clearly a mid-course collision between technology and health.

Cindy Sage - Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report Santa Barbara, CA

To air week of July 28, 2014

Electro Magnetic Radiation was killing his son
Dr. Stephen Sinatra talks about his son's EMF illnesses.
Will this FCC decision bring an end to the Wi Fi age?
"The effort will potentially provide a 75 percent increase in Wi-Fi funding for rural schools over the next five years and a 60 percent increase for urban schools, delivering Wi-Fi to an additional 10 million students in 2015 alone,"
As illnesses in children dramatically increase, will Wi Fi be ditched for safer technologies?
Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe

Speaks about electro hyper sensitivity at the British Society of Ecological Medicine (BSEM - March 2014)

"Diagnosis and Management of EHS, a rapid overview for mixed audience"
New editorial: "Scientists and Physicians Call On Health Canada To Protect The Public From Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure"

After reading the editorial at the link, you could click through at "Physicians" and at "Research Scientists" to land on the click-throughs where you can read the actual declarations and see the names of the MDs (Canadian) and Scientists (Canadian and others) who submitted them. (The declarations are easy to read and not many pages.)


An Electronic Silent Spring

Radio interview with Katie Singer.  Her book - An Electronic Silent Spring (also offers an extensive solutions section for policy makers, telecom and utility companies, schools, civic groups and individuals who want to reduce EMR emissions and exposure).
EMF Issues Recently Raised in Canada
Ajoutée le 12 juil. 2014

Entrevue du 14 juillet 2014 à l'émission Québécoise Salut Bonjour avec le Dr. Héroux et Mme Gaétane Boucher: ''Qu'est-ce que l'Électrosensibilité?''

Conférence du Dr. Paul Héroux, physicien à la tête du "In Vitro Toxicology Laboratory" de l'Université McGill, 21 Mai 2014


Le Pouvoir Ultime de l'Industrie:

Dr PAUL HÉROUX physicien à la tête du "In Vitro Toxicology Laboratory" de l'Université McGill SONNE L'ALARME

Selon le Dr Héroux, le réseau électrique devrait être en cc ---- Texte complet avec liens

A Unified Theory of Weak Magnetic Field Action
McGill University Professor Proposes Radical New Outlook
September 27, 2012
Last updated
August 12, 2013

Canadian Conflict-of-Interest Follies:
Anything Goes Except Non-Disclosure
Featuring Dan Krewski, the Royal Society and Health Canada
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April 23, 2014
Last updated
April 24, 2014

Canadian Physicians and International Scientists Look to Health Canada:

C4ST videos:

52 scientists sign a declaration to Health Canada, Canada Code 6 Review and C4ST :

Une sommité internationale contredit les affirmations d'Hydro-Québec:

Wi-Fi in schools - Le Wi-Fi dans les écoles:

Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of WiFi in schools, not so yet in Canada. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning the public to take a precautionary approach to protect the next generation. In this video we examine the facts:

Pour plus d'informations - For more information on the subject:

Letter to the Canadian Minister of Health
Dear Minister Rona Ambrose

Under your supervision, and after a barrage of criticism for its antiquated, laggard Safety Code 6 (SC6), Health Canada has exceptionally opened itself to a public consultation process. Yet by demanding that all contributions from the public focus solely on scientific matters relative to this deficient code, it shows itself to be in fact almost as closed as a clamshell. This argument was eloquently made by NDP's health critic Libby Davies in his July 10 letter to you. So to me this is a sham process, just as the entire 'scientific review' health Canada has commissioned the Royal Society of Canada (SRC) to do. Indeed, by imposing to the SRC its list of scientists that it wished to see on their review panel, many of them with obvious conflicts of interests that forced several of them to be dismissed from this skewed panel, it is clear that Health Canada was trying to cook the scientific book through getting from this panel conclusions that would fit its pre-designed policy about SC6. It got what it wanted, but now that the true nature of this 'kangoroo' panel is so glaring in the public eye, thanks in no small part to the protest campaign spearheaded by the group Canadians for Safe Technology, it tried once again to put a veneer of legitimacy on its fake review process, knowing full well that when it will issue its pre-ordained decision this fall, the mostly compliant Canadian media will parrot without much ado Health Canada's blind reassurances about the adequacy of SC6.

Moreover, this request for an exclusively scientific examination of SC6 is quite risible coming from a government that has built itself a strong worldwide reputation for ignoring what the scientists say when it does not fit the narrow, profit-driven, political and ideological agenda of your circus headmaster, M. Stephen Harper. What would it change for us, Canadians deeply frustrated with the blatant disregard for our health by your ministry, that we throw at you hundreds of studies conclusively showing dire health effects from microwave exposure, when the ravenous desire of your government to get billions of $$ every year from the telecommunication industry for the leasing of the radiofrequency spectrum trumps every other consideration? Not much, except more frustrations.

So you'll excuse me for being a tad skeptical about your true intents with this review process. We Canadians tend to demonstrate an exceptional tolerance for political shenanigans as long our day-to-day life isn't too much affected. But in this case, with the mounting evidence that it is not good at all blasting our kids with industrial strength WiFi routers in schools, showering our neighborhoods and homes with a blizzard of powerful cellphone signals emitted non-stop by cellphone antennas, contaminating our only havens with the pulsing, carcinogenic microwave emissions of not-so-smart meeters, and enduring a host of other sources of electropollution imposed on us because Health Canada has decreed, against any sense of logic, that the stratospheric exposure limits (6 million microwatts per square meter for the cellphone signal and 10 million for the WiFi) set by its 'Safety' code 6 are perfectly safe, don't be so surprised when we roundly vote you out of power next year. Actually you would deserve a much more punishing fate, as your government is so fond of metering against the wrongdoers of our society (not the corporate ones mind you), but we are so kind, and perhaps a bit too lazy, that we will content ourselves with throwing your party on the ash heep of history, sincerely hoping that your anti-human, anti-nature ideological brand never surfaces again at the helm of this country.

We have had enough of you!

Finally, in case there is someone at your ministry with still enough integrity to face the true scientific facts and recommend to you an immediate and substantial lowering of the SC6 exposure levels, nothwithstanding the FCC stance on this which you are so prone to mimic, send them the attached scientific review of 23 studies entitled "Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects" which, among other things documents the "EMF induction of DNA single-strand breaks in cells" (which leads to the onset of cancer after a while), as well as a "nitric oxide-peroxynitrite-oxidative stress pathway of action" explaining "pathophysiological responses to EMFs". In its conclusion, it says "The current review provides support for a pathway of the biological action
of ultralow frequency and microwave EMFs, nanosecond pulses and static electrical or magnetic fields" which can both have "potentially therapeutic effects" in some cases, and detrimental "pathophysiological effects" in other cases.

In the same vein, I also attach and recommend for review the scientific article by Martin L. Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, entitled "Microwave electromagnetic fields act by activating voltage-gated calcium channels: why the current international safety standards do not predict biological hazard". I include the Abstract here because that's where you'll find the scientific meat and cogent scientific arguments for immediate protective action on your part of the public's health...

"Microwave and other low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) have been shown to act by activating voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) with most biological effects being due to elevated intracellular calcium, consequent nitric oxide (NO) elevation and either peroxynitrite or NO signaling. This, the role of excessive intracellular calcium in microwave effects and some 20,000 papers on microwave biological effects show that the current international safety standards do not predict biological hazard. Such standards are based on the false assumption that the predominant effects of microwave and other low frequency EMF exposures are due to heating. A whole series of biological changes reportedly produced by microwave exposures can now be explained in terms of this new paradigm of EMF action via VGCC activation, including: oxidative stress; single and double stranded breaks in cellular DNA; therapeutic effects; blood-brain barrier breakdown; greatly depressed melatonin levels and sleep disruption; cancer; male and female infertility; immune dysfunction; neurological dysfunction; cardiac dysfunction including tachycardia, arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death. A two-phase program for greatly improving EMF safety standards is proposed."

Most of the ailments that transform the lives of EHS sufferers into an utter nightmare are thus explained.

But that doesn't seem to bother your governement because to Stephen Harper, money speaks so much more louder than scientific facts...

With no hope and only contempt for your blatant pandering to corporate interests.

Jean Hudon
Co-founder, Quebec's Coalition Against Electromagnetic Pollution

A mysterious sound is driving people insane, it's spreadingand nobody knows what's causing it

Its called wireless radiation!
"Health Canada's Safety Code 6 is based on an obsolete account and analysis of Radiofrequency Radiation research," said Dr. David Carpenter MD, PhD, Director, Department of Public Health, State University of New York, Albany. It has "disregarded or minimized certain recent studies" he added, about "detrimental biological and health effects in humans that occur at radiation levels far below the existing Safety Code 6 Guideline".

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Thursday, July 10, 2014

WEEP News / Ottawa C4ST Press Conference / Wireless & Crohn's disease / Wi Fi ubiquitous threat / Public Health Impacts / Geldof pushes unsafe meters / Tesla Expo / Commissioners rip FCC etc.

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

10 July 2014

Yesterday, C4ST - Canadians For Safe Technology, held a press conference in Otawa to expose the failure of Health Canada and Safety Code 6 to adequately protect Canadians from the known dangers of electro magnetic radiation.  The press conference was very successful and made national TV news.  WEEP thanks C4ST, Frank Clegg and all the people involved for their important efforts.
"Health Canada gets an 'F' for effort on this update to Safety Code 6," Clegg said.
For its update, Health Canada has ignored more than 130 studies that ... biological effects of electromagnetic radiation, said at the news conference.

Hi C4ST Team,

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for all of your efforts in putting together today's amazing event!  Everything - from the choice of venue to the organization, the videoing, the press, and especially the main presentation - was impeccably done.  When I got home and finally looked at the physicians' submission, the scientists' declaration, and the compilation of 139 studies, I was truly overwhelmed with tears of joy.  I feel like a dam has been broken open and C4ST has helped us all to make such tremendous progress on this joint effort - in raising public awareness and forcing some accountability at Health Canada.  I have no doubt it will lead to a positive outcome.

Frank, your heartfelt commitment to this cause is palpable and inspiring.  Today's standing ovation was well-deserved.  Thank you especially for all that you have done - you are a god-send.


Is a 300% increase in Crohn's disease the result of our escalating exposure to wireless technologies?
Is a 300% increase in Crohn's disease the result of our escalating exposure to wireless technologies? - See more at:
Is a 300% increase in Crohn's disease the result of our escalating exposure to wireless technologies? - See more at:

Electromagnetic frequencies in the RF/MW wavelength also increase the permeability of the blood/gut barrier (similar to the blood brain barrier which is also opened by weak electromagnetic fields) which allow foreign materials from the gut and partially-digested food to enter the bloodstream which can trigger the generation of antibodies and an autoimmune response.

WiFi — An invisible but ubiquitous threat to the future of the species
The risks are so great that the use of WiFi, which is enormously popular, can lead to permanent genetic damage to your children and your children's children.
Mast Sanity

Public Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation -- Flying Blind

This is a tragedy for the field and bespeaks an unfortunate policy direction. Despite the extraordinary growth in wireless transmitting devices, we lack the resources to study their impacts in any systematic way. The absence of research on the health or environmental impacts of wireless radiation should not be confused with proof of safety.
Geldof pushes unsafe technology which will damage the environment and harm people
(Misguided musician) Sir Bob Geldof is launching the publicity drive and will be paid for his role in the campaign.
Tesla Science Expo at Ontario Science Centre (this weekend)

As part of my research at the ROSE lab in Peterborough, I work with people who have developed sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution (or electrosmog) known as electrohypersensitivity (EHS) (   The Toronto Woman's College Hospital's Environmental Sensitivities Clinic has a 14-month waiting list for patients who have become ill from exposures to environmental contaminants that include chemicals as well as electrosmog (  Symptoms of electrosmog exposure include chronic fatigue, chronic pain, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, cognitive disorders, nausea, rashes, nosebleeds, and heart palpitations.
Nikola Tesla was probably the first man to be diagnosed with this illness. In the 1900s it was called 'neurasthenia' – the disease of civilization.  Later it was called 'microwave sickness'.  The World Health Organization prefers to call it 'idiopathic environmental intolerance" and most doctors think it is a mental disorder. 
Thursday July 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm . . . celebrate Nichola Tesla's birthday at the Ontario Science Centre.  Meet a Tesla look-alike, listen to plants that play their own music, learn about the healing effects of light, sound, and pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), learn how to protect yourself against the harmful effects of electrosmog, and watch previews of the "Healing Field" an interactive documentary with Robert W. Connolly.    

Tesla, the father of our electrical distribution system and the inventor of wireless technology, is responsible for many of the electronic conveniences we appreciate in our everyday lives.  Yet we are not using some of his wireless technology wisely and are not benefiting from the healing technology commonly used in other parts of the world. 

Celebrating Tesla's birthday is a four-day event with . . . 
Day 1 – Tesla Science Expo – the Ontario Science Centre on July 10, 7:30 to 10:00 pm;  Tesla Science Expo – World premiere of  the movie – The Healing Field – Highlighting Tesla's inventions in electromagnetic therapy. Live Presentations from Dr. William Pawluk,  Dr. Magda Havas, August Worley and special musical guests. Hosted by Robert Connolly.  Register at for your tickets so you won't be disappointed as tickets are selling fast.

Day 2Tesla's Birthday with cake – Conspiracy Culture Book Store, Toronto on July 11, 7:00 to 10:00 pm; Tesla memorabilia,  music, books, merchandise and more.

Day 3 Tesla Health Festival in Oakville – Joshua Creek Art Centre on July 12, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm; An exhibit of historical photographs, Tesla inspired electrotherapy devices, Flea Market, Walk the Labyrinth and have a Tesla Lunch.

Day 4Tesla Ride and Walk – Niagara Falls on July 13, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; Tesla Motorcycle Club Commemorative Ride and Walk the Falls. Visit Telsa memorial statues, Tesla Motorcycle Club and guests meet up at noon, Picnics and related Tesla Festivities.

TeslaMania Music Video

Commissioners rip FCC's spendy school Wi-Fi plan
A proposal by U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler to pump billions of dollars into Wi-Fi deployment at schools and ...
Threatening the health of your constituents

I've circulated numerous emails detailing the extreme danger to health of ALL wireless technology, and especially Smart Meters, a proposed project of ...
 A recent report from smart meter installations in Holland reported that their expected savings of 6.4% on electricity and 5.1% on gas turned out to be fiction – the actual savings were 0.6% and 0.9%. The report also stated that given the results, it was not possible to conclude that there were any significant savings in electricity usage as a result of having a smart meter.

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution