Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Letters to the Editor - Simcoe Reformer

Three cheers to Ron Beckett for his letter in the Oct. 6 edition of the Times-Reformer.

Ron makes good points in regards to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by these meters.
County council, in endorsing the installation and use of these transmitters, likely has no idea of the specifications of these meters. For instance, what frequency or frequencies do these meters transmit on? The likely range is from 900 MHz (megahertz) to 2.5 GHz (gigahertz). These frequencies are near or at microwave range.

The higher a frequency of EM radiation, the easier it will penetrate materials including human tissue.

Also, how many times in a 24-hour period does the meter transmit? Another important factor is the power in the transmitted signal.

If the signal strength is anywhere near that as reported to me by Norfolk Power in regards to "smart meters," a level of two watts, the long term consequences can be serious. This is a power level much higher than cellphones produce. So, especially in Simcoe, the possibility exists that we could have both meters transmitting very near you, in your house.

I have sent an e-mail to the Canadian Cancer Society as well as every MPP in Ontario, outlining long-term risks of these meters. I received only two replies; one from the office of our local MPP Toby Barrett. The rest of them seem to show no concern for the long-term health of the residents of Ontario.

The McGuinty government legislated the smart meters. This should be reversed. As well, the replacement water meter plan should also be scrapped; for our health.

Gary Mills