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WEEP News / Wi-Fi 'electrosmog' a risk to health / Wi Fi harm / Electro Pollution Explained / EHS Odor and noise intolerance / ZigBee / Concerns / 'Smart meter' Hearing / $6.6 Billion Annually etc.

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

27 November 2014

"Wi-Fi 'electrosmog' a risk to health, say scientists"

Johansson said: "The allowed radiation limits throughout the world are insane, to say the least.

"We are talking about values up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 18th) times higher than nature's background radiation, to which the human body has adapted through many 100,000 of years, and within a couple of decades, we have all been surrounded by biblical levels of artificial radio-waves, well knowing that they have major impacts on both human and animal health." 


Could Wifi be harming YOUR health? 


That's what a growing number of people believe is triggering their headaches, nausea and crippling pain



Electro Pollution Explained to Sociology Students

When people use shock tactics to scare you, it's pretty scary, but when they use devices that measure what's actually around you, it can be even worse and make you want to change something!
EMF/EMR pollution is a silent killer in our society and if it's not addressed there might not be much of a future for long.
Odor and noise intolerance in persons with self-reported electromagnetic hypersensitivity.


Lack of confirmation of symptoms attributed to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and triggered by EMF exposure has highlighted the role of individual factors. Prior observations indicate intolerance to other types of environmental exposures among persons with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). This study assessed differences in odor and noise intolerance between persons with EHS and healthy controls by use of subscales and global measures of the Chemical Sensitivity Scale (CSS) and the Noise Sensitivity Scale (NSS). The EHS group scored significantly higher than the controls on all CSS and NSS scales. Correlation coefficients between CSS and NSS scores ranged from 0.60 to 0.65 across measures. The findings suggest an association between EHS and odor and noise intolerance, encouraging further investigation of individual factors for understanding EMF-related symptoms.


ZigBee Announces New Internet of Things Standard

ZigBee 3.0 encompasses defines the widest range of device types including home automation, lighting, energy management, smart appliance, security, sensors, and health care monitoring products. According to ZigBee the new standard "supports both easy-to-use DIY installations as well as professionally installed systems. Based on IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee 3.0 uses ZigBee PRO networking to enable reliable communication in the smallest, lowest-power devices."
Still ignoring all the known health effects!

Doctor Karl Cox, a senior lecturer in computing, engineering and mathematics at the University of Brighton, believes exposure can cause brain tumours.

He said: "I've spoken to some schools already and they were shocked at the risks. I would be happy to talk to more.

"People cannot lead a healthy lifestyle when they are constantly exposed to these signals. There is a wealth of research on this topic already."


State Rep. Tom McMillin, committee chair, called the hearing after being contacted by many constituents and other citizens about privacy, health and safety concerns relating to the meters.

"With this hearing, we're giving the people of Michigan an open and transparent platform to not only voice their concerns but hopefully have them addressed by public utility officials" said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills.

Great news - "an open and transparent platform", now why didn't other authorities think of that?
When there is such money to be made, there will be greed, corruption and stupidity! 
(As witnessed in jurisdictions that have already implemented this dangerous technology)
I guess that the African Country of Kenya does not have better things to spend its money on?
Australian Radio Ad against Smart Meters
IARC, WHO: Move Radio Frequency Radiation from Class 2b to Class 1
Petition to the World Health Organization.
The short answer is: It depends.
The government appears to be worried about the health effects of electromagnetic radiation, also created by mobile phones, though at low levels it is generally not seen as harmful. Under Korea's "Wireless Telegraphy Act" all devices that give off electromagnetic waves must be certified for national security and civilian use.
Consumer group blames Hydro-Québec smart meters for rise in power cutoffs

The Union des Consommateurs says smart meters make it easier for the utility to disconnect clients because it's done remotely from Hydro's ...

Phone Addict Dies Of Brain Cancer

Samantha, who was addicted to her phone, used to spend hundreds of pounds on 'top-up' cards every month, to keep in touch with her friends. Her parents, Janet, 39, and Phil, 58, are certain that the excess use of her mobile phone created the tumour that eventually killed her.
Most cancers are linked to the environment
Ten years after the Paris Appeal, oncologist Dominique Belpomme hopes to have pollution recognized as a ''crime of public health''

Source : Le Nov. 14 2014 

The man behind the Chirac plan against cancer, Professor Dominique Belpomme*, renowned oncologist, was the first [French physician] to open a practice in environmental medicine and to sound the alarm on the role of electromagnetic fields in various diseases such as Alzheimer's. In 2004, he was joined by prominent scientists and environmentalists to launch the Paris Appeal. Ten years later, while opening this Friday [Nov. 14 2014] its 10th anniversary conference at UNESCO headquarters, Dominique Belpomme hopes to have pollution recognized as a "crime of public health."
The Ten years ago you lanched the Paris Appeal, an international declaration to warn about the dangers of chemical pollution signed notably by [anthropologist] Claude Levi-Strauss, Nobel laureates in Medicine François Jacob, Jean Dausset and Luc Montagnier, [ecologist] Nicolas Hulot... What has changed since then?
Dominique Belpomme: There have been more or less direct positive effects, such as REACH at European level [an integrated system of registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances] or the environmental Grenelle [green plan] in France, but it is insufficient to the challenge that we face, especially as the number of victims has increased dramatically. The most dramatic part is that there is an almost complete political denial of the current scientific data. The medical and scientific revolution has been achived; we now know that most diseases are linked to environmental factors, not only factors related to lifestyle. But the government is not listening to scientists as in the time of Pasteur...
What do you expect of this new conference?
Since politicians have not understood, we have to move on to morality and the law. My goal is to have the International Criminal Court recognize pollution and destruction of nature as crimes of public health.
You say that three out of four cancers are linked to the environment. You even link pollution and autism ...
We have seen a considerable increase in birth defects. One out of ten children are born today with birth defects or a rare disease. We went from a factor of 1 to 1,000 in twenty years. The best example is indeed autism: one in every 80 children is born with autism in so-called developed countries; 20 years ago, it was one in 10,000. For autism, we now know that it's related to chemical pollution (with organochlorine pesticides and mercury notably in their mothers' dental amalgams) and pollution from electromagnetic fields.
How are you sure that this increase in diseases related to pollution?
We have corroborating epidemiological studies, and especially a toxicological approach that allows us to reproduce the disease in the laboratory (notably in animals) and see the same lesions. And finally, a biological approach. This allows us to say conclusively that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between pollutants and current diseases.
What are these new "diseases of the environment"?
Cancer is increasing exponentially, but also type II diabetes, allergies (one in three Frenchmen is allergic) ... We just demonstrated that obesity is a disease of the environment caused notably by chemical pollutants. Added to this is Alzheimer's disease, which, according to World Health Organization estimates, is expected to double every 10 to 12 years.
At this symposium, you and other scientists wish to warn the public about an invisible and ubiquitous urban pollution: electromagnetic fields.
Chemical pollution is compounded by electromagnetic fields [EMFs emitted by the antennas, laptops, Wi-Fi...]. We can now say with near certainty that EMFs are harmful to health.
Authorities say there are no conclusive studies. Former Digital Secretary of State Fleur Pellerin said the dangers of microwaves are not established and the Ministry of Education rolled out Wi-Fi in schools...
These are speeches of opinion; there are thousands of studies! The BioInitiative report (which summarizes nearly 4,000 scientific articles) shows that electromagnetic fields present a carcinogenic risk, either for low or high frequencies. The risk of child leukemia is doubled if the child lives within 600 meters of a high voltage line (low frequencies). Regarding high frequencies (radiofrequencies or RF, such as used by Wi-Fi and cordless DECT phones), there are essentially reports of ipsilateral brain tumors [on the same side of the head where the cell or DECT phone is used]. The Interphone study found a fivefold risk of brain cancer in patients less than 20 years [correction: the Hardell study  as not part of the Interphone study].
In your consultation, you receive patients who say they are "electrohyperensitive"...
I see the largest number of these patients in the world (1,200). These are people who six times out of ten overused their laptop or DECT, or have a real addiction to the computer (in Wi-Fi mode), or who have the misfortune of living next to a pole-mounted transformer, power line or cell tower. Their typical symptoms are headaches, tinnitus with loss of balance, dizziness, eczema, neck stiffness, cognitive impairment, loss of short term memory, absence of mind... They arrive with an impressive medical history, they sometimes saw three neurologists before they are told: "It's in your head!" while they are in pre-Alzheimer state! I saw 15-year-old boy arrive clinging to his mother's arm because he was disoriented. He had slept with his cell under the pillow for four or five years! Electromagnetic play a role in Alzheimer's, but also, according to our research, in some cases of Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson's disease.
Professor Dominique Belpomme is an oncologist, president of the ARTAC (Association for research on anti-cancer therapeutics). He is the author of Ces maladies créées par l'homme – comment la dégradation de l'environnement met en péril notre santé (These man-made diseases – how degradation of the environment puts our health in peril (Albin Michel 2004) and Guérir le cancer ou s'en protéger (To cure cancer or to protect ourselves) (Fayard, 2005).
NY Payphone Petition

In Rhode Island, high school math teacher Shelley McDonald says she has been warned her job is in danger if she continues to raise concern about Wi-Fi in her school. - See more at:
An increasing number of people are becoming sick from the ill effects of unnatural manmade electromagnetic fields. Many of these people cannot use cell phones. When they are out and about, they must use pay phones in order to make phone calls. Making public pay phone areas into WiFi hotspots is unconscionable when one considers the fact that electrosensitive (ES) people are probably a large percentage of the people left using public wired phones and that the only public phone choice left for them will also cause them to feel sick. This only increases the discrimination being experienced by these people. This is not just a health issue. It is also a human rights issue. Please support this petition by signing.

EMF Refugee

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, Shelley McDonald seems like an Erin Brockovich or an insider – warning, in this case, about Wi-Fi.

"I feel as though this is sort of the secondhand smoke of our generation," she says. "Right now, people think it's no big deal, but these kind of health effects – particularly cancer – take so long to manifest that we're not going to know about the impacts for, you know, 10, 20, maybe 30 years." - See more at:

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, Shelley McDonald seems like an Erin Brockovich or an insider – warning, in this case, about Wi-Fi.

"I feel as though this is sort of the secondhand smoke of our generation," she says. "Right now, people think it's no big deal, but these kind of health effects – particularly cancer – take so long to manifest that we're not going to know about the impacts for, you know, 10, 20, maybe 30 years." - See more at:

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, Shelley McDonald seems like an Erin Brockovich or an insider – warning, in this case, about Wi-Fi.

"I feel as though this is sort of the secondhand smoke of our generation," she says. "Right now, people think it's no big deal, but these kind of health effects – particularly cancer – take so long to manifest that we're not going to know about the impacts for, you know, 10, 20, maybe 30 years." - See more at:

Meanwhile, in Rhode Island, Shelley McDonald seems like an Erin Brockovich or an insider – warning, in this case, about Wi-Fi.

"I feel as though this is sort of the secondhand smoke of our generation," she says. "Right now, people think it's no big deal, but these kind of health effects – particularly cancer – take so long to manifest that we're not going to know about the impacts for, you know, 10, 20, maybe 30 years." - See more at:

The FCC is mulling a fee hike to help bring Wi-Fi to more schools

Should Americans be asked to pay a little more in phone bill fees to help fund better Internet connections in public schools? That's essentially what Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed Monday.
Another sign of Wireless Radiation Affecting Children?

Self-harm cases among Canadian girls up 110%: CIHI report

"The data is basically telling us that, increasingly, young people are engaging in self-harm behaviour and this is most likely a coping mechanism toward handling stresses or very distressing emotions,"


Self-harm behind 1 in 4 youth injury hospitalizations

For girls aged 10 to 17, intentional self-harm made up 45 % of injury hospitalizations last year

If it's stress related, the key is to communicate with a child and teach him or her better ways to reduce stress response, such as going for a walk.  (Getting away from Wi Fi and DECT telephones)

Hackers post webcam, security camera, baby monitor video online

Experts have a message for anyone with a webcam, baby monitor or home security camera: change your password now, because feeds from the cameras are being posted online by a Russian website.
If you can access your video footage over the internet, then what is stopping someone else from doing the same?

Britain's highways of the sky - air traffic timelapse video

This is a very interesting video showing air traffic around Britain. 
It also indicates how much radar and radio pollution can come from aircraft.
Graphene - Interesting new technology

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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WEEP News / Experts and doctors warn / EHS a historical and biophysical perspective / New York Wi Fi / Silent Spring / UFT warns it 200,000 members / Microwaves, Science and Lies etc

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

12 November 2014

Experts and doctors warn: Pregnant women and children should not be exposed to wireless radiation
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm
also - Wi-Fi 'electrosmog' a risk to health, say scientists

People at risk of ailments from brain tumors to exhaustion amid 'insane' radiation levels, say Scandinavian experts

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): a historical and biophysical perspective

Video made at McGill University's Faculty of Medicine on June 6, 2014.

Sorry, no streaming possible yet 
Two Billion Dollars to Harm Children in New York with Wi Fi
The microwave madness continues!
One family had a non-verbal ten-year-old who screamed from 10pm till 3am every night. Within three days of turning Wi-Fi off and unplugging cordless phones, this boy spoke a complete sentence.

The United Federation of Teachers warns it 200,000 members about wireless radiation

"Wireless radiation is emitted by the myriad of wireless devices we encounter every day. It was once thought to be relatively harmless. However, we now know that wireless radiation can cause non-thermal biological effects as well, including damage to cells and DNA, even at low levels.

Reducing Your Exposure to Wireless Radiation (clickable link at the UFT webpage)
Some tips to reduce your exposure to wireless radiation.

What You Need to Know About Wireless Radiation and Your Baby (clickable link at the UFT webpage)
Taking certain precautions around wireless radiation is appropriate for our most vulnerable populations, including pregnant women."


Microwaves, Science and Lies

A provocative documentary has recently been produced, challenging alleged corruption in the World Health Organisation. It criticises their stance on the potential health risks of mobile phones and RF electromagnetic fields, particularly Factsheet No. 193. The underlying message of the video is that WHO are not reflecting the current position of the science.

Through interviews with several whistleblowers, including citizens, journalists, and scientists, this film reveals how, like the tobacco industry, the lobby of the mobile phone industry has built a strategy of "product defense" by artificially creating a scientific doubt about the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.  In addition to revealing collusion among various organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the film documents the actions of specific individuals like Emilie van Deventer of the WHO and Peter Valberg who works for the product defense firm Gradient.
Electro Hyper-sensitivity in Ireland

The following letter from Margaret Cousins, a retired nurse, explains in harsh detail the painful experiences of people living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. The tragedy is that it is becoming more common - the lady and her mother in California who are living in their car after Smart Meters were installed in their apartment block, the Dublin man forced to sleep in his garden shed, the elderly couple who are knocked to the ground when they leave their front door - and the longer the present situation continues, the more people who will be affected.

Pine Lodge,
Co. Wexford

Dear John,

I do hope all is well with you and yours.

The radiation situation is horrific down here in Wexford under Fort Mountain. It has been gradually increasing again since June but since last Friday broadband - wi-fi has increased to such an extent that I felt my head would burst and my eyeballs explode over the weekend.

The soreness and gritty painful eyes nearly drove me insane, made worse by an eye test carried out Thursday last. I had to take myself out to Curracloe beach and let the wind blow the electrification away. Signals low since 2 a.m., eyes a little better but the noise and speed of signals rising now at 6 p.m. is everywhere. All I can hear is the sizzling, hissing, swirling tones at speed.  

 In my agony I wrote to.....

 Have they increased the Tetra signal in Leixlip? It goes up here. If there are mishaps in Rosslare Harbour, it goes through the house. I stay in at night causing severe torture. I go to another friend at weekends but it's like going out of the frying pan into the fire but at least I have company. My poor husband is made to stay on his own all these years, appealing to either ESB (Electricity Supply Board) or mobile phone companies has fallen on deaf ears.

 I met with the county manager on 14 August. His secretary wrote some letters but nothing since. Eithne Monks, another electrosensitive and myself have plagued Emmet Fahy, Air Quality and Environment policy official, Dept. of Environment, Newtown Road, Wexford, with letters and am told when the latest study is reported on he'll consent to a meeting. Big deal. The generator has gone on and I am scorched just now. Must get out as the noise is horrendous.

Unfortunately, Margaret's situation is all too common.

John Weigel


Interview with Dr. Dominique Belpomme by Radio Canada on Electromagnetic Fields and Electrosensitivity

Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio - Michael Bevington & Lloyd Morgan - Oct 12th 2014

Guests - Michael Bevington/Lloyd Morgan - Michael's is interest in the biological effects of low-level electromagnetic exposure began in September 2006, when he was sensitised to EM radiation after a WiFi router was installed in his classroom. His case showing harm from WiFi was one of the first to feature in the national press. BBC Panorama programme on the dangers of WiFi in April 2007. In 2007 he became a trustee of the charity ElectroSensitivity UK (ES-UK) and since 2008 has been its chair. In 2010 he published the first edition of Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hyper-Sensitivity. L Lloyd Morgan is an electronic engineer by training with 38 years of industrial experience to the Vice Presidential level (retired 2002), a member of international science organizations, the Bioelectromagnetics, Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Health Trust, and Board member International Electromagnetic Field Alliance, scientific Advisor, EM Radiation Research Trust. He has published in the peer-reviewed science and Letters to the Editor in response to science papers. His research focus has been on Wireless Transmitting Devices (WTDs) epidemiology, and dosimetry (the amount of radiation absorbed by human tissue).
Risks to public health and safety would not be significant!

REGINA – From installation to a massive recall following several fires, the narrative of SaskPower smart meters heated up in the second half of 2014.

The months of politicians trading shots over this issue may have left you wondering, "What happened, and when?" Global News put together this timeline to help you make sense of it all.

Now hackers have the ability to carry out billing related fraud and shutdown electricity supplies at will. By accessing their memory chips, one can carry out some re-progamming as well as exploit any flawed code there-in to tamper with meter readings, transfer readings to other customers as well as insert network worms that can potentially leave entire neighborhoods in a blackout
Should the security of the system be breached or the installation fail to fulfil performance claims then consumers may lose trust and that can have a huge impact on energy providers' revenue streams. Equally, if a smart energy device is not fit for purpose or even difficult to use, this will reflect upon the energy supplier's reputation.
It seems that cancer and other ill health caused by these devices are not even considered as a risk!
The Worcester National Grid Smart Meter Pilot program exposes the community to unprecedented risks in violation of local democracy.

Will you sign this petition 
to Attorney General Martha Coakley? Click here:
The report also estimates that IoT will support total services spending of $69.5 billion in 2015 and $263 billion by 2020. 
"The Internet of things has become a powerful force for business transformation, and its disruptive impact will be felt across all industries and all areas of society."

Bird decline poses loss not just for environment, but human soul

These are bad days to be a bird. A study released this week found that the most common birds in Europe are declining at an alarming rate, and that is not an idle term. By studying 30 years of data across 25 countries, conservationists estimated that there are now a brain-boggling 421 million fewer birds flapping across the continent's skies than were around in 1980
A Deadly Wandering
A book about the deadly harm caused by texting.
Smart power meters a threat to health and liberty

Former New Zealand Green Party member of Parliament speaks out.
Science and Pseudoscience
(Forget about chemtrails)
Several leading spokespersons for people injured by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) have recently begun to publicly lump EMR together with "chemtrails."  This hurts us all.
For over a decade I have ignored the problem, hoping it would go away. But the fable and its message continue to be spread: "Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Hundreds of thousands of anonymous, faceless people, sworn to silence, are joined in a worldwide conspiracy to rain down chemicals on top of your heads."
Earth Island Journal, back in 2003, attempted to put this conspiracy theory to rest before it did too much damage to the environmental movement. An article by Jay Reynolds, titled "The Other Side of 'Chemtrails,' " explained how ordinary jet trails form, and why they remain in the sky and spread out under certain weather conditions. A letter to the editor by yours truly ("Unhappy Trails, Part II") contributed some details.
Basically, all jet exhaust contains carbon dioxide, water vapor, and particulates. If the temperature up there is below the dew point, the water vapor will condense and form cirrus clouds—actually clouds of ice crystals at those temperatures. A crisscross pattern forms for two reasons: (1) jets fly in different directions, and (2) winds may blow in different directions at different altitudes. I have a photograph of natural cirrus clouds in a grid-like formation in a meteorology book from 1934. Such patterns have become vastly more common since the late 1960s, when air traffic exploded. The continuous streams of jet traffic inject enormous amounts of water into the upper layers of the atmosphere, raising the humidity and the dew point and facilitating cloud formation.  It is impossible for this not to happen.
Origin of the hoax
The "chemtrail" conspiracy theory originated when white supremacist Larry Wayne Harris offered his services in 1996 to analyze soil samples from agricultural fields supposedly contaminated by fallout from additives in jet fuel. The following year he and his partner, Richard Lew Finke, started a consulting company and Finke sent out an email announcement about "genocide" via "lines in the sky." Harris, a member of the Aryan Nation and the racist and anti-Semitic sect Christian Identity, was convicted of fraudulent acquisition of bubonic plague bacteria in 1995, and possession of anthrax and impersonation of a CIA agent in 1998. The "chemtrail" hoax that they started went viral on the Internet in 1998, and has continued to do so until today.
Book Review
Elana Freeland, unfortunately, has just added to the disinformation with her new book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth. Freeland returned to Santa Fe recently on a book tour, and some anti-wireless campaigners are promoting the book. To see if I was missing something, I bought the book and read it.
Freeland claims "chemtrails" rain down dust-sized "nanosensors" that you are forced to breathe, that are remotely monitored, and that spy on everything you do. She claims carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas, that it only remains in the atmosphere for five years, and that there is no such thing as global warming. She links every evil under the sun—earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, even Monsanto's GMOs—to HAARP and "chemtrails." She says "chemtrails" are full of parasites, deliberately dropped on us from aircraft, that burrow into our skin and cause disease. If you are conspiracy-minded, Freeland's book is a gold mine.
If, however, you are looking for truth, you will not find it in this book. There are no original sources for any of its "facts." Instead, you will find third-hand quotations from anonymous sources and conspiracy websites. Quotes from Dr. Robert O. Becker and Dr. Neil Cherry, brilliant researchers whom I knew and who are no longer alive to defend themselves, are misused by Freeland in support of ideas they would never have entertained.
We will, ultimately, prevail. Wireless technology is doing severe damage to our world, so much damage that society will not be able to bury its head in denial forever. But it does not help our cause to join it together in the public's mind with pseudoscience and paranoid fantasies.
Arthur Firstenberg
November 10, 2014
-- Cellular Phone Task Force  

Some low cost EMF meters that may help you

EMF Help Center is a program to accelerate understanding and control of harmful electromagnetic radiation by presenting simplified but effective solutions to monitoring and reducing EMF exposures in our living spaces. Jerry Day explains the services and products offered and provided by the web site This video will guide to a very streamlined and accessible way to become master of your harmful EMF and radiofrequency exposures.




Thoughts about the "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" meeting in Brussels, November 4, 2014

Please, see the attached pdf.  'European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)'.
Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit

Department of Neuroscience

Karolinska Institute

171 77 Stockholm


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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

Friday, November 7, 2014


W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

6 November 2014

Hi All
The Ontario Municipal elections are over.  I did not do very well in Stratford and my vote total was lower than I had expected. 
The results were quite predictable in most local elections around Ontario and the vast majority of incumbents were easily re-elected. 
I did get the message about wireless dangers heard locally and learned about another local family being harmed by wireless radiation.
I will be catching up with some older WEEP News reports over the next few days.
Thanks for your messages of support.
Martin Weatherall

Mental health of children and young people 'at risk in digital age'

Worrying rise, of up to 25% to 30% a year, in numbers of children and young people seeking treatment for mental health problems.


Bad gut feelings – why doctors aren't spotting Crohn's disease

This long-term condition causes severe stomach pain and diarrhoea and it's on the increase, especially in young people. Yet doctors often fail to recognise it
An estimated 250,000 people in the UK suffer from Crohn's and new figures suggest the disease is on the increase. According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, the number of 16- to 29-year-olds receiving hospital treatment for the condition has risen 300% in the past 10 years, to almost 20,000. Why, then, is it still so hard for doctors to recognise the symptoms?

12,000 Canaries Can't Be Wrong: What's Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It

How does our environment impact our health, and what can we do about it? 12,000 Canaries Can't Be Wrong is a culmination of Dr. Molot's 30 years of experience seeing more than 12,000 patients with environmentally linked illnesses.
Europe starts to take EHS / ES seriously
The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has held a public hearing on electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS/ES) on 4th November 2014, attended by about 50 people, followed by a working group meeting in the afternoon to decide on how best to move forward on the EHS issue. The idea of the hearing was apparently their own, submitted by Bernardo Hernández Bataller. The group think the European Commission should pay more attention to this issue.
Each day the number of EHS sufferers increases, and they often have to deal with the scepticism of doctors and misdiagnoses. According to new estimates, between 3% and 5% of the population are electro-sensitive, meaning that some 13 million Europeans may suffer from this syndrome, which has various names (electro-sensitivity, Wi-Fi syndrome, microwave syndrome, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, etc.).

Maybe Better If You Don't Read This Story on Public WiFi

We took a hacker to a café and, in 20 minutes, he knew where everyone else was born, what schools they attended, and the last five things they googled.


No, you CAN'T study while you're texting:

Research finds teenagers struggle with multitasking

Smart meters focus of Question Period at legislature today
The issue of smart meters continues to dominate Question Period at the Saskatchewan Legislature, with much of the talk concerning who in  government knew what — and when — about safety issues related to the devices.
Green Electrcity or Green Money? Why some environmental groups hamper clean energy
The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC),  appear to have lost their way and are failing us when we need them most.
Wi Fi Danger - Carnival Ship Nearby

"Carnival says the long-range Wi-Fi it's having installed in various locations is effective at transmissions as far as 40 miles out at sea. More than 50 percent of Carnival's cruising is conducted within 50 miles of shore, Millan said. Far at sea, the service will be handled entirely by satellite. The new service is scheduled to begin with Alaska cruises next summer and then expand to the Mediterranean, Baltic, Western European, and Asian regions in 2015 and 2016."

Hugh Grant: 'I can barely get to the end of a tweet without getting bored now' – video interview

Things were better before the digital age.

Apple's Instructions Say Not to Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Apple also explicitly states that the phone is not supposed to touch your body much, if at all.

In fact, in the manual for the iPhone 5, Apple says users should carry their iPhones a full 10 millimeters (or .39 inches) away from their bodies at all times. That means, if the device is in the pocket of your jeans, it's much too close.

Heavy mobile usage may cause cancer of salivary glands: Study
The research led to the conclusion that several functional changes and an increase in the size of the parotid glands are observed in people with longer exposure to the radio frequency radiation (RFR) emerging from hand-held phones. These effects could range from migraine to potential indicator of cancer of the parotids.
Biological Effects of Wireless Radiation on HoneyBees, Insects, Birds etc.
*Attached is the abstract and list of references I used for my presentation at the Entomological Society of Manitoba's meeting last week.  The information may be useful for people concerned about the harm being caused to wildlife.
Marg Friesen 
Safer Wireless Radiation Manitoba (SWiRM).

Rodney Croft to explore link between mobile phone usage and brain tumours at UOW

In response -

If Prof Croft is unaware of all the adverse health effects that are caused by wireless radiation, he simply cannot be classed as an expert in this field!
He should be aware of several cell phone mast studies which show that the closer people live to the masts, the higher rates of cancer, sleep disruption and other serious health effects.
He should be aware of several studies which show an increase of mouth, ear and brain cancers from cell phone use.
He should be aware of the studies which show harm to male sterility resulting in lower sperm count and decrease in the quality of the sperm when exposed to cell phones.
He should be aware of the breast cancer tumours which are in the shape of cell phones which are kept in the bra of breast cancer victims.
He should be aware of the neurological effects of wireless radiation.
He should be aware that wireless radiation has been called the latest heart risk factor by Dr Steven Sinatra, a famous US heart surgeon and he should be aware of the research by Dr. Magda Havas which show that wireless radiation significantly effects the heart.
These are not insignificant health effects, they are 'major threats to human life' and if Prof Croft is ignoring these effects he is a failure as a researcher and should not be a spokesman on this subject.
For important scientific information about the harm caused by wireless radiation, people should visit the Bio Initiative web site at .

Lectures in Australia in November 2014
Wireless Issues in Israel
In the mainstream media: The standard is too high, the Bioinitiative reported many
a-thermal effects and the situation in hospitals is grave, with increasing head and neck tumors.

A school class is learning in a grandma's living room in order to avoid radiation, and a mother is saying on the radio that the
education system is nothing more than marketing consumption products/tablets.
See the attached WORD document for details.


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