Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dangerous Comments by Neurosurgeon?

Hi All

Here is a link to a video on youtube.  It is of neurosurgeon, Philip Stieg being interviewed on FOX news.


Because of all the scientific evidence which links health harm to electro magnetic radiation, I ask:

Is Stieg one of the most dangerous people in America?

Why is he ignoring the massive amount of scientific information contained in the Bio Initiative Report? ( www.bioinitiative.org )

Why is he referring to the 'Danish study' as proof of 'safety', when it is known to be very faulty research which has been severely criticised?

When asked: can a cell phone kill us? he stated that "Personally, there is no data to support that".  Why is he ignoring studies that show a significant increase in brain tumours (that can cause death) for cell phone users, specially in young persons using cell phones?

How many thousands, or millions of people have now been put at risk because he has downplayed the danger from electro magnetic radiation and has failed to suggest the precautionary principle?

I am aware of three senior neurosurgeons who disagree with Stieg, they have previously provided strong scientific reasons for their concern.

If Stieg has failed to educate himself about the health effects of microwave radiation, he should not be commenting on national television.  If his information is not accurate and he has provided dangerous information to the American population, should he be investigated by the relevant medical and legal authorities?

Martin Weatherall