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WEEP News / Toronto Symposium on EMF Health Issues / EURO Commissioner / solar storm / Cell tower fire / Reno fires / meters / Smarten up Mass / Cellphone lawsuit / Child's Death / etc.

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

28 September 2014

Symposium on Health Issues Associated with the Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Radiation

Held for Canadian Medical Doctors and Health Care Practitioners Presented by C4ST and Women's College Hospital Toronto - September 12, 2014

View the videos that were made at the symposium



Letter to the EURO Commissioner for Health

From the Spanish organization AVAATE


We have prepared this letter to the EU Commissioner for Health and we have distributed to other Spanish organizations.

If you think it is timely and you agree, please spread it among your contacts lists and web sites worldwide, and send from each organization to the European Commissioner.


With best regards









NASA: Earth almost got hit by a solar storm that could've left millions without power

Had those bursts hit the Earth's magnetic field, they could have induced strong ground currents capable of overloading our electric grids and knocking out transformers, leaving entire regions without power.






Cell tower fire near Thurston High sends up smoky plume

 A cell phone tower caught fire near Thurston High School Saturday afternoon, sending a plume of smoke high above the Colts' sports fields.




other fires -







Reno, Sparks fire chiefs call for smart meter probe

The Reno and Sparks fire chiefs are asking the Public Utilities Commission to investigate the safety of smart meters installed by NV Energy on homes throughout the state in the wake of a troubling spate of blazes they believe are associated with the meters, including one recent fire that killed a 61-year-old woman.

Since 2012, four fires have occurred in Reno and five fires have occurred in Sparks that city investigators say are linked to the smart meters manufactured by North Carolina-based Sensus.


Investigation needed:







Smart meters may be $3.8M more

The implementation of smart meters may cost an additional $3.8 million, for a variety of reasons including the exchange rate and staff wages during ...


The expected savings over the 20-year lifespan of the smart meters was estimated to be $25.4 million.


Note - This does not include additional medical expenses the meters may cause and law suits by persons harmed by the meters, which may make the savings look futile.






Letter: Smarten up Mass.

The $48 million Worcester pilot has not proven that smart meters are cost effective or safe. 
Homeowners reporting signal interference, multiple light bulbs or appliances blowing prematurely, the onset or intensification of stress-related health ailments or inflammatory markers, and damage to trees and shrubs are ignored.






Knoll Law Firm involved in lawsuit alleging link between cellphones and tumors


 He referred to a French study released in May that found support for "a possible association between heavy mobile phone use" and brain tumors.







New York Child's Death Prompts Renewed Calls for MA DPU Smart Meter Mandate Investigation


The death of a 6 year-old girl in a NY home where National Grid cut off electricity for non-payment has amplified human rights and environmental activist group Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts' request for an investigation into the Department of Public Utilities smart electric meter mandate.








'RF/Microwave Radiation and Risk Awareness'


EMF Report






Dear John: Con Ed's meters are really 'smart'


After talking to many people, I realize what they've done is to take me from 11 cents per kilowatt to 17 cents retroactively for the year — without ever letting me, the consumer, know.







Tablets could be harming kids' health, study says

They are being embraced by educators as important learning tools, but some health experts are warning that tablets and smartphones can have harmful health effects, especially on young, developing children.

Dr. Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health Trust, says microwave radiation from the devices pose significant risks to children.

"The radiation from a cellphone, which is a two-way microwave radio, gets twice as deep into the head of a child as an adult," she said.

News coverage







Challenging the CSST to recognize electrosensitivity

Diane Pelletier in Sherbrooke who suffered an electric shock at her job says she's been cut off from worker's compensation even though her injuries prevent her from working. Our Townships reporter Alison Brunette brings us that story.







Smartphone users at a higher risk of radiation exposure


This is not a good news for the smartphone lovers. An expert has said that the radiation exposure from smartphones is much higher because of data traffic. 'Smartphone radiation exposures are much higher because of the data traffic. Even though one may not be using the phone all the time, there is continuous data flowing from Facebook and other apps such as weather, news update and so on that people have on their phones,' Dariusz Leszczynski said.








Prof. Olle Johansson Vetapedia page


Olle Johansson, associate professor at the Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience, and head of The Experimental Dermatology Unit. Olle Johansson is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. Among many achievements he coined the term "screen dermatitis". He has published more than 600 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the fields of basic and applied neuroscience, dermatoscience, epidemiology, and biophysiology


Credentials and Scientific Papers




See the latest paper - Redmayne & Johansson - PDF attached


Overall, evidence from in vivo and in vitro and epidemiological studies suggests an association between RF-EMF exposure and either myelin deterioration or a direct impact on neuronal conduction, which may account for many electrohypersensitivity symptoms. The most vulnerable are likely to be those in utero through to at least mid-teen years, as well as ill and elderly individuals.


Press release -







BC Human Rights Tribunal Makes Huge Mistake


The complaint was brought by a group called Citizens for Safe Technology Society (CSTS), which argued that "electrohypersensitivity" (EHS) is a disability.








Olivier Burnham, Quebec blacksmith, makes device to prevent smart meter swap






Are smartphones making our working lives more stressful?


Is there any evidence that smartphones are harming our brains? The science is still in its infancy here. An Australian study of mobile phone users found that working memory was poorer, while reaction times improved. Whether the effects are real and arise from smartphone use might also be answered by the Imperial College study.


Yet again, a UK newspaper carefully avoids mentioning the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation from these devices. Why is there a conspiracy of silence on this issue?  Dave Ashton.








iPhone 6 SAR: Radiation Levels and Separation Distance

To ensure that the cell phone does not exceed the legal limit, consumers should never keep their cell phone in their pockets or next to their skin.








EHS Refuge in Australia: People Needed


People who want to visit the land for a temporary "holiday" from wireless radiation are welcome. But Bruce is also looking for electrosensitive people who want to stay long-term, build their own cottages on his family's land, participate in the farm and help create a community safe from electropollution.









Several EMF new blogs on BRHP

Do people understand the meaning of 'possible' and 'probable' ?

Dariusz Leszczynski visiting India – Mumbai & wrap-up…

Indian scientists show the way forward

Dariusz Leszczynski visiting India – New Delhi

Best wishes,

Dariusz Leszczynski, PhD, DSc








Centre for Safer Wireless


Lots of good EMF information.







Berkeley drafts cell phone health warnings

Bocook spoke at a San Francisco news conference a year after he collapsed in the shower because a brain tumor the size of a baseball had stopped his heart.

This month, the 50-year-old Palo Alto lawyer and father of three young children was diagnosed with a second brain tumor.

He blames the cell phones that he pressed against his ear for hours a day for decades. And he believes the warnings buried in tiny type in printed user manuals and behind layers of menus on smart phones should be posted on stickers right on the devices, or at least on their packaging.






WiFi In Schools: How Safe?

In Rhode Island, high school math teacher Shelley McDonald says she has been warned her job is in danger if she continues to raise concern about Wi-Fi in her school.

McDonald, of North Kingstown, says replacing wireless with hard-wired classrooms would be less expensive in the long run and would eliminate Wi-Fi RFR, which she says gave her daily headaches and insomnia.







Teacher in California allowed 'Employment Accommodation' because of sensitivity to Wi Fi


"The Committee reconvened September 9, 2014. After reviewing and taking into
consideration all of the documentation you submitted as part of your request, the
information you presented during the meeting, and reviewing alternate
accommodations, the Committee approved your request to have the Wi-Fi turned off in
your classroom during the 2014-2015 school year. As an alternate accommodation, the
Committee also approved a reassignment to a different school site where Wi-Fi has yet
to be installed."  








Beware of S/A Coke Machines


Wi Fi will radiate anyone nearby.






Hydro One (Ontario) customers can blame foliage for some billing estimates


Baccega Rosa wasn't able to say whether the problem was anticipated when the new meters were being installed.







Hydro-Québec ordered to reduce opt-out fee
BC smart meter opt-out fee $32.40 /month!
Quebec smart meter opt-out fee $5.00 /month!

Quebec's energy board is forcing Hydro-Québec to slash the proposed fees charged to homeowners who opt to have the utility install a non-transmitting, manually read meter instead of a smart meter.

In a ruling released today, the Régie de l'énergie found that even the reduced fees were too high and ordered Hydro-Québec to cut them by nearly 60 per cent.

Energy Minister Pierre Arcand said he was happy with the ruling, calling it a victory for consumers.

"We don't need to penalize the consumer who use those kinds of meters," he said.

- - - -
In stark contrast to a responsible Quebec government and energy board, that actually serves its citizens:

BC Liberal Smart Meter policy has muzzled any oversight of their smartmeter program and forced microwave transmitter meters onto the homes of hundreds of thousands of unwilling BC Hydro customers, most recently via egregiously high opt-out fees !

Our BC Utilities commission, by agreeing with BC Hydro's request for ridiculously high opt-out fees, has shown itself to be incapable of looking out for the welfare of BC citizens, and in this regard, functions as a lap dog for the BC Liberals and is little more than a waste of taxpayer funds!








Mobile Phone Firms Face Lawsuits


John Pica, an attorney at Mr Angelos's firm, said: 'If these companies knew about the dangers of cell phone radiation, they should be punished and they should be punished dearly - not only for what they did to the public, but for the billions of pounds of profits they made.'










NEW YORK 10,000 Wi Fi Hot Spots
New York City is preparing to change ten thousand payphones into WiFi hotspots. Deborah Kopald sent this information, and has sent out an urgent call for people to file complaints with the New York State Attorney General's Office.
"We are running out of time on this," writes Deborah. "The vendor is supposed to be selected by November, so if people could get emails out about this en masse, maybe we will have a shot at stopping this. Councilman Richards' office says they don't have enough complaints from people."
The contracts for New York City's payphones run out on October 15, 2014 and instead of renewing them, the city has put out a request for proposals (RFP) to turn them all into an interconnected citywide WiFi network. All the phone booths will still contain telephones, but they will not accept coins and they will also function as free WiFi hotspots.  A user will be able to log in once at any hotspot and then remain connected wherever the person goes within the city. The RFP "encourages" bidders to include cell phone chargers, touch screens, and so forth in every station.  Google, Samsung, Verizon, and dozens of other prospective vendors attended the city's planning meeting in May.
Email the Attorney General's Office <>, and cc to and (aides to Councilman Donovan Richards).  Councilman Richards is the chairman of the City Council's Committee on Environmental Protection.
Here is a sample letter that Deborah suggests everyone send to the attorney general's office:
RE:  Complaint Against NYC's plan for Citywide WiFi
To Whom It May Concern :
I am writing to file a formal complaint against the City of New York and the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DOITT) which has announced that it will be converting 10,000 payphones and other locations into a free citywide WiFi network, beginning this fall. The proposal would run afoul of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the NYC Human Rights Law and the New York State Human Rights Law. City officials who authorize this scheme would be endangering the public).
(optional:  I have severe electromagnetic sensitivities and cannot be exposed to WiFi for medical reasons). 
(I am pregnant and my doctor has told me I must avoid exposure to WiFi).
(I have XYZ condition, and my doctor has told me I must avoid exposure to WiFi per guidance by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine)
(I have a pacemaker or other medical implant and must avoid exposure to radio frequency radiation).
The NYC Human Rights Law covers a wide swath of the population. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) states that individuals with most medical conditions should avoid exposure to radio frequency radiation. In June, epidemiologist Devra L. Davis, pediatric neurologist Maya Shetreat-Klein, and OB-GYN Hugh Taylor held a press conference stating the need for pregnant women to reduce exposure to radio frequency radiation and proximity to WiFi routers; a hotspot on the street is a high-powered router.
If the entire city were blanketed with radiation from 10,000 hotspots, pregnant women, as well as people with electromagnetic sensitivities and most medical conditions would not be able to heed the advice of their own physicians. Under the NYC Human Rights Law, these groups are entitled to accommodation; how would the city provide it after a forced rollout of discriminatory devices on the street? How would some people get access to their own apartment building if a high-powered hotspot were parked on the street outside their home? People who are already severely affected by existing levels of radio frequency radiation in New York would be evicted from their homes and exiled from their city.
Citywide WiFi has been stopped in many places around the world over health concerns, including San Francisco and Toronto.
Right now, WiFi is largely contained within buildings; putting it in the public square would make the commons increasingly inaccessible to a significant number of people. The California State Department of Health said that 3% the population is sensitive to electromagnetic fields; this was stated in a report that is now 12 years old; independent studies show the numbers may be higher. The EU says that the number of people with electromagnetic sensitivities is growing exponentially because of exposure to WiFi and the like. 
The Access Board in conjunction with the National Institute of Buildings sciences put out a report in 2005 that stated that WiFi should be confined within a building by foil-backed drywall, not spilling freely into the building, and that fiber optic (hard wired) connectivity is preferred in any event. If there are hotspots on the street, then how could accommodation possibly be achieved?   
Therefore, I respectfully request that you intervene to file an injunction against the city of New York and DOITT so that these hotspots are not rolled out into the street and before DOITT expends millions of dollars on an unlawful scheme.
Very Truly Yours
<NAME, Location>
(ok if non-NYC or NY resident if you travel to NY, intend to travel to NY, or won't be able to travel to NY as a result of this, etc)

-- Cellular Phone Task Force







The Blue Dot


Non EMF.  What we need to protect!





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