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WEEP News / Major Flaws in Royal Society Report / Frank Clegg interviewed / Mobile phone oxidation in cells / Punitive / Buck Passing / 1981 - NASA / Richard Easther / Protests etc.

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

21 April 2014


Two Scientists Break Silence on "Major Flaws" in Royal Society's Recent Report on Safety of Cell Phones, Cell Towers and Wi-Fi

C4ST Press Release April 14, 2014

Ottawa - Two peer reviewers involved in this month's Royal Society report on wireless safety

say the results cannot be trusted, because the Panel ignored evidence that wireless radiation is

harmful to humans.

The scientific reviewers also said key panelists were in conflict of interest as they regularly

accept funding from wireless and energy companies.

 One of the reviewers, Dr. Martin Blank, holds two PhD's and has published more than 200

papers at Columbia University on the health effects of wireless radiation. The other reviewer, Dr.

Anthony Miller MD, is Professor Emeritus at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the

University of Toronto.

Both say the Royal Society panel ignored scientific evidence published over the past five years.

As peer reviewers, they noted some panelists were conflicted and others lacked sufficient


"The Royal Society panel has failed in its obligation to the public," said Dr. Miller. "It ignored

recent evidence that wireless radiation is a probable carcinogen."

Dr. Miller said he is most concerned about involuntary exposure, such as children exposed to

Wi-Fi in schools.

 Dr. Blank said the Royal Society dismissed definitive studies that prove wireless radiation

causes harm to human cells, including sperm cells when men carry phones in their pockets.

"We don't need further study to lower safety limits," said Dr. Blank. "There is already enough

evidence to recommend lower limits for wireless radiation in Canada."

The Royal Society's panel has been mired in controversy. Last summer, the original Chair

resigned after a conflict of interest was exposed in the media. The Royal Society promised to

publish the remaining scientists' conflicts in its final report, but did not.



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Canadian Medical Journal -
Occupational Health and Safety -

C4ST Frank Clegg interviewed on 1290 AM CJBK, London Ontario

Following the publication of the RSC Review of Health Canada's Safety Code 6, C4ST CEO Frank Clegg speaks to Andy Oudman and Pam Killeen on Newstalk 1290 and explains what's going on re Safety Code 6 and what's next.

Listen -

Mobile phone radiation leads to oxidation in cells

The Ukrainian group of scientists around Igor Yakymenko at the Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology in Kiev consider it to be proven that mobile phone radiation leads to harmful oxidation processes in cells through the overproduction of free radicals.

PUNITIVE POWER and the 'smart meter' TYRANNY


Victoria State, Australia.  United Energy trying to win the 'Energy Idiots of the World' title.


Lets hope that their criminal acts of assault and negligence are eventually rewarded with jail sentences!


1981 - NASA has known for years the adverse effects of EMR EMF

Table 11: Subjective Effects on Persons Working in RF Electromagnetic Fields:
Headaches, Eyestrain; Fatigue; Dizziness; Disturbed sleep at night; Sleepiness in daytime; Moodiness; Irritability; Unsociability; Hypochondriac reactions; Feelings of fear; Nervous tension; Mental depression; Memory impairment; Pulling sensation in the scalp and brow; Loss of hair; Pain in muscles and heart region; Breathing difficulties; Increased perspiration of extremities; Difficulty with sex life. …

Message To - Professor Richard Easther

13 April 2014
Please read this research, you are giving false and very dangerous information to the public.
Martin Weatherall
(Several other scientific documents were attached to original message)
Quebec Smart Meter Protests
Here is some of the coverage the event received.  I would point out that if you look at the other links on the topic, notably on CTV, there are some very biased remarks made by the journalists. There wasn't much to find in the English media.
It was a great day and much enthusiasm - even from passers-by.


I checked for other smart meter news and found precious little coverage about opponents to smart meters in the US (the media cover up on the resistance is really widespread OR people are just so unaware and/or uninterested that the utility companies get little resistance. In Europe, the resistance is also pretty minimal. California, Quebec, Maine et BC seem to be the major hotbeds of resistance worldwide, and there is some stiff resistance too in Australia - while Vermont has partly solved the problem through offering a free optout, which only about 1% of clients have requested (as far as I know...)

But I found lots of upbeat news for the industry and much more. You'll find below a comprehensive review that reveals lots of interesting tidbits - to get an idea of what the global smart meter picture currently looks like...

Best regards


The questions that were asked in a Leger Marketing poll to 500 people living in the Montreal area, between March 31st and April 3. To review a summary of the results (available only in French), you need to go at and the detailed report (also in French) is at

In short, for the 1st Question: 50% of the people polled disagree with the replacement of their analog meter by a smart meter, while 36% agree and 14% don't know or don't wish to reply. A clear majority of people don't want smart meters which indicates there is no social acceptability for this technology in Quebec. For the 2nd question: Out of the 500 people polled, 82% are concerned that those new meters will lead to an increase of their utility bill; 73% are concerned that time-of-use billing will also be eventually implement leading to additional increase of their utility bill; 63% are concerned that those new meters will negatively impact their health and their family's health and; and 52% are concerned that those new meters could be used to infringe on their privacy. For the 3rd question: 52% of the 500 people polled are against a continuation of the current smart meter deployment in Quebec without an impact study (to determine whether these meters are detrimental or not of people's health) while 35% agree with the continuation of the deployment and 14% don't know or don't wish to reply. Finally, for the 4th question: 59% of the 500 people polled want the Regie de l'énergie (our utility board) to grant a free and unconditional opt-out (which currently costs $17/month plus a one-time $137 installation fee), 15% want no change to the current fees charged and 15% want the fees to be adjusted to the client's income level.

To my knowledge, this is the first time a scientific poll has been commissioned (at significant cost obviously) by a grassroot organization anywhere in the world (the organizing committee for the I keep my meter campaign which raised over $6000 to buy ads to promote its citizens resistance campaign - with 4086 signatories so far on a pledge to keep by all means their analog meter - and also to have this poll done).

So we are proud of these results. Logically this should be a major news development to report as it signals a strong public support for the anti-smart meters opponents views. But for various reasons (info glut, too many other things going on), hardly anyone in Quebec seems interested about this so far. I'm pretty sure that if Hydro-Quebec had released such poll results (which they would never do of course), it would be all over the news and every opponent would be thrilled to network this widely.

Grand Bend, Ontario - Resident speaks out about the harm from Cell Towers!

The Southcott tower that went up last year was a disaster for so many reasons. I'll list some of them below:

- Some people in the neighbourhood have already become sensitive to wireless now. This also happened to many people in Port Franks and a couple of people in St. Josephs so far. The levels of radiation in Port Franks are exceptionally high. 
- Birds have left the neighbourhood; even 1 km away from the tower in my neighbourhood. We still have larger crows, blackbirds and woodpeckers, but our forest used to be filled with birds and we couldn't keep the window open overnight without getting woken up at 5:30 am. Now it's not a problem…
- It's on the site of endangered species and species at risk. 
- It's on the historic site of Grand Bend, the Brewster Mill. 
- It went up against the written wishes of the municipality.
- It is only 40 metres from 10+ houses and the rest of the neighbourhood. The Municipal setback allowance is 300 metres. This happened because of the next point…
- It was put up with "NO" public consultation because Industry Canada waived the rights of the public to be notified. They did this because otherwise the tower wouldn't have gone up at all. I know that personally. Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada and now head of the Canadians for Safe Technology, and I went to speak with Industry Canada in Burlington and that is exactly what they said...

There were two electrosensitive persons in this area when I moved here that I knew of.  Now there are at least 36 people since these three towers went up that have reported to our Coalition as having become newly electrosensitive.  This doesn't include serious cancers and deaths that have resulted either.  There are also cancer clusters in the area from long standing towers that need to be investigated by Health Canada.  The Royal Society report on Safety Code 6 which came out a two weeks ago directed Health Canada to start investigating these reported cancer clusters all over the Country and also to figure out why people are becoming electrosensitive. Maybe finally something will happen and the government will stop the wireless free-for-all that is going on now at the expense of people's health.

People don't realize it, but these already existing cell towers have new antenna added to them all the time.  Look at the tower on Greenway road by the Pinery Park entrance (just north). They just added an entire lower row of antenas two weeks ago that are pointed at the Pinery and where the swans stay during their migration. Our Municipality has no say about this and nobody is notified this is happening, not even the poor people living under them.

And no thought is given for the animals who are actually not protected by the Safety Code for microwave radiation. I'll write more about that later this week...


Cord-cutting continues as Canadians ditch TV & landlines

"by the end of this year it expects 26.3 per cent of Canadian households will be going without landline telephones and relying solely on wireless telephone service. That is up from 22.5 per cent in 2013."


Why I Cannot Use a Cellphone (and Need a Land Line)

Here is my response to the proposed legislation by telecom companies to discontinue landlines. This is despite the fact that wireless radiation has been classified as a class 2B possible carcinogen by the World Health Organization and a probable carcinogen by the EPA.

I would not be able to function without a landline. Because of the previous cumulative effects of radiation (cell phones and other EMR) on my body from using a cell phone and living 150' from a disguised cell tower, I can no longer tolerate any sort of prolonged wireless radiation, Wifi or smart meter radiation. I have been forced to live in the outback where there is no cell tower.

I am a PR professional who used a cell phone exclusively for 8 years until it made me dizzy and nauseous whenever I held it to my head. My ear on the side of my head with which I used this cell phone is now permanently numb. I count myself as lucky to have given up this cell phone before I developed a brain tumor. Please note that more and more people are now winning legal battles due to the brain tumor damage they have received from cell phone wireless radiation.

Wireless cell radiation (EMR/RF) is now categorized by the insurance industry as a high risk: A major Swiss insurance industry report featuring emerging risk topics acknowledges recent reports of courts ruling in favor of claimants who have experienced health damage from mobile phones.

People like me are the canaries in the mine shaft. Wireless microwave radiation poisoning has been undeniably shown in 4,000+ peer-reviewed academic studies to damage DNA, destroy the blood/brain barrier, and interfere with the production of melatonin by the pineal gland, along with a host of other effects.  Living beings can only handle the effects of radiation so long before their immune system gives out. (See:  for a partial selection of scientific studies.)

Because corporate-owned PR firms and media are blocking the flow of this information, I have spent a great deal of time sharing with others the numerous academic studies that prove wireless radiation is toxic. Because of my advocacy work, I have been harassed and threatened by telecom industry shills. However, my ethics and Ivy League education demand that I continue to insist that the truth about cumulative wireless radiation be acknowledged. If we give in any further to this monopoly of money, we will be directly harming the public for all time. You know the tobacco and asbestos stories.

Granted, the companies that make wireless technology are now among the most powerful in the world, making trillions of dollars every year and paying little to no Federal income tax. They use vast PR networks, media/political control, and advertising to hide the proven effects of wireless radiation poisoning from us.

The kicker is that telephone landlines use less than one third as much energy to operate as cell phones do. With 6 billion cell phones, imagine the energy we could save on this planet if we decide to use safe fiber optic hard wiring instead of radiation to communicate with one another.

I am convinced that the unending stream of wireless microwave radiation emitting from millions of cell towers across the planet is contributing significantly to global warming. Now industrial-level WiFi is being installed in the ceilings of classrooms and businesses across America in order to sell massive quantities of wireless technology. However, hard wiring computer technology with fiber optics would be better quality, cheaper to operate, and without the effects of microwave poisoning day in and day out on us and our children.

Alternatives to dangerous wireless technology are disappearing fast. These days it is almost impossible to buy landline phones, cable TV boxes, computer mice and routers, utility meters, etc. etc, that don't emit wireless radiation. Although there is a large lobby for the needs of the disabled here in America, phone booths are rarely available to the many people like me who have been injured by wireless radiation and cannot use cell phones.

After arriving home recently from vacation, I found out that my mother was on her deathbed. I had tried to check up on her health condition while on vacation, but every phone booth between Southern California and Utah was disconnected or broken. Although I immediately took the red eye to New York to see her, she passed on before I got there. In order to fly to New York, I had to endure a radiation-emitting full body scanner and WiFi emitting from the confines of every airplane. After getting back from my Mom's funeral, I developed a painful burning condition in my spine for months--another symptom of wireless poisoning.

The phone booths are now all gone. It is inconceivable that the increasing number of people who are being injured by cumulative wireless poisoning could function without landlines. Do not take away the landlines so trillion dollar companies can make a few more bucks. And although cell phones are touted as great for emergencies, landlines are the only device that will still work when the power goes out.

(name withheld)
Submitted by Andre
Boston launches Wicked Free Wi-Fi
This idiotic program by the Boston Department of Innovation, may eventually make the 'Boston Marathon Bombing' look more like a 'Tea Party' when the biological harm from the microwave radiation becomes apparent in the years to come.  Why did the people responsible, not research the 'health effects of microwave radiation', 'microwave sickness' and the World Health Organization classification of wireless radiation as a possible carcinogen etc.? 
500 million citizens are relying on SCENIHR :    Is Science Being Hidden from the Public?

My report on Athens and PowerPoint are now available on the RRT website .

You may also be interested to read the following front page news in the Champion - 

Formby anti–radiation campaigner hits out at village centre Wi–Fi plans.



Wind farms are a breach of human rights says UN.



Perhaps the same will soon be said about cell phone towers etc?



"Sluggish Cognitive Tempo" Is the New Kid on the Attention-Disorder Block

An emerging diagnosis, not yet in the DSM, seems poised to enter the family of attention disorders. Called "sluggish cognitive tempo," it's reported in the New York Times to be a seemingly ill-defined target for ADHD-related drugs.

Characterized by lethargy, daydreaming, and slow mental processing, SCT is estimated to affect some 2 million children (roughly 6 million have ADHD). One researcher with strong ties to an ADHD drug maker says that SCT "has become the new attention disorder," according to the Times. Others aren't so sure. One expert warned: "We haven't even agreed on the symptom list -- that's how early we are in the process."

Asked to comment, Peter Roy-Byrne, editor-in-chief of NEJM Journal Watch Psychiatry, expressed concern that SCT "will be used as a convenient easy diagnosis in lieu of evaluating things more carefully, especially from a psychological and behavioral perspective."

New York Times
Is this evidence of even more harm being caused by exposure to wireless radiation?
Ontario Government Incompetence

You may disagree with comments in this article made from Beckie Codd-Downey, press secretary to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, where she said that smart meters are safe and absolutely not causing any health problems.

If you have any health problems/symptoms caused by smart meters or know someone that is, please take the time to write to Ms. Codd-Downey. As well, please CC the Energy Minister and their en
tire staff at: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


France - Man Disabled by Electro Sensitivity Granted Financial Assistance

Google translation:

The Essone Departmental home of disabled persons ( MDPH ) granted financial assistance in late January to an electrohypersensitive (EHS) person, a first in France, according to the EHS group Collectif des électrosensibles de France.
Living in the south of Essonne, Jerome, 32, had to stop working in 2011 due to EHS contracted to work [1]. He blames a device he used daily as a technician in a public research laboratory in chemistry.
While the status of occupational disease was denied despite the opinion of a medical expert, and he is currently challenging this decision in court, Jerome has had more success with the MDPH of Essonne, which depends on the Department's general council.
Pioneer in the field, this Department included EHS in its  2013-2018 health plan, reconizing it de facto as a handicap, says Sophie Pelletier, co-chair of the Collectif des électrosensibles de France, contacted by the Journal de l'Environnement.
If the MDPH Essonne has already granted several people with EHS the status of disabled worker, its decision in late January to grant Jerome financial assistance seems a first in France , at least to Sophie Pelletier's knowledge.

Assistance to adapt his home
Jerome said in an interview that the aid was granted him to adapt his home and to protect himself personally : he was able to buy grounding equipment [2], a voice recognition system allowing it to stay away from his computer, an anti-radiofrequency (RF) canopy for his bed, anti-RF fabric to cover himself when he travels in the city, as well as measuring equipment, namely antennas for his RF meter.
Discreet on the amount of aid he received, Jerome says it allows him to cover about 75 % of the cost of hisequipment. It includes a one-time assistance for the most expensive equipment and a monthly support for what he needs to renew, in particular the anti-RF fabric which he uses to cover his clothes and his head. All were allocated for a period of three years.
"What brought us to this recognition is the fact that this issue was supported by very credible testimony of the medical profession, leaving no doubt about the reality of the disease," equivalent to an 80 % handicap rate, according to MDPH director Olivier Desmazeaud. He adds this is so far the only application for financial assistance that his organization has treated for the benefit of a person with EHS.
On sick leave since 2011, Jerome hopes to undertake training to find a job he could accomplish from his home.
[1] Not his real name.
[2] To evacuate electrical charges to the ground.
U.S.A. EHS Disability Benefits
I have been collecting Social Security disability benefits in the U.S. since 1992 specifically for EHS. I have two written decisions by Administrative Law Judges of the Social Security Administration.  The original decision, written in 1995 (I fought for 4 years to get onto Social Security) contains specific findings that I am injured by virtually all electronic devices.  The second decision, written in 2007, states that I am disabled "on the basis of chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities."
OKLAHOMA CITY - Battle lines drawn over smart meter safety
On Tuesday, a hearing was held with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to decide if commissioners will hear Sherry Lamb's entire case.

After a smart meter was installed in her home, Lamb was diagnosed with electromagnetic hypersensitivity disorder, or EHS.

Don Powers, Lamb's attorney, said, "I have clients from eight different counties and all of them have been impacted by smart meters from different providers."
BC Hydro (Falsely) says Smart Meter frequencies are safe

Dear Mr. Nicholson,
The recent BC Hydro article in the Nanaimo Daily News and Harbour City Star attributed to Ms. Fiona Taylor, their Director of Smart Metering, is dishonest and full of dangerous untruths, but it is entirely consistent with what electric utilities everywhere are telling the public in order to dupe them into believing wireless Smart Meters are perfectly safe. In fact BC Hydro, like other electric utilities, wants the public to believe Smart Meters are a useful and desirable technological improvement in metering technology which customers everywhere should welcome with open arms. Nothing could be further from the truth! 
Smart meter frequencies (910 MHz and 2.4 GHz) are anything but harmless - not just to humans but to all life forms: animals, fish, birds, insects, plants etc. Ms Tayor either doesn't know or was instructed not to tell the public that: 
  • The frequency 2.4 GHz is the same frequency used by microwave ovens to cook food and heat liquids!
  • Independent scientists know that 910 MHz is even more dangerous to humans and other life forms than is 2.4 GHz, because 910 Mhz penetrates all organs of the body more deeply than does 2.4 GHz!
  • Soviet scientists warned all countries of the world prior to 2001 not to use microwave ovens or any devices using the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
  • Both transmitters inside a Smart Meter emit pulsed low level non-thermal microwave radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity -- and cannot be shut off by the public!
  • Independent world-class scientists know that pulsed microwave radiation is more harmful to all life forms than is continuous wave radiation, such as is emitted by microwave ovens!
  • The latency period for cancers is anywhere from 10 to 30 years!
In saying that a Smart Meter emits a very weak level of radiation that is just a fraction of what is permitted by Safety Code 6, Ms. Taylor fails to mention that:
  • Independent world-class scientists say that NO level of microwave radiation is safe to any living thing!
  • On average, a Smart Meter's LAN (local area transmitter) emits 14,000 pulses per day up to a maximum of 190,000 pulses a day!
  • Safety Code 6 is not - and never was - intended to protect the general public from any level of microwave radiation. Provinces and Territories are not obliged to follow Safety Code 6, but they have all erred in blindly adhering to it (see below). 
  • Safety Code 6 recognizes only thermal radiation (i.e., that which heats the skin) and ignores entirely the harmful effects caused by chronic non-thermal microwave radiation emitted by devices such as a Smart Meter's two pulsing microwave transmitters!
  • Safety Code 6 "Exposure Limits" (safety levels) apply to the total or cumulative amount of thermal radiation the public are exposed to at any moment in time from all radio / microwave frequency devices, such as cell phones, cordless phones, cell towers, wi-fi routers, i-Pads, tablets and laptop computers, Wi-Fi networks, baby monitors, AM and FM radio stations, satellite radio and TV stations, GPS satellites, etc. - not just the radiation emitted by a single LAN transmitter, as Ms. Taylor would have us believe.
  • B.C.'s provincial medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, refuses to even acknowledge the existence of non-thermal radiation, as does the World Health Organization (WHO); in fact, not one of the so-called 'standard-setting' agencies of the world recognize non-thermal microwave radiation! 
  • In 2011, the European Parliaments (47 countries, 800-million people) announced publicly that they now recognize for the first time non-thermal microwave radiation; historically they had always followed ICNIRP (the International Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) which, like the WHO and Health Canada, recognizes only thermal radiation!
  • In May of 2011, the Council of Europe (47 countries, 800-million people) urged all its member countries to reduce their radiation safety limits to a level which, for Health Canada to comply, would necessitate Safety Code 6 being lowered by 10,000 times!
  • The BioInitiative 2012 Report urged all countries of the world to reduce their radiation 'Exposure (Safety) Limits' to a level which, for Health Canada to comply, would necessitate Safety Code 6 being lowered some 3-6 million times!!
Ms. Taylor's statement about the duration and signal strength of a Smart Meter's emission refers only to the "LAN" or local area network transmitter; she chose not to mention the second transmitter, the "ZigBee" (see below). Therefore it is important that the public understands that Ms. Taylor's comment refers only to a single LAN transmitter -- as if it were sitting all by itself on a laboratory bench  somewhere in a pristine university environment in which it is the only device in the entire universe emitting microwave radiation. Nothing could be further from the truth!
In reality, BC Hydro will employ Smart Meters in what they call "meshed-networks" i.e., communities ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 homes. This alone means that communities will be blanketed by a whole new level of microwave radiation --- on top of what they are already exposed to from all of today's other microwave emitting devices. Even without "Smart Appliances" (see below) even the smallest "meshed-community" of just 500 homes will find itself suddenly exposed to 1,000 new pulsing microwave transmitters (two in every meter) that were not there before Smart Meters were installed and activated!

By not telling the public about a Smart Meter's 2nd transmitter, the ZigBeeand explaining why it is there, the public are intentionally being kept in the dark about all of the 'other' radiation to which they will be exposed from Smart Meters. The public needs to know that ZigBee transmitters operate on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz, and their sole function is to control and communicate back and forth - 24/7/365 in perpetuity - with the utility (via the LAN transmitter) and the dozen or so "Smart Appliances" which all electric utilities, including BC Hydro, envisage will eventually be in all typical homes.
In her article, Ms. Taylor also chose not to tell the public that all "Smart Appliances" will be fitted with their own ZigBee-compatible pulsing microwave transmitter, receiver and antenna radio circuit - operating on the same microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz! This will enable each appliance to communicate back and forth with the utility via the LAN and the ZigBee transmitters! In this very real "meshed-network" scenario, even the smallest community of just 500 homes will see itself suddenly blanketed by the radiation from some 7,000 or more new pulsing microwave transmitters: 500 LANs, 500 ZigBees and 6,000 or more Smart Appliance ZigBee-compatible transmitters! In addition, every meshed-network must have a "Collector Meter" which has a minimum of three microwave transmitters and could well be mounted on some poor unsuspecting customer's home! 
And lastly, Ms. Taylor also does not tell the public that LAN transmitters radiate for distances up to 3 Km, meaning that every Smart Meter's LAN transmitter will radiate each and every other home in the entire community and, in turn, be radiated by every other home's LAN transmitter! Likewise, neighbors' Smart Appliances will radiate their nearest neighbors' homes - without anyone being the wiser.
Mr. Nicholson, I am a retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain who spent 22 of my 26 years in the military in Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence. I was a Registered Intervenor at  Fortis BC's public hearing in 2013 regarding Fortis' application to install Smart Meters. Over the past four years, I have produced my own power point slide presentation which I will gladly share with you and any of your readers, should you/they be interested. I would happily debate Ms.Taylor or any BC Hydro executive, including the President and CEO, in a public forum of their choice. My only condition is that the media and the public must be invited and in attendance so that they can hear and judge for themselves what is the truth about Smart Meters. Thank you for your time.
Yours truly,
Jerry Flynn
Bowser, B.C., V0R 1G0
Yesterday I spoke with Dominion Power about Virginia's smart meter program, and it sounded more promising than I'd previously heard. They directed me to this map of the program: And from how they described it, it didn't sound as if they have plans to discontinue opt-outs. They even went as far as to say that if a smart meter has already been installed at the property to which you move, you can contact them to come take it out and put a regular meter back in.


Anti-pylon and anti-wind turbine groups protest in Dublin
Groups from around Ireland converged for a march along the Dublin's O'Connell Street to the entrance of Ireland's parliament, the Dail, to protest against the creation of Europe's largest wind farm.

Estimates range from  2,000 to 7,000 participants, representing rural Ireland.

It is significant that the Minister for Communications, Mr. Pat Rabbitte, announced cancellation of one portion of the plan shortly before the march. Meanwhile companies continue to recruit cash-strapped farmers in a divide and conquer approach to build the turbine / pylon grid piecemeal. 

Coverage of the event can be found at:

Google Glass Alert: Potential health risks from wireless radiation

The Google Glass emit more wireless radiation than most cell phones on the market, but unlike cell phone users, Glass users may be wearing this device on their heads for more than 12 hours a day putting their health at risk.


Joel M. Moskowitz, PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 15, 2014 - BERKELEY, Calif. -- The Google Glass emits both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radiation. Although the Glass official web site,, contains information warning consumers about the device's potential interference with radio or television reception, the site provides no safety information to consumers.

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley
Reduce EMF Exposure
Edison is informing it's customers to reduce exposure to EM fields!!!!

Now if they did something to reduce dirty electricity and get the current out of the ground we would be making real progress!
iPad Health Warning
Author information<>


Over 140 million iPads(®) have been sold worldwide. The iPad2(®), with
magnets embedded in its frame and Smart Cover and 3G cellular data
capability, can potentially cause electromagnetic interference in
implantable cardioverter defibrillators. This can lead to potentially
life-threatening situations in patients. The goal of this study was to
determine whether the iPad2(®) can cause electromagnetic interference in
patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators.

Twenty-seven patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators were
studied. The iPad2(®) was held at reading distance and placed directly over
the device with cellular data capability activated and deactivated. The
manufacturers/models of devices and the patients' body mass index were
noted. The presence of electromagnetic interference was detected by using a
programmer supplied by each manufacturer. Magnet mode with suspension of
anti-tachycardia therapy was triggered in 9 (33%) patients. All occurred
when the iPad2(®) was placed directly over the device. The cellular data
status did not cause interference and no noise or oversensing was noted.
There was no significant difference between the mean body mass index of the
groups with or without interference.

The iPad2(®) can trigger magnet mode in implantable cardioverter
defibrillators when laid directly over the device. This is potentially
dangerous if patients should develop life-threatening arrhythmias at the
same time. As new electronic products that use magnets are produced, the
potential risk to patients with implantable defibrillators needs to be

ESNZ Trust
Cell Phone Obesity
If we are looking for ways to reduce the current outbreak of obesity, it would be better to remove the underlying causes, one of which is the over-use of cellphones. Studies in rodents and humans show that microwave radiation damages the thyroid gland, which is in the neck, just inches from where you hold your cell phone. See 

Instead of spending money on drugs of dubious efficacy and quality, it would be better to cut down your exposure to cellphone radiation, which will actually save you money!
A New Danger in Canadian Cities

"Rogers announced Thursday it had started deploying the 700-megahertz spectrum that it won in a federal auction in February, starting with:

  • Vancouver:
     north to Pender, south to Howe; east to Beach and west to Broughton; parts of Barclay to Georgia; Denman to Lost Lagoon.
  • Calgary: 10th Ave. SW to 11th St. SW and Prince's Island Park to 1st St. SW.
  • Toronto: west to Yonge east to the DVP; north to Rosedale Valley Rd. (just north of Bloor) and south to Carlton."

"Compared to frequencies used for wireless service up until now, the frequencies in the 700-megahertz band can:

  • - Penetrate more deeply through concrete walls into places such as elevators, basements and parking garages that signals from other wireless frequencies have trouble reaching.
  • - Transmit data over longer distances while requiring fewer towers."

This is National Autism Awareness Month.
Please take a moment to pass on information about autism and RF exposure to friends, relatives, and autism related organizations and researchers.  The article below discusses the fact that autism rates continue to skyrocket.  This truly lends weight to the evidence that autism and RF exposure are linked.  RF exposure can come from wireless technology and electrical pollution.   The differences in rates between states and their different levels of electrical and RF saturation also supports this as a potential cause.   I have also included Abstracts from two papers that resulted from the 2012 BioInitiative chapter on RF and autism.  There are some very specific findings in the papers that stood out for me.  They include the role of inflammation and antioxidant depletion.  They also include a discussion of function versus morphology and their roles in autism.  You can read more information about RF and autism at  I have a page on the health effects of RF exposure for children, including a page on autism.  You can find them in the menu at the left of the website.


U.S. autism rate surges, CDC reports
The number of U.S. children with autism has surged to one in 68, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday, a 30 percent increase since the agency estimated just two years ago that one child in 88 suffered from the disorder.
The new estimate, based on a review of records in 2010 for eight year olds in 11 states, also showed a marked increase in the number of children with higher IQs who fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, and a wide range of results depending on where a child lives. Only one child in 175 was diagnosed with autism in Alabama, while one in 45 was found to have the disorder in New Jersey.

"Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a Pathophysiological Link – Part I" 
Quebec protection racket? 
Quebec has ordered the Energy Board to lower the (protection) opt out fees.

They are now :
* a one-time $99 or $137 fee to install a non communicating meter depending if people reply or not within 30 days of receiving notice that a ''new generation'' (ie smart) meter will be installed.
• a $206 annual fee to read the energy consumption in person
About 50 cities have asked for a moratorium or other provincial action but politicians say they
can't go against the decision of the Energy Board to authorize changing all our meters.
Health Canada and the provincial Health Department claim smart meters are safe, of course.
Isn't this just like what the Mafia used to do? 
A Quebec Government sanctioned Hydro protection racket? 
There were already very serious Government corruption problems in Quebec!
Why should Quebecers have to pay to keep their families safe?

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