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WEEP News / Limit children's usage of electronic devices / 2012 Freiburger Appeal / Spitzer - digital dementia / Power Line Risks / Wi Fi DEFERRED / Bye Phone / Cell CEO stroke / Biggest Mistake

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

30 November 2013

New recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), are calling on parents to limit their children's usage of electronic devices

2012 Freiburger Appeal

Why not educate your doctor, give him or her a copy.
Dr. Manfred Spitzer - digital dementia

Here is the you tube link to
German neuroscientist Dr. Manfred Spitzer's lecture on digital dementia
which is over two hours long!

This link is an English precis of his argument

Kind regards
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The too frequent use of digital media reduces the mental capacity of our children


Fudging Power Line Risks

EirGrid, the Irish state-owned power line company,
is planning to build some new power lines to help
provide reliable service in the years to come.
But there's nothing new about its approach to
addressing the public's concerns about EMFs.

Read our latest short item at:

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Toronto WiFi in Parks Proposal - DEFERRED INDEFINITELY!

We are pleased to report the recommendation for WiFi coverage across Toronto parks and public places has been deferred indefinitely. The Government Management Committee comprising of 6 Toronto Councillors heard deputations from C4ST and concerned Torontonians, backed by the over 100 submissions made by doctors, scientists and concerned citizens such as yourself.  

We presented a well thought out executed message that due to the mess Safety Code 6 is in currently, the safety of ES citizens, and the numerous new studies showing harm from RF exposure at levels way less than Safety Code 6, this was not a good idea. The committee agreed with us, out voting Councillor Josh Matlow and deferring this recommendation indefinitely. 

The breakdown of the motion, submissions accepted, and result can be found here -
Thank you to all that sent in your concerns and support to Toronto council through our webpage. There was no denying the fact that this motion had huge public attention prior. The stage was set for us on the day of. 

We will now focus our efforts back to the on-going review of Safety Code 6, citing the largest city in Canada as an example  in their recent decisions to maintain prudent avoidance (1% of Safety Code 6 levels) and indefinitely defer rolling out WiFi in parks and public places.  

Thank you as always for your continued support and dedication. Together we will change Safety Code 6. 

Frank Clegg


Goodbye my Phone and Hello to Reality!

Spoof video


CEO of cell phone company in South Africa suffers stroke

Knott-Craig has suffered a number of health problems over the years, including having two heart attacks while CEO of Vodacom.

Since the introduction of LTE ( ) there has been many reports of seizures in addition to other severe health complaints.

There is also a marked deterioration in certain tree types in LTE areas.


Is the British Government making its Biggest Mistake Ever
The Government has given a deadline of autumn 2015 for delivery of smart metering services across the UK by energy companies.
Are the people making these decisions about smart meters, some of the most stupid (or corrupt) in the world.  In Countries all around them they should be able to see the harm that is being caused to people, the organisations sprouting up to fight these stupid meters, the massive waste of public money and the weakening of electrical systems.  They have the luxury of seeing the mistakes of others, yet still they continue on!
Denmark Citizens Initiative
A new citizens initiative is kicking off in Denmark. This initiative can have a large impact internationally.

A group of concerned Danes have started the Committee on Radiation Protection in response to governmental inaction and stonewalling towards wireless radiation protection - especially of children.

I've donated because I'd really like to see this succeed and I hope you do too. I envision that this could serve as a model for other actions internationally.

The Committee is taking a human rights approach in cooperation with leading danish human rights lawyer Christian Harlang.
Mr Harlang is a force to be reconned with and has won cases against the State many times before.

The Committee aims to establish whether international human rights conventions, like the Nuremberg Code, are being breached and especially the UN children's convention.

The main goal is to place legal liability for health damages resulting from exposure to wireless radiation.

See the website for more info:



"Utilities are more focused on cutting their own costs than in helping consumers become more efficient," he said. "They aren't motivated to reduce demand."


Worcester Magazine , the smart meter event at Clark University


Among the materials presented to the EWEB by Dr. Dart and several other doctors were the following conclusions:

"Existing scientific research offers strong evidence that the chronic exposure of the public to microwave RF transmissions produces serious acute and chronic health effects in a significant portion of the population.  These findings can be summarized in the following precepts:

Basic Precepts for Residential Exposures to RF Transmissions:

  • Excessive RF exposure can cause acute problems (headaches, insomnia, fatigue, vertigo, tinnitus, other symptoms of EHS).
  • Excessive RF exposure can also cause chronic problems (oxidative stress, cancer, male infertility).
  • Constant RF transmission is probably harmful, even at low levels, and should be avoided.
  • Frequent and repetitive intermittent transmissions are also probably harmful, and should be avoided.
  • Nocturnal exposures are more problematic than daytime exposures, because of RF's potential to suppress nocturnal melatonin secretion and disturb sleep, and because night is the time when we rest and heal from stresses (including oxidative stress).
  • Occasional and infrequent daytime exposures are much less likely to cause an increase in chronic problems for the population at large.
  • Occasional and infrequent daytime exposures are still likely to provoke acute symptoms in a small percentage of the population.

New link for Canadian Human Rights Commission Report en Environmental Sensitivities

The Medical Perspective on Environmental Sensitivities (2007) By: Margaret E. Sears (M.Eng., Ph.D.) 
May 2007 for the Canadian Human Rights Commission
Avon Maitland school board makes big investment (mistake) in technology
Insurance Emerging Risks
Swiss Re, the re-insurance company, published its 2013 report on emerging risks. The report considers all major emerging potential insurance risks to property, people, markets and operations.
Top of the list, both "High Impact" and Imminent (1-3 years) is "Prolonged Power Blackout".
Also "High Impact" though longer term ( 10 years) is "Unforeseen consequences of electromagnetic fields", including powerlines, phones and wireless technology.
Reference is made to the IARC classifications noting that the science is still "inconclusive".

Times Gone Bye (non EMF)
SanFrancisco 1906
Coney Island 1905

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W.E.E.P. – The Canadian initiative to stop: Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

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WEEP News / BIOLOGICAL AND HEALTH EFFECTS / Wi-Fi elementary / Flaming Meters / Microchips and Cancer / US Melanoma Epidemic / Antidepressants Surge / America's Anger Epidemic

W.E.E.P. News

The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution

25 November 2013





June 4, 2013

Paul Dart, M.D. (lead author)

Kathleen Cordes, M.D. Andrew Elliott, N.D. James Knackstedt, M.D. Joseph Morgan, M.D. Pamela Wible, M.D.

Steven Baker (technical advisor)
The School Board is being negligent by ignoring the adverse health effects of wireless (Wi Fi) radiation.

No child should be subjected to this kind of toxin, day after day while at school.
Flaming Smart Meters
A St. Leonard man, his family and tenants have been living
in a hotel for two weeks. Are newly installed smart meters to blame?

Microchips and Cancer

60 Years of Data Reveal US Melanoma Epidemic

There have been "unremitting" increases in the incidence and mortality of melanoma over the past 6 decades in the state of Connecticut, according to a new analysis by public health researchers.

Incidence rates in Connecticut have increased by nearly 2000% from 1950 to 2007, while the state's population has increased by only 75% over that time, observe the authors, led by Alan Geller, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts.

During these 6 decades, mortality rates tripled in men and doubled in women, the authors also report in their new paper, published online November 18 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

The Use of Antidepressants Has Surged Since Widespread use of Wireless Devices

The use of antidepressants has surged across the rich world over the past decade, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, raising concerns among doctors that pills are being overprescribed.

Figures show that doctors in some countries are writing prescriptions for more than one in 10 adults, with Iceland, Australia, Canada and the other European Nordic countries leading the way.

Separate data from the US shows that more than 10% of American adults use the medication. In China, the antidepressant market has grown by about 20% for each of the past three years, albeit from a lower base.

America's Anger Epidemic

Dr. Sudeepta Varma, a psychiatrist, said it is not all a coincidence. Americans really are angrier now than they've ever been before.

A recent study from the USA Today found 60 percent of Americans report feeling angry or irritable. That is up from 50 percent when a similar poll was taken in 2011.

The mainstream media continues to ignore EMF as contributing factor in physical, mental, and societal illness


The Hospital for Sick Children - Toronto
The hospital shows its ignorance about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation and puts sick children at further risk by exposing them to dangerous radiation.

Doctors Raise Red Flag: Young Children Should Avoid Using Tablets

"What we're seeing is a lot of children coming in with some motor delays, some decreased muscle strength in areas."

Swiss Government Wants to Measure Electrosmog in Homes

(20min - German version - 26 August 2013)

While arguing about radiation from mobile phone antennas, no one knows how strongly we are irradiated in the office and at home. Now the federal government will look into a new measurement system.

Mobile phones, shavers, PC's, lamps, Wi-Fi:   these are continuously irradiating in the bedroom, the living room and the office.  Electrosensitive persons are certain that they are getting headaches, balance and sleep disorders from this.

Although research is divided on whether these symptoms actually stem from electrosmog, it has been scientifically proven that certain radiation heats up the body and can affect the nervous system.  But not even the federal government knows how much radiation exposure there actually is in Swiss homes and offices.

This is about to change:  The federal government is currently studying options for systematic measurements. "There are plans to build a monitoring system. In future, the total load from all sources will be recorded, "confirms Jürg Baumann, Head of the Non-ionizing Section in the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

Radiation interacts with the nervous system

Also an ETH (Federal Polytechnic School) expert, Gregory Dürrenberger of the Research Foundation for electricity and mobile communications (FSM) is in favor of more comprehensive measurements.  "A meaningful monitoring system should equip an individual for 24 hours with sensors and record emissions."  Although Switzerland currently has a legal electrosmog limit of 4 or 6 volts per meter for mobile telephony  and regulations for power lines, electric railways, mobile phone antennas, radio and TV or radar, private sources are not recorded.

This plays a big role:  "The electromagnetic pollution in homes is greater than the average citizen publicly produces", Markus Lauener, president of the electrosmog umbrella organization for Switzerland and Liechtenstein (Dachverbandes Elektrosmog Schweiz), is convinced. "One is irradiated from TV, Wi-Fi and cordless telephones of neighbors.  And from our own devices. "

If the measurements obtained by the federal government reach critical values, it is clear what needs to happen.  "On each household appliance there must be an indication of how much radiation it emits."  The current limits are based on economic rather than scientific knowledge. Peter Schlegel, ETH engineer, and representatives of electrohypersentivie persons (EHS) want to have only 1.5 volts per meter measurement  in homes for WLAN (Wi-Fi).

Urgent need for regulation

For Hans-Ulrich Jakob of Gigahertz, a trade organization for non-ionizing radiation, such measurements are alarming. "My fear is that many people in offices suffer from electrosmog without knowing it," As the radiation causes a general weakening of the immune system, susceptibility to various diseases results.

The Green Party National Councillor Yvonne Gilli will soon bring the issue back on the political scene: "There is an urgent need for regulation of devices close to the body.  There are still no limits for induction cookers and Co."  She plans to contact the relevant authorities to work together to formulate a way forward.  In addition, citizens should be educated: "People do not know enough about how they can reduce exposure to electromagnetic pollution in their homes through significant precautions and practices."

Knowing how much radiation we are exposed to every day will still take time.  The construction of a supply of measuring instruments for monitoring by the federal government will take a few years according to Jürg Baumann of the FOEN.

Original article in German :


 Note:  Translation by Meris Michaels and Google.


Israeli TV investigation: electrical beds "irradiate and carcinogenic"


Kolbotek Investigation on Magnetic Fields from Electric Beds


Host: Rafi Ginat.


The electric beds are a hit. During the last decade, of all beds sold in Israel, 40% are electricbeds. There are beds that emit alarming levels of dangerous and carcinogenic radiation. The program team examined for several weeks beds from several brands.  Checking 1st bed in a house, putting the meter near the area of the head  -  24.9 mG,

6 fold higher than the recommended maximum, the children are exposed all night, every day.  Stelian Galberg, head of radiation branch in the Ministry of Environment:  a child who is at distance zero from the electric engine connected all the time and exposed to many dozens of mG, is at a very high risk. 


Rafi Ginat: Who is ready to sleep inside a transformers room that provides electricity to a whole neighbourhood-  get up. No one gets up, and no one will sleep there.  Because these transformers emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation that is a suspected  carcinogen. How would you respond if I told you now, that the electricbed of your son or daughter emits radiation like in a transformers room also when it is not connected to electricity, and you and your children are sleeing well at night while the radiation is frying you.


Why is this happening? Because in Israel the subject is broken open, a state of an anarchy (lit. no law and no judge) there is no law and no standard. So already now run and disconnect electricity from the bed and come to see the proofs and recommendations. An investigation by Sarit Levi, Michal Hochberg and Nir Sigman.


According to the manufacturers reports, the electric beds take more than 40% of the beds market (trend from the last decade). One of the manufacturers tells how this is a result of consumers education about the benefits of the beds. Once they were status symbol and today everybody uses them, since the prices reduced. And many put the moving bed by a remote control, and children and youth love alot the new toy.



1st bed when it is not operating, the father says nobody says anything about it, none explains about it, when you go to buy something you don't enter into the question of whether it's OK or not OK, you go to a place that is trusted.  The bed where the children sleep, 26 mG, not operating, but connected to electricity. The recommended maximum- 4 mG on average per day. The bed emits 6.5 fold above the recommendation, this is a real danger.    


Father: the children slept above 10 hours  per night for 8 months with the engnie under their head,  and you cooked your children by yourself.


Second bed of children- 26 mG.


Rafi Ginat: It is important to stress the radiation is non ionizing and it is dangerous to health. Overdose of this radiation can cause severe damage to the DNA of cells in our bodies and to the development of cancer tumors. The WHO declared the electromagnetic radiation as possibly carcinogenic.


Prof' Sadezky: when the WHO declared the radiation as possibly carcinogenic, they did it on the basis of studies that showed excess of leukemia in children who live around high tension lines.


The manufacturer says one can sleep calm, but the father is not sleeping quietly. He diconnected the beds from electricity and made them into regular beds.


Ginat: In Israel there is no commiting standard and there is no regulation. The agreement of the Energy & Water and Economics Ministries is needed and we have not yet succeeded in reaching to agreement with them, says Stelian Galberg from the Ministry of Environment, responsible for radiation issue.


A bed of the company American System. On their website they claim that the bed includes radiation filters. In the center of the bed- 10.4 mg, 2.5 fold higher than the Ministry recommendation. In the head area – 21.7 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommendation of the Ministry of Environment.


American System another bed-  22.8 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommended level.


M.D Mendelboim, made in Germany, frontal area- 24.6 mG, 6 fold above the recommended value.  In the place of the engine- 25.8 mG, 6.5 fold above the recommended level.


Dr.  Stelian Galberg: If you are sleeping in a transformers room that provides electricity to a whole neighbourhood, the exposure does not reach to what it reaches if you are sitting in an electric bed that is connected to electricity all the time.


Asking Mendelboim company salesperson, is there radiation from the bed?

Salesperson: Bullshit. It's Bullshit. Bullshit. Of course one cannot import to Israel any electricmechanism, and  it won't stand in  standard.


Question of the program: Standard of what?


Answer: of the Standard Institute, from the aspect of safety, from the aspect of sea of things. But they NEVER talked about the subject of radiation.


-So it's nonsense.


Salesperson: Yes. Really, really, really, it's real.   


The sales person has no idea what he is talking about, and he did not allow us to make tests. Michal hid the meter in her bag and she put it on a bed, price 10,000 shekels.

Result 22.3 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommendation.


Prof' Sadezky: if you are talking about continuous radiation all night, I would not be happy that my child sleep in such a bed.


"OR" furniture company, asking the salesperson on the radiation.

Answer: It's nonesense. If this is the case then in your house everything is radiation, so we would have been dead long time ago.  Checking their beds:  one bed 16.3 mG, 4 fold above the recommended maximum.

Children and youth bed – 24.9 mG, 6 fold above the recommended maximum. The children are exposed to this all night.


Polyron company has European standard label of the Quality of Environment. There is no word on their website about the emitted radiation.


The purchase manager says there is barrier for the radiation. There is a method of cut off, that when the mechanism is not operating, there is no electric current and there is no radiation. We are suspicious, and decide to check the cut off.  Saying to the salesperson: I was told there is radiation in part of the electric beds.

Salesperson: No. There is standard label of the company itself, it is German. Would we cause you harm? She calls to the store manager.  Store manager: the Standard Institute entered into this a year ago. As long as the engine is not pressed into electricity, it does not irradiate, it's not in electricity. All manufacturers and companies  comply to it.



Polyron bed: 7.3 mG, moving the meter a little bit- 10.6 mG, in the center- 14.3 mG.

The store manager is amazed, but then he quickly caught himself: even if you checked the engine here, it is an old engine. Only a year ago the Standard Institute got into it, the mechanism is here for 3,4 years. A year ago it all changed.


Another Polyron bed. Telling to the salesperson: I am afraid of the radiation.


Salesperson: if I tell you there is no radiation, then there is no radiation.  And if there is, it's minimalistic and does not harm health, I will not tell without reason. Other companies, yes. Polyron - no.  There is no radiation here that will endanger you, be calm, I will not tell you just like that (without reason).


Result: 10 mG, 2.5 fold above the recommended maximum. Another Polyron bed, 11,000 shekels cost, in another store- 12 mG, 3 fold above the recommended maximum.  We decide to give Polyron a third chance, youth bed 32,00 shekels, 21.9 mG, 5.5 fold above the recommended threshold.


Prof' Sadezky: because our working assumption is that the radiation is possibly carcinogenic [*there is nothing behind this statement of working assumption, no action was taken in practice to protect the public, only words words words]  I do not see a reason why expose my child to 20 mG on a regular basis.


Rafi Ginat: prof' Sadezky, expert of radiation is right, you would also not expose your child to high levels of radiation while they are sleeping, but you did not know. You did not know, that if the radiation emitted from the bed had been emitted from a transformer on the street, it would have been removed.


Stelian Galberg: If I had discovered from a transformer radiation level like the emitted from the bed, I have the full authority to stop the operation of the transformer. But about beds I have no authority.


Ginat: The absurd is yelling to the sky. When the same radiation is emitted from the bed of our children, no one opens the mouth and whistles. There is no standard and no regulation, there is no authority. We went to the responsible for standards in the Economics Ministry. Why is there no standard in Israel, for radaition emitted from electric appliances?

Answer: The Ministries of Environment and Health will come to us, and say that it is forbidden that radaition levels will be above a certain level - there will be made a change in the standard. This is the simpler part. [*But this is exactly what they don't want to do].  


Would you sleep on such a bed?

I cannot answer on this because I don't sleep on such a bed.


Stelian Galberg: What is needed is like in other countries, when a product arrives to Israel, it will be written on it how much radiation is emitted from it.


Beds that are OK:


Aminach company price 12,490 shekels  0.1 mG

Youth bed Aminach price 3980 shekels 0.0 mG

Youth bed 3180 shekels 0.1 mG

Weider company 3390 shekels 0.3 mG

Stylebed 2990 shekel 0.0 mG

Diarka 0.0 mG.


Dr. Back 3390 shekels 0.1  mG

Airoflex youth 0.1 mG

Hollandia 35,000 shekels 1.1 mG

Hollandia another bed 1.6 mG

Simons – 12,000 shekels 0.0 mG

Another bed 17,203 shekels 0.0 mG

Youth bed 0.0 mG


Simons in another store – 19.4 mG, we expected another bed without radiation.

We noticed a note that tells about radiation filter, its job is to prevent electric current when the bed is not in use, in order to prevent radiation. Until lately there was no radiation filter in the bed of any company. Simons bed from two years ago – 27.2 mG.

The owner of the bed calls the company, tells them about it and the company sends two technicians, they put a transformer, after it is put – the level is 0.1 mG.

The new beds were found without radiation. The company says they will allow to exchange the old with the new system with the cut-off mechanism.


The beds with no radiation had no transformer. Returning to the father, making another measurement – without transformer- 32.3 mG, with transformer- 3.9 mG.

Repeating the experiment in 2nd bed of the Ofer family (the father from the start of the program), 34 mG, and with the transformer 3.8 mG.

Solution: removing from the socket.


Inviting the Minister of Environment to the program:

Ginat: the whole subject of radiation measurements is your office responsibility.

Amir Peretz Minister of ENV: One of the strangest things in the Ministry, is that in the Ministry there are maybe the best professionals,  in very sensitive areas, and today the Israeli public reveals much more sensitivity to all types of radiation, we see it in the calls and the responses. It is amazing to think, how much it burns to poeple. 


I have strange divisions. I have the professional authority. I cannot produce orders,

I much go to another ministry to produce orders. BTW you did a very  important program on animals, also there there's a problem: the professionals are at the Ministry of Environment, and the authority is at the Ministry of Agriculture. But following your program we started accelerated activity in order to pass on to us the enforcement authority. I hope that this will happen in front of the Ministry of Economics.


Ginat: You recommend, the Ministry of Health recommend, so why don't you have a standard?


Amir Peretz: there is divsion. Everything that is out of the house is my professional authority and my enforcement responsibility, and what's in the house is of the Ministry of Economics.  We approached to the Ministry of Economics that its their authority, and I intend to have a meeting with the Minister of Economics in order to finish with  this issue. There is no reason not to give the basic information: Every product that arrives to Israel that emits radiation, has to have a label, written on it: the product emits radiation, and then the citizen will show interest- how much is it, why is that, and what to do about it. The basic thing to give transparency to the citizen is a right thing. Until then I already ordered to the people in my ministry, I am informing all citizens, on our website, starting from next week, we will distribute all those standards, how much the threshold is, what's the minimal threshold, all information that is supposed to be on the product because it's not our authority and  we definitely intend to do it on our website, and I hope that very fast it will become a new consumer culture in Israel that every citizen will know how to protect himself.


Ginat: Recruit the Minister of Health, the Miniter of Commerce and do something. This subject is in our souls


Peretz: I don't believe there is someone who can be indifferenct to the pictures seen here that are able to be prevented. When something cannot be prevented it cannot be prevented, but with the right explanations, the importers have nothing to worry about, they can bring devices that are OK, if everybody will cooperate, everybody will be able to protect themselves, the citizen will be able to protect himself, and especially his children.


Israel: classrooms were closed because of radiation from high tension line

Ashkelon: classrooms exposed to radiation were evacuated
Ashkelon's mayor ordered to evacuate classrooms in school that are exposed to radiation from high tension line and harm the pupils' health. The studies move to another place until there will be done works to reduce the radiation.
Almost 4 years after it was exposed that pupils in the religious school "Neve Ilan" in Ashkelon are exposed to non ionizing radiation because the building is close to a high tension line, the new mayor of Ashkelon, Itamar Shimoni, decided to end the issue and to evacuate this week all classrooms that are in danger from the exposure to high tension line radiation.
Shimoni made the decision after a marathon of discussions during the last days in his office, and after he learnt the subject closely. It turned out that the issue rolled in the municipality's corridors from 2009 in front of the professionals in the municipality, the Ministry of Environment, in Cities Union for Environment Quality, the Power company and the school.
The subject received urgency this week also because of stricter standards by the Ministry of Environment, the new recommendations limit pupils' exposure - above 15 years old up to 4 mG for 24 hours and under 15 years old less than 4 mG.
Measurements showed in 2009 in the playing ground 7-10 mG, in the classrooms 4-7 mG. The line's power is 161 kW. Thirteen mG were measured close to the fence of the school, near the high tension line.  The school principal wrote a letter to the municipality saying that many parents decided to take their children out of school despite the level of radiation that was presented to them - that was borderline. "I predict that within several years, without the proper response, the beautiful invested building will be left without pupils". Shimoni discovered that despite of radiation in classrooms, children still learn there. The school management explained that according to guidlines from Cities Union for Environment Quality, the classrooms are not used most of the day, and the children spend there not much time, it does not endanger them. At the same moment Shimoni informed the school management to lock the classrooms until there will be found a solution for the exposure to radiation...Shimoni clarified that the municipality will have to pay for the solution, but "I do not have intention to save money at the expense of our children's health. We will find the money to ensure their health and safety and the peace of mind to the parents....after we solve the high tension line problem the pupils will return to school, it is my commitment".

Israel: glioblastoma multiforme to three people exposed to strong radar

Can radiation from the Arrow Radar cause cancer?
by Dana Savir
Only many years after her husband, Emanuel Yaniv, died of a rare type of brain tumor, his widow discovered his part in the secret project he worked on during the last years:  he was one of the engineers who worked on developing "Green Oren" - the powerfull radar of Arrow missile. Then she started thinking of a link between his work and the cancer.
During the last years several Defense System people who worked in the project, died.  Three of them got Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM),  a malignant brain tumor, violent and rare without cure. In Elta, the daughter company of the aerial industry, they claim regarding the three workers, that "there is no association between the unfortunate events that happened to them and their work place". But the national insurance accepted the requests of two widows of the workers, to receive dependent allowance due to work accident that was caused by exposure to high radiation.
The radiation level from the Green Oren types of radar is massive. Radar experts compare it to level from "hundreds of microwaves, with the door open". Although not enough is known about the influence of this radiation, experts recommend not to take risks. According to prof' Elihu Richter, expert of occupational medicine in Hadassa hospital "if there is uncertainty abvout risk and exposure level, it is better to take strict preventive measures, rather than count dead bodies".
IDF's (Israeli military) spokesperson said that they have strict safety measures and that "there is no evidence to support a causal relationship between exposure to non ionizing radiation on its different power densities and cancer diseases in humans. In the IDF chronic disease from exposure to electromagnetic exposure is not recognized".
The full investigation will be published in the weekend newspaper.
Yediot Ahronot 21.11.13
The Cancer Kills Us
Gad Lior
1 of every 4 Israelies who died in 2011- died of cancer.. According to the new report from the statistics office, 10,288 people died
of cancer in 2011. Especially concerning is the increase in mortality from diabetes (5.4%), infectious diseases (4.9%) and kidney diseases (4%), several years ago they caused, each one of them, less than 1% of the deaths in the country.
Mortality of diabetes is especially high in Israel also in international scale: only in Mexico there is a higher mortliaty rate. Also the motrality rate from infenction diseses and kidney diseases is above the average of OECD countries.
in 2011 total 40,668 died. Murder and suicide are the third cause of death in men and 8th in women.
Yediot Ahronot 21.11.13  

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