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WEEP News / Microwaves and Alzheimer's disease / HC Misleading Canadians / Home devices as weapons / RF destroys sperm / one million / Smart meter risks / Unintended Consequences etc.

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

26 October 2016


Microwaves and Alzheimer's disease

We can conclude that the current exposure to microwaves during the use of cell phones is not safe for long-term exposure, despite the current scientific opinion.
Absorption of the cell phone signal into the brain of children does not exclude serious neuronal damage, as evidenced in rat studies ().
In addition, the increased risk of tumors of the head associated with long-term cell phone use is evident since radiofrequency may cause the blood-brain barrier to leak and to favor the damage of genetic material which consists of common precursors to cancer
Health Minister Caught Misleading Canadians about Safety of their Wireless Devices

OTTAWA, Oct. 11, 2016 /CNW/ - Canada's Health Minister Jane Philpott has contradicted the findings of a Parliamentary Health Committee report which recommends the government start warning Canadians that their wireless devices can cause cancer.

In response to letters from parents whose children have developed symptoms from exposure to wireless devices Philpott wrote: "There is no scientific evidence of health effects," from cell phones or Wifi.

This contradicts Parliament's Health Committee which sent recommendations to Philpott last June stating there are dozens of scientific studies showing that microwaves from common wireless devices are harmful. The Committee even recommended a national education program for safer use of cell phones and Wifi, especially for Canadian children.


Smart' home devices used as weapons in website attack

Many of the devices involved come from Chinese manufacturers, with easy-to-guess usernames and passwords that cannot be changed by the user - a vulnerability which the malware exploits.
"In a relatively short time we've taken a system built to resist destruction by nuclear weapons and made it vulnerable to toasters,"

Cyber attack: hackers 'weaponised' everyday devices with malware to mount assault

"It's remarkable that virtually an entire company's product line has just been turned into a botnet that is now attacking the United States,"

And since 14 per cent of the world struggle to conceive - with male infertility involved 40 per cent of the time - they warn a small detail such as where one stores their phone could be crucial.

Sprint to provide one million students with free internet, mobile devices

Criminal negligence?
Smart meter risks in 2016
No health impact studies demonstrating safety of these wireless devices were undertaken prior to global rollout, but there have since been limited studies conducted that indicate that EMR exposure from these devices can detrimentally affect health
Unintended Consequences of Smart Meter Placement
Case studies of harm caused - Australia
In my previous papers and submissions on the negative health impacts of smart meters I took the position that the worst case is when a smart meter is on the external wall next to a bedhead. See a sample of case histories here. One of my recommendations was, if all else fails in avoiding the installation of a smart meter – insure, at least, that it is placed well away from sleeping areas to reduce exposure. In one of the homes I have surveyed they took that advice and had the house wiring altered to have the smart meter placed on the garage wall which was separate from the house.
Dr. Andrew Marino's Website
Several important EMF studies here
Chinese electronic companies are manufacturing smart meters to install in millions of Britain's homes despite warnings by the intelligence agency GCHQ that the technology poses a potential threat to national security.

Telecom in USA: A "HUGE" Conflict of Interest Problem

That is why the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academies states that disclosure is only the first step and not necessarily sufficient.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Becoming More Prevalent

Data from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) suggests the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the U.S. — which include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety and panic disorder — may be as high as 40 million, or about 18 percent of the population over the age of 18, making it the most common mental illness in the nation.2,3
More wireless, more anxiety and panic attacks!

Matt Fisken: Pikachu's revenge

This commentary is by Matt Fisken, who is an at-home dad, electromagnetic field consultant and native Vermonter who lives in central Pennsylvania. He enjoys gardening and finding areas with no cell service, also known as "white zones."

Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Since 1981, we have helped more than 15,000 groups—comprising roughly 2.25 million people—successfully fight environmental health threats across the country.
Please try and make this organization aware, of how harmful wireless radiation is to people and the environment!
GSA Announces Sealed Bid for the Sugar Grove Station in Eastern West Virginia


WEST VIRGINIA - The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announces a sealed bid auction sale for the Sugar Grove Station facility in Sugar Grove, Pendleton County, West Virginia. The facility is located in Potomac Highlands within a three-hour drive of our Nation's capital.


GSA will conduct a sealed bid competitive sale, accepting bids and required deposits prior to the opening on December 1, when all bids will be publicly opened and the highest bidder declared. An open house tour of the Sugar Grove Station is set for October 26 from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.


Buyers interested in obtaining additional information about the property and how to submit a sealed bid may click on the following link Sugar Grove Station Sale or contact Susan Webb at 404-331-9610 or via email at


This property was formerly a Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) base. The property contains approximately 445,135 square feet of improvements, including 90 dwelling units, along with various office, maintenance and support facilities. These improvements were constructed in the late-1950s to the present. They have been fully maintained and were occupied by military personnel until September 30, 2015. The site area is 122.85 acres of unzoned land and is located within a United States National Radio Quiet Zone.

Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from "Smart" Meters

Everyone knows that wireless "smart" meters communicate via microwaves. What was unknown until now is that additional frequencies are transmitted in the 2 to 50 kilohertz range. Numerous studies have shown repeatedly that those very same frequencies disrupt the human nervous system. Indeed, "nerve block" is the phrase used in the studies to describe what occurs.

Understanding Smart Meter Frequencies ( like rocks in a river ).

Imagine a nice straight river with flowing water. There are no obstacles in the way to disrupt the current. Then the water hits a shallow rocky section and flows in many directions at higher speeds to get around these boulders. That is something like what happens when electrical energy hits a smartmeter, the 60 Hertz waveform gets distorted as it goes through the smartmeter in the same manner as when the flowing encounters the rocks. Like the many rivulets of water flowing around the rocks, Smartmeters cause many different rivulets of higher speed electrical frequencies. There are many different unwanted frequencies. When you add up all those frequencies and compare this sum to the main frequency (60 Hertz) you end up with a value known as Total Harmonic Distortion. It is a comparison between the main frequency and the sum of all the unwanted frequencies expressed as a ratio.

All these frequencies get in the wiring in your home  and because they are quite energetic they radiate into the living space.  Filters like Greenwave and Steitzers will remove some frequencies. Shielded wiring will block most of them.

Hope this helps. This is a simplified analysis to help folks get the concept.  

Walt McGinnis 

EMF tester, electrician and dirty electricity remover

Michigan electrical engineer William Bathgate provides important details about the dangers and design faults of 'smart meters'.
All these pulse transmissions the AMI meter is doing is a complete waste of energy and because it is a short but frequently pulsing signal that is not needed to measure power consumption, it is creating needless health effects and is impacting consumers as evidenced in the testimony. Some consumers have been affected to the point of near death experiences. The Mesh Network design is saturating the environment with RF transmissions mostly for the purpose of the network synchronization not the consumption measurement of power. I could not think of a worse network design for a power measurement device.
'Are You Lost' (amongst wireless devices)
The new official music video for Moby's new song "Are You Lost In the World Like Me" was released a few days ago. The entire 3:15 is important, but, If you look really carefully near the beginning, it shows a lot of cell towers, wifi, and satellites. It has been viewed over 1.6 million times on YouTube and on facebook 13 million times.

MY EHS STORY  by J. Edgar Murdoch

A couple of years ago I attended a public meeting at a community facility in Salmon Arm on a lovely spring Sunday afternoon. About an hour & a bit into it I noticed myself getting dizzy & feeling faint, almost falling off my chair a couple of times. It took considerable concentration to remain in the upright position. I wondered if it was because I was sitting by a window with the welcoming sunshine bathing my person. It was not a feeling with which I was familiar & I was just a touch alarmed.

When the session had expired I waited until most people had left & with the assistance of the wall & a few chairs to steady myself I was able to make it to the exit. Although I had not consumed an alcoholic beverage for several years & was not on any mind-altering substance, that was the impression I must have left with random bystanders. The stairs down to the sidewalk had a railing … wonderful … but once reaching the concrete I was on my own with only 2 or 3 lampposts for support between myself & the privacy of my vehicle. It was then I heard a feminine voice call my name.

Turning my head abruptly to find the source of this recognition I lost my balance & had there not been one of those posts handy I would have taken a nasty tumble. The "source" came running & supported me until I regained a measure of composure & then escorted me the remaining distance to the parking area. It turned out to be the Executive Director of the Citizens for Safe Technology organization who is severely EHS compromised herself & had to leave the building because of the presence of Wi-Fi & told me that I had been sitting under a router the whole time & certainly possessed the symptoms of the malady. It was a half hour before I felt capable of driving myself home.

On two other subsequent occasions in a different venue I exhibited similar characteristics & was able to determine that indeed Wi-Fi was present.  The wireless router was then turned off in deference to my sensitivity & the symptoms disappeared.

Now I am in my 8th decade & have traveled extensively & performed in many, many venues world-wide, etc., but this anomaly is brand new to me & I wonder if it is just coincidental that the symptoms have appeared only since the prevalence of wireless EMR in, it seems every possible space where humankind is present … including schools, libraries & other public gathering places where developing brains are present in large numbers.

In conjunction with this awareness is another conundrum. We have lived in our home on the outskirts of The Little City for more than a quarter of a century. For the first score & more years we entertained a virtual plethora of wildlife from lowly rodents to magnificent ungulates such as deer & the odd moose plus hungry bears feasting on our fruit trees. The feathered friends that visited our feeders, trees & grounds would have filled an enthusiastic ornithologist's diary with dozens of species. This year we were visited by a pair of nesting crows, a handful of hummingbirds that stayed only a few days & one nuthatch that put in a brief upside down appearance on our willow tree before bidding adieu. We have seen no evidence of the many warblers, flycatchers, juncos & other ground feeders, woodpeckers, etc., even the odd bird of prey that used to populate our acreage & bring joy to our senses. Of course we haven't seen a bee in years nor are we bothered by other flying, biting insects which once plagued us in the great outdoors. The apricot tree on our property which is an early bloomer has not born any fruit whatsoever in years, although once a prolific producer. Apples now lay on the ground with no bears coming to supplement their diet.

A few months ago I had an environmental advocate attend our property with his sophisticated … & expensive … EMF meter & after determining the inside of the home to be one of the cleanest … no wireless devices here … he went outside where the volume & needle on the instrument went absolutely wild. We are on a hillside & Dr. 'A' pointed out cell towers, routers & of course neighbours with smart meters surrounding our version of Paradise. Apparently a sort of funnel effect influences our site in the valley.

Our whole experience has been a sad reminder that the wireless technology industry& those that produce & promote the toxicity inherent in it, including our governments & utilities, are driven solely by the profit motive which completely ignores the environmental impact & the effect it has on all living things including us humans. People's health & welfare are being sacrificed for corporate wealth & hellfare. "A pox upon thee!"

J. Edgar Murdoch

C&E Driver Services Proprietor
Pro-Trucker Magazine Contributor
Voice of the Shuswap Radio Show Host
Box 556 Enderby, BC, Canada.
Bluetooth Wireless Danger

In our efforts to raise awareness of wireless, we often talk about cell phones, about cordless phones, Wi-Fi and smart-meters, but we don't always usually mention 'Bluetooth'.

This is a short video which shows that Bluetooth can be just as dangerous as Wi-Fi  :


A new version of the Bluetooth wireless spec will be coming to devices soon, giving users faster connectivity among devices over longer distances.

The new version, Bluetooth 5, is a big upgrade over Bluetooth 4.2, the current specification. In a clear line of sight, the range of Bluetooth 5 could stretch to 400 meters,

"I think it's unfortunate, because Apple themselves acknowledges in their fine print -- often hidden -- that you need to keep cell phones ... away from the ear, and most people don't do that," says Dr. Anthony Miller, senior adviser to the Environmental Health Trust, an activist group that studies radiation and cell phone usage.
Hydro One accused of taking rural Ontario hostage
Throughout the forum smart meters were regularly brought up by people who believe them to be a source of issues
Anyone who wants to speak with the ombudsman's office about Hydro One is encouraged to contact them by email at or call 416-345-1505. For more information visit the office's website at
That means that over the past decade, the off-peak rate has increased by 148.5%, the mid-peak rate 76% and the on-peak rate 71.4%.
Time For Everyone To Research The Health Affects Of Wireless Technology
 "It's everywhere, it's accelerating.  Independent science shows it affects all forms of life… and it conflicts with our natural make up as electrical beings."
Take Action: Wireless Radiation - an accessibility barrier
If you are experiencing environmentally induced functional impairment from wireless technology (a.k.a. radiofrequency sickness, electrotoxicity, etc.), please take a moment to participate in the listening sessions below.  Environmentally-induced functional impairments are covered under the 2008 ADA Amendments (USA).  

It is imperative that they hear from as many people as possible with narrow specific needs e.g. no wireless, especially WiFi, in public buildings and public spaces, especially medical facilities.  If you have time and are able to do so, please back up your story and the need for wireless-free public buildings and public spaces with research.  If not, your story and the stated accessibility barrier are sufficient. 
"Accountant" Movie's Autistic Hero May Be Radiation Victim

"The Accountant," No. 1 box office hit starring Ben Affleck as an autistic accounting whiz, is manna for radiation health advocates who say it will focus attention on skyrocketing autism rates.

Diane Hickey, CoDiane Diane Hickey, Co-founder, National Association For Children and Safe Technology, said, "The growing rate of Autism diagnosis demands that organizations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of children immediately consider information that identifies wireless radiation as the cause.

"The EMF/Autism mechanism has been documented and I am dismayed by the lack of response and interest to knowledge that may turn the Autism tragedy around."

Cellphone Tower Petition Presented in Canada's House of Commons

A government response has not yet been tabled.


How Soda Companies Influence Policy Through Ties With Public Health Organizations

"Coca-Cola executive Clyde Tuggle emailed to two Clinton associates, Capricia Marshall and Sara Latham … writing: 'Really??? After all we have done. I hope this has been falsely reported' … The ensuing email correspondence between Coca-Cola officials and campaign insiders reveals the deep connections the soda giant enjoys in Hillary-land at multiple levels, which the company leaned on to urge Clinton to walk back her support for soda taxes last April."
Another example of how large corporations can influence government and health officials, to the detriment of public health! 
Similar activities appear to be taking place with the wireless industry, hiding the dangers of wireless radiation.
Deep Bay, B.C., Like all Canadian Communities, Needs Protection Against EMFs!

September, 22, 2016

All Directors,
Regional District of Nanaimo
6300 Hammond Bay Road
Nanaimo, BC
V9T 6N2 

Dear RDN Directors,
Deep Bay, B.C., Like all Canadian Communities, Needs Protection Against

Although BC's Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, has been the
province's PHO since 1999, he still lacks any meaningful education,
qualifications or expertise in non-ionizing, low-level, pulsed NON-thermal
electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. Yet, scientists have long known and
tried to warn governments that man-made EMFs pose a serious threat to all
living things, not just to people! EMFs come in two forms: 1) from all of
today's radio and microwave frequency-based consumer wireless radio products
(e.g., cell phones, cordless phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers,
laptop and tablet computers, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX zones, TV
games, etc.) as well as 'smart' meters and 'smart' appliances; and, 2) from
Extremely Low Frequency or "ELF" (better known as Powerline frequency 60 Hz)
EMFs (e.g., high voltage transmission and distribution lines, substations,
power transformers, 'smart' meters, household electrical appliances, tools,
machines, vehicles, etc.). This means that the ONLY repeat ONLY
EMF-qualified health authority in Canada capable of protecting British
Columbians – and all Canadians - against EMFs is Health Canada's own corrupt
elite EMF scientists! And it has been this way for at least 40 years!

Health Canada, Industry Canada, the Canadian wireless and telecom industry,
and the electric power industry have for many decades seen fit to follow the
lead of the U.S. Government-Industrial Complex, as have the two supposedly
'independent' health regulatory agencies of the world – WHO (World Health
Organization) and ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation

It is known that a Dr. Michael Repacholi, assisted by Dr. Maria Stuchly,
played a pivotal role in establishing Health Canada's 'Safety Code 6'
radiation Exposure Guidelines in the late 1970s. Then he and another
conflicted scientist (Dr. Anders Ahlbom) established essentially the same
radiation Exposure Limits for ICNIRP, in 1998. (ICNIRP's recommendations are
followed by the 27 European Union and many other countries of the world!)
Two years earlier, in 1996, the WHO had appointed this same Dr. Repacholi to
be "Co-ordinator of its 10-year, $250-million international EMF study, the
purpose of which was to establish 'safe' radiation Exposure Limits for this
world body. Shamefully, the recommended 'safe' Exposure Limits Dr. Repacholi
established for the WHO proved to be virtually identical to those he had
helped establish for both ICNIRP and Health Canada! Readers should note that
all three health agencies now had very similar radiation Exposure Limits to
those of the USA (which are determined by the US military, see below). The
reader should also note that none of the three health agencies nor the USA
(i.e., the US military) will even 'recognize' NON-thermal EMFs, let alone
provide any 'protection' against them! In an effort to harmonize global
radiation Exposure Limits today, the WHO strongly recommends that other
countries of the world should follow ICNIRP's Exposure Guidelines! Returning
to Dr. Repacholi, in 2005, while still at the WHO, he also established what
are today's recommended Exposure Limits for ELF or Powerline EMFs – which
are followed by most countries of the world!  When doing so, it is known
that Dr. Repacholi invited eight (8) electric industry representatives to
help him, while he elected not to invite any independent scientists and
banned the media from attending his meetings! It is public record that,
while in the WHO, Dr. Repacholi: 1) stated that the Precautionary Principle
should not be applied to powerline EMFs! 2) Suggested that the public should
not bother measuring the magnetic fields in their homes; and, 3) Admitted
having received $150,000 annually from the wireless and telecom industry
while he led WHO's 10-year, $250-million international study of EMFs! 

(Note: "The following diseases are most often found to have an association
with electrical power exposure: brain tumors, leukemia, melanoma,
Alzheimer's, ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease, miscarriages, breast cancer,
prostate cancer, heart disease.")

The names of other key 'industry-friendly' scientists who played major roles
in establishing Health Canada's globally-reviled Safety Code 6, as well as
Industry Canada's National Antenna Siting Policy can be seen at:   In 2010
<> , Canada's CTV News
exposed that "Dr." Mary McBride is not a PhD - even though she had allowed
the BC Cancer Agency and the scientific community at large to refer to her
as a "PhD" and "Distinguished Scientist" for more many years! Yet this same
Mary McBride, MSc. was selected, not only to be Canada's 'expert' for the
team formed to determine Canada's antenna siting policy, but also, according
to CTV News, to be Canada's "co-investigator," who assessed the risk of
cancer from cell phones!  

Health Canada and Industry Canada both have long historical relationships
with the US Military-Industrial complex! One only has to look at ICES
(International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety), whose TC-95
Sub-committee 4 is charged with determining the USA's radiation Exposure
Limits for frequencies from 3 kHz to 300 GHz! Health Canada's former
scientist (1991-2012, now retired), Dr. Art Thansandote, is still the
Co-Chairman of this omnipotent committee (Dr. Thansandote has held this
position for at least the past 10 years)!
<>  Dr. Michael
Repacholi, before his retirement from the WHO, in 2006, was also a member of
ICES. Another key Health Canada scientist (who played a lead role in the
recent revision of Safety Code 6), Dr. James McNamee, has been an ICES
member for years. Industry Canada too has had members on ICES committees. It
should be noted that, until at least 2015, the key members of ICES TC95 SC4
were the US Air Force, US Navy, Motorola, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens and

Industry Canada is unforgivably guilty for permitting today's wireless
products / devices to operate on frequencies within the 1-5 GHz band!
Industry Canada should know that the US Military stated in 1994 that these
frequencies were known to be the most lethal (harmful) to humans, as they
penetrate all organ systems of the body, thus putting all human organs at
<>   Yet, today, baby monitors,
'smart' meters, 'smart' appliances, cell phone towers, cordless phones,
Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX
zones, GPS, etc. are all assigned frequencies within this band! 

Some Pertinent Historical Facts:
In 1961 - Then US President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people
to be on guard against the emergence of a corrupt Military-Industrial
Complex. In part, he said: "…The potential for the disastrous rise of
misplaced power exists and will persist. Only an alert and knowledgeable
citizenry can … (protect democracy)

In 1963 - Then US President John F. Kennedy, in a speech made to Columbia
University on Nov. 12, 1963, said: "The high office of the President has
been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I
leave office, I must inform the citizens of this plight." Ten days later he
was assassinated!

In 1968 - Then US President Lyndon B. Johnson, in his State of the Union
Address, pledged to keep Americans "safe in their homes and at work."  Part
of the new deal consumers were being promised was "protection against
hazardous radiation from TV sets and other electronic equipment."  This
became law when he signed the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act.
on Oct. 18, 1968. New York Times, January 18, 1968  Public Law 90-602, Oct
18, 1968

In 1971 - Then US President Richard Nixon's own EMR (electro-magnetic
radiation, which is synonymous with EMF) Management Advisory Council warned
the White House: "power (i.e., EMF) levels in and around American cities,
airports ..…   and homes may already be biologically significant." The
population at risk "may well be the entire population." The consequences of
undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level
exposure could become a critical problem for the public health, especially
if genetic effects are involved. (Note: In 1971, the major emitters of EMF
were: Powerline (60 Hz) electricity, AM & FM radio towers, TV towers, radars
(i.e., military, commercial aircraft & airports, marine vessels & police,
etc.), military radio (LF/MF/HF/VHF/UHF) transmitters,  industrial sealers,
ham operator transmitters, CB radios and antennae, etc.) The Zapping of
America, Paul Brodeur (1977)  pp. 228 

In 1971 - US Naval Medical Research researched 2300 studies listing all
illnesses resulting from thermal and NON-thermal effects of radio /
microwave frequency EMF. They paid particular attention to the effects on
man of non-ionizing radiation. Zorach R. Glaser, Ph.D. LT, MSC, USNR

In 1976 - This 'de-classified' US Defense Intelligence Agency document
entitled: 'Biological effects of electro- magnetic radiation (radiowaves and
microwaves) Eurasian Communist Countries' presaged today's unprecedented
pandemic corruption, led by the US Military. Because of the US military's
fears  (see below) the entire populations of America, Canada, Great Britain
and Australia are knowingly and callously being forced to live in what has
become a saturated EMF world. Coined 'electro-smog' by the WHO, this EMF
today is an ever-thickening cloud of invisible, tasteless and odorless
pulsed NON-thermal radio/microwave frequency radiation, which is known to be
hazardous to humans and all forms of life!

The Summary page ("vi") of this de-classified document shows that the US
military have long known that the communist countries observe more stringent
(i.e., lower/safer) exposure standards, which recognize and provide
protection for the public against NON-thermal effects of EMFs! It also
exposes the USA's two overriding concerns: 1) "Were the USA and its allies
to adopt these lower/safer exposure limits, it would impact negatively on US
industrial output"! 2) Equally, the US military feared that the Eurasian
militaries might abandon their lower/safer exposure limits in times of
hostility – which is why the US military and its Western allies today
continue to stubbornly maintain their much higher, far more dangerous
THERMAL-ONLY radiation exposure limits!

In 1987 - The New York State Power Line Project said possibly 10 to 15% of
all childhood cancer cases in the U.S.A. might be attributable to power
frequency magnetic fields of around 2.5 mG and above! 

In 1989 – Pulsed EMFs Cause Cancer - in a study of electric utility workers
in Quebec (follow-up, 1970–1988) and France (follow-up, 1978 –1989): 2,679
cases of cancer were identified. (Hydro Quebec was furious results were
published; stopped further research.)‎

In 1990 - A leaked US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) document said
that ELF or Powerline (60 Hz) EMF should be classified a "Probable (2A)
human carcinogen." William Farland, then-director of the EPA's Office of
Health and Environmental Assessment ordered this conclusion deleted from the

In 1991 - David Rockefeller is quoted as saying: "We are grateful to The
Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine and other great
publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their
promises of discretion for almost forty years ..…The supranational
sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable
to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." (This
explains North America's mainstream news media's sinful silence on EMFs for
the past 60 years+.)

In 1994 - Quebec Hydro. McGill University study found up to a 10-fold
increased risk
of developing lung cancer amongst utility workers most exposed to high
frequency transients (HFTs) with a "very clear" exposure-response
relationship. Hydro-Quebec refused to allow further analysis & buried the

In 1995 - Then US President Bill Clinton wrote a Memorandum stating that
cell phone towers should not be placed on schools or near residential areas!

In 1995 - The US National Council on Radiation Protection, In a draft
report, a committee of 11 US EMF experts endorsed a 2 mG limit for EMF
exposures at day care centers, schools and houses near new transmission
lines. The EPA said, if accepted, these findings would force 'complex and
costly' changes to the electric power industry.  (RDN Directors need to be
aware of the well-over 100 mG magnetic fields that exist at homes in the
Nile Creek Landing community situated within 100 horizontal feet from BC
Hydro's twin 525 kV overhead power lines!)             

In 1996 - Ontario Hydro. Utility workers exposed to high levels of magnetic
and electric fields have 11 times the expected rate of leukemia!, with
electrical fields being the more dominant, said Dr. Tony Miller, University
of Toronto. Microwave News July/August 2001 

In 1996 – A U.S. Federal Court ruled that citizens may not bring suit
against electric power companies over EMF emissions!

In 2004 - US Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee
summed it up, "… we have seen compelling evidence that there is an
incestuous relationship between the defense industry and defense officials
that is not good for America."     

In 2010 - US President Barack Obama's Cancer Advisory Panel urges the
Precautionary Principle for EMF. It identified the question of children's
and adolescent's risk from using wireless devices as the most pressing

In 2014 - Media Blackout on 'Smart' Meter Dangers. There is more than ample
evidence  available today linking health problems with the RF radiation
emitted by 'smart' meters to enable regulatory authorities to compel power
utilities to abide by the precautionary principle. But the public are not
aware of this because the issue is being blacked out in the press. James F.

Health Canada finally reduced Safety Code 6 exposure limits in 2015 by some
66 times, but even these new 'safer' limits do not recognize THERMAL EMFs –
and still provide for just six (6) minutes of exposure time – even though
the public are now constantly exposed to a whole host of EMF emitters
24/7/265 in perpetuity! Safety Code 6 also fails to acknowledge that EMFs
from all EMF emitters i.e., radio / microwave frequency devices as well as
Powerline emitters are cumulative! It needs to be noted that the
independent, globally-respected BioInitiative 2007 Report urged all
countries of the world to reduce their radiation exposure limits to a level
which, had Health Canada complied, would have lowered Safety Code 6 by
10,000 times! <>   Five
years and some 1500 new studies later, the follow-up BioInitiative 2012
Report (with 29 authors including 21 PhDs and 10 leading health experts from
10 countries) not only concluded that both RF/MW and Powerline (60 Hz)
frequency EMFs should be classified as human/known carcinogens, it also
recommended that all countries reduce their exposure limits to one that
would have required Safety Code 6 to be lowered some 3-6 million – let me
repeat – some 3-6 million times!  

Today, Russia, China, Italy and Switzerland all have exposure limits which
are at least 100 times lower (safer) than those of the US and its allies!
The de-classified 1976 document also makes clear that the Eurasian countries
recognize and protect their citizens against NON-thermal EMFs; whereas the
US and its allies don't - and won't! Yet, reprehensibly, today's consumer
wireless products – even baby monitors – as well as 'smart' meters and
'smart' appliances ALL emit this hazardous form of "low-level (meaning
weak), pulsed, NON-thermal radio / microwave frequency EMF radiation! In any
person's language, this constitutes a blatant, callous, heartless crime
against humanity! It is no wonder that at least 220 of the world's top EMF
scientists - from 41 countries - have signed the 2015 "International EMF
Scientists Appeal!" Addressed to the Secretary General of the United
Nations, to all UN-member nations and to the Director General of the WHO,
the Appeal urged them all to: "Protect Mankind and Wildlife from
electromagnetic fields and wireless technology." 

British Columbians today, like all Canadians – indeed, all people in every
Western country - are unsuspecting, helpless victims of the US
government-industrial complex, which, over the past 60 years, has
successfully managed to influence all Western countries to follow its lead
on issues dealing with EMFs. Consequently, in Canada, governments at all
levels have allowed themselves to be deceived, misled and lied to by Health
Canada's own elite EMF experts who have long been integral members of the
US-led corrupt cartel of radiation regulatory agencies. This explains why
and how all levels of government in Canada have been – and are today – at
the mercy of self-regulated electric power utilities and their counterparts
in wireless and telecom companies - whose sole common interest is revenues
and profits!

The fact remains, there is not a single, qualified, independent, EMF health
authority anywhere in Canada charged with protecting Canadians (let alone
just British Columbians) from what leading EMF scientists and health experts
consider is the greatest single threat ever to human health - and to planet
earth's environment! The Regional District of Nanaimo, now that it has been
made aware of this seemingly preposterous situation, must decide what, if
anything, it can or should do to protect not just its constituents, but all
British Columbians. Indeed, all Canadians! While RDN is only a regional
government, surely it has no choice but to realize that it is the ONLY
government body in Canada at this moment that has been made aware of the
sordid facts! While I and others have tried many times over these past eight
(8) years to communicate with Dr. Perry Kendall, the Premier of BC, her
Health Minister, Deputy Health Minister, Minister of Justice, and their
counterparts in both the current and previous federal governments, our
efforts have been met with nothing but silence. In light of this, surely RDN
is morally, if not legally, obliged now to rise to the occasion and champion
the fight to stop this unparalleled and unthinkably evil crime against a
defenseless and largely unsuspecting public! I sincerely hope that RDN
Directors will see this for what it is - an unbelievably unique opportunity
for them to literally help shape the world's history! Were they to do so,
RDN Directors would each immortalize themselves in history. By doing so,
they would forever be held up as role models for the entire world to emulate
as how honest, caring, courageous elected officials should conduct
themselves. On the other hand, should RDN find reasons why it should do
nothing, such inaction on their part would ensure that the health and
well-being of Canada's entire population - not just those living in RDN's
jurisdiction – will suffer increasingly as the number of EMF victims grow,
especially when one realizes that the general latency period for most major
illnesses to manifest themselves is at least10-20 years – or more! Someone
has to stop this insanity! 

Regardless of their decision, above, now that RDN have formally been
apprised of the known dangers of EMFs, RDN Directors are obliged to protect
the community of Deep Bay from self-regulated, uncaring, profit-driven
electric power utilities and free-wheeling wireless and telecom companies.
With this knowledge, only RDN can, at this time, ensure that these
industries are made to respect the internationally-recommended safe 'buffer'
zones or 'set-backs' meant to separate homes, schools, hospitals, work
places, parks, etc. from overhead power lines, substations, power
transformers, cell phone towers, etc. There is no one else to protect us! 
James Gerald ("Jerry") Flynn, Captain (Retired)
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0 


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Saturday, October 8, 2016

WEEP News / Expert Witness Report by Dr. Andrew Marino / I Am an EMF Refugee / NIH Scientist Ron Melnick's Letter / Testimony to the FCC / Neurosurgeon Reveals / Harm Our Body? etc

W.E.E.P.  EMF News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

7 October 2016

Expert Witness Report by Dr. Andrew Marino
Eighty one page report, for litigation involving smart meters, at the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, Aug 8, 2016.
* This report contains extremely important evidence about the adverse health effects of smart meters in particular and electro magnetic radiation in general. *


I Am an EMF Refugee

And of course, I had all the digital toys to accompany this persona: A creative director's dream of a Mac computer system, the smartest smart phone of the moment, the fastest of the fast wireless networks, the streaming tunes, the apps for that, the iEverythings and the incessant surge of digital pings directing and announcing my every move.

That was my life until a few years ago. And now, I am an EMF Refugee.


NIH Scientist Ron Melnick's Letter o the NTP Study published in Jackson Hole News & Guide

In light of the accumulating evidence of increased cancer risk from cellphone RFR, precautionary measures should be implemented rather than waiting for the absolute proof

"We Are The Evidence" Testimony to the FCC Disability Committee on Wireless Radiation Harms

On Sept 22nd, Dafna Tachover, the head of WeAreTheEvidence.Org made a public comment in the FCC's Disability Advisory Committee Meeting. Amongst the participants in the meeting were many wireless and technology companies and disability organizations.
Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phones Cause the Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak

Their results over time have been both consistent and worrisome: Exposure to radiation, including that from cell phones and wi-fi, causes leakage in the blood-brain barrier — the brain's first line of defense against infections and toxic chemicals.
Do Cell Phones and Wi-Fi Fields Harm Our Body?

An excellent interview with Dr. Martin Blank, one of the world's leading scientists who studies the biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

"There are limited things you can accomplish, but I think one of those is to protect the children. The children are most vulnerable. They are the ones that are going to suffer the most, especially with this push to do so under the guise of good education.I think the introduction of Wi-Fi in schools is sinful. It's criminal. Good education doesn't need this. There are ways to bring these programs in without this technology. Generations have actually learned better without this. There's absolutely no need to have children sit there with this exposure for however many hours they keep it on. They could bring in the programs by cables, or books, but they don't need Wi-Fi. I think children are going to succumb to this in larger numbers, and we're going to see a higher incidence among children of things like brain cancer. It's not high yet, but I think it's going to get much higher."

Dr. Heroux 1 hour interview re EMF
June 2014 interview with important information of EMF adverse effects at very low exposure levels.

Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates in the US Are a Tragic Embarrassment

According to data released from the Institute of Health Metrics, there are 28 maternal deaths for every 100,000 births in the U.S.4 This number is a drastic 22 percent increase, up from 23 deaths in 2003.5,6 Compared to 1990, the maternal death rate in the U.S. has more than DOUBLED.7
Is wireless radiation partially responsible for these addition deaths?

Smoking Damages Your DNA for Decades

Where scientists once thought the genes you were born with were the genes you were stuck with throughout life, now they have identified changes to your DNA, called methylation, that affect how your genes are expressed or may modify the way those genes affect your health.
Is wireless radiation causing similar damage and will it cause harm for years to come?
UK Spy Service OKs Smart Meters
Of course, no system is completely secure, and nothing is invulnerable.
PLYMOUTH – The New Hampshire Electric Cooperative claims the 83,000 "smart" meters it bought as part of a multi-million-dollar system upgrade are defective, and have flooded their dispatch center with erroneous electronic messages reporting power outages

EHS - Comments from Professor Olle Johansson

"The comments from Professor Olle Johansson are in response to Stephanie Dickerson's post on 14th August 2016, entitled "A Story of Ehs, and Accepting Loss"."


American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations to "Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones"

In response to the U.S. National Toxicology Program study results finding exposure to wireless radiation significantly increased the prevalence of highly malignant heart and brain cancers in rodents, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has issued specific recommendations to reduce wireless cell phone exposure and updated their online resources for parents concerning cell phones and wireless devices.

Social Media Linked to Depression in Young Women

Female rates of of suicidal thoughts have increased 25%

NHS (National Health Service) UK Digital has reported that one in four women suffer from symptoms of depression, a number that has been slowly on the rise. They feel social media may be partially to blame.
National Antenna and Tower Safety Centre 
National Antenna and Tower Safety Center (NATSafetyCenter) provides an unparalleled antenna and tower compliance protocol which protects the interests of all carriers, tower companies, turf vendors, industry and third party contractors, site owners, utility companies, first responders, states/counties/municipalities, and others.

The unusual fight in Krakow. City fights against electromagnetic smog 

Krakow declared war on radiation pochodzącemu including from mobile phone base stations. Magistrate plans to purchase a measuring station and mobile devices that every citizen will be able to borrow. Thanks to them we will be able to check whether radiation threatens our health.,nId,2260800



Omega-3 prevents myelin degeneration in rat foetuses exposed
to radiation.

The aim of this study is to investigate the protective effect of antioxidant omega-3 fatty acid (FA) on demyelinisation and degeneration of nerves in central and peripheral nervous systems (CNS and PNS) of rat foetuses.
In conclusion, radiation increases demyelinisation and degeneration of nerves in the rat foetuses' CNS and PNS. Omega-3 FA prevents myelin and nerve degeneration in rat foetuses in low-dose radiation exposure.
Seeking Documents to attach to ou MA smart meter docket due by Oct 19th

I am seeking documents to attach to the docket in MA to extend the Worcester smart meter pilot program for 2 more years, especially statements that have been compiled in other states that are already in the public domain.

We will be challenging the claim by Ngrid: 

The results of the Pilot to date, as filed in the Company's Smart Energy Solutions Interim Customer Evaluation Report (filed February 24, 2016 in D.P.U. 10-82), have shown that customers have noticeably benefitted from their participation in the Pilot, including peak and average load reductions, and measurable bill savings. 
Patricia Burke
"The Smart Utility Meter market started with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) as a way to reduce labor cost," explained Joe Madden, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts LLC. "More recent Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) has opened up much more value for utilities, as they can control individual service, offer differentiated pricing, and manage their services more effectively."
Peco presented as a witness a Harvard-trained physician, who testified there was no reliable medical evidence linking smart meters to the ailments Kreider said she suffered: elevated blood pressure or heart rates, sleep interruption, and Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Comment - With the vast amount of scientific evidence that shows adverse health effects from microwave radiation, it seems that this physician should be investigated for perjury, a serious criminal offence!
Over 9,000 smart meters aren't communicating properly with Hydro One in Bancroft.

According to a report submitted by Hydro One to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), there are 110,000 Hydro One customers in Ontario that are deemed hard to reach, and 7,695 of them are in Bancroft. There are also 1,337 customers in Bancroft that have poor automatic meter reading (AMR) networks, meaning their meter communications with Hydro One are "consistently unreliable."

Dafna Tachover guest speaker at the Woodstock N.Y Smart Meter Forum.

Dafna Tachover's We Are the Evidence is an advocacy group for the protection of the rights of those injured by wireless radiation. Ms. Tachover herself developed electro sensitivity (ES) in 2009. She is licensed to practice law in New York State and Israel and she has an MBA. Further, she has a technical background, which dates from her service in the Israeli Army. There she was a communications and computers officer and commander of the computer center of the Israeli Defense Force Operations Center and Headquarters.
Significant damage could be caused to the UKs power infrastructure.

Study Highlights Dangers of Cell Phone/Smart Meter Radiation


High voltage readings found in rural homes near Drumbo, Ontario

This newspaper article (attached) appeared September 28th 2016, showing that it is not just farms that have a ground current problem.  

The article is "Courtesy of Ayr News Limited".


According a docket released by the KCC, the investigation is focusing on the possible links between meters and fires, Cyber-security threats related to remote disconnection of electricity to customers and Supervision on installation of smart meters.

Over the last week, KSN has received dozens of complaints of customers seeing their monthly bill sky-rocket after the smart meter was put in.

The 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium

This year, 15 speakers have written papers based on their research, understandings and expertise. These have been combined to create the 2016 Environmental Sensitivities Symposium TextBook.

This book draws together the wisdom and expertise of fifteen thought leaders in the area of environmental sensitivities. Learn more about the various conditions and causes, as well as what to do about it.

It  can be ordered at
Details of symposium:


New Research Reveals Origins of Mercury Contamination in Human Hair

A study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology revealed, however, that hair mercury concentrations may be the result of diverse sources of exposure, including dental mercury.3

Simcoe County District School Board director Kathi Wallace announces retirement

Wallace led the program to bring Wi-Fi to all schools and provide laptops to teachers.

"We faced opposition when we decided to introduce Wi-Fi to all schools," Beacock said. "(She) believed strongly that the young people of Simcoe County deserved Internet access in their schools.

Leaving the harm,  fallout and cleanup to others?

Karolinska letter Supporting Dr. Olle Johansson

Attached is a support letter for Olle Johansson regarding Karolinska University's attempt to force early retirement.

Senator likely to do far more harm than good!
The 203,520-member New Jersey Education Assn. says devices such as cellphones, computers and Wi-Fi are "ubiquitous in schools" but "threaten the physical and mental health" of teachers and staff.
New iPhone Will Have No Headphone Jack

The new iPhone 7 just hit the market, sans a headphone jack. Apple says radio frequency (RF) exposure can be reduced by carrying phones at least 5mm from your body and using the built-in speaker phones or wireless AirPods. But experts say one is as bad as the other, that your brain cancer risk increases, and that it will take 20 years to determine the full biological impact exposure to these devices has had.


FBI Warns Public on Dangers of the Internet of Things

The FBI has a rather different approach towards the Internet of Things, saying that users should deal with IoT devices with caution; otherwise they should keep it off the internet. In a Public Service announcement issued last week, the law enforcement agency discussed the potential security risks of using interconnected devices such as smart light bulbs, connected cars, smart fridges, wearables, and other home security systems. The PSA included network connected printers as well as fuel monitoring systems.
Tesla Car Hacked by Chinese Tech Company
A group of researchers from the Chinese technology company Tencent managed to remotely control the braking system, trunk, and side-view mirrors of the vehicle. In order to demonstrate a series of vulnerabilities, the Chinese researchers made a video and made it public on their blog.

Swiss Re Highest Emerging Risk: Internet of Things

The four emerging risks with the highest potential impact are de-globalisation, super natural catastrophes, the "great monetary experiment" and the challenge of the "Internet of Things".

Smart Meters, Dr. Perry Kendall and EMFs Generally

Dear RDN Directors,

You probably are aware that in recent weeks I have sent various EMF-related
emails to the President and Executive members of UBCM. I am still waiting to
hear back from them.            

You likely know that, in late 2011, the UBCM voted to urge the BC Government
to impose a moratorium on the roll-out of 'Smart' meters in BC. Had BC's
PHO, Dr. Perry Kendall, been knowledgeable about the kind of "low-level,
pulsed, NON-thermal microwave frequency radiation" (EMFs) 'smart' meters
emitted, and had he known that inside each and every 'smart' meter are two
(2) pulsing microwave transmitters - not just one (1), which is what
electric utilities want the public to think,  Dr. Perry Kendall would have
recommended to the BC Government that 'smart' meters, which emit a Class 2B
(Possibly carcinogenic) form of pulsed, NON-thermal microwave radiation,
should not be allowed in BC.

Years ago, Dr. Perry Kendall should have known that the main transmitter in
all 'smart' meters is the 'LAN, which stands for Local Area Network.' This
transmitter irradiates on the US-military-designated 'very dangerous (to
humans) frequency' of 910 MHz, and irradiates for distances of up to 3 Km
(almost 2-miles)! In and of itself, this means that each home's 'smart'
meter will irradiate every single home in a 'meshed-networked' community
(which range in size from 500 to 5,000 homes)! In turn each home will be
irradiated by every other home's LAN transmitter in the community!

Dr. Perry Kendall should also have known that the 2nd pulsing microwave
transmitter inside all 'smart' meters is called the "ZigBee," which
'operates' (spews its pulsed NON-thermal microwave radiation) on the US
Military-designated 'most dangerous frequency (to humans)' of 2.4 GHz - the
same frequency on which microwave ovens cook/burn food and heat/boil
liquids! The ZigBee's sole job is to communicate with and control all of the
15-or-so 'smart' appliances electric utilities expect will be in all homes
eventually. This statement alone means that there will be, including the
ZigBee transmitter itself, some 16 NEW pulsing microwave transmitters on or
inside every home or apartment! In even the smallest community of just 500
homes, this means an additional 8,000 new pulsing microwave transmitters.
And the unsuspecting public are not aware of this! This is absolutely
downright criminal! Add to these 8,000 "ZigBee" or "ZigBee-compatible"
transmitters the LAN transmitter on each of the 500 homes, and even the
smallest community of just 500 homes will have a total of 8,500 pulsing
microwave transmitters - none of which were there prior to the advent of
'smart' meters. Thank you Dr. Kendall! 

 Dr. Perry Kendall should also have known that even 'smart' appliances can
be hazardous to not just the occupants but to their nearest neighbors as
well! A Harvard University professor proffered that each home's eight (8)
nearest neighbours could also suffer from the pulsed microwave radiation
emitted by their neighbors' 'smart' appliances - depending on one's
relative proximity to their neighbors!

 Dr. Perry Kendall became BC's first (and only) PHO, in 1999. In the
intervening 17 years, he should have learned that pulsed microwave radiation
is far more hazardous to organs of the human body than is the continuous
wave radiation emitted by microwave ovens. He should also have learned that
even the weakest possible levels of radiation can be harmful to the human
body - depending on the frequency, power density, modulation, pulse length,
pulse repetition rate and one's overall exposure to the emission.

While Dr. Perry Kendall could not be expected to know of the numerous
spontaneous fires that have been attributed to 'smart' meters - in virtually
every jurisdiction of the world in which they are installed, 'smart'
meter-related fires are a very serious global issue!. Even though homes have
been literally burnt to the ground, electric utilities everywhere deny any
responsibility whatsoever! Here in BC, Sharon Noble, the extremely competent
and knowledgeable Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC, can
speak authoritatively to the subject of fires around the world attributed to
'smart' meters. She can tell you of the unbelievably odious lengths to which
electric utilities in BC and certain BC Government officials have gone - and
still go - to conceal the truth! The truth is shocking, ugly and
reprehensible! And Canada is a democracy!   

UBCM needs to know this! This should be the 'front-and-centre' issue for
UBCM! All communities in BC and across Canada need to know this!

James Gerald ("Jerry") Flynn
5181 Gainsberg Road
Bowser, BC, V0R 1G0 

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution