Friday, October 30, 2009

Arterial blocked tissue and EMR exposure / WiFi inventor / 7 miscarriages / "REFUGEES FROM RADIOWAVES"

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After being reminded by Iris about this Internet site (The Associated BioElectromagnetics Technologists), I soon found something of great interest which I have copied, just below the link. 
Fifty four years ago researchers were warning that persons with arterial blocked tissue should avoid exposure to strong radiofrequency radiation.  It makes me wonder how many victims have had their heart attack when speaking on or being near to cordless telephones or cell phones? 
This warning also makes it very clear why cell towers, WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices should be kept well away from hospitals and nursing homes.
Martin Weatherall
At the time, back in 2003, Robert Kane sent me this as his website:
Excellent and rare info you cannot get anywhere else.

During 1955 biophysics researchers under contract with the U.S. Navy reported that in order to prevent deep-tissue burning, radiofrequency radiation exposures should not take place when an exposed individual is wearing or carrying any metal objects such as hair pins, metal implants, buckles, coins, or metal-framed eye glasses, "[a]s any of these objects may concentrate the field and cause burning."

When considering tissue burning the researchers pointed out that radiation can be absorbed deeply and is actually greater in tissue such as muscle or the brain compared to the poorer absorption in the bone and fatty layers near a body surface. They also noted that radiofrequency energy exposure of arterially blocked tissue can result in serious tissue damage and cautioned against exposure of ischemic individuals, those suffering from any such arterial blockages, to radiofrequency radiation.

Even in normal, non-ischemic individuals, the body must compensate for the absorption of radiofrequency radiation through an increase in blood flow to carry away excess energy. However, for a given exposure, the compensation mechanism does not take effect immediately, but occurs over a period of minutes. These researchers reported that maximum increased blood flow, that is maximum compensation, took place only near the end of an exposure. Prior to that time the body was not fully coping, in the thermal sense, with the absorbed radiation. But in any event, they were considering compensation only in the thermal equilibrium context and emphatically indicated that microwave or radiofrequency radiation exposure should be avoided during pregnancy.

How much cancer, illness and death will this invention cause?
WiFi inventor wins Prime Minister's Prize for Science
... push to build things and make things work, but he also thinks like a physicist about the basic properties of matter and electromagnetic radiation. ...
News from Israel
A news item tells of 7 miscarriages within half a year in hospital office, part of them natural miscarriages and part with background of malformations in the fetus. Measurement showed 8 mG, while the Israeli standard is 4 mG & the actual recommendation of the Env ministry is 2-3 mG. The hospital informed that they moved the workers and started taking care of the radiation level which comes from 2 floors under them, from air-conditionning. 

- BBC World News: "REFUGEES FROM RADIOWAVES"   (video report HD)